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UltraShield Naturale Cortes Series 1 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. Roman Antique Solid Composite Decking Board (49-Pack)

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Product Overview

We are proud to introduce our new Naturale Decking Line. It is the most realistic composite to date. We have spent many hours studying how to get the look of wood just right. The outcome is this new Naturale Line. This is the most realistic grain pattern out on the market with just the right amount of texture even your guests will be fooled into thinking it is real wood. The board still has the great stain, fade and scratch resistance of our original line. The board has 2 different sides one with a wood grain and one without. This is the solid board with no groove in it. We highly suggest you order a sample before you order as settings on monitor are different for everyone. This is a 49-Pack.
  • New Naturale line gives the board the most realistic wood looks in the industry
  • UltraShield coating gives the decking board ultra-stain, scratch and fades resistance
  • 25-Year warranty
  • Tough outer shell will keep the color and beauty of your deck for years to come
  • Easy to clean
  • We highly suggest you order a sample before you order as settings on monitor are different for everyone
  • Click to learn how to select the right lumber for your project

  • California residents

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Actual Product Length (ft.)
16 ft
Actual Product Thickness (in.)
.9 in
Actual Product Width (in.)
5.5 in
Approximate Weight (lb)
Nominal Product Length (ft.)
16 ft
Nominal Product Thickness (in.)
Nominal Product Width (in.)
6 in


Color Family
Roman Antique
Edge Type
Fastener recommendation
Composite Deck Screws
Hidden Fasteners Compatibility,Water Resistant
Total Linear Feet Covered

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
25 Year Warranty

Questions & Answers


Do they come in 20 foot length ?

Asked by Jimmy March 14, 2021

No just 16 ft and 8 ft lengths.

How hot do these boards get in full sun? Could you walk on them barefoot without burning?

Asked by MeMyselfAndI July 2, 2020

This is opinion varies per customer and the easiest way to determine this would be to place a sample in the most direct sun light available for testing. Please visit the website below in order to have your sample sent to you. https://www.newtechwood.com/contact/

can these be purchased by individual peices? I want them to build flower garden border in the fr...

Asked by RG May 17, 2020

We sell the 8ft boards individually but not the 16 ft boards.

how many square feet does this 49-pack covr?

Asked by Larry February 8, 2020

Hi, Larry. Each board of 16 feet covers about 7.27 square feet, so this 49 pack of 16 foot boards covers about 356.36 square feet. We also recommend about 10% overage in calculating your need. Please reach out to inquiry@newtechwood, if you have any other questions, or for further clarification.

How do you use the hidden fasteners on this solid piece for steps? Does it attract heat in the s...

Asked by Tim December 17, 2019

Hi, Tim. Yes, you can use hidden fasteners for steps. Please see our installation guide here: https://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/Decking-Installation.pdf, pages 12-13. The material does retain some heat, as is normal for all composite material. We would recommend using lighter tones if this may be an issue. The weight per foot varies by board type. For the solid Cortes series, it is 2.5 lbs/foot. Once an order is placed, you can expect to receive it within a 2 week lead time, but could be sooner depending on your location. Please feel free to reach out after 24-48 hours (1-2 business days) after your order has been placed, for a more precise estimated delivery time. Please email inquiry@newtechwood,com for further clarification, or if you have any other questions.

Can these be ripped?

Asked by Cricket236 October 2, 2019

Hi, if you mean that the board can be cut, yes that, is correct. The boards can be cut. However, it would not rip easily, and would require a saw to cut. If you have any further questions, please email us at inquiry@newtechwood.com.

what kind of screws should be used with the solid boards? I looked up the link answered about a ...

Asked by BDon July 16, 2019

I used 2.5 inch composite T-20 Deckmate deck screws. Be prepared to go through a lot of bits, which are amazingly not available loose or in bulk through HD. The shoulder on these bits is very small making it very VERY difficult to set the screw depth correctly, but they are your only choice. Longer screws will devour bits. Shorter ones won't hold. I went through 30 t-20 bits and about 30 lbs of screws on a 16x30 deck.

so this is not the real deal? 8x harder then oak? it says composite so im assuming this isn't the...

Asked by shawn July 14, 2019

Composite deck board is in no way real wood. This product is made by stuffing a combination of dyed wood and plastic resin into a colored casing much like a sausage is made. Then the casing is forced through an extruder to shape the boards with texture on both sides. The boards are very dense, but not particularly tough. They scratch and chip easily compared to real wood but are otherwise maintenance free.

What is the weight bearing capacity of this product when used on a deck?

