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Model # 49-56-9290-49-22-4170

BIG HAWG Carbide Hole Saw Kit (10-Piece) with Hole Dozer General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set (20-Piece)

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  • 50X life for heavy duty application; cuts up to 1000 nails
  • 10X larger carbide teeth for 5X faster cuts in nail-embedded wood
  • Bi-metal construction for increased wear resistance
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Product Details

About This Product

The Milwaukee BIG HAWG with Carbide Teeth is the best hole saw solution for nail-embedded wood and abrasive material applications. This first-to-market hole saw offers extreme life utilizing advanced carbide technology. The BIG HAWG gives users 50X more life in demanding applications with the ability to cut 1000+ more nails. The heavy duty hole saw has 10X larger carbide teeth that rip through materials five times faster. Deeper slots allow for fast and easy plug removal. The BIG HAWG hole saw is the best solution for cutting through the toughest materials, including nails, cement board, shingles, plaster and stucco. The kit includes six BIG HAWG hole saws, two pilot bits, an arbor and a diamond file. They are also backed by a limited lifetime tooth break warranty. Each hole dozer is coated with a low friction, thermoset paint for faster cutting speed in wood and more holes cut per battery charge.


  • 10X larger carbide teeth
  • 3 tooth design for fast aggressive cuts
  • Carbide tipped multi-material pilot bit for increased material versatility
  • Thicker backer for extreme life in demanding applications
  • Optimized slot design for fast plug removal
  • Enlarged braze surface for stronger bond to the carbide teeth
  • Cuts wood, nails, shingles, cement board, plaster and more
  • Includes: (1) 2-1/8 in. BIG HAWG with carbide teeth, (1) 2-1/4 in. BIG HAWG with carbide teeth, (1) 2-9/16 in. BIG HAWG with carbide teeth, (1) 3 in. BIG HAWG with carbide teeth, (1) 3-5/8 in. BIG HAWG with carbide teeth, (1) 4-1/4 in. BIG HAWG with carbide teeth, (1) BIG HAWG with carbide teeth Arbor, (1) BIG HAWG with carbide teeth diamond File, (2) BIG HAWG with carbide teeth pilot bits and includes Bi-metal hole saw: (1) 3/4 in., (1) 7/8 in., (1) 1 in., (1) 1-3/8 in., (1) 1-1/2 in., (1) 1-3/4 in., (1) 2-1/8 in., (1) 2-5/8 in., (1) 3 in., (1) 3-5/8 in., (1) 4 in., (1) 4-1/4 in., (1) 4-1/2 in., (2) arbors: 49-56-7010, 49-56-9100, (4) pilot bits: 49-56-8010, (1) hex key
  • Features bi-metal construction with 8% cobalt for increased wear resistance
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Product Information

Internet # 317026569

Model # 49-56-9290-49-22-4170

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From the Manufacturer


Dimensions: H 4.25 in, W 4.25 in, D 2.44 in


Drilling Depth (in)


Product Depth (in.)

2.44 in

Product Height (in.)

4.25 in

Product Width (in.)

4.25 in


Arbor included


Bit Material


Drill Bit Type

Hole Saw

Drill Bit Type(s) Included

Hole Saw



Material Cut


Min Chuck Size Required

3/8 In.

Number of Pieces

21-30 Pieces

Number of Pieces


Pilot Bit Included




Shank Style


Teeth Per Inch


Tools Product Type

Power Tool

Questions & Answers

Q:Will I need an adapter for this product (Hole Dozer General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set (20-Piece) Model # 49-22-4170 ) to work with a Bosch SDS MAX ?
by|Nov 2, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Hi John - this product is designed to be utilized with a drill/driver or impact drill. We do not recommend this product for masonry work and to be used with a rotary hammer. We recommend our SDS MAX One-Piece Core Bits. - Milwaukee Tool, Social Team

by|Nov 27, 2023
    1 found this answer helpful
    Q:I used these to drill through a 2x6 and it seemed like it took forever and the holesaw got so hot it burnt the paint off. I was using it in a Milwaukee M18 drill on the drill setting. Is there a "trick" to getting them to cut faster and keep it cooler?
    by|Jun 8, 2023
    3 Answers
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    A:  no trick. Go slow. Back off the drill to clear the cut. You will get a clean cut w/o burning the drill or the wood.

