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Industrial 4 ft. Folding Wood Top Workbench

  • Perfect addition to your garage or workshop
  • Adjustable height feature to save space
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for long-lasting durability
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Product Overview

Get the workspace you need with this Industrial Strength Folding Workbench. Adjust the height of the bench to fit any job. The heavy duty steel frame stands up to years of use. Fold the workbench away when your work is finished to save space.
  • Easy folding mechanism for quick assembly and storing
  • Total product weight: 62 lbs.
  • Flexibility of height and fold away top for space conservation
  • Top lowers safely on hinged bracket
  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Black powder coated steel
  • Solid rubber wood top for durability

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Industrial 4 ft. Folding Wood Top Workbench
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NameIndustrial 4 ft. Folding Wood Top Workbench50 in. x 20 in. Hardwood Workbench with Built-In Wooden Vise and 330 lbs. Weight Capacity47 in. x 23 in. Wood Wall Mounted Folding Workbench52 in. Adjustable Height Work Table with 2-Drawers in White
Assembled Width (in.)48.00 in19.6 in23.00 in52 in
Assembled Depth (in.)24.00 in49.6 in47.25 in24.00 in
FeaturesWall-MountableWith DrawersKit,Wall-MountableDrawer Storage,Wheel Locks,Wheels
Assembled Height (in.)22.75 in33.9 in1.00 in29.00 in
Weight Capacity (lb.)500 lb330 lb330 lb300 lb
Assembly RequiredYesYesYesYes
Frame MaterialSteelWoodMetalSteel
StyleIndustrial,Modern,Transitional Rustic,TraditionalIndustrial
Assembly TypeFull Assembly RequiredFull Assembly RequiredFull Assembly RequiredFull Assembly Required
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Assembled Depth (in.)
24.00 in
Assembled Height (in.)
22.75 in
Assembled Width (in.)
48.00 in


Assembly Required
Assembly Type
Full Assembly Required
Color Family
Frame Material
No additional components or accessories are included
Number of Drawers
No Drawers
Product Weight (lb.)
62 lb
Weight Capacity (lb.)
500 lb

Questions & Answers


What is the weight bearing capacity of this when fully in upright position?

Asked by 2213cl May 7, 2021

500 pounds

Will this work inside of an enclosed trailer?

Asked by Anthony13 April 27, 2021

Yes it will work inside an enclosed trailer. The key is being able to properly attach it to the wall and is the wall able to support it.

I would like to cut the 24” width 22” or maybe 20”. Would that be possible with this table top?

Asked by Tom March 24, 2021

Hi Tom. We do not recommend altering the table top as this will void your warranty.

Can I buy a replacement wood top?

Asked by kizzle March 7, 2021

It appears you can. Just unattached the ok’d wood piece and apply the new wood piece.

Does it lock in place once it is folded (trying to make this baby proof)?

Asked by animageofmine March 2, 2021

No, it does not lock in place once folded.

Wanting to install as study table for kids now schooling from home. Can I cut the top down to 3’ ...

Asked by Handymom January 31, 2021

Yes you can cut to 3 ft. Just remove brackets cut to 3 ft. Use a wood stud finder mark the center Istall one bracket to wall stud once you mark high you want put top bolt then put small level on top bracket to keep level then find then next stud within 3ft stud are usually 16 in. Apart then you can mount second bracket then put on open position then 3 ft board on top of brackets install the 3 screw per bracket from the bottom and your done

Where is this made?

Asked by NotBuyingChinese January 14, 2021

This item is manufactured overseas.

How difficult is it to remove the wall brackets from the bench top? Because of the comments rega...

Asked by Senbariki January 13, 2021

It took me 2 mins to remove the top. The unit was attually easier to install by screwing the brackets to the wall 1st then reattached the top. Everything took me less than an hour....by myself.

My workbench when folded down is not flush with the wall. It is like something is keeping it from...

Asked by pc January 12, 2021

Hello PC. If you still need assistance with this issue, please reach out to Customer Service at 1-877-527-0313 to obtain more information and review your options.

Could you sand and stain or paint the top?

Asked by Lisa December 29, 2020

The top is prefinished with clear coat on wood, but could be sanded down easily and refinished.

