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Precision Pen 4g Gel Super Glue

  • No-drip super glue good for vertical applications/porous surfaces
  • Intuitive pen applicator easy to use, no mess, pinpoint accuracy
  • Bonds well with metal, wood, rubber, ceramic, paper, and more
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Product Overview

When everyday items break around the house, a quick-to-fix super glue is often the perfect solution. However, traditional super glue tubes and can be messy, imprecise, and may even unfortunately break apart when you need repairs to hold together the most. A better, more reliable way: Loctite Precision Pen Super Glue for both porous and non-porous surfaces! This intuitive pen makes it easy with comfortable rubber squeeze grips for fingers to fit more naturally into while working. It dispenses glue precisely where it is needed, a feature accompanied by its patented NOZZLE. Additionally, the formula won't dry-out after use because it has a patented cap to keep the formula fresh from the duration if its shelf life. To top it off, spreading this glue on your desired surface is as smooth and simple as writing with a normal pen! For clean, transparent, and frustration-free fixes that outperform the competition and remain resistant to moisture, most chemicals, and freezing temperatures, Loctite Precision Pen Super Glue is the way to go.
  • Strong bond with metal, wood, rubber, ceramic, leather, paper, most plastics, and more
  • Applicator dispenses glue only where you need it to for no-mess, pinpoint accuracy
  • Intuitive pen design with rubberized grips for easily dispensing and controlling flow
  • Gel formula doesn't run or drip and dries transparent for seamless repairs
  • Achieves maximum bond in 15 - 30 seconds
  • Clog-free nozzle ensures glue is always flowing and ready to use
  • Locking cap prevents accidental opening or spilling for extra safety
  • Resistant to moisture, most chemicals, and freezing temperatures

  • California residents

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Product Depth (in.)
0.88 in
Product Height (in.)
6.5 in
Product Width (in.)
3.81 in


Adhesion level
Medium to high
Adhesive Product Type
Curing time (hours)
Dry Color
Dries Clear,Moisture Resistant
1 Part
Glue/Epoxy Type
Glass Glue
Hub Required
No hub connection available
Package Quantity
Product Form
Product Weight (oz.)
0.95 oz
Recommended Surfaces
Ceramic,Fabric,Leather,Metal,Painted wood,Paper,Plastic,Rubber
Remote Access
No Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Set Time (Min.)
Voice Control Hub Required
No Voice Control
Works With
No additional compatibility

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

Questions & Answers


Does it work on glass?

Asked by Raincaptain November 21, 2020

It works on everything! Better than any other super glue that we've tried. It dries fast and its precise. Use caution when applying. You don't want to get it over parts of the glass that you don't want to fix.

Can this be used to glue a mirror to glass without harming silver on mirror back?

Asked by frankm May 15, 2020

Thank you for the question. Super glue can harm the silvering on the backs of mirrors

How do you use it

Asked by Debbie August 25, 2017

Hi Debbie, To use the Loctite Precision Pen you turn the cap clockwise until clicking sound stops. Unscrew cap counter clockwise. Squeeze side grips, but use sparingly. I hope this helps you.

Why doesn't HD include the "Do not use" info from the data sheet? That would really help people k...

Asked by PropertyOwner June 21, 2017

Good question but space is more than likely limited to include all information. Full technical data can be found on www.loctiteproducts.com for each individual product which details recommended and not recommended uses including other related information pertinent to the product.

Do you sell these in cases.

Asked by Breal December 20, 2016

As far as I know Home Depot only sells these individually in stores and online. Perhaps you can order these directly from the manufacturer in larger quantities.

