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M12 Trap Snake 12V Lithium-Ion Cordless 4 ft. Urinal Auger Drain Cleaning (Tool Only)

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  • Cordless 4 ft. Auger; Manuevers Traps Faster, Protects Porcelain
  • Cable Lock for Easiest Telescoping Extension and Retraction
  • Part of the M12 System, featuring over 100+ tools
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The MILWAUKEE M12 TRAPSNAKE 4' Urinal Auger is the ideal solution for service plumbers and facility maintenance crews to unclog urinals and floor traps. Powered by the M12 TRAPSNAKE Driver, the first powered unit optimized for the challenges of porcelain fixtures, this unit delivers power and speed to work through tough clogs in tight traps, but has optimized electronics that protect the fixture from the auger and allow the user to feel when engaged with a blockage. The M12 TRAPSNAKE 4' Urinal Auger features several industry-firsts including a fixed rubber boot for maximum porcelain protection, an integrated locking mechanism that holds the cable in place for easy telescoping extension, and replaceable cables to maximize the longevity of the tool. As part of the TRAPSNAKE Porcelain Auger System, users can interchange the M12 TRAPSNAKE Driver with the auger handle, or use it with other auger attachments for versatility and capabilities never seen before in a urinal auger.
  • Powered By M12 TRAPSNAKE Driver: Maneuvers traps faster and protects porcelain, compatible with all TRAPSNAKE Augers
  • Patent Pending Cable Lock: Integrated locking mechanism which holds the cable in place for easy telescoping extension and retraction
  • Fixed Rubber Boot: Prevents porcelain scratches throughout the life of the tool
  • Industry's First Replaceable Cables
  • Cable Size (length x diameter): 4' x 3/8
  • Includes: (1) M12 TRAPSNAKE 4ft Urinal Auger and (1) M12 TRAPSNAKE Driver. Battery and Charger Sold Seperately
  • Includes: (1) M12 TRAPSNAKE 4ft urinal auger, (1) M12 TRAPSNAKE Driver, Battery and Charger Sold Seperately
  • Compatible with all M12 Batteries and Chargers
  • Part of the M12 System, Feauring over 100 tools

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Build quality is amazing
I am a maintenance man by trade. This milwaukee toilet drain snake has made my life so much easier !!! Work smarter not harder ! Now I just push a button instead of work my arm to death ! This tool has all ready paid for itself this first week of owning it. Small learning curve but very easy to figure out !! Would most definitely purchase again and highly recommend, if your in this line of work and/or a home owner or own rental properties !! You won't be disappointed !!!
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    Again cable too thick.
    My second review. Different brand urinal than my first review and again cast in trap, would not go around the trap.. Milwaukee PLEASE rush out a 1/4” cable as I know this machine could be brilliant!
      Cable too thick.
      Service plumber here. Have the M18 Drill snake which is epic and I love how well thought out it is. So I bought the M12 Trapsnake for urinals. Straight away I thought the cable was too thick. First blocked urinal call - it would not go around the cast in urinal trap. The Drill snake comes with a 1/4” diameter snake which is super flexible: I think the trapsnake should be 1/4” also as so many urinals have tight traps. Nicely designed overall but tool definitely needs more R&D in the field. I hope they update this with a 1/4” cable option and I can purchase it and have 2 sizes for all situations.
        Starting off I thought this would be an awsome product to have for quick emergency use to have in our truck tool supply. Having actually trying to work this auger it has been nothing but a hassle . Trying to release the 6 foot snake extention is a bit tricky. Pushing in the small springed ball bearing to release the extention shaft is not the most straight forward. After getting this ball pushed in you need to pull the shaft out a couple feet to engage the ball bearing into another hole to lock the shaft . Your then able to push the remaining portion of the snake out. The inner shaft is not very robust and I can see this breaking or bending with regular use. Once your set up you need to install the motor end to the auger. It too doesn't really mount secure as it attaches like a drill bit and is never really in a secure position on the auger. It does work , having the ridged Handle makes for smoother pushing thru the trap. The snake has a tendency to get stuck by putting the motor in reverse direction helps greatly. Once done you need to retract the snake back into the assembly again having to push in the bearing and reclipping it on the other side of the shaft. The idea seems good just some steps that might make a person give up if you not very mechanically inclined.
