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2 cu. ft. All Natural Raised Bed and Potting Mix Premium Outdoor Container Mix

  • For raised beds and large containers
  • Ready to use right from the bag
  • Made with sustainable, organic ingredients
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Product Overview

Kellogg Garden Organics Raised Bed and Potting Mix is specially formulated for raised beds and container gardening. This earthy mix creates a growing environment that is rich and nourishing for the entire plant. It helps to promote growth for vegetables, herbs and flowers that are specifically grown in raised beds or large containers. It provides your plants with natural and organic nutrients that help them get off to a good start. HOW TO USE: Kellogg Garden Organics Raised Bed and Potting Mix is ready to use, it does not need to be mixed with other soils, but if you have your very own special compost mix, you can add it too. Fill the container leaving 3-4 in. from the top and wet the mix thoroughly with water. We recommend adding an organic granular fertilizer when you are preparing the soil for planting. Reapply fertilizer every 5-6 weeks during growing season. Supplement with an organic liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks with your regular watering routine for the best harvest yield.
  • It looks different - Formulated with organic ingredients like aged wood fines that help promote soil structure and reduced soil compaction.
  • Wet thoroughly before planting.
  • Edibles require nutrient replacement throughout the growing season, so don't forget to use an organic fertilizer at the time of planting and every 5 to 6 weeks thereafter.
  • Plants look sad? Provide a quick Pick-Me-Up of plant nutrients by adding Kellogg's Fish & Kelp Organic Liquid Fertilizer with your regular watering routine and every 2-3 weeks.
  • Use Kellogg's Fish & Kelp Organic Liquid Fertilizer for a quick nutrient boost combined with Kellogg's Granular Organic Fertilizer for a slow-release of nutrients yield the best results.
  • How much water do I need? Water plants when the top 1 in. -2 in. soil surface is dry.
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Worst soil ever
Do not buy!!!! Full of wood chips. The fungus on the wood steals all the nitrogen. Therefore, your garden will inundated with mushrooms, and starving plants.
by Jc
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Worst soil ever and has surely ruined countless gardens in 2021!
This is the worst ‘garden soil’ you can buy. It’s comprised entirely of wood chips/mulch and contains virtually no soil. Repeated watering leads to a densely packed wood chip conglomerate and seeds that should sprout easily in optimal conditions fail to do so. Even in a dry Colorado climate, the soil grows an excessive amount of mushrooms. Any positive review on this product was prior to a recent reformulation or quality control deficiency. Home Depot will inevitably be refunding a lot of people for this bottom tier product.
by Sam
Response from Kellogg Garden ExpertJun 20, 2021
We use fully composted aged wood fines in our soil mixes for three reasons – Better soil structure with its slightly larger particle size helps air and water penetrate deeper into the soil, allowing for better root development and overall plant health – Excellent food source for beneficial soil microbes which help plants resist pests and disease – A more sustainable resource benefiting the environment. No doubt, it does look different than conventional peat-based soil mixes. We will have someone contact you to get additional information regarding your experience. KelloggGardenProducts
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Great soil if you know how to use it
First of all, this is great soil. If you read the nutrient profile you’ll see it’s 0.30% nitrogen, 0.10 phosphate and 0.10 potash. This is expectedly low for almost all soils off the shelf. I like to triple this value by adding compost to it. The best mixes are 50% bagged soil, 30% compost (mixed compost not just manure - you can buy it at any home store), and 20% peatmoss/similar. From reading a lot of the reviews, most people complain about mold in the soil. This is a sign of soil with organic matter and is a good. They also complain about it not growing things, likely because they don’t supplement soil, don’t know what climate/sun their plants like. Every year and throughout the season continue to supplement soil with more compost and organic fertilizers.
by Jacob
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Very very dissatisfied..my garden is dying
For years I've had a very productive garden until this year. We moved from farm life to lake life and I switched to raised gardens. We built three 4 x 8 boxes 11 in deep. Packed the boxes with this soil and was so excited to have a garden. We bought over a pallet and filled them up...planted my garden and found plants grew a little...very little. At this time in the year, i should be picking cucumbers, green beans, and squash..but the cucs have only grown 6 in tall in a month. Green beans from seeds only 4 inches and squash not even 1 foot tall. I am sick! Spent over $400 on the soil and over $100 on plants, fertilizer, seeds. Tomato plants are not growing tall either. Don't waste your money. Get some food top soil and add in fertilizer. My garden season this year is ruined. Urg!!!!
by Michele
Response from Kellogg Garden ExpertJun 15, 2021
We are sorry to read about your experience. We will have someone contact you to get additional information. KelloggGardenProducts
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Mushrooms everywhere.
