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S650 Outdoor Push Sweeper

  • Dual spinning brushes clean up to 5X faster than a broom
  • Human-powered sweeper weighs only 22 lbs. and is easy to push
  • Ideal for sweeping pavement, roads, driveways and garages
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Product Overview

Each Outdoor Push Sweeper is designed to cover vast amounts of ground in a single sweep. With the dual spinning brushes, this sweeper easily cleans up to 5x quicker than a standard broom. The folding handle allows for compact storage when the broom is not in use.
  • Karcher promise: cleaner and quicker
  • Cleans up to 5X quicker than a conventional broom
  • Sweeps up to 19,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Human-powered sweeper mechanism requires no electricity
  • Easy to push with minimal physical effort, weighs only 22 lbs.
  • 2-stage height adjustment for personal preference
  • Handle folds down for storage
  • 4.2 Gal. (16 l) onboard waste container is simple to empty and keeps you from getting dirty in the process
  • Perfect for cleaning garages, driveways, sidewalks and storage areas
  • Dual spinning brushes sweep right up to the edge of area being cleaned
  • California residents

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Handle Length (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Cleaning Path Width (In.)
Color Family
Cordless/ Corded
Floor Care Features
Bagless,Bare Floor Cleaning
Included Accessories
Operation Style
Product Weight (lb.)
22 lb
Recommended Surfaces
Bare Floor,Concrete,Tile

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
One Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers


Does this work well on asphalt. I need to clean dust/dirt off of a parking lot

Asked by Jimbo June 16, 2020

Hi Jimbo! Thanks for reaching out! Yes, this works well on asphalt, as long as the asphalt as not at an uneven pitch. The S 650 works best on even surfaces. I hope this helps! Karl from Customer Care.

Will this push sweeper work well in a wood shop picking up dust and sawdust on a relatively smoot...

Asked by Andrew May 27, 2020

Use a shop vac. Mike

will is pick up winter sand on the driveway?

Asked by WMADriveway April 6, 2019

Hello from Karcher! Yes, this machine is perfect for picking up debris from hard outdoor surfaces. Kind regards, Karl from the Customer Care Team.

Will this work on concrete floors in a warehouse?

Asked by Gabby March 13, 2019

Yes that is what we have used them for a lot. You just need to pick up any shrink wrap and larger pieces of wood first.

Would this work to pick up pet hair on a rubber floor?

Asked by Ab February 14, 2019

Dear The Home Depot customer, yes, the S650 will pick up pet hair on a rubber floor. Please keep in mind that you may need to make more than one pass as the bristles on the side and main brush roller are not fine bristles. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps, Karl from the Customer Care Team.

Does it work on lawn as well as paths please

Asked by June January 19, 2019

No, this product is not designed for use on lawns.

Will it vacuum outdoor patio carpet

Asked by Irene September 27, 2018

I believe it would do a good job in that application

What is the actual cleaning path width? Or body width?

Asked by TV May 8, 2018

About 24 “

Are replacement brushes available, and if so where?

Asked by Ted January 21, 2018

Contact the manufacturer Karcher. Their service is very good. I needed some additional screws and they shipped them immediately

Will this product pick up gravel from blacktop breakdown? We have a lot and would like to make ou...

Asked by Matt September 14, 2017

No. I doesn't seem to actually pick up anything. Waste of money.

