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Large M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Black Heated Jacket Kit (Battery and Charger Included)

  • Extended run time for productivity
  • Washer/dryer safe
  • Part of the M12 System, featuring over 80+ tools
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Product Overview

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket: Powered by M12 REDLITHIUM Battery Technology, Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets integrate (5) carbon fiber heating elements and advanced fabric-layering technology to distribute and maintain heat across core body areas and front pockets. Wind and water resistant, the versatile soft shell construction keeps weather out while high-loft insulation and a thermal fleece lining hold heat in to maximize warmth and reduce the number of layers needed in cold weather conditions.
  • Wind/water resistant soft shell jacket with high-loft insulation and thermal fleece lining delivers cold weather versatility
  • Carbon fiber heating elements provide adjustable heat to core body areas and pockets
  • Up to 8hrs of run-time on M12 REDLITHIUM 2.0 Battery
  • M12 Battery Holder with 2.1A USB Port to charge electronic devices
  • Washer and Dryer Safe
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Lithium Ion
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Charger Included
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Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Milwaukee Lifestyle Warranty: 1 Year

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Love it!
This jacket was purchased for my boyfriend to wear on motorcycle rides and is lightweight and functional. The battery lasts 4-6 hours depending whether you have it on low, medium or high. There is even a setting for warming the pockets. He liked it so much that he purchased the woman's version for me! The battery can also be used with Milwaukie electric tools.
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Super warm!
I bought this for my boyfriend who works maintenance and is often outside during the colder months. I originally thought it was going to be cheap and thin, but it is pretty heavy and makes a nice jacket just as is. But then it heats up in under 5 minutes and is super toasty! We bought another battery so when the first one dies (which it has lasted 6 hours on high), he wont be cold at the end of his shift.
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Excellent for Medical conditions where your upper back requires heat!
Out of the box, I had One 12V Battery, One 12v Battery Charger, One Jacket, A Battery holder that attached to the Jacket and Directions. The battery charges quickly. Cold in my upper back in the early morning cripples me. This heated Jacket has a few zones that heat in front. The one that interested me most is the area between the shoulder blades in back. I live in Florida. Freezing cold does not last long. At the highest setting the jacket is not hot, it worked like a heating pad to enable me to be mobile. It's a poly washable Jacket that fits true to size and is finished nicely, top stitched inside and out. The directions about the heat settings could have been more specific and written bigger. The LCD screen in my camera is broken, I can't change setting, I put together a slide show describing the best features of the Jacket. OK! Exactly what I wanted for Christmas.
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Best Heated Jacket Out There
The Milwaukee 3-in-1 camo jacket is definitely the top of the line when it comes to heated jackets. Having a removable vest that contains the heating elements is a huge plus. It gives you the option of wearing the vest with other coats, by itself or even wearing it underneath another layer with this jacket. In extreme cold conditions, you could easily wear a midweight, somewhat fitted sweatshirt over the vest and still fit it under this jacket, trapping even more heat near your skin (you would need to have set the heat level ahead of time though, as accessing the inside of vest would be nearly impossible). I’ve worn regular all-in-one Milwaukee heated jackets before and the downside was that the more layers you wore underneath the jacket, the less noticeable the heat was – this gives you the option of overcoming that issue when need be. This jacket has two heat zones - chest/back and pockets and three heat settings – low, medium and high. You can expect about 3 hours of heat with both zones on high. The battery pack could stand to be a little smaller, but despite it’s size, they’ve done a good job of locating it in the position where it’s least likely to be bothersome. I also appreciate the functionality of being able to charge a USB device off the battery pack & it has an indicator light that shows you how much charge you have left on the battery. Other pros – this jacket comes with a warm, removable hood. Both the jacket and the hood have bungee cords to provide a tighter fit and keep wind out when needed. The inside of the jacket is fleece lined and very soft, as is the vest. The chest pocket on the outer shell is handy, as are the front pockets on the vest. The outer material of this jacket is great – it’s soft, quiet, waterproof & in general, just feels like it’s high quality. As for sizing, this coat runs true to size. Now, for the two areas where I feel improvements could be made: 1. The shell has two pocket openings (where your hands would go), but they’re not actual pockets. The reason for this is so your hands can pass through to the heated pockets of the vest – and it’s worth noting that the pockets of the vest and jacket line up perfectly, so when you’re wearing both, you never even notice it. However, while I understand the thinking behind that decision, I would have preferred the pockets of the shell to have a very thin lining instead of nothing at all. That would have given you the option of pushing the lining into the pockets of the vest when the heating elements were in use, but also the functionality of having pockets if you decided to wear the shell by itself. As it stands now, if you choose to wear only the shell (which I foresee happening a lot in warmer weather), your only accessible pocket will be the chest pocket. Now, that’s not a huge deal, but I hope it’s something they’ll consider if this product has another redesign. 2. I was expecting the vest to have the option of zipping into the shell, like the lining of a ski jacket does, but it does not. Since the control for the heating elements is on the inside of the vest, allowing it to zip into the shell would let you access the control by simply unzipping the jacket and not having to then unzip the vest as well. Since the vest already zips, adding this feature would be as simple as adding a second interior zipper to the jacket, so hopefully that’s something they’ll consider in the future. Overall though, it doesn’t get much better than this heated jacket. It’s warm, it’s comfortable and being a 3-in-1, it’s very versatile. If you’re in the market for a new hunting jacket, I definitely recommend this one – you won’t be disappointed!
