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Decora Z-Wave Controls 15 Amp Scene Capable Switch, White/Ivory/Light Almond

  • Compatible with Wink, SmartThings and Amazon Echo
  • Wireless control via smartphone from anywhere in the world
  • Requires Wink or SmartThings Hub (sold separately)
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Product Overview

The Leviton DZS15 is a Z-Wave enabled universal switch designed for use for most residential lighting and motor applications. A large range of load types are supported including incandescent, halogen and magnetic Low-Voltage, electronic Low-Voltage, fluorescent, and motor loads up to 1/2-HP. The DZS15 is fully compatible with the Wink Hub as well as all of other certified Z-Wave controllers.
  • Rated for 1800-Watt incandescent/halogen, 1440-Watt magnetic Low-Voltage, 1800-Watt electronic Low-Voltage, 1800VA fluorescent, and 1/2-HP supplemental
  • Works with any Z-Wave hub, including wink, SmartThings, and others with the Z-Wave logo
  • Scene capable
  • On/off LED indicator
  • Use stand-alone or attach to home automation system
  • White face assembled on device, ivory and light almond faces included
  • For use with coordinating switch remote
  • DZS15-1LZ has two options for hardwired 3-way applications
  • VP0SR-10Z - a coordinating remote that does not include the locator LED on the bottom
  • VP0SR-1LZ - a matching remote that includes the locator LED on the bottom. A neutral is required at the DZS15-1LZ, the VP0SR-1LZ requires the traveler, neutral and hot
  • A neutral is required at the DZS15-1LZ; however, the VP0SR-1LZ only requires the traveler and neutral
  • VP0SR-1LZ - A matching remote that includes the locator LED on the bottom
  • A neutral is required at the DZS15-1LZ, the VP0SR-1LZ requires the traveler, neutral and hot
  • In general the VP0SR-10Z coordinating solutions will work in most wiring situations, while the VP0SR-1LZ matching provides an enhanced user experience with locator LED but will not work in all wiring applications
  • Item is compatible with the Wink home automation system and can connect to several other items to control and customize your home with automated rules, shortcuts, & more, all with no monthly fees

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NameDecorator 15 Amp 3-Way Paddle/Rocker Wall Light Switch in Black (10-Pack)Decora Z-Wave Controls 15 Amp Scene Capable Switch, White/Ivory/Light AlmondDecora Smart with Z-Wave Technology 15 Amp Switch, White/Light Almond (2-Pack)
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Number of SwitchesSingle Single
Voltage120 volt 120 volt
Mounting TypeWall Mounted In-Wall
Electrical FeaturesNo Additional Features Programmable,Remote Control
Function TypeOn-Off On-Off
Switch TypeMaintained Maintained
Amperage (amps)15 A 15 A
Works With Alexa, Google, Samsung SmartThings
Smart Home Protocol Z-Wave
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Product Depth (in.)1.4 inProduct Height (in.)4.13 in
Product Width (in.)1.75 in


Electrical Product TypeSwitchReturnable90-Day
Smart HomeSmart Home EnabledSwitch StyleSpecialty

