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Twelve Indoor Growing System

  • Specially designed for year-round, indoor gardening
  • Control your system with the Miracle-Gro Twelve app on your phone
  • Doubles as an end table, designed to blend in with existing décor
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Product Overview

Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System, Grow Indoors Year 'Round

Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System

Fully integrated indoor growing system that simplifies the hydroponic process for growing leafy greens, herbs, and flowers indoors, year-round.

Cropped photo of Scotts Miracle-Gro Indoor Growing System product shot with leafy green plant

Designed for Indoor Gardening

The LED hydroponic grow light is ideal for growing indoors. Also functions as a side table to add some greenery to any space.

Grow the food you love all year long. Leafy Greens, Herbs, Flowers. Growing in water made easy. Bluetooth Connected.

Grow Fresh Food at Home

Miracle-Gro Twelve creates the perfect growing conditions for plants to thrive indoors and works with the app on any smartphone.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Indoor Growing System product shot with leafy green plant

How It Works

Water circulates through the system to provide plants with continual moisture and nutrients that the roots need to grow.

Close up shot of person placing seed container into product

Add Plants or Seeds

Start from seed or save weeks of growing time and start from a young plant using the transplanting kit included.

Close up shot of person pouring packet of Miracle-Gro Twelve Plant Nutrition onto soil of one plant

Add Nutrients & Water

Feed your plants by adding one packet of Miracle-Gro Twelve Plant Nutrition to the water every four weeks.

Close up shot of person using the Scotts Miracle-Gro Twelve app on a mobile phone.

Make Growing Indoors Easy with the App

Grow fresh food indoors with the Miracle-Gro Twelve water-based indoor growing system and app and enjoy year-round.

Mobile phone graphic with title: Easy-to-use App Features Include:

Download Our App

Download the app at miracle-gro.com/twelveapp and follow instructions for setup.

Graphic of water droplet with title: Growing in water made easy

What to Grow

Grow leafy greens like lettuce or kale, herbs like basil, or flowers like lavender.

Graphic of calendar with title: 1. Calendar


Use to manage your planting time, and get reminders for when it’s time to feed and harvest.

Graphic of a timer with title: 2. Set Growing Schedule

Manage Growing Time

Use the app to schedule when your grow light will be on to best fit your lifestyle and your plants.

Graphic of light-burst with title: 3. Control Light Modes

Change Light Modes

Easily change your lighting mode right from your smartphone.

Graphic of water droplet with measuring level marks and level at middle with title: Monitor water levels

Monitor Water Levels

Take guesswork out of growing indoors and monitor the Miracle-Gro Twelve water levels.

Fresh food is an arms length away, year-round thanks to the new Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System. It's an all-in-1 system, specially designed for growing a wide variety of leafy greens, herbs and flowers like lettuce, kale, mint, basil and marigolds indoors. It's easy-to-use with a compact and thoughtful design to help fit seamlessly into any space. The water-based system helps nutrients go straight to the roots, providing for a faster growing cycle (versus traditional gardening). Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System makes growing indoors simple, easy and beautiful.
  • Grow the food you love indoors all year round with the Miracle-Gro Twelve indoor growing system
  • Growing in water made easy
  • Specially designed for growing a wide variety of leafy greens, herbs and flowers like lettuce, kale, mint, basil and marigolds indoors, year-round
  • Thoughtfully designed to make growing indoors simple, easy and beautiful seamlessly blending in with your existing decor
  • Includes everything you need to get started all you need is the plant
  • Bluetooth connected to help you remember when to add water, feed and harvest your plants all controllable within the Miracle-Gro Twelve app
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Questions & Answers


How deep is each shelf

Asked by Becky April 27, 2020

Becky, the dimensions once assembled: 16.5" x 16.5" x 28"

If i plant cilantro will my home smell like cilantro?

Asked by Rosaf90 December 17, 2019

I have three Aerogarden systems, planted with basil, jalapenos, thyme, parlsley and oregano. And now I have the Twelve with lettuce growing. The only time you smell herbs is when you brush them with your hand - and you can only smell them on your hand for a second or two. Herbs do not give off any aroma until they are chopped and used in the dishes you prepare.

How many watts is the LED lighting system with the Miracle-Gro 12

Asked by Bryan December 7, 2019

Could not find the answer to your question in my documentation, but I can tell you, it is pretty bright. I have mine set from 6 am to 8 pm in my dining room (just off the kitchen) and it provides a great light when getting up early. It is easy to dim or turn off for an hour by just pressing the touch pad on the top.

What is the nickel content in the soil?

Asked by Jay November 21, 2019

There is no soil (unless you grow from small nursery plants, then I have no idea), and the sponges used for growing from seed are made primarily from sphagnum peat moss and a foam binder. Package says info regarding contents and levels of metals available at http://www.aapfco.org/metal.htm. Hope this helps.

Are these units stack-able?

Asked by Zac August 27, 2019

Yes! However, I would be a bit wary in earthquake country.