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        Pricey for a DIY'er but worth every dime!
        I was given a chance to check out M12 Trap Snake 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 6 ft. Toilet Auger Kit by Milwaukee, model 2576-21. That’s the kit that comes with the auger, battery, charger, and snake for toilet bowls. There’s an available snake for urinals, but I’m not in the building trades or a building manager or superintendent, just a DIY home owner so urinal snaking isn’t something I need to do. So, this review will come from the DIY’er viewpoint. I’ve traditionally used a plunger and a manual toilet auger and generally been pleased with results, but I was interested to see what a battery-operated unit would add; I have other Milwaukee cordless tools and have been more than pleased with their performance. Sometimes timing is everything, and a few days before the auger arrived one of my in-laws plugged up the guest room toilet. To her credit, she did use a plunger and get the thing flushing, but the water flow was very slow and had that odd gurgling sound that lets you know that something is wrong somewhere in the works. Since it was working, and we don’t use the toilet on a regular basis, I was able to “save” the snaking job for the Milwaukee, which I knew was in the process of being shipped. The Milwaukee unit arrived with the auger/snake separate from the drive and battery (see photos). The battery, which has a “how much charge is left” indicator (again, see photos) was at about half charge. However, I have other M12 batteries so I put the new one on to charge and installed one of my existing cells. For storage, I’ve elected to remove the power unit because of the limited shelf space I have. If you have more storage space or store the device vertically the power unit can be left attached. First impression – the Milwaukee auger is HEAVY compared to my manual closet auger; it comes in at something over nine and a half pounds. It’s also much longer than my manual unit (the manual unit has a 4-foot snake, while the beefier Milwaukee offers a 6-foot snake for toilets). Following the instructions, I tapped the power button to make sure the rotation of the snake was correct, put the business end of the snake in the bowl, fed it in manually until I felt resistance and then pushed the power button. The snake fed immediately into the bowl, past the obstruction. I reversed the rotation, powered the snake out, and sure enough it pulled the blockage out with it. It was that fast – the snake didn’t try to jimmy around on itself, I didn’t have to force feed it while simultaneously pushing down on the snake – it simply bored through and cleared the blockage. It took me longer to hose it off, dry it, and hit it with some lube for storage than it did to clear the clog. The switch has forward and reverse positions and a middle position which keeps the trigger from working, much as a cordless drill has. A professional tradesman might have a better solution, I can only go from my limited DIY’er knowledge – but this thing certainly worked as advertised. The fact that the snake itself can be swapped out is an added plus. If it’s within your budget (or you’re giving a gift to someone) I think that this is a fine tool to have in your kit – especially if you have other Milwaukee M12 tools so you can utilize the batteries more efficiently. If you’ve ever spent a half-hour trying to clear out a stubborn toilet clog, I think you’ll really appreciate the effectiveness of the Milwaukee auger. I had expected it to be a “gadget” – a solution in search of a problem; I was wrong – this is much, much better than my manual closet auger. The construction of the tool is very good, no sharp or rough spots where you might be expected to grab the tool with your hands. It has a rubber boot to protect the toilet porcelain, and a hand crank is available (but not included in this kit) that can be used if the battery dies. There is a retainer that keeps the snake against the handle (see photos). The unit comes with a 5-year warranty on the tool and a separate battery warranty (check with Home Depot or Milwaukee to get the lowdown on battery warranties). HTH Regards, Jim
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        If you have a stubborn toilet..