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty5- Year Limited

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Straightforward Smart Switch
Great switch overall. I have it hooked up to our Wink hub and use it on a schedule to turn the basement lights on at a given time each day. The switch is packaged well and actually comes with 3 different colored face plates. My one niggle is with the neutral wire connection. I've installed a Decora smart dimmer before and it came with the wires jutting out of the switch (like a light fixture would). This was great as I could just connect the neutral wire to neutral pigtail in the electrical box. But with this switch, no wires were included. Off to the hardware store to buy some 14g wire to connect this switch. End of the world? Certainly not, but slightly annoying. After wiring it up, the switch connected to my Wink hub very quickly and now works seamlessly with my other smart switches. Very happy overall and would highly recommend.
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Good ror remote controlled home
This was an easy replacement of an old switch. The instructions were clear and the wiring was one of the easiest I had ever done with any switch in my limited experienced. I had installed the original switch; however, when I got this switch I had not read this disclaimer: "Deoora• Z·Wave" control electronic switches are not compatible with standard 3-way or 4-way switched." So I had to get a standard 3-way switch which installed as easily.
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Good product, but version with dimming is a much better value
This is a very good product, and works exactly as described. But to cut right to the chase, I don't recommend it, which I'll explain shortly. Here's what I like about the switch: (1) While it mimics the design of a standard toggle and therefore blends right in, it is in fact a push-button switch, and has a satisfying mechanical click when engaged. (2) Instructions are thorough. (3) It connected to my Wink Hub on the very first try. Here's what I didn't like: (1) It makes a mechanical switching noise even when operated remotely or by schedule via Wink, which I find distracting - this unfortunately makes the magic of home automation a little less magic. (2) Price, price, price. In the world of non-connected switched, dimmers are typically 5x more than switches. Well, when it comes to Leviton's Decora Z-Wave controls, the dimmer model is $5 more, not 5x more. (3) Simply put, it would not fit in my single-switch gang boxes. The only place I could use it was in multi-switch gang boxes due to the extra room available in them. Perhaps there's a minimum amount Leviton can charge for a switch with the technology that the Z-Wave line offers, but honestly, there's no reason to buy this particular model unless you absolutely cannot use dimming, i.e. for a non-lighting application. If you're going to spend this much on automated lights, however, you'll really want the dimming feature, so just look to the Decora dimmer for a few dollars more.
As expected.
The DZS15 switch is a good quality switch as you would expect from the Leviton brand. The switch works as a single pole switch with Zwave remote capabilites . Stand alone you do not need any other optional products other than a plate cover which is not included . It does come with three color options for the center switch. If you expect this to work remotely you will need an access point hub and Internet service. This switch can also used as a three way switch however you will need to use either a VPOSR-10 switch for non LED or a VPOSR-1LZ with LED applications. Single pole is straight forward to install the three way gets a little complicated as you do need to understand some electrical wireing. Additionally the wiring in your installation will need specific wiring not found in older homes . Consult an electrician if you are unsure . Now since the main reason you are buying this switch is to have remote control of this switch and its application. I feel I should give some details about the Hub you will need. It is recommended to use the Wink hub , I was not able to get this hub to work after a week of messing with it between my knowledge and Wink tec I gave up and moved on to another Hub. I've read many different reviews some good some bad so do some research to see if the Wink will do what you expect it to or if another home automation Hub will be more suitable. All in all I have install over 20 plugs , 8 switches along with stand along appliance plugs to create a nice system to control lights and appliances using the Leviton Brand. It did take some time and a little frustration along the way but now that everything is working the Leviton product have been working great.
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Quick and Reliable Z-wave Switch
The down and dirty is after a slightly frustrating install (easily remedied with details below), the Leviton switches are now my favorite in the house. They pair easily, are customizable and respond faster than all my other brands. I tested them with the wink hub, smart things (v2) and openhab with aeon z-wave stick. Each system recognized and let me control them quickly with no issues. Z-wave gave me the control I wanted with my basement without a huge rewiring project. Turning all the lights on in my basement meant using three separate switches then a floor lamp to cover a forgotten side of the room. Forgetting to turn a switch off led to numerous walks up and down the stairs. With the Levitron switches I did the following: 1.) The switch at the top of the stairs turns ALL the lights off 2.) A master switch downstairs that used to turn on 1 pot light, now turns on all my overhead switches AND a floor lamp 3.) Connects into my hub so a good night scene turns off all the lights in the house The only annoyance with these switches involved the install. 