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I've used this product very hard -probably beyond what it was intended to do. That being said, it...
I've used this product very hard -probably beyond what it was intended to do. That being said, it did a fantastic job of sweeping up dirt and debris in a 20,000sf warehouse. Is it perfect and picks up every single bit? No. But it does get 90-95%. After a year of use on a rough floor, the caster on the front of the machine gave out. I'm not disappointed but very happy at what I was able to get at this price point.
by Heath
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This product works wonders!! Only downfall is you must keep it in motion and have a good open are...
This product works wonders!! Only downfall is you must keep it in motion and have a good open area to use, or dirt falls back down. Great for sweeping warehouses!!
by Kartman
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time saver sweeper
This sweeper is amazing! I love how easier and faster outdoor cleaning has gotten with this push sweeper. I have a large driveway and a double RV parking that used to drive me nuts when it was time to sweep. Whenever I mowed the lawn there were always some grass clipping that were spread everywhere by the wind, for which I had to sweep a huge area. I also didn't like to use the blower because cleaning a little debris here and there, the blower with make a lot of dust. This sweeper instead does an amazing job. I can sweep the whole driveway without getting dusty, and I can be done in just minutes. It took me about 5 minutes to sweep the driveway and alley in front of the house. The sweeper picks up large debris as well, like wood chips and leaves. If there are cracks it needs a little bit more works, but it gets the job done. You can see in the picture how much dirt the sweeper had collected after 5 minutes of sweeping. The design is great because children also can use it. The handle bar can be adjusted. Also, emptying the pan takes almost no effort at all. This sweeper was shipped quickly and required assembly of the handle and front brushes, which took about 5 minutes total. It can also be folded for storage, which a plus. It is made with quality materials, and it is very ingenious. If you have large flat areas to sweep, look no further. Neighbors will be envious. Great product for the value, highly recommend to anyone.
by proudhomeowner
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This promises a lot but, for us, it doesn’t beat blowing the drive. We found that the 4.2 Gal container doesn’t hold very much if you are dealing with big leaves. The main sweeper brush easily gets clogged with leaves and sticks. For us, it did not sweep well on rough, pitted concrete. I have high hopes for next spring when the cherry blossoms fall that it will make fast work of those. I like that you don’t have a cord to deal with and that it’s easy to push. The handle has 2 positions and folds down for storage. The handle is almost high enough for tall people. In our garage where we get sawdust, small leaves and other small debris, the sweeper works beautifully and, because everything is small, the trash container takes a long time to fill up. The spinning brushes do an effective job of moving small debris to the center of the platform for easy sweep up. The spinning brushes also do an effective job of getting debris away from straight walls. They do not do a good job for corners and other irregular areas. The trash container is very easy to empty. The sweeper rolls fairly easy, and it is lite. We would recommend for smooth concrete and small, fine debris. We would not recommend it for driveways where you are cleaning up typical small sticks and large leaves that fall during a rain storm unless you don’t mind unclogging and emptying rather frequently. For a quick garage, patio, deck or carport it’s great.
by Mamajane1234
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Faster than a standard push broom
This push sweeper allows you to quickly sweep indoor or outdoor areas and dispose of the debris. It is a quiet alternative to power blowers and unlike those, provides a bin to collect the debris and get rid of it (rather than just blowing it from one place to another). Two inwardly rotating front brushes move debris into the middle to then be swept up by a long horizontal brush under the unit that moves the debris into a dust bin. Since there is no vacuum power the unit must be pushed completely over/past the intended debris; if you only get it past the front brushes it will stay on the ground. The round brushes do a good job at collecting debris along walls that are usually difficult to get with regular brooms. The unit however doesn't fit into corners very well or in areas that require close turns. You'll still need a regular broom there. The dust bin is lifted up quickly to empty and installs rapidly without fasteners. Much like a lawn mower, the handle can be folded up to allow for close quarter storage. Great addition to cleaning supplies.
by CBrown
Garage and Yard Sweeper
No electricity needed, just a bit more effort pushing than using a regular broom and dust pan. I tried this both in my garage and on the sidewalks after mowing the grass. The one issue to remember is that you cannot expect to fill up the collection bin, as the brush will need the top two inches to throw more items into the bin. So you can only expect to fill one third of the bin before it needs to be emptied. The bin has a lip to keep items from falling back out, so turn the bin upside down and pour the contents into the trash or half the dirt will stay in the bin. The pictures give you an idea of the actual pickup expectations, and no broom is perfect. The round brushes are also not very stiff, so they will not knock loose any debris that is stuck to the surface. It also has a tendency to push stones and pebbles rather than pick them up. Increasing the push speed improves the main brush's ability to pick up materials. Once the bin is at capacity, the amount of debris left behind will increase and clumps will be pushed around under the unit.
by cb88
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Handy Helper!
We have a very large driveway and also a large deck that are constantly in need of being swept. Using the broom gets tiresome and the leaf blower is very loud, so this is a handy solution. The front brushes are very good at grabbing debris along the edges and the waste bin is easily removed to empty. It's best used for large, open areas as it doesn't maneuver very well in tight spaces and works best if used in a forward motion. The messy season (small blossoms, whirly-gigs, etc) had already ended before we received the sweeper, but we will definitely be happy to use this next year for that purpose, and this year for the leaves in the fall and keeping the driveway neat. We use it in the garage almost every day since we usually leave the garage door open and the wind blows in debris. The handle is adjustable and we did expand it since we are both tall. The adjustable lever at the bottom allows you to loosen and then store the sweeper upright when not in use.The sweeper was very easy to assemble and seems very sturdy - We will get a lot of use from this handy helper!
by jeanieb
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Unique Sweeper
This Karcher outdoor sweeper is such a unique, fun way to pick up debris from the ground. It picks up tree droppings, dirt, winter salt, and just about anything else. It is also good in the garage and basement. Assembly was quite easy. The two round brushes needed to be screwed into place at the front of the sweeper. There was a long brush that came already installed at the back end. The handle came in two pieces that needed to be installed with two heights available and can be folded for storage. This sweeper reminds me of the concept of the old manual carpet cleaners. They picked up surface debris, but not dust like vacuum cleaners. However, this Karcher push sweeper is like a grown up, giant version. It is certainly much wider than any sweeper I've seen. It picks up and stores large amount of debris much faster and easier because of the way it was designed. The waste container holds over four gallons of waste. I would recommend this sweeper as an alternative to using a blower. It provides exercise and does not create noise pollution or dust blow up.
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The sweeper did not pick up dried leaves, etc. around...
The sweeper did not pick up dried leaves, etc. around the curb in our condo community, so I returned it.
Response from Karcher TeamSep 9, 2020
Hi Larry, we are so sorry to hear about this! The S 650 is a great tool for picking up dried leaves and other debris on flat surfaces so it sounds like something may be wrong with your unit. Please give us a call at 800-537-4129 and we'd be happy to help. Kind regards, Karl from Customer Care karcher
Picks up the leaves/seeds from 2 very messy crepe myrtles....
Picks up the leaves/seeds from 2 very messy crepe myrtles. The brushes pull debris away from edges to the center to deposit in the center container. If your debris contains pine needles, it is not successful with those. A much faster way to keep your driveway clean than sweeping by push broom .
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