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  • Ultra-dense South American hardwood - no chemical, fillers
  • No sparking, no popping and low ash
  • 2X the cook power, temperature over 1170F and longer burn time
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Product Overview

Kick up the heat. This 20 lbs. bag of JEALOUS DEVIL 100% Natural Hardwood Charcoal burns hotter so you can cook faster while instilling your mouth watering ribs, veggies and steaks with a subtle, earthy flavor. Each-piece of charcoal is made from incredibly dense South American hardwood. JEALOUS DEVIL's 100% natural sourcing and process leaves the hardened charcoal wood resistant to pops and sparks and all without adding in chemicals or fillers. This charcoal also produces minimal ash for minimal waste and maintenance. When you're grilling, barbecuing or smoking, you'll never worry about overpowering your meat's natural flavors or the tasty kick of your rub. This charcoal adds, it doesn't distract. Make it an accent to your dish without the worry of overpowering your carefully crafted recipes. With a maximum temperature of over 1,100°, you'll really turn up the heat with this 20 lbs. bag of JEALOUS DEVIL 100% Natural Hardwood Grill Charcoal.
  • Made from incredibly dense south American hardwood
  • Contains no chemicals or fillers
  • Resistant to pops and sparks
  • Produces minimal ash for minimal waste and maintenance
  • Enhances flavor without overpowering
  • Max temperature over 1,100°
  • Requires 25% to 40% less wood for low and slow cooking
  • Burns for over 4-hours in the open or over 20-hours in low-oxygen environments
  • Easy-lighting lumps ready to cook in 15-minutes
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • California residents

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Assembled Depth (in.)0 inAssembled Height (in.)0 in
Assembled Width (in.)0 inProduct Depth (in.)15 in
Product Height (in.)26.4 inProduct Width (in.)7.5 in


Bag Weight (lb.)20Lighter Fluid RequiredNo
Lighter Fluid RequiredLighter Fluid Not RequiredOutdoor Living Product TypeLump Charcoal/Wood
Product Weight (lb.)20 lbReturnable90-Day

