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Ultra 2 in. Toilet Tank Flapper

  • The most universal 2" flapper adjusts to fit 2 inch flush valves
  • Flapper made with the longest lasting material on the market
  • Easy to install
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Product Overview

The Korky Ultra Water Saver Flapper is the most universal 2 in. flapper available. The flapper adjusts to match original toilet settings and eliminates water waste by decreasing the amount of water flushed. Ideal for all standard 2 in. toilets, including: 1.28 GPF, 1.6 GPF, 3.5 GPF and 5 GPF. The exclusive longest lasting red rubber resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water and well water. Recommended by the Clorox help line, this Korky flapper is proven longest lasting. The adjustable flapper has multiple settings to ensure it fits popular 2 in. toilet models: American Standard Cadet (4029, 4078, 4083, 4053, 4650), Monarch (4003), Mainstream (4061), Evolution 2 FloWise (4061), KOHLER Wellworth (K-4620), Wellworth (K-4519) and Toto (706).
  • Fits most 2 in. flush valves, including American Standard, KOHLER, TOTO and more
  • Most universal 2 in. flapper
  • Adjusts to fit all tank sizes: 1.28, 1.6, 3.5 and 5 gallon per flush toilets
  • Exclusive longest lasting red rubber resists chlorine
  • 5 year warranty
  • Includes: (1) adjustable flapper and (1) stainless steel chain

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Product Depth (in.)
1.25 in
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)
2 in


Adjustable Canopy Tilt
Canopy Included
Chain Included
Color/Finish Family
Corrosion Resistant
Pack Size
Plumbing Part Type
Toilet Flapper
Toilet Replacement Parts Type
Toilet Flapper

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
5 years

Questions & Answers


what is the difference of a 2 in and 3 in toilet tank flapper? How to measure it?

Asked by Yip July 19, 2020

Yes, the 2-inch flapper fits a 2-inch opening in the commode tank.

Will it fit an American Standard Hamilton ( I think model 2092) 1.6 gpf?

Asked by Sammy April 17, 2020

A 3 inch flapper will not fit a 2 inch opening. I believe American Standard has a 2 inch opening

I have a Toto toilet st706 and need to replace the fill valve and flapper what do I need 2or3in

Asked by Slim February 22, 2020

The easiest way for obsolete models is to actually measure the size of the flapper hole (Flush the tank with the supply valve closed....and use a small ruler). Also check the dimension between the pivot make sure the replacement will not be a "flopping flapper".

Will this flapper fit my American Standard Plebe toilet? Have had problems in the past with flap...

Asked by MAG September 4, 2019

No i have not a problem

Which settings gives you the longest flush? What is the exact function of the adjustable ring th...

Asked by GJMD June 9, 2019

For all types of flush

Installed new flapper, but still leaking

Asked by MC July 6, 2016

There may be a nick or something on the ring that this comes down on that may be letting the water come through. They make a repair kit for this or you may have to replace the whole flush valve assembly.

Installed this flapper and yet it is still leaking. What is wrong? Why does it say it is a 2in. flapper but the width is 3in?

Asked by DMC1364 October 17, 2014

Check to see if the part of the tank that the flapper rests on is smooth and flat. The flapper can handle small irregularities but not more. If it didn't leak in the past you may have lime buildup that could be removed with vinegar or CLR

