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Protective Orange and Black Chainsaw Gloves

  • Protective Orange and Black Chainsaw Gloves
  • Waterproof leather palm and water-repellant polyester back
  • Left Hand Protection while operating a chainsaw
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Product Details

Protective chainsaw gloves from Oregon. Left hand chainsaw protection is ideal for having your free hand protected and operating hand comfortable. Washable material makes it easy to keep clean.
  • Protects left hand while handling chainsaw
  • Shaped and reinforced palm
  • Exposed areas are seamless and reinforced with leather
  • Waterproof kid leather palm and hard-wearing, water-repellant polyester back
  • Fluorescent back, knitted cuffs
  • Washable material makes it easy to keep clean
  • Oregon products
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Nice idea - not sure about the utility
These gloves by Oregon are intended to provide some protection to your non-trigger hand when using a chainsaw. There is a patch of fiber sewn inside the back of the glove that fits against the back of the left hand. It does not extend to the fingers, just roughly a 3”x3” square area on the back of the hand. I hope to never find out how well it works, but the protection area is fairly limited. The gloves fit snugly and grip well, so add a measure of safety by helping grip the saw well. I’m not sure how much better these are than standard gloves.
Nice work gloves
I like the stylish black and orange colors on these gloves. They fit me well. I like how the Velcro holds the glove closed at the wrist. With other gloves that I have had in the past the wide opening at the wrist would let sawdust and debris in. I weighed the gloves on my scale and they weigh in at a mere 4 ounces. The Oregon product number is 56449. Overall a nice set of work gloves.
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Well Made Chainsaw Gloves
Oregon Brand, Protective Orange and Black Chainsaw Gloves offer protection when working with chainsaws from abrasions and cuts handling saws or limbs. The palm of the gloves is double reinforced in pressure points. The top of the gloves is a breathable fabric with reinforcement over the knuckles. A few months ago, I raked a saw chain over my knuckles working without gloves. I now realize the benefit of working with gloves when handling chainsaws as a home owner. The large gloves fit snug, yet comfortably, like a second skin. Loose fitting gloves can sometimes become snagged and pull a hand into the tool.
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Great Protective Gloves
These are great for running my chainsaw. They fit a bit tight on my hands cause I got fatter hands and they are big. They have the velcro tabs that help keep the gloves tight on your hands and if you tighten them real good no saw chips get in your hands to poke and prod you while you are working. Its funny that I never noticed where my hands were in my vision and with this bright orange you can see where your hands are all of the time. I know that sounds silly, but it sure keeps them away from that hungry blade. They protect your hands from sharps and the rough wood that you are sawing up. These are good gloves not only for chainsaw work but for rough every day work as well. I like these gloves and they keep my hands safe.
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Safe but tight
When it comes to chainsaws, I know about ear, eye, head, hand, and leg protection, but I never knew about chainsaw gloves. These Oregon gloves include extra material in the left glove to protect or lessen the severity of contact with a running chain. Why only left-hand protection? It is the left hand that is most likely to encounter a spinning chainsaw during a kickback. The extra material on the back of the glove with shred to clog the drive sprocket and thereby stopping the chain. That is most likely to work on a gas chainsaw versus an electric. In either case the extra material also provides more protection than a standard work glove. These gloves tend to run small so although I have medium hands these large sized (#10) gloves were a tight fit. A hoop and loop strap on the palm side makes for a secure fit. There are textile pads on all digits except for thumb and forefinger. You cannot use a touch screen device with these gloves. Once on, the right glove is snug but nimble, while the left glove is a bit stiffer. The synthetic material is washable. These gloves are a great way of protecting my hands when cutting trees and worth the investment, just remember they run small size wise.
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Comfortable and protective gloves
These gloves have Velcro fasteners that allow for a custom fit. They are very comfortable and provide excellent protection. Based on the materials and the quality, we expect they will be very durable. They fit true to size. We appreciate the use of the orange material, since they will not get misplaced in the woods. We plan to get more of these, as they are just right for jobs where hand injury could occur without proper protection. Excellent quality.
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Great set of gloves for chainsawing.
They are light enough for handling a chain saw but durable enough to handle some log and branch moving. They are double-stitched and having padding in on the palms, finger tips and areas on top of your hand that are typically impacted when sawing. They are also nice and breathable. The only downside to these gloves is they reduce dexterity a little more than I thought, making some work such as sharpening a little more difficult. The orange fabric is also susceptible to tearing if it contacts teeth on the chain. These gloves are made in Pakistan.
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Left hand protection ?????
My Review for Oregon Protective Orange and Black chainsaw gloves. So I received these gloves. I am wondering what the slogan " left hand protection" means. I see no difference in one glove versus the other. I also do not see what makes these any different than a good pair of mechanics gloves. They do not say what they are constructed of. I would hope kevlar being they are advertised as chainsaw gloves? I also did not see anywhere on the website different sizes. These came in large. True to form I can't fit in a large and have it be comfortable or functional. So all that being said. The look constructed well. I like the orange hi vis color. Probably would love them if they fit better.
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Get the job done
Oregon Protective Orange and Black Chainsaw Gloves get the job done as long as you are right handed. Not sure what you do if you are left handed but these chainsaw gloves come with left hand protection over the top of the left hand and have soft right hand maneuvering when using the chainsaw. They have nicely shaped and reinforced palms without a lot of bulk.
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Quality gloves designed for chainsawers
We had an infestation of bark beetles two years ago and had to remove 30 trees from our property. That took a lot of chainsawing. First off, these gloves are bright orange. (I am still looking for a pair of insulated leather gloves I had put down in the midst of that tree removal marathon). Also important is the reinforcing of palm areas with the construction of the left hand glove providing some protection against kick-back.. The palms areas are waterproof and reinforcing is on the finger-tips except for the index (trigger) finger. Oregon makes good products and this is but another one.
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Showing 1-10 of 13 reviews