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3/4 in. Multipurpose Deck Railing Baluster Connector (10-Pack)

  • Connects to top and bottom deck rails
  • Reduces potential for wood rot
  • Installs quickly with included stainless steel screw
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Product Overview

This 10-Pack of Pegatha multipurpose deck railing baluster connectors will save you time and money when installing this 3/4 in. round or square aluminum deck railing balusters (sold separately) on either level or stair railing. No more time-consuming drilling for each baluster. Simply attach the connectors to the top and bottom deck rails with the provided stainless steel screws and install the balusters. Connectors give balusters a snug and secure fit and are completely hidden by the balusters for a smooth, professional look for your deck railing.
  • Designed to connect any 3/4 in. diameter round or square aluminum deck railing baluster to top and bottom level or stair deck rails
  • Installs quickly and securely with provided stainless steel screw
  • 1-Package of 10 connectors will secure five 3/4 in. diameter aluminum deck railing balusters to top and bottom level or stair deck rails, quantity of balusters ordered needs to match qty of connectors ordered in order to do top and bottom rails
  • Strong, sturdy nylon connector and stainless steel screw will hold balusters securely on railing
  • Completely hidden from weathering elements by baluster and will not degrade from sun or harsh weather exposure
  • Give your deck a streamlined, professional look with no unsightly baluster fasteners showing
  • Reduces potential for wood rot by eliminating need to drill holes on bottom deck rail where water can pool

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Questions & Answers


Has anyone used these with the square balusters from Pegatha and do they spin? or are they held i...

Asked by tramilton May 1, 2020

Yes you can use them. They can spin or not depending on how tight the screw is.

Will these work for horizontal balusters?

Asked by NP February 25, 2020

Never used them like that but yes you could or can be used on angle for hand rails on stairs

How far do the screws go into the rail ?

Asked by AL November 18, 2019

About 3/4"

I have four stairways in and around my house (interior and exterior and from deck). Every single...

Asked by Simon November 13, 2019

This will work as they can flex to the angle needed. I cut my bars too to match the desired angle; gives a clean finished look. Good luck but this will work …

Do the screws come with it?

Asked by Julia September 12, 2019

Yes, the screws come with.

Is the connection strong for sideward force or hits? I feel like balusters going in to wood has to be much stronger.

Asked by TJ1080 August 6, 2019

I used these on 2 deck projects over 8 years now and are very happy with the product. They have held on with bumps from me and kids and grand kids and none have broken. They also offer an 'air' gap between wood and pole so it doesn't hold water like a drilled hole. I tried drilled holes on the first project and when the treated pine rails warped the poles pulled out from not going deep enough so we changed rails to cedar and then used this connector.

Hello, Do these connectors work with the Veranda brand round black anodized balusters?

Asked by Guelphguy August 3, 2019

They should as long as they're 3/4 inches in size. This is what I used them on. Pegatha 26 in. x 3/4 in. Aluminum Charcoal Round Deck Railing Baluster (5-Pack) Hope this helps answer your question.

I am installing a stair railing. Will these connect even with that angle? Do they come universa...

Asked by Hickey12 August 16, 2018

They come with a straight end and an angled end, so they can be used effectively in either application. I've used them for both.

For pre-existing railing, how do the balusters go in since both top and bottom adapters are screw...

Asked by Gary June 10, 2018

EASY, just drill the top railing making the hold extra deep, screw connector on bottom, then insert baluster (about 1" longer then space between the upper and lower rail) pushing it up into the hole until it clears the bottom connector then lower on to it. The makes it easy to remove them when you have to paint. I do this on NEW decks too!

How long are the screws?

Asked by bosox242 June 23, 2017


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The connectors worked perfectly with the spindles to make a...
The connectors worked perfectly with the spindles to make a very sturdy job!!
These were connectors were so easy to install and look...
These were connectors were so easy to install and look amazing. All depending on the length of the run you are doing , you may need two people but the project came out great.
by York
Makes installing the balusters easy and quick.
Makes installing the balusters easy and quick.
by CarGuy73
Works great!
Works great!
by Larry
Pleased with product, not the service
The balusters and connectors worked out great once they finally sent all the connectors I had ordered. I ordered eleven 10-packs, and they showed up in one big zip-lock bag, duck-taped closed, like they were packaged by my 9 year old. When I got to the end of my project I discovered that they had shorted me 14 connectors. So I called and of course, they don't carry these in store, and they couldn't rush the missing pieces, so my railing sat unfinished for a week and a half while I waited for them. Home Depot promised me a gift card for the hassle, but a month later I've yet to get it. The product worked great but the shipping and customer service was a massive failure! 
by c1979
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Pegatha products are excellent system.
Loved the selection of styles and colors offered in the ballasters. The connectors are a real plus in that they make assembly a snap for first-timers or pros. The design makes for use on level railings and for stair railings without having to calculate and order individually by type.
by DonD
4 people found this helpful
Balluster mounts
you need these to mount powder coated ballusters. make sure you remember it takes 2 connectors for each balluster. Easy to install
by Pappy
3 people found this helpful
Great product, easy to use!
This is the second time to order and install this product. A total of 112 feet of running rail system and a set of 12 foot stairs. Good quality and easy to install. Just make yourself a template to correctly space the rods, screw in the top and bottom connectors and snap together. Looks fabulous! Same connectors work for perfect looking stair rails. DeWalts impact driver makes the job double simple.
by JimSr
8 people found this helpful
So easy to use.
I read in other reviews that people sometimes had problems getting the rods on the adapters. Not so here. If you attach all the adapters in the same direction it is a breeze to bring them all in line. Didn't need any help at all. Great stuff!!
by MrJay
solid and sturdy connectors
After setting 120 connectors not a single one failed. These are very sturdy with great screws to get a firm grip in the wood. I predrilled every one with a very small bit, but only because i wanted a precise placement and that worked well.
by wanderer
Showing 1-10 of 89 reviews