1.) Z-wave switches mostly need to tap into a neutral wire in addition to the line, load and ground. The switch didn’t come with a jumper to let you tie in the neutral. Since z-wave switches are premium products it bothered me they couldn’t include a $0.05 part 2.) The switches are deep. Make sure you not only wirenut your connections well but secure them with electrical tape. Getting everything back into the box is a challenge If you know the above going in you shouldn’t have any issues. So remember – extra wire for jumpers and electrical tape your wire nut connections for added strength when you jam everything back into the gang box Pros: 1.) Easy pairing (tested with wink, smartthings [v2] and openhab [aeon zwave stick]) 2.) Customizable settings 3.) LED to find it in the dark (can be turned off) 4.) FAST responses 5.) Looks incredible Cons: 1.) Tight fit into gang box 2.) Does not include jumpers to tie in required neutral
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Works Well; Easy Smart Home Integration
I got this switch for my garage entry so it would turn on automatically when the garage door is opened (Smart Home). It works well, but I have some issues. // One thing I don't like is that Lutron has several different types of z-wave switches with completely different looks. I have this z-wave and another non-dimmer and then 6 Caseta switches, and more than a dozen more standard switches which means that people will need to adjust the way they push the buttons for each type of switch. I recommend you select one line and go with that one. // A huge issue for me is the cost. Each of the switches from either z-wave collection can run from $40-$60. If you have a large home you are talking as much a thousand dollars to switch them all over. I know these are cool but that's quite the investment. You do get the faceplates, which is nice. // Installation is not so hard after you've figured out your home. For me, I had several additional wires along the chain of power that needed to be included in the instructions that weren't. So you'll need a voltage meter to determine the lines and then some trial and error to determine which wires are for the light and which pass through. I tried to install in the standard box, but it was completely packed in there. So I bought a deeper plastic box and replaced it. // Connecting to your smart home is very easy. Once you have your hub (Caseta, Wink, Smartthings) connecting is as easy as opening your app and telling it you are connecting this then pressing down on the switch and holding it for a few seconds. I used it with Wink and found it was very easy to create robots. // This doesn't say it works with LED but it does. I have it running an LED recessed light and it works fine. Also, I contacted Lutron tech support and was told that it can run LED. // In the end, I'm happy with these switches. They work well and look good. My family will just have to get used to the different switches throughout the house. :)
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Great addition to my Home Automation
I've installed a handful of these as part of my home automation. The instructions provided are clear and have several different examples for installing them. They have an 800 number for any unanswered questions, and they are super easy to add to my Wink Hub. Friends and family love to use the Amazon Echo to control lights via voice.
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Great Switch to Add Lighting Automation to Your Home
I’ve used these Leviton Z-Wave switches to replace existing switches for ceiling mounted lighting in my home. They work great with my SmartThings hub and I’ve found them to be very reliable. These switches REQUIRE a neutral wire to operate properly and I strongly encourage anyone who isn’t comfortable with household wiring to consult an electrician. Using these switches, I’ve automated my porch lights so they come on at sunset and go off a few hours later. I also setup some automation that turns on the porch light any time one of my security cameras detects motion outside at night. When someone approaches the door late at night, the lights will come on automatically then turn off again after 15 minutes of no motion detected. This way I can welcome friends and family, and possibly frighten off anyone up to no good. The box includes three color choices (white, light almond, ivory) to help match the switch with your décor. It also comes with complete instructions, including wiring diagrams, for adding the switch to existing house wiring. The documentation contains instructions for single pole or three-way wiring configurations. A three-way configuration requires a compatible “remote” switch, which is not included. The switch looks similar to a common rocker switch and fits the same style of switch covers, but is actually a simple pushbutton. Pressing the button toggles the state of the switch and connected device. I’ve used these switches to control lighting and ceiling fans (on/off only), but they can be used to for almost any device a normal wall switch can control. Each switch has an LED location indicator (nightlight) that indicates on/off status. The documentation includes instructions on how to disable the LED.
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good light switch
the z-wave controller had some problems to detect the switch, the switch had to be put just beside the controller. The switch works perfect after it was detected.
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  • Verified Purchase
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quick install if you have the wink system. Which most people don't know what they're buying since every package was opened when I bought my switch.
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