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Jig K5 Pocket-Hole System

  • All-in-one jig clamping system makes pocket-hole joinery easy
  • Accommodates boards 1/2 in. to 1-1/2 in. thick
  • Quick-release sliding jig effortlessly matches board thickness
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Product Overview

Simple to use and set up, the Kreg Jig K5 allows skilled craftsmen and DIY woodworkers to construct furniture, cabinetry and other wood-joined creations with strong, tight-fitting joints. Drilling perfectly deep and angled pocket holes is a cinch thanks to a tool-free clamp that easily and tightly positions a 1/2 in. to 1-1/2 in. workpiece into place. A quick-release 3-hole drill guide on the jig slides up and down to match board thickness while a stop-collar setting block allows precise depth stop measurement. To make repeated holes of the same dimensions on several pieces of wood, use the adjustable workpiece stop to quickly and accurately line up your boards along the base before clamping into place. The removable extension wings provide support for long or wide workpieces and the built-in swiveling dust collection port keeps your work area clean by allowing attachment of a 1-1/4 in. vacuum hose.
  • Front-mounted clamp handle makes clamping easy
  • Ratcheting clamp mechanism adjusts without tools
  • Quick-release pin holds drill block in place
  • Extension wings provide built-in storage for bits and accessories
  • Stop-collar setting block makes depth setup easy
  • Swiveling dust collection port accepts standard 1-1/4 in. vacuum hose
  • Adjustable workpiece stop mounts on either side for easy repeat drilling
  • Comes fully assembled, ready to set up and use
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Maximum stock size (in.)
Minimum stock size (in.)
Product Length (in.)
12 in
Product Width (in.)
12 in


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Power Tool

Questions & Answers


is this just the jig by itself

Asked by JG February 9, 2021

Yes, it has a port for chip collection and quickly adjusts for different thicknesses. It works best mounted to a board as it does not have a mounting clamp like the portable one. I made a plywood box and it is mounted to the bottom of the lid. The box also holds an assortment of screws, drills, etc. This is an incredibly valuable tool.

Dose it come with a warranty?

Asked by Rick July 22, 2019

It has a lifetime drill guide warranty. Not sure about the other parts. I've drilled hundreds of pocket holes and the tool works just like new. I've only had to replace the driver bit.

My husband wanted the K4 Pocket Hole System for Christmas. Is this a step up from the K4, and doe...

Asked by clarebear November 7, 2018

Does the same as K5. He will love it.

Does this come with a detachable piece to be used like the K-3?

Asked by Tknight February 16, 2018

If you mean "Does the K5 Jig System come with a detachable pocket hole drill guide like the K3 Jig System", the answer is yes. The drill guide is removable and it also includes one Spacer Block that adjusts the jig for an additional 1/4" material thickness. But if you have a K3 Jig System, you already have a detachable drill guide... unless you just want to upgrade to the K5 system. I have a K5 and I love it.

On this one do you still need to buy the face clamp then or??

Asked by smbealke November 23, 2017


Why is this not carried in store?

Asked by Sauce August 21, 2017

This item is very seldomly purchased, so it is not carried on stores.

Do you have to use the Kreg screws with all Kreg made projects?

Asked by Simone July 31, 2017

The instructions say it works better with their screws as they are self tapping and are designed to work with their system.

When will your Tyler stores start carrying the k5?

Asked by Tronty March 30, 2017

I don’t think they are carried in stores so you will need to order it online and have it delivered to the store or your house

What's the difference between a K5 and a K4 pocket hole jig?

Asked by Ronnie February 24, 2017

The location of the handle is the biggest difference. K4 the clamping handle is in the back, whereas the k5 the handle is in the front and easily accessible with wide pieces.