The soil is definitely rich and my plants are growing just fine, however, anytime it rains hundreds of mushrooms appear all over the soil. They are supposedly not harmful to plants but if they aren’t removed while still wet they will stick to leaves and stems. My basil is still recovering. This only happens in beds I’ve used this soil in. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s annoying. I would not buy this product again just for that reason.
by SChatmon
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Tomatoes are thriving!!
Tomatoes are thriving!!
by Laura
I recently purchased 80 bags of this. My watering was correct. I did everything by the "Organic" guidelines and this soil has killed everything I planted in it. I'm grateful that I return what I haven't used! This stuff is GARBAGE! I wouldn't recommend this to someone I didn't like. Kelloggs... You seriously need to step up your game and make this a good soil, even charge a little more would be fine for decent soil. If not, you just need to bow out and stop producing this GARBAGE!
by Shearman
Response from Kellogg Garden ExpertMay 31, 2021
We will have someone contact you to get additional information regarding your experience. KelloggGardenProducts
5 people found this helpful
A really crappy soil
This is my first time using this soil. DONT BUY !!! Not recommended at all. 2 of my raised bed that use this soil turn to be “mushroom garden”. I picked them up every day and the next day, more of them popped up. So i dig all of my plants, put them in pots for the time being and trash the soil out completely. We’ll put miracle grow because my other garden bed that use miracle grow have no issue at all.
by D18
Response from Kellogg Garden ExpertMay 27, 2021
Gardening with an organic soil mix is different than gardening with a synthetic soil mix. The presence of mushrooms is an indication of too much moisture in the soil. Mushrooms thrive in damp organic matter. We recommend reducing your water application, watering only when the top 1-2 inches are dry. KelloggGardenProducts
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Stunted plants, mushrooms galore
I bought 50 dollars of this trash soil to fill a raised bed. I thought paying a little more for organic would be worth it but boy was I wrong. Totally stunted all my plants planted in it - peppers and rare heirloom tomatoes haven't grown an inch in the time they've been planted in this pushing 3 months ago. The leaves are thin and turning purple and black as of the soil is choking the roots. the mushrooms are another thing. I don't mind some mushrooms breaking down soil components like woodchips to create nutrients for my plants but the mushrooms just keep coming, and coming. and coming. I've never had mushrooms in any of my soils beside the odd few from miracle-gro, and now I have an undead army of them. I transplanted a weak tomato seedling that hadn't grown into my ground garden with different soil and placed a more mature tomato in its place in this soil. the mature tomato went sad, limp, thin, and discolored within days. the bottom tier of my garden used a different soil, and those plants are doing perfectly fine. it's incredible, the difference. just don't do it. save your money and save your poor plants.
by Lyco
Response from Kellogg Garden ExpertMay 23, 2021
Organic soil mixes tend to have a low NPK. We like to recommend adding an organic granular fertilizer at the time of planting to provide a slow release of nutrients since these get used up by the plant over time. Edibles for example, are heavy feeders and will not produce a very good crop without adding nutrients through the growing season. Doing so will ensure consistent plant growth and yield. Apply every 5-6 weeks during the growing season. Supplement the granular fertilizer with an organic liquid fertilizer like Fish & Kelp every 2-3 weeks with your regular watering routine. This provides more immediate, plant-available nutrients. Using these two fertilizers in combination will yield the best results! KelloggGardenProducts
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This has been a terrible year. I have a garden filled with mushrooms. I did not have this issue...
This has been a terrible year. I have a garden filled with mushrooms. I did not have this issue last year. I've grown a garden through a rainy season, but I've never had this issue because I used a different brand of soil. I'm fighting to prevent them from completely taking over all of my beds.
by Gigi
3 people found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 2,325 reviews