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3 in. Hardline D2 Steel Serrated Blade Pocket Folding Knife

  • D2 steel for extreme wear resistance
  • Flipper with bearing system for smooth opening
  • Steel frame lock
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Product Overview

Use the right knife for the job when you have the Milwaukee Hardline 3 in. Serrated Blade Pocket Knife. Its D2 steel blade has superior wear resistance and the steel frame lock keeps it secure even in tough applications. A flipper with bearing system provides smooth, easy opening. This knife has a serrated tanto blade and includes a reversible tip-up belt clip so you can carry it either right- or left-handed.
  • 3 in. D2 steel blade
  • Serrated tanto blade
  • Flipper with bearing system opening
  • Steel frame lock
  • Glass filled nylon handle with stainless steel back
  • Stone washed black oxide finish
  • Reversible tip-up belt clip
  • Lanyard hole
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3 in. Hardline D2 Steel Serrated Blade Pocket Folding Knife
3 in. Hardline D2 Steel Smooth Blade Pocket Folding Knife3.5 in. Hardline D2 Steel Smooth Blade Pocket Folding Knife
Name2.5 in. Hardline D2 Steel Smooth Blade Pocket Folding Knife3 in. Hardline D2 Steel Serrated Blade Pocket Folding Knife3 in. Hardline D2 Steel Smooth Blade Pocket Folding Knife3.5 in. Hardline D2 Steel Smooth Blade Pocket Folding Knife
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FeaturesFolding HandleFolding HandleFolding HandleFolding Handle
Blade Length (in.)2.5333.5
Blade Width (in.).
Blade StyleDrop PointSpear PointSpear PointSpear Point
Blade MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteel
Blade Edge TypeStraight EdgePartially SerratedStraight EdgeStraight Edge
Lock TypeFrame LockFrame LockFrame LockFrame Lock
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Blade Length (in.)
Blade Width (in.)
Handle Length (in.)
Length Folded (in. )
Length Unfolded (in. )
Product Depth (in.)
1.21 in
Product Length (in.)
6.8 in
Product Width (in.)
.43 in


Blade Edge Type
Partially Serrated
Blade Material
Blade storage
Blade Style
Spear Point
Folding Handle
Hand Tool Type
Handle Material
Fiberglass Filled Nylon
Knife Type
Folding Knife
Lock Type
Frame Lock
Number of Pieces
Product Weight (lb.)
Tool Type
Utility Knife
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