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It was easy to set up and it came with...
It was easy to set up and it came with all the parts needed and I did it by myself for the most part, I might buy another
by Amon
Good quality, somewhat challenging installation (at least for me)
Since there are a number of excellent detailed reviews including helpful tips, I won’t go into all the specs, etc. of this Folding Top Workbench. I’ll cut right to the chase and list the suggestions I found to be most helpful. If that’s all the info you want you can stop there, or if you have an interest in challenges that I faced then read on! These were 1.) Remove the mounting brackets from the table and install the brackets to the wall, then attach the top to the brackets. I’m going on 82 and installed it by myself, and there was no way to do it with the brackets and top as a unit. Quite frankly I give kudos to those who have managed to install the workbench as a complete unit in an hour or less by themselves – obviously you are younger folks! Because of some of the challenges I ran into it took me half a day. 2.) Use longer lag screws than those supplied. My garage, where I installed the workbench, has ½” drywall, so I substituted 3” Hex head lag screws with both lock and flat washers for the 2-1/2” screws provided in order to provide a firmer connection to the studs. 3. As recommended by other reviewers, instead of the cheap, flimsy ¾” #6 screws supplied to mount the top to the brackets, I used 1” #10 Hex head screws with both lock and flat washers. Just one look at the supplied screws conjured up visions of the screws either pulling out or shearing off and the top separating from the mounting brackets when either raising or closing the workbench. I wanted to install the workbench near my tool chests and rolling toolboxes near the back wall of my garage. As noted, the garage is drywalled which presented a couple of challenges. First, the construction is pretty shoddy (I’d use another adjective, but my review wouldn’t make it past the censors) with uneven framing, not only with spacing but with poor alignment. This resulted in drywall that that is not evenly flat and in some places it bows out so the top of the workbench would not fit flush against the wall. Unfortunately this condition was present where my first choice to install the workbench was, forcing me to move to the next closest area where the drywall wasn’t bowed. When I went to locate the studs in this section, I found that for some reason the studs here were not on 16” centers, but 14” apart. These conditions meant that the mounting brackets had to come off and be installed first, regardless of whether or not it could have installed as one unit. Working off the left side I determined how high I wanted the working surface to be – 36”. I measured the actual thickness of the top and found it to be 1-1/8”, not 1” as others have noted. I measured down 1-1/8” and marked where the top of the bracket should sit. Because the garage is drywalled I couldn’t physically see the studs to determine if they were straight, so after locating the edges of the stud where the top of the bracket would sit, using a level I drew a center line vertically down to where the bottom of the bracket would be. Adjacent to the holes in the bracket where the lag screws would go, I checked both sides of the bracket and found , as I suspected, that the studs were definitely sloppily installed and were either warped or not level vertically. This forced me to have to “cheat” in locating the bracket holes to make sure I would catch as much of the stud as possible while still keeping the bracket level vertically. NOTE , the brackets must be in the “up” position and locked in order to access the predrilled holes in the brackets. Drilling a 3/16” pilot hole for the top and bottom screws, I then used the 3” lag screws with lock and flat washer to fasten the bracket to the wall. At this point I only installed screws in the top and bottom holes so as to be able to make minor adjustments if needed after the right side bracket and top were installed. Using a 4’ level sitting on top of the left hand bracket I then determined where the top of the right hand bracket needed to be for the top to be level. I followed the same steps as for the left hand bracket, again only installing two screws, one top and one at the bottom. The next step was to position the top on the brackets to determine where the 1” #10 screws would go to account for the 2” shorter stud spacing. NOTE, because of the folding design, the mounting brackets necessarily have quite a bit of side to side slop in them, so I had first position the top so that the overhang on the outside of both brackets was equal, but also had to fine tune the positioning to ensure that the top portion of the bracket “ top arms” were 90 degrees from the wall. I then marked the hole locations, removed the top, flipped it over and drilled small pilot holes where I had marked the holes. Repositioned the top again on the brackets, lining up and centering the holes in the brackets with the pilot holes, and screwed in the 1” #10 screws with lock and flat washers. I then finished off by installing the rest of the 3” Hex head lag screws fastening the bracket to the wall. I’m sure the installation went a lot longer because of the problems encountered with the studs, but all in all the installation came out pretty good with only a miniscule gap at the left side between the wall and the workbench top where the drywall wasn’t flat. In retrospect, I probably should have taken a couple of reviewers suggestion to install a “backing” of ¾” or 1” thick plywood sheeting screwed to the drywall with the mounting brackets then attached to the plywood. This would have allowed me to use the pilot holes that were already drilled to conform to standard stud spacing. I was too far into the project to make another Home Depot run and just wanted to finish the project. In the end I’m pleased with the product and expect the installation to withstand the expected use. A closing note, the left hand lock doesn’t fully lock into position with normal lifting of the top, you have to lift that side a little beyond 90 degrees to make sure it locks in place fully. For this and the scrimping on heavy duty hardware I am giving the 4 Foot Folding Wood Top Workbench a 4 rating rather than a 5.
by Senbariki
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Very easy installation as long as you have a 36" level and have a stud finder. I did it myself af...
Very easy installation as long as you have a 36" level and have a stud finder. I did it myself after removing the hardware brackets and mounting them individually. You need to measure exactly 32" and the holes lined up perfectly for me. I found this as a real quality product.
by Dissatisfied
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Laundry folding table
We recently installed this as a table to fold clothes in our laundry room. It is perfect! It is extremely sturdy, so nice to use and get back out of the way, and beautiful too.
by AW