Customer Reviews

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I now have three Aerogardens - a Harvest, a Harvest Elite, and now the Twelve that I received for...
I now have three Aerogardens - a Harvest, a Harvest Elite, and now the Twelve that I received for Christmas. Easy to assemble and sync with my smartphone using their app. The grow lights are very bright, so I set them to come on at 6 am and go off at 8 pm, so as not to distract while we watch a movie. My lettuce seeds started sprouting in 1-1/2 days! With all of the lettuce scares (e coli), I thought it best to grow my own. Great for taller plants. Comes with two packages of nutrients, which for lettuce (like the Romaine I am growing) should last for two harvests. Also includes a siphoning tube for emptying the tank between plantings. Sturdy enough to double as an end table - mine is in our dining room, just outside the kitchen. Love hydroponic gardening! No dirt, no bugs, or other critters that undermine your efforts. In the summer, I'm going to try a few yellow pear tomato plants using the also included transplanting kit. Enjoy! And share your harvests with friends
by PacificaMum
3 people found this helpful
Warning if you order this as a gift: The outer package totally identifies the contents!
I'm not sure if my husband will like his gift of the Miracle Gro Twelve, but I do know he will not be surprised. This item gets delivered in a bright package with photos and descriptions of the system all over it. Thanks a lot, Home Depot. No big gift surprise this year.
by CarolAnn
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Once it is set up it runs itself with reminders on your smart phone. Can be used for herbs or our family favorite lettuce. .Now we have a supply of fresh indoor produced lettuce for our salads year around. Reservoir circulates water and nutrients, users don't have to constantly water the plants. Stackable units are available.
by Golferace
A great indoor garden
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I highly recommend this system if you like growing herbs or leafy greens at home. It is very easy to set up and it is controlled by an app on your phone. Fill with water and fertilize when the app tells and everything else takes care of itself.
by Luvthebucks
Bulky and loud
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This product came in a large box and was extremely heavy. It was easy to put together - so easy that my kids could do it for me. My kids also think the app that connects the planter is super cool. The app monitors the light and water so it's almost impossible not to have a successful growing period. Our kale plants are growing very quickly. It's a water based system with no dirt so ideal for inside. The cons are that the grow planter is about the same size as an end table, the water pump is extremely loud and only 4 plants will fit in the planter. It would be best suited for a low traffic room like a laundry room where the pump noise won't bother you. I feel this product would be ideal for an indoor herb cutting garden.
by JLake
Tasty greens year round
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Always wanted to try a water based grow system and the twelve fits the bill. Upon opening the box, the build is quite easy, base, 4 legs & light + base covers. Screws and install tool included, only odd thing was that the two safety screws have a different size head for the center plastic piece. Once built, just add water, some food and plants. We received 4 kale plants, but decided to grow two in the unit, two kale in the room with natural light/water and then start two cilantro plants from seeds. The side by side photo comparison of the kale plants tells the story as to how well the hydro method works. The only downside of the grow system is the dripping sound when the plants are young. It’s like having a water feature in your home which some may like, but I found that I had to make additional trips to the bathroom :). After about 4 weeks the roots will grow and guide the water stream quietly into the base. The grow system also comes with an app for your phone that allows you to track the progress of your plants. It will warn of low water and remind you when to feed. You can also control the on/off times of the light. I tried to run the app on two phones, Incase one of us was out of town but it will only sync over Bluetooth to one phone, still a handy feature. So we have made over 3 nice salads using the young and crisp kale leaves with plenty more to come. Can’t get any fresher than this. No need to hide the flavor of this kale as it is very good and not bitter as some that I have had in the past. Have not tried the cilantro yet but it smells fabulous. When the light and pump are running it uses about 75w of power, pump only uses 3 watts. There is also a dim mode that you can control by using the front touch switch or phone app that will use 29 watts (using kill a watt meter). Did I mention that the grow system looks good to boot. You can also stack units if you wish, but I’m not sure I’d do that. Once the plant life cycle is complete you drain the water using the pump and a bucket, wipe it out and start over with new plants. We are really enjoying the Miracle-Gro Twelve system.
by Dogwalker
Great item! Easy to assemble and start growing. ...
Great item! Easy to assemble and start growing. Does not take up alot of space and my plants are growing great!!
by HomeDepotCustomer
Love it!
Love our system, we consistently grow tons of herbs and leafy greens. Only draw back is the pump seems to have gone out after about a year of work, but easy enough to replace.
by PeterB
Enjoy this nice device. Hope upgrades come though
I've been using this for about two months and loved it so much that I got my mom one for her birthday. The only issues I see are the odd glitches the app can have at times and not store when you fed your plants so it keep telling you to feed them all the time. I also wish you could have more lighting control features to be able to set it to any time you wish and not stuck at only 14 hours and only changing it when you override it. Overall it's pretty awesome. There has been some browning from the condensation and being very close to the light, bleaching some leaves, but could be my more basic water that they don't like as much. Idk. Wish there was a way to extend the unit up and have it capable of larger plants that can utilize height instead of width for more harvest potential. Extendable poles with a retractable wiring harness would be an awesome upgrade. Send me a prototype for reviews and potential future partnerships.
by Tyler
Love it!
Love it!
by Jerri
Showing 1-10 of 89 reviews