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Decora Commercial Grade Passive Infrared Single-Pole 2100 sq. ft. 180-Degree Occupancy Sensor, Gray

  • Configurable for optimum sensitivity and performance
  • Push-button provides manual on/off light switching at any time
  • Low-profile design eliminates obtrusive scanning device look
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Product Overview

The Leviton Single Pole Decora Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Gray (ODS10IDG) is used to provide automatic lighting control for energy savings and convenience in a variety of commercial applications, including: class rooms, conference rooms, offices multimedia rooms, day care centers, lounges. The ODS10ID provides automatic switching of two separate incandescent lamps and fluorescent and low voltage lighting with electronic or magnetic ballasts. The unit also features a manual override switch that can be used to keep lights off while an area is occupied, which may be desired in conference rooms and other areas during slide or film presentations. The unit installs in place of a single pole wall switch and fits in a standard wall box. Note: Wall Switches and Occupancy Sensors Do Not come with wall plates unless otherwise specified.
  • New, low-profile design eliminates obtrusive "scanning-device" look
  • Convenient push-button provides manual on/off light switching at any time
  • 180° field-of-view provides approximately 2100 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Segmented Fresnel lens provides optimum sensitivity and performance
  • California residents

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Decora Commercial Grade Passive Infrared Single-Pole 2100 sq. ft. 180-Degree Occupancy Sensor, Gray
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Wattage (watts)0 W0 W800800
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Motion Sense TypeOccupancyOccupancyOccupancyOccupancy
Field of View180 Degrees180 Degrees180 Degrees180 Degrees
Voltage120 volt,277 volt120 volt,277 volt120 volt120 volt
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Product Height (in.)
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Amperage (amps)
0 A
Color Family
Compatible Bulb Type
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Electrical Features
No Additional Features
Electrical Product Type
Motion Sensor
Field of View
180 Degrees
Maximum Distance (ft.)
Motion Sense Type
Mounting Type
Pack Size
General Purpose
120 volt,277 volt
Wall Plate Included
Wattage (watts)
0 W

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
UL Listed,cUL Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
5-Year Limited

Questions & Answers


it says on the description 110/227 vlots this will really works on 220 volts

Asked by al January 17, 2021

Yes it work on 220 volt.

Can I use this to control a small (less than 3A) hot water recirculaion pump?

Asked by MisterTipster December 6, 2020

I will not

Will these work for LED lights

Asked by Vflow0731 November 7, 2020

Yes, they will work with LED lights. That is what I installed mine to operate.

Does it come with the wall plate cover?

Asked by Mv September 20, 2020


What other product can I use from Leviton that acts as a motion sensor in a closet to work with a Leviton 3-way dimmer switch, model 6674.

Asked by Craigert May 5, 2020

no it doesn't work, it said it would but no, and I can't return it

Does this model require a neutral wire?

Asked by Stan May 4, 2020


If you turn off the switch manually, what is the delay time before motion will retrigger? Most of...

Asked by David July 23, 2019

The set default is 20 seconds but I adjust mine to 40 sec

Can I use this to turn on bathroom exhaust fan?

Asked by Chris December 3, 2018

Yes. Every time you activate the motion sensor, whatever you have it wired to will come on..

why is LED wattage for these always much lower than the incandescent wattage?

Asked by Andy November 10, 2018

I am not certain, but I can guess: Incandescent bulbs are purely resistive - they operate at unity power factor. That means the power delivered is exactly P=V * I. LED lighting loads include some kind of power supply in them that reduces the 120VAC to something around 1VDC - 2VDC at the terminals of the actual LED. These are probably switchmode power supplies, which generally draw power at something less than unity power factor. That means the power delivered to the load is P=(V * I) / pf. Since pf < 1.00, for a given power delivered to the load, the current has to be higher that at unity power factor. A power supply that includes power factor correction circuitry might operate at pf=0.95. One that does not could operate down around 0.85 or less. From a practical standpoint, if you are using this for residential service, this difference in pf is probably not an issue, because LEDs draw much less power than incandescents for the same luminosity. So, unless your application prohibits the user from swapping out your LEDs for incandescents, you probably should be designing the circuit this switch is in for incandescents.

how many watts for led lights can this switch handle?

Asked by ryan August 15, 2018

Hi , Thank you for choosing Leviton. The ODS10 can handle up to 400W @ 120V for LED bulbs