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Solid construction, low profile. Put on wall in Brooklyn garage...
Solid construction, low profile. Put on wall in Brooklyn garage and can still get out of car door. Getting it on sale made it even better.
Installed the work bench last evening. Great. I would recommend that one might want to take the...
Installed the work bench last evening. Great. I would recommend that one might want to take the top off first. The unit is heavy, which is good, but somewhat awkward if working by yourself. Make sure that the unit is level when installing to the wall studs. I put one bolt in when I had it placed where I wanted it to be. Then leveled it with the other leg. I found that the hole instructions were off a bit, just line the legs up and set in place. I may have taken about 45 minutes or so by myself, not bad at all. Great work area. Very sturdy. I located it a bit higher on the wall so I can use it when wood carving. I would recommend it to anyone.
by Pete
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This work bench is really a great, relatively simple way to have a stow-away table for many needs...
This work bench is really a great, relatively simple way to have a stow-away table for many needs. It can be lifted into position with a single hand and automatically locks into place without needing to mess with the support brackets. It can mount at any height you desire and in order to get anywhere near the stated max support weight of 400 lbs, both legs will need to have each of their five screws going into studs. The legs are exactly 32" from screw hole to screw hole so make sure your studs are properly spaced before you start drilling. I measured for all holes but only drilled the top two on each side to limit any measurement errors lower down. Pilot holes can be easily placed later with the support brackets already mounted. The highest screw is about 5" below the table height and the table extends 8" outside each leg. The instructions say not to use this bench outside so I ditched my plan for it in the humid garage for a conditioned work space. The wall I needed has studs closer to the door frame so I actually notched a segment out of the door casing to allow the table to mount there with space for raising and lowering. The quality of the bench top is very good and provides a pretty decent area for any project you may want to do.
by CBrown
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This is a very heavy duty wooden work table. Too heavy to install by one person unless you remo...
This is a very heavy duty wooden work table. Too heavy to install by one person unless you remove the mounting brackets from the wooden table. The brackets (2) are attached to the bottom with three (3) # 6 - 3/4-inch Phillips screws. Three on each bracket. Too flimsy for my preference. The brackets came off easy once the screws were removed, and facilitated mounting the brackets on the wall. You will need a level, a set of screwdrivers and some easily removable “painters” tape (PURPLE) to mark the drill holes for the brackets. This workbench is meant to mount on the studs behind the wall board. Unfortunately, the actual location of the studs would not allow the table to fit where I wanted it, so I used six (6) 100 Lb. drywall metal anchors that also open into a “molly” type anchor to mount the brackets to the vertical wall. It is very secure with these anchors. Old rule, measure twice and follow the instructions. I used the painter’s tape as a template. I gave it three stars because the locking mechanism can release easily by accident. I decided to drill two holes in the side of each vertical bracket so I could slip in a metal pin that would prevent an accidental un-locking of the hinge. The wooden table is VERY heavy duty and folds down. I then used six (6) #10 – 1-inch Phillips wood screws with a washer and a split ring locking washer to install the table to the horizontal arm on the bracket. Much sturdier than the #6 Phillips screws. All in all, a good workbench that can fold down easily but a pain to install.
by Joseph
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Perfect workshop addition for wall space near a door! I have a double-door side entry to my shop ...
Perfect workshop addition for wall space near a door! I have a double-door side entry to my shop that is seldom used, but important when I do a big project. By installing the collapsible table on the wall near my door, I can better utilize my space, and still be able to drop the table when I need door access. I was able to get this installed in 45 minutes by myself, but the manual recommends 2 people. I made mine 37” high, the same height as a rolling tool-chest table surface that I have. To mount 37” high, I drilled a starter hole at 32.125” from the floor (3rd photo). Directions say to drill holes 32” apart (stud- skip a stud - stud). My table legs were an eighth-inch more, so check that before you drill. It was easy to hit the studs- I don’t (yet) have a wall covering in my shop! Each leg mounts with five hex-bolts. If you have a nut-driver attachment for your drill or impact wrench, use a 10mm hex head, or a large Phillips will work. The manual says 3/16” starter holes, but for pine studs, I went one size smaller, 11/64” with good results. One of the hinge bolts came out during shipping, but that was easily fixed with two wrenches (last photo). I love the rugged, all-wood look of this table, and it collapses easily by pressing up on two levers simultaneously. The manual says this will support 400 lbs when properly installed - I believe it!
by CustomWebProgrammer
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Whalen Industrial 22.66 in. H x 48 in. W x 24 in. D Steel and Wood Folding Wall Mount Workbench comes pre-assembled all you need to do is install 5 screws on each down support and you have a convenient workbench that sits about 4” from the wall closed up. This can be used for many things, not made to beat on in my opinion, like adding a vise, but it will take a licking, it folds down after all. The lock is convenient, gravity pulls down the lock to keep the stop in place and by lifting and pushing with your fingers you can lower the top down, easily. The instructions are helpful in showing you how to plan the install. The instructions and the screws are packaged so you cannot miss them. It's well made and heavy duty with the thickness of the support metal at 2.25mm and the tube side support about 9mm thick. I had several places in mind to install one or more of these and decided at the mouth of my garage where I will repot my house plants and perform those sorts of tasks. I am installed it on a ½” piece of plywood using bolts and nuts and then installing the plywood to the basement studs using the included screws. That way sheetrock has no impact on the surfaces firmness and I will get the most support raising the load my workbench will carry and allowing me to use more than two wall studs for overall support. I am really very pleased with it.
by singlebuyer
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