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Original 1 gal. White Oil-Based Interior/Exterior Primer, Sealer, and Stain Blocker

  • Blocks severe stains & tannin bleed
  • Excellent adhesion and enhances topcoat performance
  • Use on drywall, plaster, wood, stucco, masonry and metal
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Product Overview

KILZ primers help to seal surfaces, enhance adhesion, stain and odor block, hide marks and colors and more

A little primer investment goes a long way

Priming helps ensure a better quality finish that will last by addressing surface problems prior to painting


KILZ is a trusted brand by pros and DIY’ers for over 45 years

KILZ has water-based and oil-based primers to help in different ways

KILZ Interior, Interior/Exterior, and Low Odor Primer cans on dropcloth

KILZ primers can handle your projects

From KILZ 2 ALL-PURPOSE to legacy oil-based KILZ ORIGINAL primers to our specialty products, there is a Kilz primer for you.

Apply KILZ Primer on exterior wall with sprayer

Seals porous surfaces

Sealing the surface helps achieve a uniform professional quality finish using less coats of paint

Lifestyle bedroom with wall paint in black and white paint

Hides scuffs, stains and previous colors

Our high hiding primers hide previous colors well; making them ideal for color change projects

KILZ Primer being applied covering stains on wall

Powerful stain blocking

Our stain blocking primers are proven performers when it comes to blocking stains to prevent leaching through the topcoat

Lifestyle kitchen using KILZ Primer and painted with blue cabinets

Excellent adhesion

Excellent adhesion to the surface and also to the topcoat paint helps ensure a longer lasting quality finish

Seal unprimed drywall for best results


Most pros apply primer to drywall to seal the surface and ensure a uniform finish

New cabinet with KILZ Primer being brushed on


Primer fills the grain in the wood helping to smooth out the finish

Unpainted brick wall with KILZ Primer being rolled on


Painting over brick is a popular alternative to replacing it. Priming first before painting helps make it look its best

Applying KILZ Primer with roller to unpainted masonry wall


Priming with alkali-resistant primer helps solve adhesion problems caused by high pH levels in some masonry

Applying Kilz Primer with roller to plaster wall


Lime from plaster can cause stains to bleed through the topcoat. Stucco may absorb moisture from the topcoat discoloring it.

Applying Kilz Primer with brush to door

Other Surfaces

KILZ has multi-use, multi-surface primers and specialty primers that solve specific problems including hard to paint surfaces

KILZ Original 1 gal. Interior/Exterior Primer is an oil-based primer, sealer, and stain blocker ideal for heavy stain blocking, sealing multiple interior and exterior surfaces and preparing it for painting. It is especially effective at blocking graffiti, tannin, water, smoke and other bleeding stains. KILZ Original Interior/Exterior dries quickly.
  • Blocks heavy stains
  • Excellent adhesion to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, including wood, stucco, masonry and metal
  • Mildew resistant finish
  • Seals porous surfaces
  • Apply topcoat after using KILZ Primers
  • Great hide capabilities to help reduce the number of topcoats needed
  • Works with oil and water based topcoats/paint
  • Use on properly prepared surfaces such as brick, masonry, painted metal, siding, stucco, wood
  • California residents

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Container Size
1 Gallon


Application Method
Brush,Paint Sprayer,Roller
Base Material
Oil Based
Coating Product Category
Color Family
Color Family
Dry to touch (min.)
30 min
Number of coats recommended
Number per Package
Paint/Stain Clean Up
Mineral Spirits
Paint/Stain Features
Moisture Resistant,Rust Preventative,Sealer,Stain Resistant
Paint/Stain/Waterproofer Product Type
Primer Purpose
Color Changing,Grease Cover,Rust-Resistant,Sealant,Smoke Cover,Stain Blocking
Substrate/Surface Use Type

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Limited

Questions & Answers


Can it be used on damage drywall before applying texture?

Asked by Guero June 4, 2021

Hi Guero. Thanks for writing in with your question. Yes, this primer can be used on the drywall and textured joint compound can be applied over it after the primer's recoat time. I also recommend lightly scuff sanding the primer and wiping off the sanding dust to help promote adhesion before adding the texture. Good luck with your project! -Joni

Can I use a acrylic latex paint over this primer

Asked by Chaps89 April 8, 2021

Yes, any top coat will work with this primer

Does this need to be diluted?

Asked by Leahh February 16, 2021

Hi Leahh, Thank you for writing in. As it turns out, we do not recommend thinning/diluting KILZ Original Primer. If spraying, I recommend using an airless sprayer with a 60 mesh filter and a .015-.019 tip. I hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have. Best of luck with your project! ~Doris

Can this be used on a garage concrete floor/slab? Our garage floor has an odor that needs to be ...

Asked by Sparky January 12, 2021

@KILZ The Use and Care Manual posted on the Home Depot product page states, "Seals persistent smoke, pet and food odors," so that's where I'm confused when you say it doesn't seal in odors.

Can I use KILZ® ORIGINAL INTERIOR | EXTERIOR PRIMER on Veranda PVC trim boards exterior?

Asked by Matt December 10, 2020

Hi Matt, thank you for writing in with your question. Unfortunately, we do not recommend Kilz Original on PVC. Instead, you can use Kilz Adhesion Primer. It is ideal for slick and tough-to-paint surfaces. Have a great day! -Giovanna

What does the outside temperature need to be to use this?