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This is a good looking and functional jacket!
Our weather has been in the low teens here the past few days. I used the jacket with just a shirt under it and was warm. My back, chest, and pockets radiated heat when needed. My cell phone was being charge by the jackets battery at the same time. This is a functional product for work or play.
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I ordered the XL jacket, and it is sized accurately. The jacket itself is very light weight and perfect for ease of movement. The jacket has 5 heated areas on two zones. The main jacket (back and front) can be controlled with 3 heat settings, and the pocket can be idependatly controlled with 3 heat settings too. The jacket is supplied with a holder for a standard M12 battery, and adds a USB port. Using this USB port you can thread your own USB cable through the jacket to charge a cell phone. You have the option of threading the USB cord to the left hand side of the jacket only, and in to a zippered pocket on the inside, or a zippered pocket on the outside. The cable cannot be thread to either of the main larger pockets, which makes sense as these larger pockets are heated. The jacket warms up quickly, and with its 3 heat settings you can get the perfect preferred temperature. The power buttons (front, top, left) remain lit when the heat is in use. The jacker is very stylish, and the red logo sets it off nicely. I've had many comments asking where I got the jacket, and amazement when I showed them it was heated. The heating elements in no way interfere with the jacket, and are not visible in any way. The battery pack is at the rear left of the jacket, and did not interfere or get in the way, even when driving a pickup with hugging bucket seats. The only problem I had with the jacket was the way a USB cable is to be threaded. There are no channels to keep the cable out of sight, and the cable drapes across the inside of the jacket. I found with repeated use the USB cable (if not powering a cell phone which holds the cable in place) would occasionally unthread from the pocket and hang down from the jacket, which required it then be threaded back in to the pocket. This really aught to deduct half a star from my review, but that is not possible. Given how well the jacker otherwise works, I opted to give 5 stars. Another problem is that the jacket works so well, my wife keeps stealing it when she feeds the horses or goes our riding. Maybe it is time to buy another…
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Nice and warm.
I would recommend this jacket, very nice and warm. Heat when you need it most. I have had this jacket for a few weeks now and I really enjoy it. I have used it twice when I went snow showing, it kept me dry and warm. If I need heat I just push a button. It has three setting, High, Medium and Low. It heats up immediately. The pocket warmer is nice, it does keep your hands warm. The jacket is water and wind resistant. I used it up on the ski hill the other day and I stayed dry and warm. I think this jacket is perfect for work or play. The heat is distributed evenly over your back and chest. 6 hours of battery life, depending on how high you run the heat. It has a USB port for charging portable electrical devices. It comes with a large M12 lithium ION battery and charger. Easy clean and washable. Enjoy and stay warm.
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Outsmart mother nature
Adding the versatility of electric heat to a jacket is a great idea. The heating elements are in the spots that you need them the most. Please see thermal imaging photos High setting produced about 104 degrees F, medium was about 94 degrees F, and low was 84 degrees F. Please see thermal imaging photos Having 3 heat settings allows you to control your warmth as well as battery life. Jacket heats up quickly on any setting. There is a USB port for charging electronics that is very clever. You can charge a camera, phone or anything else you have. Jacket held up to moisture well and is warm even without battery. Battery does add a small degree of bulk, however it is located on your lower side where it does not interfere with normal movements
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Toasty Warm
The quality on this jacket is top notch. It's warm enough for 40-50°F weather without the heater on, and good for colder temperatures when using the heat. The exterior is water and wind resistant, which helps to keep the wearer warm in all sorts of environments. With the outside temperature at about 45°F and running the jacket on high, I was starting to sweat after driving about ten minutes without the heat in my car on. All I had on underneath was a t-shirt. The five heating elements warm up fairly quickly, and within about 5 minutes on high, it's at max temperature. I like the controls that let you select low, medium, and high independently for the body zones (back, left/right chest) and the pocket heater zones. So for example, I can turn on heat for the whole jacket on low, and crank up the heat to max for the pockets if my hands are cold. The two selection switches light up after pressing for two seconds, and cycle between red, white, and blue (Doesn't get more American than that!) with additional quick presses. They turn off with another two second press and hold. I did have a few issues at first getting the heat to stay on. I'm not sure if I was inadvertently pressing the buttons off, but I had to reactivate the heat three times in thirty minutes initially. I was driving, and the seatbelt may have accidentally turned the heat off, but I was pretty sure I had kept the controls clear of the seatbelt. Whatever the cause was, I couldn't reproduce