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I don't get all the 5 star reviews. Perhaps they are from right out of the package. This review is from everyday carry for over a year. I bought this and a longer one but this is in my pocket most often between the two, mostly due to the size and serrations. The knife comes decently sharp needing a minor touch up. It dulls fairly easy. Perhaps my specific knife did not get proper heat treating but it behaves similarly to the longer one so I don't think so. After a day of use, I have to at least take a honing steel, like one in my kitchen set, to revive the edge. The easy recovery of the edge is what makes this a 3-star knife. If it dulled like this and was hard to recover, there is no way I would recommend this. For me the flip open and one handed closing is easily done but the lock should be raised a bit to make release a bit easier to access. As it is, I push my thumb into the knife recess a bit to ensure I can unlock the blade. Of course, mine is well used and broken in at this point so I can open with a flick of the finger tab. I did black sharpie the red plastic liner because I did bot like the red beacon flashing out of my pocket. I do like the wearing of the black finish. It looks like a "battle worn" look with the high portions wearing just right. I am glad I bought it on a daily special sale, otherwise at full price, the knife would not be worth it.
by MyOpinion
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Very well built smooth action would recommend
Very well built smooth action would recommend
by Dug
Sharp, deep carry and semi-reversible clip
Milwaukee is known for making great tools and this one is no exception! Whether you’re getting it as an EDC or just as a spare quality knife, you’ll love it – I do! It feels great in my hand opened or closed. It effortlessly opens with a flick of the index finger and easily closes while pushing down the safety bar with my thumb. The belt clip is great. It has a groove that can be grabbed with the finger while trying to take the knife out of the pocket. The belt clip sits deep almost at the very tip, but it’s only semi-reversible from side-to-side but not top-to-bottom. The handle is made of two materials: plastic and steel. There is a classic Milwaukee red filler in the middle. The handle looks and feels really nice. I’m not a blade or steel expert, but I read a few articles raving about D2 steel holding an edge and being extremely durable. I love the serrated Tanto blade design and the stone washed black oxide finish which gives it a nice “worn-in” look that should last. I have used it many times now on carpet, rope, wood, leather, cardboard and plastic and was not disappointed in how it handled all the materials. Even the packaging is really nice and well designed. It sits opened in a blister pack, but is well protected with a tip cover. Awesome knife overall for a contractor, but would also make a great gift or addition to an EDC knife collector.
by PaulN
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Nice, high quality knife!
This is a really great little knife! It folds out and closed really easily (sometimes it feels too easily but it has never come open accidentally). Comes with great D2 steel and sharpens up really nicely. Perfect do it all knife that locks into position very firmly and will serve you well as it has a great basic design that is time proven. Highly recommend!
by Matrix
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A very serioous pocket knife
Super heavy duty little knife that is sharp the full length. The D2 steel for the blade is a super tough tool steel used to make high production stamping dies and holds an edge forever, well it seems like it does. The first thing I do with a new knife is rub my hand & thumb all over the outside hard looking for sharp edges or snag areas. Absolutely none. The only thing that catches is the flipper to open blade with and that is not sharp just non-slip and the flipper is positioned when blade is open to prevent the hand from sliding onto blade. Great nonslip nylon handle on one side with a plastic spacer in Milwaukee’s distinctive red. The other side of handle is stainless steel without any checkering but the belt clip is on that side and the locking lever that adds some texture so I don’t think slipping will be a problem. Using the flipper the blade opens with either hand using the index finger. An easy snap and it is locked and loaded. Nice sharp blade straight from factory locks open solidly. and the serrations are a full 1 inch long and very effective. The D2 steel Tanto blade is handy for piercing just about any material, well, not armor plate but sheet metal is a breeze. Handle has a diamond shaped opening for a thin strap or wrist loop not some puny hole. The belt clip is effective and easily removed if you don’t want it. Screw heads are made for a mini-Torx driver or, if you are like me and do not have the mini-Torx a #0 Allen wrench will work. Measures 4 1/8 closed by 1 1/2” wide by 3/8” thick without the belt clip and 5/8” thick over belt clip. Only the spacer and one handle are glass filled nylon, the rest is steel so it is heavy for it’s size but that weight also gives the knife a good feel.
by PaulCoMat
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A very useful pocket knife. Must have at all times.
Once the Milwaukee Hard line pocket knife arrived, I put it to a test in cutting up an old 7 X 10 rug. I challenged it with a utility knife. The utility knife did great but the milwaukee hard line knife did an excellent cut with its 3 inch smooth tip combined together with an inch serrated tanto blade. I'm not saying to drop all the utility knifes over this pocket knife. I am simply saying this knife meets more than its expectations and it works wonders. Very lightweight and handy. The only issue I had with the serrated blade pocket knife was having to unlock the blade. The release lock is flush to the frame and makes it a bit difficult to close the blade. Besides that I am super satisfied with pocket knife.
by edjr
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Great Pocket Knife!!
This is a great pocket knife for everyday carry. Extremely sharp blade & nice jimping on top of blade for exceptional gripping. The weight of the knife is perfect. The locking mechanism is extemely solid feeling with a distinct feel and sound when the blade locks in place. Solid and sturdy like one would expect with a fixed blade knife. I love flashy & stylsh looking items with logos and lettering on them. This knife has the company logo, model name on the blade itself, model number on handle, emblem on clip, and an eye warning label. Not that these qualities do anything for the knife, it just looks very cool! I love this knife & would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good EDC blade.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Absolutely love this knife
I own more pocket knives than I care to admit. I've carried a knife since I've been old enough to use one responsibly, and this is my current favorite Milwaukee absolutely nailed it with this one. Likes D2 steel at under 100 bucks. I could really end the review here. Aside from a few rare examples (which I also own) this is not common. D2 steel is one of the most desirable steels for knife blades. It wears extremely well so you can go a long time between sharpenings. However it's not extremely difficult to sharpen when it's time to do so. Also unlike some of the tougher tool steels, it is capable of taking (and holding) a very keen edge. Super smooth operation. I prefer a flipper to a thumb stud. With a little nudge this just flies open. I can open it quicker than some of my spring assisted open knives from other brands. It's a tad stiff out of the package, but loosens up quickly. This is very well machined and very well assembled. The frame lock is pretty hardcore and the blade will not move when locked. The ergonomics are great. It feels nice in your hand, there are no hot spots or sharp edges (other then the blade of course). One side is glass filled nylon and provides a good but not too rough grip. The other side is stainless steel. If you are right handed, the smooth side won't wear at your pocket lining. If you are a lefty like me, you are used to being left out. The handle shape is great. There is just enough jimping at the top of the blade to provide some tactile feedback. Any cutting operations I have done with this knife I have done with confidence It looks great. The stone washed/tumbled steel look is my favorite on a knife. It gives it natural patina and it also makes it so the eventual nicks, dings, and scratches from use blend right in. The red in the spine is a nice touch Reversible tip up deep carry clip isn't overly stiff, but feels secure I like the serrated tanto blade. My initial thought was that it wouldn't get much use because I do prefer a smooth blade drop or clip point, but I am really liking the 2 separate cutting edges a lot. Sharpening will be a challenge though. It's razor sharp out of the package. No need to touch it up at all Considerations This is heavy compared to most of my other knives of this size. I wouldn't call that a negative because this is meant for heavy duty work, but just be aware you will notice this in your pocket. The frame lock is very sturdy, Even a gorilla would need to use 2 hands to close this. The detents are tough to get past. There is no chance of accidentally closing this on your finger without putting a lot of force on the frame lock It carries really deep. Some like this, I prefer less of a deep carry. People will not be able to tell you are carrying a knife, but you'll have to reach pretty deep to get it out of your pocket. I'll likely put a small lanyard on the back. I wish this was packaged closed. A lot of care is needed to open the blister pack without catching a knuckle on the blade Overall I never thought I'd be carrying a Milwaukee knife every day, let alone rave about them to everyone. I would recommend this to anyone, even hardcore knife enthusiasts without hesitation.
by joelav22
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Great knife! I like it better than my Kershaw....
Great knife! I like it better than my Kershaw.
EDC quality
Seems well made and sturdy. I like the texture on the grip. No problems so far.
by Mike
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