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Metal Lock-In Gutter Guard (5-Pack)

  • Prevent clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Fine mesh pattern blocks small debris
  • Blends with the roof line for less visibility
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Product Overview

Amerimax Metal Lock-In Gutter Guard can be used on 4 in., 5 in. and 6 in. “k” style gutters. They are easy to install, just slide the flat side under the shingle and lock the curved portion in to the front edge of the gutter. This product is designed to handle high volume water flow and hold up to the heat and cold better than vinyl gutter guards.
  • Slides under the shingle eliminating debris accumulation on the shingles behind the guard
  • Durable powder coated paint finish prevents rusting
  • Holds up to the heat and cold unlike vinyl guards
  • Roll formed edge locks to the entire lip of the gutter rather than 2 small clips
  • Black to blend with your home's roof line

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Gutter Guard
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Questions & Answers


What are the dimensions of the leaf filters

Asked by Frankie June 9, 2020

dimensions are 6' X 36'. Think There were 5 in a pack

Will this adapt to any size gutter

Asked by Gent July 3, 2019

I was able to use the gutter guard on all of my gutters which are mostly a standard size. They function great and stay in place. I couldn't be happier with this item.

could I use these on gutters with roof straps?

Asked by LeafHater October 22, 2018

Dear Leafhater: I purchased two sets of these Gutter Guards and am VERY satisfied with them! As far as I can tell, The "straight" edge fits under the shingles and the "curved" edge connects over the lip of the gutter. So, the Guard goes OVER the straps. Hope this helps

Can these metal gutter guards be used with a metal roof?

Asked by Kim June 9, 2018

don't know why not they are for gutters and you have to slide one side under roof if you can't then you can't use them I know nothing of medal roofs

Can these Gutter Guards be used with 5" half-round gutters?

Asked by HalfRoundGuy May 3, 2018

These gutter guards slide under the first row of shingles and have a v shaped front that secures on the front part of the gutter.

How do these hold up with snow? Do they build up with ice?

Asked by mnhomeowner April 8, 2018

I just went through the winter season with these (Colorado), and there is some ice build up on the surface. I notice it when the gutter is over a porch, and as the ice melts, the ice on the outer edge of the gutter drips onto the porch and not into the gutter. There was no build up of ice in the gutter. And when I saw the drips on the porch, a broom knocked off the edge ice and stopped dripping onto the porch. But without knocking off the melting edge ice, it only lasted a day and the ice was gone. Otherwise, for this very minor issue, keeping the leaves out all fall was well worth the cost. Hope this helps.

Where are they made?

Asked by USA1 November 24, 2017

This item is made in the USA.


Asked by SANDY October 11, 2017

Each piece is 3' long

Will these work in my 3 in gutters?

Asked by Mel October 8, 2017

You will probably have to trim off the excess on the flat edge to get them to fit correctly. Unless you tuck the excess under your roofing shingles.

I am allergic to powder on underside of metal, my hands swelled up. What is the powder made of???

Asked by Pam September 26, 2017

The gutter guards are coated or painted and leave no residue--I always wear gloves when working with these since there are some sharp edges--

