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Great Light, I bought primarily for use in My landscaping business as in the late fall/ winter it...
Great Light, I bought primarily for use in My landscaping business as in the late fall/ winter it gets dark during normal business hours and we get a lot of rain in Portland during that time, but I end up needing to finish projects and this works perfect. I only bought it because it could be used outdoors and in the rain. I checked the owners manual prior to purchasing to be sure. • Suitable for rain and wet locations. Store indoors. That said I don't use it with the 9.0AH batteries outside.
by YoniPDX
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Great Light for Contractors (and DIYers)
This is a lightweight, heavy duty light that works of M18 batteries. I know have several M18 Milwaukee cordless tools and decided to pick up this light for when I'm doing contracting work in less than ideal lighting situations and/or electrical work. Light, heavy duty aluminum for easy transport. Folds up small for easy storage. Sturdy tripod set up. Adjust to close to 8 feet. Three light settings. Love it.
by PSHome
This thing is a beast. Batteries not included.
When I first seen this online I didn't realize just how big it was until I arrived at my house. It far larger than I thought it was considering it's an LED light stand, and it's battery operated. With that said. This is a great light stand. Granted it's not as bright as a shop light, but this is great to have and I'm not limited to power cords. This takes the M18 batteries and I've used both a M18 2.0 and an M18 XC battery. one from a drill and one from an electric brad nailer and it worked just fine with no issues. But as the title suggests, batteries are not included so you'll need to have this as there is no power outlet to power this without the battery.
by DIYinUT
Great light, super fast set up
This flood light is fantastic. It sets up in seconds, literally. It runs off any M18 battery, including the new 9.0 Ah battery. On high, its output is 2000 lumens, medium 1300, and low 850. The light will flash when the battery is almost dead to give you warning to change the battery. I ran it for a 2 hours on high with the 9.0 battery without loosing any bars on the battery. Its height adjustment goes from roughly 48" to 84". When this is collapsed it is about 40" long. For the size of this it is fairly light. The tripod legs are not individually adjustable for uneven ground, but with 2 legs on the ground and one sitting on a 2x4 it was still stable even at that angle. Set up takes about 5 seconds to deploy. The light is very even with no shadowing in the middle. I did notice that when collapsing it, sometimes the LED head does not want to go back in to its full collapsed spot and takes a couple tries to get it to go into its storage area. Overall, this is a great light that will be very useful in my garage, job site, or camp site.
by ih82spd
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I've needed this stand light for years
I've needed this stand light for years. I'm so glad that LED lights and tool batteries have finally evolved to a point where companies like Milwaukee are selling these incredible work light products. For the last three years, I've used a crude home made LED work light for my home remodeling projects. My basic light stand has worked admirably well given its low cost, but it has some drawbacks. First, because the LEDs are corded 120v lights, I've had to always use an extension cord, which can be a hassle. Second, because the stand is made of 2x4s, it is heavy and bulky, doesn't fold up, and is a hassle to move around the house, particularly up and down my stairs. Many times I've hit a wall or door when moving it around, leaving a gouge. This stand light solves those problems and has additional benefits that make it a great product that I will use heavily. Using the M18 litihium ion tool battery is fantastic, as it can run for up to 4 hours on the XC 5.0 Ah battery. This model does not have an option for plugging in with a power cord or charging the battery in the stand, but I'm okay with that, as it avoids extra weight and bulk. I already had a bunch of yellow brand lithium ion tool batteries, but this is my first Milwaukee product, so I had to order the M18 starter kit with 5.0 battery and charger. While pricey, it's worth it, since I don't see a similar job site stand light product from any of the other tool manufacturers. The light is fairly hefty at 14 lbs, but is solid, well built, and very well designed. The carry handle makes it very easy to move while collapsed, and is perfectly balanced when carrying. Setting it up literally takes less than 5 seconds--just hold the top handle, press a button and slide the carry handle down. Brilliant ergonomics and usability. Extending the light stand up only takes a few more seconds, and one button turns the light on and adjust the brightness among 3 levels. I don't think it could be any simpler. The light is very sturdy and is stable on uneven surfaces. I needed to spray paint some items for a small project last night and I quickly had the light set up outside and was ready to paint. The light is so convenient. The one thing that this Milwaukee stand light doesn't appear to handle is water. I don't see any notes about it being water resistant, and the user guide says "Do not use outdoors". The LED lights I used on my home made light stand are water resistant outdoor lights, so I am able to use them in wet environments and also hose them down when they paint or drywall mud on them. But other than that acceptable limitation, this stand light is awesome.