it during another three hours of testing. The first time around, I ran the jacket at full blast high heat with both the pockets and the body heat zones activated. It lasted about 1:15 with a standard 2.0Ah M12 battery. For the second run I activated just the body heat zones, and it lasted exactly two hours. So I'm assuming that the run times Milwaukee lists for high, medium, and low correspond to just the body zones being activated, since the time lined up exactly. The interiors of the external pockets feature a comfortable soft fleece lining, which really helps warm up hands quickly and is gentle on electronics. The battery pouch is located out of the way on the back left side, and doesn't dig into my back when sitting in my truck. It's also expandable to accommodate a larger M18 battery. The large internal pocket looks to be big enough to hold a tablet as well. One of the best features of the jacket is the inclusion of small buttonholes at the top of the pockets to run a USB charging cable from the battery pouch to the pocket holding electronics to be charged (see picture). My one complaint is that it doesn't charge my Samsung GS4, since the USB output is limited to 1A at 5V. The GS4 and other newer phones require at least 2A output to charge. I did manage to get it to charge a little though, by using a 2" USB cable. The reason the shorter cable works is because it has a lower resistance, and voltage = current x resistance. So when the voltage is fixed at 5V, if you lower the resistance the current goes up. I couldn't get it to work with anything over the 2" cable though - even the 12" cable I tried wouldn't work. So to charge my phone I'll have to hold it next to the battery pouch, rather than conveniently running the cable up to a pocket. So check the power requirement specs for the electronics that you plan on charging with the adapter. The good news is that Milwuakee offers another adapter for $30 that's compatible with their heated gear and outputs 2.1A. I still can't figure out why they didn't include that one with this jacket kit. I almost took a star off for this shortcoming, but I decided not to since it's a secondary feature of the product, and it will only affect a few users who have incompatible phones. I also checked specifications on other brands of 12V jackets and battery power adapters, and the only one offering a USB port with a current output of 2A or over was Milwaukee. Blue brand was 1.0A and Yellow brand was 1.5A. The Orange brand had an 18V jacket and USB adapter with 2.1A output, but that's just too heavy in my opinion. Overall, this is a great addition to the seemingly ever expanding M12 product line. If you're looking for heated gear and already own some M12 tools, you can't go wrong by choosing this jacket. You may just have to upgrade the battery adapter if you've got a phone with high current requirements though.
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Great Heated Jacket
I love this jacket! My husband has a similar jacket by another brand and I figured that this would be pretty much the same but it has a few improvements that give the Milkwaukee jacket a definite edge. The heating component is easy to set up. Simply charge it and then pop it into the special pocket for it where you plug the jacket in. The battery is small enough that it's relatively unobtrusive visually and certainly not noticeable or uncomfortable for the wearer. I love that they have provided a spot for you to feed a USB cord through to the battery so you can charge a phone (or other device). Just a simple thing like that little spot to feed the cord so you can leave the phone in your pocket or on your belt makes all the difference in function. The actually heating function is great. Heats up quickly and you can choose one of three heat settings. If you're working while wearing this jacket it's easy to overheat if it's on full power so having a choice of settings is nice. Another great heating function is the option to just have the pocket section heated. I can imagine a lot of situations where I might not want my whole torso being heated but would be glad for a warm spot for my hands. The material is great because it's water resistant without being stiff or plastic-y. Another smart design decision is the lining. It's a soft fleece except around the underarms and into the sleeves so that you have the comfort of fleece except in the areas where you wouldn't want friction (who wants their shirt sleeves getting caught and pushed up when you put your jacket on?). There are lots of discrete pockets and an elastic toggle around the bottom if you really want to keep the cold out (and heat in!). Turning it on and cycling through the heat settings is simple. Just hold for a couple seconds the button on the outside of the jacket. It's clear to you when it's on or off but subtle enough that it's not announcing to everyone that you have a battery operated jacket on. I highly recommend this coat whether you're working outside in the cold, going to a lot of cold football games, standing at the bus stop in the winter, etc. As a woman I felt a little silly getting this but hey, it's cold when I'm with the kids at the bus stop and at outdoor sporting events so I'll happily wear this! I am an average to slim woman and got a large. It's definitely pretty big on me but I plan on using it over sweaters and sweatshirts. However, I think a medium (or maybe even a small) would give a more tailored look. Generally I'd say it runs about the size you'd expect a large sized man's jacket to run. And the black and gray is pretty classic, looks like any outdoor/sporty winter coat and the branding is pretty minimal and subtle so no complaints there.
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