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good so far
Installed these over the weekend. They fit in well and seem like theyll do the job. Will update my review after a season of use to see how they do.
by Fritz
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Bought a pack of five of these gutter guards on a look-see basis before I plunked down some serio...
Bought a pack of five of these gutter guards on a look-see basis before I plunked down some serious coin to cover all our gutters. . . FIRST IMPRESSION . I could find no fault with the quality, and the product looks nice and is sturdy. . . . UNFORTUNATELY... . Unfortunately, the product was sent with all pieces loose, and in a way-oversized box, without ANY packaging; leaving the fives pieces to rattle around and crash into each other during shipping. This resulted in distorting (bending) a couple of the gutter guards in the area where the guard locks onto the top-front inside edge of the gutter. The powder-coated finish was unscathed, so, that says something about the toughness of the finish. With the help of a wood dowel, the damaged gutter guards were bent back into shape, and from the ground you cannot tell which guards were repaired. Yay me!!! But no packaging? Really?! . . . INSTALLATION TOOLS . 2" wide Scraper Putty Knife; to aid in the insertion of product under shingles and when overlapping guards. Use with care so as not to damage shingles nor gutter guard. . Pair of metal-snips/aviation-cutters; to cut guards, to accommodate gutter end caps and gutters that go around corners. . Combination Square -or- Roofers Square; to mark a 45° line for cutting gutter guards when accommodating gutters that go around corners. . Pair of leather work gloves; to be worn while snipping is a good idea. If not gloves, consider a first-aid kit, as cut steel of the expanded wire mesh can slice and puncture skin. . Two 8-or-16d nails; to be inserted into expanded metal mesh of gutter guards for final positioning of gutter. (see photo) The slick finish of gutter guards makes repositioning by hand a challenge. Consider applying a wrap of electrical tape around the nail shank to protect the powder-coating finish of the gutter guard. The installation instructions suggest using a "flathead screwdriver." If you go this route, consider using a phillips head screwdriver, as this type of screwdriver does not have a flare at the working end of the driver that could damage the powder-coated finish of the guard. . . . INSTALLATION . After I knew what I was doing and what tools I needed to do it, installation was fast and easy, and almost fun. Each guard took less than a minute to install. . . . FUNCTIONALITY OF PURPOSE . This is the weak area of my review, as the guards were installed during the tail end of winter...so, no falling leaves. However, my confidence is high, and I will be ordering and installing these guards for the gutters of the main house, the workshop, and one of our large outbuildings. I am not certain if an update to this review is possible, but if it is, look for my comments come this (2017) fall. .
by HTH
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first note that the holes in the invisa-flow are smaller than the 5" lock-on. That is a good thi...
first note that the holes in the invisa-flow are smaller than the 5" lock-on. That is a good thing, I got a few from the store- the lock-on, for a test. They work better than the plastic ones. I then ordered on line and got the invisaflow, the smaller holes are better, they dont trap stems and leaf edges near as much as the others. Super easy to install, well for me...the first few I was trying to force under the metal, but since I just put on a metal roof "ah-ha" I tuck the gutter guard under the metal and then screw down the end = trapping the guard in. As for the ends, cutting is easy with snips, I cut into - but not across, then trimmed off to fit, bending the trimmed part down. Thus creating a barrier to keep birds and critters out. Corners would be very easy too, place- mark- trim- pop in place. Very few leaves stay stuck for more than a day, wind blows them off eventually. I have not been on the roof in a month, and have not cleaned the gutter guards at all. What you see in the "after 30 days" is the result. Sort of a self cleaning kind of deal. Highly recommend these. (been over 6 weeks now, late fall. awesome)
by MrHappy
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Much better than plastic screen
I installed these to catch the oak tree catkins and leaves. So far the catkins collect on the top but can be swept off pretty easily. The first time it rained before I swept them, the rain shot over the top of the gutter. Still less messy than scooping the muck out of the gutters.
by DudefromCT
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Take your time,do it right and you will be rewarded
I bought these last year for one section of the roof to see how they performed--They worked well so I bought another section--As I installed these I got better and better with the installation--The final section took me half the time of the other two--I used a wide putty knife to get under the last row of shingles, then inserted the section of gutter guard under the shingles, bent the section, a little at a time until all the lip was in place--Make sure you can slide the entire section at least 4 or 5 inches horizontally--This will insure that you will be able to overlap the sections--When I got to the end of the gutter, I measured for the last piece (you never make it exactly with the 3 foot sections) and cut it to fit using wire cutters--I have included pictures which show the huge amount of leaves that have already fallen on the ground this year and sections of the gutter guard in place--Leaves will fall, some stay on the gutter until the wind or rain take them off the roof--Even if some leaves stick on the gutter, the rain flows, the gutters are never clogged because there are no leaves in them--I've had them on for my second fall season and have provided minimum maintenance--In areas where sticks and twigs form a little dam on the gutter, a little brush off will clear in no time--P.S. Wear gloves for installation
by Vince
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Solid Construction
Product installs easy. Corners are a little tricky but not impossible to install. Cutting was done with a Dremel which worked like a charm. It does stick up a bit from the edge of the gutter, but not too bad.
by Eddieinsacto
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Easy to install. The black finish looked good and they didn't stand out when in place. Only just ...
Easy to install. The black finish looked good and they didn't stand out when in place. Only just installed last week so I don't know how the finish will hold up.
Easy to install... looks good quality...
Easy to install... looks good quality
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Water drips over gutter slightly entire length ,caused by invisishield...
Water drips over gutter slightly entire length ,caused by invisishield
by HomeDepotCustomer
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