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what can be done is endless
I am one of those people that have to see to believe and with so many different companies I had started with what was cheaper I thought. lump charcoal is not uniformed and it stays hot for longer time and I use less than I would be. saved money. long cook times to short, very easy to guess how much or little u need. practice and learn how it burns. not like no other that I have tried
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    Good Sized Lump Charcoal Suitable for Short and Long Cooks
    JEALOUS DEVIL 20 lbs. Lump Charcoal - a Home Depot Seeds Program Review I use my grill almost every night. I’ve probably used my grill more than 350 days out of the last year. At least a few times a month I throw some wood chips on for a smoke flavor. Once a month or so I do a long, serious smoke on some nice meat. Suffice to say I use quite a bit of charcoal and I’m always ready to try a good lump charcoal. This Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal certainly looked like something good to try. The bag doesn’t state what kind of hardwood is used but it seems high quality wood was used. The charcoal burned evenly with very little smoke but not as hot as something like Mesquite. The smell was good and the bag states there are no fillers or chemicals which probably would have been noticable when burning. The taste and smell of the burning charcoal, even without a lot of smoke, is very good. The chunks of charcoal are not as large as some others I’ve used but they are a good size for a long cook and there weren’t a lot of small pieces which burn too fast for me. I haven’t made it to the bottom of the bag where these smaller pieces would likely settle but it looks good so far. I decided to cook a nice pork butt to make pulled pork. I loaded up the smoker’s basket to about ¾ with the Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal and a few nice chunks of Pecan smoking wood and started the pork butt smoking. I was expecting the smoke to take a while and was a little concerned that I might have to add more charcoal during the process. The smoke was 10 ½ hours and I never had to open the lid. When I finally took the pork off I saw that I had a little less that half of it burned and very little ash residue. I could have gone many hours more with that load I used. I was impressed with how long and well the Jealous Devil burned. This Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal is a good choice for long, slow cooks but still very useful for shorter daily cooks. The charcoal is made from a good hardwood and has a nice taste. There are no fillers or chemicals to spoil the taste of your food. The Jealous Devil has pretty large chunks and I would have no problem using it for even longer smokes like a brisket. It’s certainly worth a try if you like cooking with charcoal and doing long, serious smokes.
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    Excellent charcoal
    Yes, it is cookout time! And this product offers some big lumps of charcoal for some tasty grilling operations. The lumps are indeed quite big. Hardly any dust. Easy to light up with those chimney fire-starters, it just takes a couple of minutes to have it going. Very strong flames, very tasty food. This is the real deal, gas grill don't even come close in taste.
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    great charcoal
    This is great charcoal. Huge chunks and very very little amount of damage during shipping. Hardly any tiny particles. Lights very easily. It doesn't seem to have a large amount of popping and sparks. Very neutral flavor. I am really happy with the quality of this product. Looking forward to using it again and again. Wish my local Home Depot carried it so I wouldn't have to order it.
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    Hooked on this stuff
    I love this charcoal, you pay for what you get and you get the best. When you have to cut a larger hole in the bag just so 1 giant lump can fall out says something! It burns hot and long. I'll never go back to the cheap stuff
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      Actually Works Exactly as Claimed
      Jealous Devil Charcoal does what it says. I found the charcoal it’s self to be of useable size, not a bunch huge pieces and not a bunch of crumble. The Jealous Devil Charcoal did lite very easily and I had a good bed of cooking coals in no time at all. The Jealous Devil Charcoal did not pop and crackle like other lump charcoals I have used, I live in the woods so that’s important. I don’t know if the grill heated up faster but the charcoal burned very hot and my steak did actually cook a little faster and browned better. The coals did last and I could have added more charcoal and done more cooking. Better than briquettes yes, worth the extra, for me yes. My only reservation would be that they advertise their charcoal as coming from South American so I went to their website and they state that they have never cut down a tree to make charcoal and the wood they use is harvested under strict controls. No they are not damaging the rain forests so we can cook a burger.
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      Some of the best charcoal I've used
      After using charcoal back in the day, I tried a gas grill years' ago but quickly went back to charcoal. No doubt using charcoal is more trouble but to me it's worth it. However, the Jealous Devil lump charcoal makes it a lot easier. It "flames up" quickly so your startup time is considerably less as compared to conventional charcoal. It also lasts a lot longer than regular charcoal which is handy when you are cooking those thick steaks and/or cooking for a large crowd. The only disadvantage of using this product was the fact some of the chucks were pretty large... The next time I grill I may try to break the larger chucks down to more manageable pieces. At first, this product may seem expensive, but since you use less as compared to charcoal briquettes the cost is about the same. Plus, a small bag is easier to store.
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      Burns even and hot, and no sparks
      This JEALOUS DEVIL 20 lbs. Lump Charcoal is the best lump charcoal I've used. I'm used to lump charcoal spitting and sparking, and being more difficult to cook with. This started immediately in my charcoal chimney with no added paper, burned nice and hot, and grilled our steaks and vegetables to perfection. Absolutely no sparking; excellent quality.
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      Best bbq fuel ever!
      I grill or smoke most every day. Having tried most every charcoal brand over the years I’m hooked. Definitely running with the Devil from now on. It burns so clean I can literally smell when someone is burning a lesser quality fuel. Best of all it burns longer and hotter resulting in less fuel consumption for overnight cooks. I can’t recommend this product enough.
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        Good Size Chunks
        Jealous Devil and The Home Depot supply a great chunk charcoal to use in you Grill/Smoker ! It seems to contain no accelerant to give off any ugly smell. The larger sized chunks make it perfect for heating up your smoker and a great bed for your favorite smoking wood pieces ! The 20 lbs bag even has a (see photos) handle to help balance it while pouring into your preferred grill/smoker !! I recommend this charcoal !
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        Showing 1-10 of 53 reviews