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no good!!!!
Superglue is supposed to dry fast and be a quick fix. I use these on my daughter’s glasses as the frame is cracked and after applying allowed the glue to set for over an hour. The glue still was not dry and had no kind of tackiness what so ever as if it had no intention of adhering the two ends together. What happened to super glue?????
by grrr
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Putting the SUPER in Super Glue
This glue worked great for multiple applications. One use I had for it was gluing the metal clutch pedal cover back to the rubber clutch pedal. All I did was clean the dirt from the mating surfaces of both components, applied a small trail of glue into all of the indents of the pedal, push the components together, and then used a clamp to keep the components squeezed together. I recommend using cardboard or paper in between the clamp since excess glue can leak out from compression and get on your clamp or on unwanted areas. I did get some glue on my hand and it took days to get it off because I wasn't quick enough to clean it off before it dried, so use gloves. My metal clutch pedal cover to this day is still attached and doesn't seem to budge, so this glue works great and lasts long. I had tried using another type of glue before for this same application and it failed to hold past 2 weeks. I also used this glue for a little arts and crafts type project to adhere little trinkets to a frame. I had a little trouble the second time using the glue as I needed to squeeze the applicator harder to get any glue out. Once it was flowing though, it worked fine. This is definitely a neat, precise glue applicator.
by AntMan
Fantastic use, and even better re-use
Being a Fix-It type of person, I've always stocked up on tubes of super glue. The reason being, that they're really just one-time use tubes, regardless of how much you use. The three most common complaints i have with your standard tube are as follow: 1) Difficult & messy to puncture. I usually have to use a nail, and end up making a mess, getting it on my hands, wasting glue, and throwing out a perfectly good nail. 2) Too runny. Your standard super glue runs almost like water. This means that most of the glue leaves the point of application, and runs down the side of whatever you wish to glue. It also means you don't get good coverage. This is also messy. 3) Once used, the glue usually hardens inside the long applicator tip. A second use is always a gamble. Occasionally you can puncture through with another nail, but that's rare. More often, i end up simply cutting off the tip, and getting through to the glue. But this makes another mess, and then requires cleaning of the cutters. At this point, however, the tube is simply useless and i throw it out. I must say, when i first saw this super glue, i was expecting more of the same. I couldn't have been more surprised! Each one of the problems above have been remedied with this absolutely fantastic super glue from Loctite. How so? - Puncturing is easy. You just turn the cap until you stop clicking. Bottle punctured sans mess. - The glue is a gel, not a liquid! This makes it incredibly easy to use. You can apply it to the target location, and it stays there. Amazing! - Re-use is SO simple! I have specifically tested the re-use of a single bottle. I've used it about a dozen times over the period of one month, gluing everything from ceramic, to metal, to plastic with ease. Each time i take the cap off, i expect no glue to come out. Yet each time it flows effortlessly like the first! SUMMARY Say goodbye to single use super glue in metal tubes! Loctite has solved all of the problems plaguing old-school super-glue tubes. It's effortless to puncture. The glue is in gel form; not a liquid. And the re-use of the bottle is unmatched. These fantastic upgrades mean that this glue is honestly the last super glue you will ever need. Highly recommended!
by Steve
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Precision and Power
This small Loctite Precision Super Glue Pen really delivers. I used it to fasten some delicate decorations on to a wooden wreath, with excellent results. The pen is easy to use, just follow the simple instructions on the back of the package in order to pierce the nozzle. The glue is a gel, not a liquid, so it is very easy to direct the product right where you want it without the glue running. You gently squeeze the sides of the tube to get the amount of product you want, then hold the glued pieces together for 15-30 seconds. The cap locks in place when the tube is not in use.
by rfpnc1
Great applicator and glue
My issue with many super glues is the amount of time that I have to sit there holding the two pieces together before they actually stay glued. This glue held nicely within about 20-30 seconds instead of holding it for 5 minutes like some of the others that I have tried. The pen applicator works great. Twisting the cap clockwise until the clicking stops is all it takes to prep the pen for the first use. Simply squeeze the side grips to get the gel glue to flow. Since it is gel, it won't be messy like the liquid glues and you can put the glue in precisely the right spot to get that bond you need. Make sure you replace the cap when you are done. Everyone at some point is going to need to have some super glue in their house whether it is for a broken dish, cracked plastic remote case or ceramic statue. There always seems to be a crisis that calls for super glue. This glue worked great every time.
by HomeDepotCustomer
What I expect
Got a few of these super glues and they are exactly what I'd expect to use. Easy to use, quick drying and really lets me quickly fix a lot of different, random items. Comes in a nice tube that is grippy, allowing for precise application. Overall, not a ton to say beyond that...super glue that gets the job done. Loctite is a great brand too, so you know you are getting a good quality glue. Highly recommend!
by Matrix
2 people found this helpful
Easy to Use and Effective
This is a great way to apply super glue. The shape of the pen is nice--wide enough to hold comfortably and has a nice grip on it. it truly does work well for precision application--a fine tip and the actual glue lends to precision application. The glue is a bit thick. Not in a way that makes it hard to squeeze out but in a way that prevents it from being runny. The top clicks on so you know it is properly shut and won't dry out. Once applied the glue dried quickly and and held firm. I repaired a handle to a steam cleaner that broke and not only was it easy to glue together, it has stayed together even though the part is under some pressure when in it's place in the machine. It says to use sparingly and you really should. Just a little will hold it together and it will dry more quickly and without any excess squirting out.
by Sarah
Gel is better
The gel is definitely a plus. I used much less glue and kept my fingers clean! Seems like it takes a little longer to set but that is OK. I think the gel gives better coverage as well. The glue stays where you squeeze it. Won't run unless it has time to sit for a while. The dispenser works great. As a test I weighed the dispenser before and after squeezing out as much product as possible. Definitely gave a full 4 grams. Each tube gives quite a bit of product. The test will be if I get all 4 grams out of the next tube that sits open for a month between uses. Otherwise I will go back to the single use tubes. It does take a bit of time to get the glue out when you are almost empty. I suggest storing with the tip down when it gets close to empty.
by Joe
Super Super Glue!!!
This glue works great! It is easy to open just by turning the cap until it stops clicking and start squeezing in the nice rubber grip and you have a precise stream of super glue! I used it to fix my tennis shoes and a pair of work shoes that both had a corner where the sole was pulling apart. Just a small amount and held it for about 30 seconds and the shoes have not come apart again and both pair have been worn several times! I love the small flow that the glue has my previous experience has been either a giant hole that the glue pours out or it is just like a ink pen and lets out just a tiny trace of glue. This one allows you to control depending on how much you squeeze the tube with your fingers.
by Brandon
Easy to control gel glue pen
It's great to have both the "gel" and the squeeze pen design to control the flow of the glue. Often small repair just need a drop or two but it's difficult to control the flow of the thin glue product. Loctite precision pen solved that problem with the design of the squeeze pen and making the glue a gel like consistency. It was perfect to fix the broken grill on my laptop. I kept getting my index finger caught in the small hole. Loctite precision pen worked perfectly to control the glue. An easy repair that could have easily been a sloppy result. I can barely tell the repair and thus far it is strong as new.
Showing 1-10 of 99 reviews