Asked by NewOrleans June 24, 2019

Hello NewOrleans. We estimate that NewTechWood material can hold weight of around 1000 pounds per square foot. If you have any further questions please contact us through inquiry@newtechwood.com.


Asked by tech April 5, 2019

Hi, the boards have to be installed 16 inches on center, maximum.

UltraShield Naturale Cortes Series 1 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. Roman Antique Solid Composite Decking Board (49-Pack) - page 2

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We are very pleased with this product, easy to work with and looks like natural wood when install...
We are very pleased with this product, easy to work with and looks like natural wood when installed. Unlike other similar products we used, NewTechWood seals their boards on all sides. We also like the fact that you can choose how much grain texture you want, smooth or more course, just by flipping the board. We now use this on all our decking projects.
by Anonymous
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specified size 1 inch x 6 inch is wrong. it is...
specified size 1 inch x 6 inch is wrong. it is 1 inch x 5 1/2 inch. I could not finish my job. My deck is now done with 2 ft shortage.
by HomeDepotCustomer
The new tech wood is prone to splitting if you...
The new tech wood is prone to splitting if you are too close to an edge. Also all of the fastener holes had to be pre-drilled. Nothing like having to do double work.
by HomeDepotCustomer
some short comings
First time using composite boards. For my application I might not have made the best choice, I added onto an existing deck of PT lumber. These boards are a little smaller width wise and also thinner. The color match was close enough as PT would be a couple of years brfore I could match color. I had 1 board split on the end with the screw set back 1 3/4 in. Not happy about that.The ends are also a couple of shades lighter in color. Suggested screws also leave dimples which can chip. If I had the money I might have done the whole thing over with this but it would have been a few thousand more. Maybe I old school but there is something about working with wood. It also has a thin covering to it something along a formica product. It also took 13 days to get it at home
by terry
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
I bought this product to resurface a 15 year old wooden deck. I think there are a few reviews/ans...
I bought this product to resurface a 15 year old wooden deck. I think there are a few reviews/answers in the other listings New Techwood that are a bit suspect, but I still give it 4 stars. Overall, the product is beautiful, very dense/heavy and easy to cut and work with. There are several things you MUST KNOW about using this material and I strongly recommend that you watch the manufacturer videos for deck layout and installation. First, you MUST PREDRILL for every screw. If you do not, the dimples will be significant..assuming you can get your screw to bite into the plastic skin. I am pre-drilling with a 1/8 or 9/64 bit and still get dimples. Second, YOU CANNOT place screws closer than 1.5 inches from the ends, even when predrilling. This means that if you are resurfacing a deck, you must hang sister joists wherever there is a butt joint so each end sits on its own board. If you fail to do this, there is a very, very high probability that the board will split. If you are building a new deck, be sure to place double joists where you expect butt joints to land. You also cannot "toenail" screws, especially at the ends, or the board will split. Somebody suggested edge screwing with a Kreg system, but I am certain that these boards fastened in that way will eventually fail. Third, you must make sure each joist in the deck is perfectly level. Regular wooden boards have enough structural stiffness to level uneven joists. This material does not. If a joist is high or low by 3/8 of an inch or more, you really need to level it or the deck will look like a rollercoaster. Fourth, use a 2.5 inch composite deck screw for these boards because, again, they are not rigid enough to require anything longer. Fifth, when cutting this material, the resulting"sawdust' is mostly a fluffy brown snow-like material tha clogs tools and dust collection systems. Be prepared to clean up frequently. Sixth, it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get a consistent screw depth using composite screws because most composite screws easily cut right through the pre-drilled composite material and there is no natural stop like with traditional deck screws. I am very skilled fastening regular wood and hanging drywall, but it is impossible to consistently set screw depth with this stuff because the screws don't stop. I even tried using a drywall screw gun with no success (totally useless with star bits in any case...). And lastly, try several types of composite deck screws to test the material with. The first type I used pulled through the thinner fascia boards relatively easily, and some, particularly those that use T-20 torx/star heads cut through the board nicely but strip so easily you wil go through dozens of bits. I used a traditional surface mounted composite deck screw technique to fasten the boards using 2.5 inch composite screws. Results were acceptable.
by Skippy
Response from THD-CSOct 2, 2019
"Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, We have reached out to the manufacturer and their reply is, We are grateful for the positive feedback and extremely detailed tips. I have directed this information with our in-house installation expert to review and potentially ntegrate into future installation documentation. We would love to see photos of this installation. If you do not mind sharing them, please send them over to inquiry@newtechwood.com."
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This product looks amazing on my deck.
This product looks amazing on my deck.
by DS
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