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Tango 4 in. x 12 in. x 6 in. Brown/Buff Concrete Garden Wall Block (144 Pieces / 48 Face ft. / Pallet)

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  • T-shaped block with a natural looking face
  • Useful for a range of ideas, including: walls, edging, & columns
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Product Overview

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Maximum Build Height
The Tango lawn-and-garden project block is a unique, intuitive, one-block system that can be used to create many outdo or features, including columns, freestanding walls, retaining walls and edging. Featuring a natural-looking hewn face, this project block can transf orm your yard. The Tango block has an interlocking design that facilitates easy installation, so your next project will be quick and hassle free.
  • The T-shape allows for more versatility when creating designs
  • Can be used to build both vertical or set-back (battered) retaining walls
  • Offers a premium brown/buff col or blend
  • Build up to 2 ft. with a setback (battered) wall, or 16 in. as a vertical wall
  • Create a seat wall up to 2 ft. or columns up to 4 ft. H
  • Each Tango project block is 4 in. x 12 in. x 6 in. and weighs approximately 16 lbs.
  • 144 pieces are included on a pallet

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Landscape Supply TypeRetaining Wall BlockRetaining Wall BlockRetaining Wall BlockRetaining Wall Block
Packaging TypePalletIndividualIndividualPallet
Nominal Product Width (in.)1210.510.2511.5
Nominal Product Height (in.)
Nominal Product Depth (in.)6777.5
Actual Product Width (in.)12.0010.5010.2511.50
Actual Product Height (in.)4.003.503.503.80
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Actual Product Depth (in.)
Actual Product Height (in.)
Actual Product Width (in.)
Face Feet (sq. ft.)
Nominal Product Depth (in.)
Nominal Product Height (in.)
Nominal Product Width (in.)


Color Family
Face Texture
Face Type
90-Degree Capable,Base Required,Cuttable,Dual-Sided,Textured
Landscape Supply Type
Retaining Wall Block
Packaging Type
Product Weight (lb.)
Square Feet per Piece