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Great product but make sure you measure the drain spout, I purchased 2in, and only needed 1 1/2in
Great product but make sure you measure the drain spout, I purchased 2in, and only needed 1 1/2in
by Unityman
This was easy to install. It did take me some time to adjust the fill volume to the level that wo...
This was easy to install. It did take me some time to adjust the fill volume to the level that worked for my setup
by HomeDepotCustomer
For years I have dreaded the words "I don't like the level of the water in the toilet bowl." or "...
For years I have dreaded the words "I don't like the level of the water in the toilet bowl." or " I don't like the double flush". To me these phenomena don't matter as long know ...….everything that needs to "disappear" after a flush is truly gone. But as they say,the secret to a happy life is a happy wife. So this trip to the Home Depot I decided to spend a little more money on the Korky Ultra flapper. I turned the ring to expose the hole in the flapper and then turned the knob on top to decrease the number from its maximum by two. I was rewarded with success within minutes. Just the right level of water in the bowl and no double flush. Don't throw your marriage down the toilet. Buy the Korky Ultra Toilet Flapper.
by HappyHusband
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There are six settings so it can do anything one wants. Imagine, six settings on a toilet flapp...
There are six settings so it can do anything one wants. Imagine, six settings on a toilet flapper. Problem is the directions are not clear which is small / medium / big flush, etc so I just set it in the middle. I could probably look it up on website and educate myself and pick a better setting for my needs, but the directions that come with it are not quite there yet.
by Fred
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Don't flap!!! This Flapper has it sealed.
Very easy install, hooks up left and right, plus hook chain to flush handle, If your all in a flap about what to do, This Flapper has you covered, Just like the guys or girls at Home Depot
by DGB
good product
The water saver is easy to install and if your toilet isn't listed in the package you can go on the web site and watch a short video on how to adjust and install the flap real simple and seems to work just fine.The only thing I had to do is change the hook for the handle because their's wouldn't fit but that also was no big deal either. If you want to save some water this is an easy fix.
by Towguy
Solid option for toilet leaks
If you are here - your toilet developed a leak and you need to fix it. More often then not the flapper becomes a source of a leak for one reason or another. This korky provides a rather universal flapper option with different options to slow/increase the time it takes for the flapper to close. The back of the box even calls out a few configuration for common toilets. Its the only one I have seen capable of this functionality, which does indeed make it more universal because not all 2 inch holes empty at the same speed. So you can dial in how fast it drops and seals up. I've tried other flappers only to have them give up after a few months. Other don't work at all causing you to curse at a toilet bowl... such a good use of time... This one is replacing a retro-fit watersaving toilet flapping system that developed a leak.
by bb101
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Flapper Flopper
This part, while well made of a material whose flexibility portends the ability to seal well, is not the "universal" fit it is advertised as. When installed (which is accomplished readily) two key failings were noted: Failure to seal against the seat into which it is fitted, resulting in a constant flow of water; and, the flexibility of the flapper material makes it difficult to keep it secure on the pivot shafts. For info, this was being installed on a 50+ year old Eljer (although the existing flapper valve/seat was an after market replacement from many years ago), and fit and function on newer water closets may be better. To be sure, measure the spacing of the pivot shafts before purchasing. The means to adjust the amount of flush water is provided via two rotating parts of the valve which admits more or less water into the "bowl" making the valve seat faster, to reduce the flush volume used. The flush time with both openings closed (no water admitted) seemed to work, however, as noted above, the flapper itself failed to seal against the seat. The instructions recommend installing the chain with minimum slack. When so installed, a single depressing of the flush handle results in an acceptable flush....however, if you happen to depress the flush handle when the tank has already partially emptied, with minimum slack in the chain the flapper, due to its flexibility, has a tendency to go over center ("belly up") has to be positioned manually.
by DonK
Response from Korky Toilet GeniusMay 23, 2016
We are sorry to hear your disappointment with the 100CM Korky Ultra 2" Toilet Tank Flapper. Are you able to contact our customer service team? We would like to learn more about your toilet and installation. Please call 1-800-528-3553 and we will have your toilet working correctly in no time. Korky
Fit just like it said it would
I had clean my tank with Hurriclean tank cleaner and noticed my tank flapper was beginning rubber decay. The Korky water flapper perfectly replaced my older flap without any need of cutting or adjusting. My original flapper was on a plastic carriage that seems a little more robust but the Korky presented to problem with the rubber structure. It was easy enough to replace without even reading the instructions. Just remember to turn off the water to the tank before changing the flapper.
Good quality!
The Korky Universal Toilet Flapper is a made of very good quality rubber from a long-lasting material called Cholarazone*. I think this causes it to seal better than other flappers I have used. The entire flapper is rubber. No plastic. This flapper even has an adjustable dial to maximize performance and save water. I have never seen this feature before! It is very simple to turn the dial to adjust. It cause the flapper to fall slower or faster, as you prefer, to minimize the use of water. There is chart on the back package with the recommended setting, 1-6, according to the brand of toilet. 1.28 gpf-5 gpf. It is made in the USA. 5 yr warranty. If it fails within five years of purchase return to Lavelle for a replacement at no charge. There is a stainless steel chain included to connect to flush bar.
by anna7
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