Asked by Freetofly1234 December 5, 2020

The back of the can indicates that this product should be used when the air and surface temperatures are between 35 and 90 degrees fahrenheit.

Hiw many coats of this primer do you need before a top coat?

Asked by alex November 19, 2020

Hi Alex, thank you for writing in with your question. Typically, you will only need one coat of the primer but will depend on the porosity of the surface. Good luck with your project! -Giovanna

Is this a good primer for cedar lumber? Planning to build outdoor plant shelves out of 2x4 cedar ...

Asked by Willyed October 17, 2020

You should use latex primer if you're following with latex paint. Latex paint will not adhere well to oil.

Does this actually kill mold if used to paint over it?

Asked by Bub October 15, 2020

Hi Bub, thank you for your question. Our Interior/Exterior Original Primer provides a mildew resistant finish, meaning that the top of the primer finish has mildicide to help prevent the growth of mildew on the finish. However, the surface you are coating must still have all active mildew/mold spores cleaned before coating. We hope this information helps. Best of luck with your project. -Joanna

Will this work well on vinyl windows - exterior?

Asked by KSL October 5, 2020

Hi KSL - Thank you for your question! Kilz Original Interior/Exterior Primer can be used on exterior vinyl windows. We recommend scuff sanding the surface and making sure the vinyl is clean and dry before priming. Best - Sara

Original 1 gal. White Oil-Based Interior/Exterior Primer, Sealer, and Stain Blocker - page 2

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Really good product. Does exactly what I needed....
Really good product. Does exactly what I needed.
by Excalibur
Kilz Primer ruined my brand new wood door
My brand new wood door called for an oil based primer before the final coat, so I decided to use this product from Kilz. I started applying it and noticed it wasn't going on as smoothly as I expected. I thought maybe I had too little product on the brush so went a little heavier on my next coats. Within 3 minutes when I went to go over it once more to even out the brush marks, it was sticking horribly to the brush and making paint clumps all of the door. I had plenty of paint on my bristles, so it wasn't that the brush was dry. I spent the next 3 hours carefully scraping as much of it off as I could. An electric sander did nothing to help, so all I could do was use a putty knife and go at it slowly to try to not damage the wood. I ended up with a few gouge marks in spite of being careful and never was able to remove all the residual paint. I followed the directions completely, since I wasn't familiar with oil based primer. The temperature was 65 degrees, the can was shaken by hand for several minutes and then stirred after I opened it for another 2 minutes, so it was well mixed. The primer seemed very think. Maybe a bad batch? Expired product? Who knows, but what I do know is that I'll never trust a Kilz product again. Horrible experience.
by KevinB
Response from KILZProblemSolverJan 15, 2021
Hi KevinB - Thank you for your review. I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble you ran into with our primer on your new door! To help prevent brush marks and clumps, it's best to avoid going over the same areas multiple times as this can begin to remove the product from the surface. If the fresh coat leaves an unwanted texture on the surface, we recommend allowing the primer to dry for 24 hours before gently sanding down the texture with 180-240 grit sandpaper. Once the sanding dust has been wiped off, you can apply another coat for a smooth finish. This primer should also have a creamy consistency, however, if it seems too thick, you may want to continue your project with a new can. We'd be happy to assist you with this further. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at your convenience. We hope to hear from you! - Sara Kilz
1 person found this helpful
Saved my project!! Started with a water based primer and what a disaster that was. Two coats of t...
Saved my project!! Started with a water based primer and what a disaster that was. Two coats of this before I applied chalk paint gave me a perfect DIY project.
by Simi
Kilz original oil-based interior/exterior primer is a wonderfully effective product. It is great...
Kilz original oil-based interior/exterior primer is a wonderfully effective product. It is great for priming drywall, sealing/covering tough stains, and can go over a variety of surfaces. I've used it on a number of surfaces (drywall, wood, plywood, OSB, masonry surfaces) both interior/exterior and it is truly one of the best primers out there and is easy to apply. Just remember -- it is oil-based so clean up is a bit tougher than latex (water-based) primers. Because it is oil-based, it won't cause materials such as OSB or plywood to swell with increased water content. Furthermore, because it is solvent-based, the dry time is VERY fast. Just make sure to stir it up very well before using it as it can settle fairly quickly. We used it in this case to prime a vertical exterior masonry wall (old concrete parging over brick) that had been painted multiple times over its many years. Pressure Washed/Cleaned, Scraped, Repaired, Sealed, Primed, and Painted! Lots of steps. The column base was removed/replaced after copying the original which couldn't be repaired/salvaged. In the picture, it is primed but hot caulked or painted yet. Another big/complicated project.
by Johnsteph10
2 people found this helpful
Worked wonderfully to cover dark blue shiney textured walls . It has turned out amazing!!!
Worked wonderfully to cover dark blue shiney textured walls . It has turned out amazing!!!
by Melmar
2 people found this helpful
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
It’s a great product I used to repaint wall in...
It’s a great product I used to repaint wall in my new buisness.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Easy to find and stocked....
Easy to find and stocked.
by Bulldog
Great coverage and base coat....
Great coverage and base coat.
by Jake
It was great cover the stains...
It was great cover the stains
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 301 reviews