    by|Jul 16, 2023

      A:  After you make a slight cut with your hole saw, take a 1/4" bit and drill all the way through at 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock. This will let the sawdust fall through and not bind up the hole saw.

      by|Dec 26, 2023
        3 found this answer helpful

        A:  If you didn't already do it, set your drill to the slower speed range. Don't use heavy pressure to try and force the hole-saw to drill faster. On a 2x6, you are going to want to pull the hole-saw out the clear the sawdust out. You need to make sure you keep the hole-saw at the same angle through out the cut. Otherwise it will bind to the sides of the hole, and the wood slug. You can also cut down on heating by waxing the sides of the hole-saw, and/or breaking the slug and removing it.

        by|Dec 26, 2023
          4 found this answer helpful
          Q:Is there a Big hawg kit that comes with a 1/2? shank that can be used with the M18 Super Hawg with Quick Lock?
          by|Apr 15, 2023
          2 Answers
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          A:  Hello Justin - Our Big Hawg kits come with arbor 49-56-9305. This is a 7/16" shank and can fit a 1/2" chuck size. - Social Team

          by|Feb 4, 2024
            2 found this answer helpful

            A:  So the answer is no.

            by|Nov 2, 2023
              Q:What are the pilot bit should I buy for this if the ones it came with are no longer any good
              by|Feb 8, 2023
              0 Answer
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              Milwaukee hole saws.
              Some of the hole saws in the kit were out of round. Not very well made.
              Response from Milwaukee ToolDec 21, 2023
              We would like to better understand your experience with your hole saw set. Could you send our team an email at Social.media@milwaukeetool.com? Thank you - Milwaukee Tool, Social Team
                Poor quality
                This is the most overpriced and misleading product I have purchased in a few years. If this if "American Made" then I am ashamed that USA is lower quality than any Chinese product. I want my money back and a formal apology from the current CEO of Milwaukee.
                Response from Milwaukee ToolAug 22, 2022
                Hello, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We would like to gain more information about your experience with the hole saw set. Could you send our team an email at socialmedia@milwaukeetool.com? Thank you - Social Team
                  7 found this review helpful
                  The case sucks
                  As much as these are you’d think Milwaukee would make it so the saws stay in place but instead they just bang around everywhere damaging the blades and there’s room for one more paddle bit They couldn’t add one more or at least 2 different sizes these are amazing blades but the cheaper set you get a pack out case which I’m assuming is much better but the more expensive and bigger set you get a crappy plastic box That should be the opposite
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                    Misleading labeling
                    The 20-piece hole saw kit actually consists of the following 13x hole saws of different sizes 2x arbor pieces 4x drill bits (supposedly, mine only came with 2) 1x hex key I would not consider the hex key as part of the "Pieces", and you also get 1 less saw blade than the 19-piece kit. The kit I received also was missing 2 of the pilot bits.
                    Response from Milwaukee ToolFeb 24, 2021
                    Hello, this is Natalie with Milwaukee Tool. Jack, thank you for taking the time to leave your review. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and are sorry to hear that your Hole Dozer General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set does not quite match your expectations. We would value the opportunity to look into this and provide you with support, so please feel free to reach out to us directly at socialmedia@milwaukeetool.com. Thank You
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                      Inaccurate description of product.
                      Bought the 20 piece kit because it says specifically in the description online under Product Overview that “The kit comes with 20 hole saw blades in 13 sizes...” Not true. The kit comes with 13 blades, each a different size. The other 7 pieces counted are the kit, arbors and wrench. This is false advertising. Disappointed. Also the welds look sub-par on some of the blades.
                      Response from Milwaukee ToolNov 30, 2020
                      Hello, this is Elise with Milwaukee Tool. Tom, thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that your experience was not of the standard that you expected. Please feel free to contact us directly at socialmedia@milwaukeetool.com if you would like further investigation into this matter. Thank You
