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36 in. Aluminum Pipe Wrench

  • Full Aluminum construction with a steel jaw and adjustment nut
  • Sports a beautiful heavy duty enamel finish
  • Extended length to provide leverage for many heavy duty uses
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Product Overview

The Olympia 36 in. Pipe Wrench is made of solid aluminum and features a drop-forged steel jaw and adjustment nut. The wrench is machined accurately and has a heavy-duty enamel finish. With the extended length, it provides leverage for many heavy duty applications.
  • Drop forged steel jaw and adjustment nut
  • Solid aluminum construction made with accurate machining
  • Heavy duty enamel finish
  • Cast aluminum alloy handles
  • California residents

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Wrench Set (4-Piece)
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Wrench length (in.)363624.026.75
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Maximum Pipe Diameter
5 in
Minimum Pipe Diameter
1 in
Wrench length (in.)


Color Family
Black and Grey
No Additional Features
Hand Tool Type
Pipe Wrench
Handle Type
Head Type
Combination Wrench
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year

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Great pipe wrench at a great price. Very sturdy and well built.
Great pipe wrench at a great price. Very sturdy and well built.
by Joey
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Price is everything here. We can't expect this wrench to be as good as a quality new one priced at twice the cost. So here are my findings with this one: First, let's be honest, this is NOT a 36" pipe wrench. If it were the standard 36" size, it could be used on 5" pipe, and that is not the case. It measures just under 30" and that would be in line with a wrench that can be used on 3 1/2" pipe (this ones max). The specs show the max pipe size as 5" but that is not possible. While it is true that the jaws can be opened to ALMOST 5", that would make for about a 4" ID pipe. The 5" stated in the spec should have been either 3 1/2" or 4". 3 1/2" is the maximum size shown on the pipe size guide molded into the movable jaw. Since the 36" number is also molded into the handle and the adjustable jaw, this makes for a difficult time judging the wrench size. Two things would have fixed this: State the wrench size as 30" and state the max pipe size as 3 1/2". With those fixes this would not be an issue. Second, This wrench works acceptably for occasional work, but I would not recommend it for everyday use. This is mainly because the adjuster is very cumbersome and usually requires the use of both hands to operate, one to turn the nut and another to move the adjustable jaw. Adding simple thrust bearings or washers on each side of the nut would help a lot. This might be added later by the user, if he/she can find washers to fit the 1 1/2" diameter adjuster screw. Third, I like the low weight of the aluminum handle. If this wrench were to used a lot, it would save a lot of work by itself. Fourth, The jaw serrations seem fairly sharp and well machined. Only time would tell if they are dulled quickly over time or remained effective. Fifth, These jaw teeth/serrated plates are not really replaceable. The ones in the adjustable part are integral to the part. You would have to replace the whole jaw to replace the teeth. The other set of teeth are separate from the handle and are fixed by a single roll pin. While that theoretically could be replaced, I doubt that a replacement part is available. Sixth, The tensioner/spring parts are easily removed, unlike some wrenches. This makes them easy to examine and re-oil or re-grease. Generally there are only 5 parts to this wrench, the handle with fixed jaw, the adjustable jaw, the fixed jaw teeth (fastened to the handle), the tensioner coil spring, and the tensioner plate. Last, even though this was a difficult decision, I cannot recommend this wrench because of the problems stated above. Use the same money to buy a quality used wrench. On the other hand if you can use a 30" wrench and can add the thrust washers for the nut, this may work for you.
by GaryDoug
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Not bad for the price, haven't broken it yet.
Not bad for the price, haven't broken it yet.
by Coyote
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Worked as expected ! Delivered was fast and correct...
Worked as expected ! Delivered was fast and correct !!
by David
  • Verified Purchase
Works very well .thank you...
Works very well .thank you
by HomeDepotCustomer
  • Verified Purchase
We moved into an older home which had a lot of attachments that I wanted to swap out. My smaller ...
We moved into an older home which had a lot of attachments that I wanted to swap out. My smaller pipe wrench wouldn't budge them so I ran to the store and picked this up. I was very impressed with the quality feel of this item. I tried it when I got home and it did the trick without any significant force. I have now used it for multiple jobs and it has never had a problem. It was painful to buy but I am very glad that I did. I can't imagine a job I would take on that would be too big for this. Highly recommended
by HClark
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    Works as it should
    This wrench is just like the Rigid, but made in China. I'm disappointed the Home Depot does not specify if their products are imports or not. This is a Rigid Knock-off, yes it works for use around the house. If you use this tool every day for hard work them buy a Rigid.
    by Achersaway
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    Great pipe wrench
    This is a great heavy duty pipe wrench. The finish is a nice painted silver color. The aluminum saves a lot of weight and even though it's 3 feet long, it weighs about the same as an 18" steel pipe wrench. The jaws are steel and are replaceable. The teeth on the jaws are well machined and strong. This is a great wrench for heavy duty plumbing work. This wrench feels very heavy duty and I feel it will last a lifetime. It would not be a good choice for under the sink plumbing, due to the large size. After using this pipe wrench, I understand the weight benefit of using aluminum. I also no longer worry about the durability of aluminum. This has impressed me so much that I will be changing out my entire pipe wrench set to aluminum. I highly recommend Olympia for a quality aluminum pipe wrench.
    by Autobroker
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    Awesome pipe wrench !
    I bought this pipe wrench for 3"-4" pipe, no problems with the 3" but it just don't do the 4" at all. I'm not complaining,because I wasn't sure if it would open enough for 4" or not, besides that give me a better reason to go ahead and get that 48" aluminum pipe wrench I want !
    by Sudshunter
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    Showing 1-9 of 9 reviews