        If you have a stubborn toilet that you are always fighting with, I would recommend this item. If you have to snake toilets often for your job, I would recommend this item. I have the first one, I have a toilet that would clog at the sight of a piece of toilet paper. Now that I have snaked it a few times with this gem, I haven't had near the problems. It was very easy to use, It does require both hands, so I couldn't take a video. The snake action was very smooth, and it was nice to not have to crank on a handle while sending the snake cable in. The tool itself is a little awkward at first, just figuring out the most comfortable way to hold it and attack the toilet that you are after. Once you have that down, Make sure that the lock is off, and go at it. I had the entire length of the cable in doing its job in no time at all. I was very pleased with the quickness and the effort that it took. The end of the snake has a nice rubber protector on it, so as not to scratch the porcelain throne. The motor is powerful enough, I even got it stuck for a moment, but was able to power through what I was stuck on. Not sure how many toilets could be done with one battery, but I am sure it is plenty, as it really did not take me long to clear this toilet in question. This kit comes with the urinal auger as well, it works the same way, it is just shorter, not as stout, and the end is at a different angle. Speaking of angles, this toilet auger had the perfect angle at the end to get right to work. M12 batteries will work on this unit, so I recommend to buy just what you need (tool only) if you already have M12 batteries and chargers.
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        Powerful, Easy to Use
        Finally someone made a cordless auger for toilets. Unclogging a toilet is one of the most difficult jobs because of the trap. Most of the time the you have to remove the toilet to unclog the trap or flange. Most clogs are usually difficult because they are jammed in snug and plunging just sets the clog in tighter. An ordinary power snake is tough to use because most bathrooms are fairly limited in space and the unit is hard to maneuver. Also, the snake can sometimes chip or scar the porcelain. This auger is compact. powerful, and easy to use. This kit comes with a small auger for urinals, battery and charger.
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        Powered Trap Snakes
        The convenience of M12 rechargeable battery power in a snake is most noticeable in control. It is much easier to control the speed of the revolving snake and the delivery of the cable when compared to the relative clumsiness of the manually turned handle. Brilliant move, Milwaukee! This kit comes with two snakes, one for toilets, sinks, drains and the like and one for urinals. The battery powered handle with hex drive easily couples and uncouples from one snake and is immediately ready for the other one. The handle has forward, reverse and locked positions for the drive and the trigger is graduated to deliver more power and faster cable revolutions the further it is squeezed. Nice and simple to use. The cable is fed into the receptacle manually and the operator can feed in and pull back the cable as necessary to clear any blockage. The built in rubber boot goes a long way to protecting porcelain from getting scratched. The M12 battery will power a whole host of Milwaukee tools so buying into the system makes good sense financially and for tool flexibility. The products are bolstered with a five year warranty on the tools and a two year warranty on the battery. Replacement parts are also available.
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        Not Exactly What I was Hoping For
        I'm a real estate investor and I have residential rental properties. I was in the market for a commercial quality closet auger for the occasional really difficult obstruction. I wanted the Milwaukee M12 Trap Snake 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 6 ft. Toilet Auger Kit but at the time only the Milwaukee 4 ft. Urinal Auger Kit was available. I ordered it thinking I could replace the 4 ft. urinal cable with a 1/2 in. x 6 ft. Toilet Auger Replacement Cable. Turns out it won't work for two reasons. First, the cables are two different diameters and second, the porcelain protection boot on the urinal kit is not "U" shaped to prevent scratching the porcelain when inserted into the toilet bowl. Not a total loss. It happens to be the perfect tool for clearing bathtub clogs. I used it on a tub that was draining very slowly and it quickly removed a clump of hair that was caught in the trap. This would also work on a kitchen or slop sink but due to its length you'd have to stand on a chair. I believe this line of Milwaukee augers are the only augers on the market to offer replacement cables. I have many Milwaukee battery powered tools that have served me well over the years and so far I have not had to replace a battery. They seem to last much longer than some of my other "name brand" tool batteries. This tool ships with one 12 volt battery and a 12 volt charger. I'm so impressed with the ease of use and the performance of this auger that I will be ordering the toilet auger kit as well. Milwaukee offer a 5 Year Limited Warranty on the tool and a 2 Year Limited Warranty on the M12 Compact REDLITHIUM battery pack.
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        M12 Trap Snake
        I used this auger to snake out my bathtub drain, it was easy to run through the main drain but took a bit to get through the trap.. Once I got into the trap, it cleared the trap nicely. I used it at my church to clean out the urnals. The auger worked great on all the urnals. It is easy to adjust the cable length. You just pull out the handle and press the release button and extend the cable. The motor works great and is easy to change the direction by pushing the switch.
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