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                        This is a quality kit and case. I drilled a 4 " hole that had three 2×4s with nails no problem.
                        This is a quality kit and case. I drilled a 4 " hole that had three 2×4s with nails no problem.
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                        This review is for Milwaukee BIG HAWG hole saw set Product 49-56-9290. This hole saw set includes...
                        This review is for Milwaukee BIG HAWG hole saw set Product 49-56-9290. This hole saw set includes a tough, high-density polyethylene case with steel hinge pins and handy sliding latch. It includes three 4-1/2 inch long carbide-tipped pilot bits, a hex wrench, a sturdy arbor and six heavy-duty hole saws with three carbide teeth each. The saw teeth are a relatively wide 3/16-inch. So far, I have used this set to rough-in PVC five waste pipe plumbing systems and to install clothes dryer exhaust venting for several dryers, primarily cutting through fir wood framing lumber and through drywall, plywood flooring, plywood sheathing and cement board siding. The cutting performance of this product is remarkable. I consistently cut through 1-1/2 inch thick framing members with the 4-1/4 inch saw in under 40 seconds with no jams over signs of overheating. In fact the saw for each operation (with both larger and smaller hole saws) was no more than just warm when cutting through 2-inch dimension lumber and through cement board siding. These saws perform admirably in cement board siding, the cutting operation each time completed in less than a half minute for the largest of the saws in this set. The saws all have 1/2-inch wide, 1-7/8-inch deep relief slots that contribute to easy release of the cut core and effective chip release for cooling during cutting. The cutting depth for all of the saws is just short of 2-1/2 inches, about a half inch greater than other hole saws I own. These saws work so well that I am inclined to reach for them first when I must saw cut holes. Since the largest of the saws in this set is too small for rough-in plumbing using 4-inch PVC piping, I purchased a BIG HAWG hole saw in the 4-5/8 inch size. This is a great product from my perspective because of its performance and durability.
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                        There's lots to like about the Milwaukee BIG HAWG Carbide Hole Saw 10-Piece Kit. Let's start wit...
                        There's lots to like about the Milwaukee BIG HAWG Carbide Hole Saw 10-Piece Kit. Let's start with the basics: These are rough-in hole saws, not the product to drill that expensive door for a lockset. Having been stuck a few times to use a finish hole saw for a rough-in application, I've burned them up in hard wood, destroyed the teeth hitting a nail that wasn't suppose to be there, and pushed hard in awkward situations that froze the saw to the arbor (drill end). That's a waste of time and tool. This kit will solve just about any hole size needed during rough-in. What they don't tell you ... is how to connect the hole saw to the arbor (drill and drill end assembly). Milwaukee got it right! To make this go quick (if you haven't used this type of arbor before), this is the trick. First, back off the nut just till it engages its rear most position (towards the drill). Second, pull back the round ribbed part that has two metal bumps or protrusions and hold it near the nut, so that you can screw the hole saw onto the threads of the arbor. Screw the hole saw on the arbor to just about where the two metal bumps (that insert into the holes on the hole saw) touch; stop. Third, align the two bumps to the hole saw and push this unit so that the two metal bumps go into the hole saw. Lastly, tighten the nut to hold everything in place. This is the best attachment method I've seen. I still have an old hole saw where the screw-in arbor is permanently attached. The wood was really tough and it torqued up on me. The result is they are fused together. To successfully separate the two would damage the hole saw, taking it out of round - so what's the point? Here, THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN WITH THIS DESIGN. Did I saw that if you spend some serious dollars on this kit, you get a decent storage box? Well, you do. Great job, Milwaukee. Oh yeah - are the hole saws any good? They are spectacular. The quickly chew their way through wood, which is exactly what you hoped this kit would do. Even better is that they spit out the wood out the back as they cut, and as a result the inner core is small and quickly falls away. You don't get the wood plug stuck in the hole saw. The entire kit is money well spent.
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                        • Verified Purchase
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