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See pics of sitting wall. Easy to work with and looks great.
by BillNoble
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    Easy to work with and made a great looking retaining wall in our garden
    We replaced an aging retaining wall with these Tango blocks and are very pleased with the results. They are easy to work with, can be glued together with landscape adhesive (so no mortar required) and create an attractive rough faced, natural looking wall. We capped off our wall using natural sandstone that we bought from the local building supplier and shaped into cap stones ourselves. The end result is a great looking retaining wall (before and after pics in the review below). Before you get started, there are some good instructions and project ideas available on the block manufacturer's website at http://www.anchorblock.com/assets/PDF/Tango-Project-Book_Final_WEB.pdf The only thing that stops me rating these blocks as excellent is the absence of any holes in the blocks that allow the use or rebar. We live in California so we build walls with rebar to add extra strength during earthquakes and I had to pre-drill each block with a 1/2" masonry bit so I could use them with the 3/8" rebar. According to the manufacturer, you can go up to four courses high (about 16") in a vertical retaining wall however if you want to go to the maximum of 6 courses high (about 24") then you have to batten the wall (stagger the blocks backwards). Since we were replacing a 2' high vertical retaining wall, we felt that the addition of the rebar through the blocks would provide the additional strength needed to avoid having to make the staggered battened wall. There are a few things that make life a lot easier when building a wall with these blocks: a bag of sand to help set each block so that the wall is level, some construction adhesive (we used Loctite PL500 Landscape Adhesive that we found in the caulk section of the Paint dept. at the local Home Depot) and some pre-mixed dry mortar for setting the cap stones. After we had removed our old wall down to the concrete foundations, we mixed up a bag of concrete and poured it over the old concrete foundation so that we had a level base to work from. As an alternative, the manufacturer also says that you can use some aggregate and sand to make the foundation for these walls, so a concrete foundation isn't a pre-requisite. Before setting the blocks, we pre-drilled each block with a 1/2" hole to allow it to fit over the 3/8" rebar we had embedded in the concrete foundation. The blocks are easy to drill using a hammer drill. With the level foundation, we set the first row of blocks on sand using a small bubble level to ensure that each block was level in all directions. We used a bag of all purpose sand from the Building materials section of the local Home Depot. Setting the next row of blocks was very easy as they are glued together with construction/landscape adhesive. When the blocks are set beside each other there is an empty void between each block and we found it best to pre-fill this with dirt. We then added a little building sand in this area to help level the blocks from front to back. After 'dry' leveling the blocks, we removed the block, added a bead of construction adhesive, and glued the block on top of the lower row. We also found it best to set the bead of adhesive back about 2 inches from the front of the block to prevent any adhesive from oozing out as the blocks are squashed together. I had a rubber mallet which I used to gently tap the blocks together to ensure a smooth level fit. In practice, using the larger 28oz tube of landscape adhesive, we were able to glue about 40-45 linear feet of blocks together per tube. Our wall also has a gentle curve to it and we had no difficulty setting the blocks to follow the curve without needing to chisel the edges to change the angle of the blocks. There were a couple of blocks where I needed to shave off the inside edge for a tighter angle however this was easy with the angle grinder and diamond blade. Where the wall ended, we had to split the blocks - while the instructions recommend using a hammer and chisel, we have a 4" angle grinder and a diamond blade and I just scored the blocks using the angle grinder and then used a chisel to get a clean cut. When it came to capping the wall, we couldn't find any pre-cast concrete cap stones that we liked, so we went to our local builder's merchant and bought about 300 lbs of random shaped sandstone in a shade that complemented the Tango blocks. These are suprisingly easy to shape into the 8" wide rectangular 'live edged' cap stones that we were looking for (just search YouTube for some 'how to shape natural stone' videos). Finally we set the capstones on the wall using pre-mixed mortar that we bought from the Building section of the local Home Depot. While this was quite a time consuming project as we were replacing an existing retaining wall, the end result was well worth the effort and we love the combination of the Tango concrete blocks and the natural sandstone cap stones.
    by LosRubios
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    Interesting design, versatile.
    These were fun to play with. The blocks are weighty but not too heavy to pick up and carry around. The colors are mostly brown, gray and tan. The tan areas look like grains of sand, and the blocks are a little crumbly on the decorative sides. You also see embedded tiny stones of different colors. The non-decorative sides are mainly smooth brownish gray and look like a concrete mix. The blocks are quite consistent in color and size, but a little inconsistent in exact shape. Not a big deal. If one block doesn't fit quite right, just try a different one. The installation guide on the HD website is quite comprehensive and you can find short videos on Youtube. I haven't decided on my project yet, and I won't try breaking any blocks until I get to the bottom of the pallet. But I did start to play with them and have attached some pics. Very pretty when wet so I may apply a sealer. One thing, if you get them delivered, have a plan for moving them. The company that delivered mine does not pull their trucks into residential driveways. The delivery guy was still a great help. But you may want to invite some friends over and have a "block" party.
    by LittleBigheart
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    the T-shape blocks provide flexibility as they can be cut...
    the T-shape blocks provide flexibility as they can be cut in different ways to suit your needs. the only time-consuming task is when you need to butt 2 blocks together along their rough sides. just need some patience & a lighter touch with the brick hammer w/o chipping away part of the face.
    by timbuk0
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    Decorative, Easy to Use
    We built a retaining wall three-courses high (two exposed) for a flower bed. We wanted to allow some time from completion before submitting a review. The construction was fairly easy. Once a compacted level base was established, each course went in without an issue. It was a clean process because no mortar was required. We placed one-course below grade for stability. Making half-block was easy. The manufacturer provides a recessed grove for the cut. A couple of hits from a 2-1/2 pound sledge and chisel do the trick. The edge comes out to match the existing block. the block is also manufactured with one smooth corner edge and one rough. After two months there has been no shifting of the wall. When you water, there is leakage between the block. If this is an issue I recommend that plastic be placed between your soil and the inside of your wall.
    by mixerdude
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    These look great and very sturdy!
    I got these to use around my new grill. We were wanting a block wall to go around our grill to not only make it look better but also help with the wind in my area blowing the grill over which has been an issue with past grills. The shape of these make it very easy to build pretty much anything you could possibly want. They have instructions showing different ways to break the blocks to make end pieces and things like that and with how these are made the breaking of them was super easy if you follow the instructions. These look so nice around the grill and was very easy to build. I will be checking on getting more of these to build a small retaining wall in the near future. These are perfect blocks for a diy person like me. Great wall blocks.
    by cmh33
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    Neat concept, average execution
    This is a neat concept for a block wall with much versatility to create curves, straights or just edge a planting bed. When they were delivered, they would not back into a residential drive and thus made it quite difficult for a gravel driveway delivery. I strongly urge you keep this in mind when considering ordering them. I had to haul them quite far by hand to get them off the edge of the paved road since I have no forklift or skidsteer with forks on hand...I mean, I was literally asked if I had a loading dock at a noted residential delivery address. As I got through the pallet moving them, I was able to have the opportunity to handle each block in comparison and found some quality issues. I would say to plan on having a few to be buried because they do not apparently monitor the shear when they split the face...basically, two of these block were originally cast as one and then split in half to make two with a split face. The issue: I have a handful that have one with a severely concave face and other severely convex creating a bulged face in the wall. It's not too pretty and they probably should have been discarded before stacked on the pallet. In the trade, we typically bury a course or two so those are selected for that purpose but it is a bit of a disappointment if you use a base that maintains all block exposed. Should one need to be cut in half, there is a score line cast into each block. Use a 2-1/4 or 2-3/4 mason chisel to score a few more times in order to get a clean split so you have a clean face that could be exposed for a corner. I know one thing, I am going to lock it all in with landscape adhesive since there is no use of dowel pins and such. The neat concept here is the design allows for them to lock together when a course lays back on itself for a double face wall. It's a neat product, and once the weather cooperates, I will be able to finalize my installation and have some added visual value to our property by I am currently having difficulty finding matching cap stones.
    by Brian
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