Does it come with a case

Asked by Manuel February 21, 2017

just a cardboard box / with handle

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great too for a noob!
Very intuitive and easy to use. Mount it to peice of plywood for ease of use and storage.
by Dizzle
The jig is great, but I don't care for the on the K5.
The jig is great, but I don't care for the on the K5.
by Hunter
While pocket holes are not the perfect solution for every joint, I find myself using this more an...
While pocket holes are not the perfect solution for every joint, I find myself using this more and more. And pocket holes are easy and you don't have to be accurate. Recently I've used it to build a new pantry for our on-going kitchen remodel, as you can see in the picture I've attached. The panty (besides the doors) is put together entirely with pocket hole screws and glue. Nothing else. From the box to the face frame. And it's rock solid. An out of the box use... I needed to extend the kitchen fascia for the new pantry and pocket holes to the rescue. Made it much easier to attach the 2X4's. Sure better than toe nailing and so much more of a solid joint. I am not crazy about the plastic side pieces so I mounted the unit in my miter saw bench, giving me plenty of room for just about any size piece I need. If you are trying to decide between this and the K4, get this one because it has the locking handle is in the front, so much better. Having the handle in the back doesn't make a lot of sense. More so when you are drilling bigger pieces, like cabinet parts. The dust collection is a very nice feature on this unit as well, works quite well. Like I said, even though it's not perfect for every joint, I've gotten hooked on pocket holes and sure I will be using them more and more. This jig is well worth the money and will pay for itself.
by RonKillian
The claim is that you can join EXISTING parts up to 1.5 inches thick. No way without making your ...
The claim is that you can join EXISTING parts up to 1.5 inches thick. No way without making your own spacing jig; see pic. The hole guide detaches from the locking assembly (good), but there is no way to place the drill guide properly on existing work without buying 3 more spacers. These are not included. I improvised with my own wood spacers and two hold-down screws; see pic. Only ONE plastic spacer is included, but FOUR are needed for 1.5" material. The advertisement with the purchase is misleading. The detailed instructions say you need to buy more spacers for material thicker than 3/4 inch. I assume a very small increase in price would cover the cost of these additional (and necessary) spacers. The Kreg system for joining wood works well, but I fail to see why they advertise falsely.
by fred
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Pocket screws are the fastest, easiest, quickest and one of the most efficient ways to make the j...
Pocket screws are the fastest, easiest, quickest and one of the most efficient ways to make the joining of pieces a pleasure to do. They are also one of the strongest joints and make the common butt joint, when combined with glue, turn out to be very, very strong. The notorious 45 degree joining is a snap with pocket screws. Get one, of these jigs you will love them. I made a Shaker Hall Table using mainly pocket screws and it is one of the easiest builds I ever did. (See attached photo)
by exsquid
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I like all the Kreg products that I own, and this one is no exception. The only reason I gave th...
I like all the Kreg products that I own, and this one is no exception. The only reason I gave the Mitre Gauge System only 4 stars is because I believe it could be improved by making the fence 2" longer so the swingstop base doesnt fall out at 22". You can't set it at 24" for this reason
by Pamela
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I build a significant amount of cabinets and furniture, and the Kreg K5 pocket-hole jig comes in ...
I build a significant amount of cabinets and furniture, and the Kreg K5 pocket-hole jig comes in handy more times than I can count. It can be used on nearly every project, and has yet to let me down. The K5 is a decent upgrade over the K5, adding more convenience features than really a major overhaul to how the system works. The K5 has a sliding adjustment for the workpiece thickness instead of adjusting a threaded rod like on the K4. The K5 also has the handle in the front of the tool, so if you are making pocket holes on a large panel, you don't have to reach over or around to the back of the tool to secure it. The K5 also has extension wings, which I thought I would not use at first, but they add a shockingly large amount of stability to the pieces, and they provide ample storage for the drill and driver bits. The hose port is fantastic at collecting the chips. I hook up my basic shop vac with an adapter to get the hose diameter down to the right size, and it sucks all the chips out, making it easier for the drill bit to get through the wood without any extra force, or having to back the bit out multiple times. You can also remove the hose adapter and just let the chips fly, but I find that is extra messy, and it still backs up a little if you are drilling more than a dozen holes. On a side note, I mounted mine to a piece of 3/4 plywood, that way I can move it wherever I want, and I just have to clamp that piece of plywood down to the workbench I am at and it is as secure as screwing it down in one place. I highly recommend doing that, as you never know where you will be using this handy tool next. I can move it all over the shop and still have the added stability. Fantastic. I don't know when they will be coming out with a new version, but it is hard to imagine improving over this one.
by RobbC
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Found a good deal and purchased on sale....
Found a good deal and purchased on sale.
by Andy
5 stars for concept 3 stars for kreg downgrading quality
The concept of pocket hole joinery is literal brilliance and makes carpentry reachable for amatures and beginners. What I cannot understand is why kreg would add and improve features such as the clamp and height adjustment of jig but at the same time remove and change there old way of measuring the drill collet length what a pain I'm really disappointed in why they would take a system so easy and effortless and make it so aggravating and difficult. What if you loose that little plastic block?? And what if you mound your jig to your work bench ???! You can never se the right hole A lot of solid metal that existed on the k4 has been changed to cheep plastic on the k5 I hope kreg isn't selling out like every other company on earth I honestly think I prefer the k4 and will return this k5 and reorder the k4 don't fall for the advertisement and upgrade if you already have a k4 A sticker reminding you of screw length for thickness of wood ??? Why can't I just print that out and scotch tape it to my wall Cheap flimsy storage bins for the bits and accessories Why not just require less accessories and keep the old simple method of adjustments or at least make them out of decent quality material. On a lighter note the drill bit is super sharp and hasn't dulled slightly after drilling hundreds of holes. The driver bit is tough and is magnetic witch I love but witch both existed on k4 as well Please accept my review as I feel it is honest and truthful
by Httttttty
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Works great. Very easy & simple to use.
The K5 jig is a must have for anyone starting out in the woodworking trade or DIY. I built a kitchen cabinet in only 4 hours with the easy to use too.
by TJ56
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