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Works like a charm. I didn’t try others, so I can’t compare it to the lower priced ones. But th...
Works like a charm. I didn’t try others, so I can’t compare it to the lower priced ones. But this one works great. I put it in my garage. It picks up the motion of the door entering the garage, so my lights come on each time I run out there. Just what I wanted.
by Bryan
Very convenient
Used this on an install for a utility room in a residence and it worked great. The settings for the timer and sensitivity give it a real custom feel. The design is very clean and sleek, The plastics appear to be very good quality so it stands out very well. The application I used it on was a LED flush mount fixture and they went together perfectly. Gives your home that professional feel at a fraction of the price.
by Eli
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A tool for house automation.
We are remodeling our house and in the process are installing whole house automation. While the wiring is exposed we have the opportunity to look at each switch to determine how best to control it, move it or eliminate it. The availability of Z-Wave and PIR occupancy switches like this one, have changed the way to do house wiring. My previous experience with occupancy, or what I call motions switches, had not been real satisfying. I found them hard to adjust and they never seem reliable. This switch changes that by providing a more precise set of controls that allow it to be accurately and reliably setup. The switch has 3 dials that allow you to set the time delay to shut-off after motion is no longer detected; the range of the area monitored for motion; and the threshold level of ambient light needed to suppress turn-on. It also has a unique feature that allows you to reduce the field of view on each side independently. It provides a set of levers that can be adjusted to act as blinders narrowing the 180-degree field of view on one or both sides. Other than the view blinder feature, most motion switches allow you to adjust for time, range and ambient light. But none that I am familiar with provide the convenience or accuracy that the three dials on this switch provide. It installs like any single pole switch. It does provide the option to be used as a double pole, but I did not use it that way. Two of these switches located at different locations would certainly complicate the adjustments. However, if needed I would not hesitate to use it in that setting. It works with enough reliably and precision that you can set it once and be confident that it will stay that way. I do strongly recommend that you carefully read the installation instructions. Even if you have installed motion switches before. Especially, read the features section which describes how to use the controls. It is pretty well written and will serve as a good premier. Rooms that have a single entrance and exit; like laundry rooms, baths, bedrooms, offices, attics and closets are easy to set up and give a lot of bang for the buck. Because that is where you most frequently forget to turn off the light. I set the time to 10 minutes and the range to max. I cannot think of why you would do otherwise. So the only thing you need be concerned with is the ambient light level. Cloudy days, dusk and dawn are light levels that you must decide upon. Once you have identified that light level this product is robust enough to allow you to set it and forget it. This switch is the only product I have been able to do that with. There is another use for this switch that isn’t a money saver but earns its way in convenience. It can be used to turn the lights on so you can see to get some place and then turn them off after you get there. This to me, is of more value than its ability to compensate for careless use of lights. I like to be able to open the door and have the lights pop on without me fumbling for the switch and then turn-off after I get down the hall. The hall needs to have the right properties where there is not too much peripheral activity that will turn the switch on unintentionally. The length of the hall cannot exceed the switch’s range of sensitive. Which shouldn’t be a problem because the range is around 40 feet. I am using this switch in the hallway that we use to enter the kitchen from the outside. I included some photos taken from the kitchen side, looking toward the back door and vice versa. It is a short hall with doors on each side that open from the garage and laundry room. Previously we had a switch on both ends. The result automates the process completely including as a bonus entry and exit from the garage and laundry room. The photos are taken during the day to show the ambient light issues that the switch handles without issue. In the close up of the switch plate, you can recognize the motion switch on the right side of the 4 gang box. The other switches control outside lights. Please excuse the construction. But I did mention at the outset that we were remolding and I didn’t want to wait until later to get the word out.
by Larry
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Works perfectly. Great upgrade.
As far as upgraded light switches go, this Decora occupancy sensor is a breeze to install. It requires the typical line and load wires as well as a ground wire but does not need a neutral connection. The device has its own wires coming out of the box rather than screw terminals. You connect the switch's wires to your home wires from the junction box with typical wire nuts that you will need to supply yourself. The switch can be used in single or multiple gang boxes. The ground wire can be placed to the home wire individually or in serial connection to other grounded switches. Its motion detection is superb and although the instructions state it can better sense motion across the face of the device it still functions perfectly moving toward and away from it. It can function both as a manual switch with button push for on/off or fully on automatic. Its timeout function can be adjusted as well as limiting being on in daylight. Uniquely there are also "blinders" to reduce the range of motion sensing. These controls can all be accessed from the control panel in the middle of the switch (pop off the cover using a slim flat head screwdriver before you install a wall plate). All in all a great switch that makes flipping a switch seem tedious.
by CBrown
Great energy saver!
Over the past year with Home Depots assistance, we have been converting our house over to high efficiency LED lighting. The only drawback has been that conventional motion sensing light switches, that save energy by only providing light when there is an actual person in the room, don’t work well with CFL and LED lighting. This switch is the exception! I installed it in our den area, and it performs flawlessly with the LED fixtures and bulbs there. Installation was a breeze, just be certain to hook the neutral up correctly in order for the switch to work correctly.
by Jim
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A rare to find Sensor switch with variable voltage input.
Nowadays, Sensor switches are part of everyday life. This DECORA 120/277-VOLT AC WHITE OCCUPANCY PIR SENSOR is part of that family, which means it can be used for lights or fans or motor driven equipments which use from 120 vac to 277 vac. It is easy to install, setup and use for a Do it yourselfer. The sensitivity can be set for daylight/ambient light. Something different for this sensor is that it has a patented Blinder: the horizontal field of view can be adjusted from a wide 180 degrees to a narrow 60 degrees. The time for the light to stay ON after a motion is detected can be set for 30 seconds, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes, whichever you prefer. As long as the sensor can detect your body heat, it will not go OFF, and it will go OFF only after you vacate, and after the set time runs out. You can also manually turn it ON or OFF. This is a nice and easy to use sensor switch, and I do recommend it.
by SebastianUSA
The sensor is easy to install and is the only...
The sensor is easy to install and is the only sensor I found that allows automatic operation from multiple locations.
by Herb
it doesn’r work for our two way switch and i...
it doesn’r work for our two way switch and i can’t return it
This occupancy sensor / switch does the job and ultimately...
This occupancy sensor / switch does the job and ultimately functions well, but has limited adjustability for time. Per the instructions, there are only 3 active mode duration settings - 10, 20 and 30 minutes - with a 30 second testing mode. For the specific application I was using it in, I ended up leaving it on the testing mode as a 10 min timeout was too long. Otherwise, manual activation and automatic pickup of movement worked great.
by MKBuilds
The switch worked perfectly. The homeowner wanted the lights in...
The switch worked perfectly. The homeowner wanted the lights in the garage to come on as soon as he walked into the garage. The switch is in a location that is behind a fridge. But it still worked perfectly, with 8" in-between the fridge. It still triggered the light on.
by Mike
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