by L111
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Great light stand for all kinds of projects
Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Rocket LED Stand Light is a great work light idea. The LED light is much better than a bulb setup or halogen lights that throw off way too much heat. It eliminates having to run a power cord and the hassle involved with that. The light is compact about four feet long closed to carry and has two handles, weights about 15 pounds, no dangling cords or lights. It unpacks quickly on its own leg stand base by pressing a button on one handle and pushing out on the other handle. Once pressed three legs extend down to create a solid base for the light. Up from the base is a two stage pole that can extend from four up to seven feet high and locked at any length in between. This is the best part, I can have overhead light anyplace I want. The head has twelve LED's lights that can be angled and positioned about 270 degrees tilt all around or straight up. The head can be positioned down eliminating shadows. Its a bright white light that is easy to work in and has three brightness settings. It runs only on the M18 battery (not included) with no provision for a power cord. Given what you are paying for it, there are plenty of lights that have a cord and having a cord on this as backup would have been nice, too. It does give you a warning when the battery is running low by flashing the light which lets you go get another charged battery out of your bag. It has plenty of room in the battery compartment for any of the M18 battery sizes. It is pricey, but its cordless and other cordless models are in that range. If that's what you need depending on the battery you use, it can easily solve the problem. In any case, I think people will get it for jobs where electric power isn't available or a hassle to setup. For others its a great light source, light weight that can be stored in a small space and taken out quickly to be used.
by FXP1
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Bright and Portable
This LED stand light is an awesome solution for portable lighting for work sites without power or overhead lighting. It folds up to 40" long, and weighs in at 15 lbs with a 5 Ah M18 battery. The setup time really is under 5 seconds as Milwaukee claims - just push the thumb button, slide the two handles apart, and raise the two extension sections. The light can be adjusted from 4-7 feet high, and the swiveling pivot head rotates about 300° around. There aren't any positive stops for the pivot, but it feels nice and tight, and I haven't had any issues with it drooping from the angle I set it at. Running on a 5Ah battery, the unit will supply 2000 lumens on high for 4 hours, 1300 lumens on medium for 6 hours, or 850 lumens on low for 10 hours. Current draw is very consistent, and during the endurance tests I ran, the 2Ah battery I was using lasted exactly 1 hour and 36 minutes. That corresponds to a 1.25 Amp current draw, right in line with 4 hours for a 5Ah battery. The 12 LED head is well designed, with the reflector configuration producing a pretty consistent beam pattern. The massive aluminum heatsink behind the LED array keeps it nice and cool - after an hour of running on high, the light head only reached 115°F. The only complaint I have is that there's not a hybrid power option for using a 120V AC power cord. I'm not sure why Milwaukee didn't include this option - their new HP M18 Floodlight has it, which runs at a brighter 3000 lumens. Maybe it was a space or weight issue, but either way it was a big mistake not to include it. The price point seems a bit high at first, but I looked up the competition, and the Milwaukee option far outperforms the only two other products I found in its category, and it's priced within a few of each of them. Overall, this is a great tool. I'm already getting a ton of use out of it, from fence repair to automotive work. It's really great to be able to put light right where I need it, without any hassles.
by Doresoom
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Fantastic! Solid, and well built!
This must be the world's biggest flashlight. It even looks like one when it is all folded up (and could even be used like that!) This think sets up very fast and easily. One button releases the three legs and the handle expands them out in a single move. A decent weight of the light makes it very stable. The battery is positioned right at the bottom for a good center of gravity too. Height is very easily adjusted from 4' right up to 7' and the light head has a great range of tilting and swivel. The light output has three levels of intensity and it is very bight. I use it to simulate sunlight from a single light source for doing model photography! My only suggestion for improvement would be to also allow an 18V DC power supply to be connected so that it does not use a battery that I want to use in my power tools. The Milwaukee job site fan has this feature.
by Dale
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INOP Right out the box
Just received my light after waiting 2 weeks to get it in. Right out the box, it won't turn on. Tried my 8.0, 9.0, 5.0, 2.0 batteries none will turn it on. Plugged it in with the extention cord and it works. Looks like I have to deal with the hassle of a return
by Lolo316
Response from Customer CareJan 6, 2021
Hi Lolo16, this is Jacob with Milwaukee Tool. Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear about your frustrations with your light. We'd value the opportunity to learn more about your frustrations with it, and to provide you with support. I'll follow up with you via email. Thank you.
Very Useful Worklight
Well built tool, it is solid and bright. 3 light levels and it extends to a good height. Battery life is very good. It is well balanced for transporting to the work area. It is fairly heavy but that makes it very stable.
by Grandpa
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