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Squirrel-Be-Gone Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - 2 lb. Capacity

  • Feeding ports and U-shaped perches give birds ample room to feed
  • Shatter-proof plastic reservoir lets you monitor the seed level
  • Weight-activated design protects seeds from squirrels
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Product Overview

we love birds, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Bird Feeding is Our Passion

Bird feeding isn’t just our specialty - it’s our lifestyle. All of our products stem from our commitment to creating a bird-feeding experience that is fun & fulfilling.

feed birds not squirrels, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Feed Birds, Not Squirrels

We offer a variety of squirrel-resistant features to ensure your seed is reserved for the birds, not the squirrels.

multiple ports, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Room for Plenty of Birds

With less competition from squirrels, and lots of ports on offer, our feeders will accommodate many birds at once.

weight-activated perches, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Weight-activated Perches

When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the ports close off under their weight.

metal feeder accents, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Metal Accents

Our squirrel-resistant feeders feature metals details like cages, port covers, and lids to provide extra defense against squirrels.

secure lid, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Secure Lid

For additional squirrel resistance our feeders boast benefits like sure-lock or twist-lock lids.

large seed capacity, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Large Seed Capacity

With plenty of seed in the reservoir, and nor squirrels to steal it, your hungry birds are sure to be well fed.

seed guide, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Seed Guide

Every bird species has their own seed preferences. Fill your feeders based on the type of bird you want to attract.

cardinals, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These non-migratory birds are a favorite of many bird lovers. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed and mixed seed.

chickadees, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These adorable birds love to feast on black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, peanuts, and mealworms.

finches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


There are many varieties of finches. These beauties enjoy eating mixed seed and Nyjer / thistle.

nuthatches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


For nuthatches, the larger the food, the better. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, and peanuts.

titmice, squirrel resistant seed feeders


In the summer, titmice mainly feed on insects. But they also enjoy seeds, particularly mixes that include seeds, nuts, and berries.

The Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Wild Bird Feeder features six feeding ports, U-shaped perches and holds 2 lb. of seed. The interior seed tower is surrounded by rustic metalwork. The feeding ports have sturdy metal perches that allow birds to feed comfortably but, when the squirrels perch on them, their weight causes the entire metal casing to slip down, completely blocking the feeding ports and their access to the seed. The six perch/feeding station set-up, coupled with the anti-squirrel technology makes this feeder one of the most economical and convenient on the market. The clear, shatter-proof plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution. Comes fully assembled with seed tray. Perky-Pet is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.
  • California residents
  • Weight-activated seed protection covers ports under a squirrel’s weight
  • Rustic brown metal leaves and cage protect feeder from squirrel damage
  • 6 feeding ports
  • Bird preferred u-shaped perches
  • Holds up to 2 lbs. of seed

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Product Depth (in.)
6.97 in
Product Height (in.)
19.08 in
Product Width (in.)


Bird Feeder Type
Seed Feeder
Bird Supply Type
Seed Feeder
Bird Type
Wild Bird
Color Family
Feeder Type
Food Capacity (lb.)
3.4 lb
Mount Type
Number of Perches / Ports
Product Weight (lb.)
2.507 lb
Squirrel Guard

Questions & Answers


Can this feeder be adjusted to defeat Starlings?

Asked by Joe August 7, 2020

no adjustments necessary any larger bird like a starling or a bluejay the openings will close. When any large bird lands on it their weight makes the openings close. also squirrels.

Will this work with blackbirds? We don't have a problem with squirrels but the blackbirds come to...

Asked by Geema June 2, 2020

Yesm they won't be a problem,

I have a couple different style wild bird feeders and the birds love the wild bird seed I use. I ...

Asked by dramon May 16, 2020

We have cardinals and mourning doves at our home. We bought our bird seed at PetSmart specifically for those birds. We also placed the feeders somewhat close to our fence. It's funny to watch them take turns eating. Hope this helps.

Will this work for cardinals?

Asked by Emily May 3, 2020

I'm using a wild bird seed by Pennington and the cardinals appear to enjoy that from this feeder

Can you monut it on a metal pole?

Asked by jennifer March 27, 2020

Yes. We mounted ours on Home Depot's shepherd hooks. We bought the 84-inch tall hooks.

can you use this with nyger/thistle seed?

Asked by birder July 24, 2019

Yes the birds love it!

Anyone else have a bird get stuck inside?:( Possibly trying to get at food & got stuck due to fantastic design?’!

Asked by Dee July 28, 2018

I did. He was ok though when I let him out. He flew away.

I thought shipping was free with an order over $45?

Asked by Audrey May 2, 2018

You will need to contact the store. I am not capable of answering this question.

Can we get new springs for this? I have two the squirrels have stolen.

Asked by Wicket April 22, 2018

No. My springs just broke & I've had it a few weeks. The (email that Customer Svs gave me) contact information is impossible to get thru to!

Will you be changing the design of the feeder back to the original base? IT IS NOT SQUIRREL PROO...

Asked by Birdlover February 16, 2018

As of July 2019 the design has not changed and squirrels are fat and happy!!

Squirrel-Be-Gone Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - 2 lb. Capacity - page 2

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Squirrels 1, Feeder 0
Squirrels bent open the metal leaves meant to cover the openings when weighted by the squirrel. They got smarter and figured out how to hang on without activating the squirrel defense. Now I have fat squirrels and distraught birds. My last line of defense: bank on the window. When the squirrels aren't around, the birds love the feeder. Buy this and pay the squirrel tax.
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Needs some small modifications to work. 1 zip-tie, 2 screws
Assembly from factory seems to be snap together, needs a few modifications if you have fat squirrels like we do. Fail 1; They managed to pop the small post holding the lid/hanging wire to the rest of the feeder, dropping the feeder to the ground. A zip-tie through the pre-drilled holes and around the lid have secured that part. Though you need to cur/replace the zip-tie for refill it now. Fail 2; Our chunky squirrels managed enough downward force on the cage to pop the bottom cap out (it is held with 4 small tabs through the plastic). Adding 2 small self tapping screws through the plastic&metal cap on opposite sides have secured this piece. When they aren't breaking the entire feeder the sliding cage does great a keeping their grubby little mitts off the seed.
Was this helpful?
Response from Woodstream TeamOctober 13, 2020
Thank you for this feedback.
Not Squirrel Proof At All
The squirrels within a few days were able to climb on the feeder and cause the springs to release and crash it to the ground. After redoing the springs and hanging it back up the squirrels realized that the base of the feeder is a perch for them to stand on and will not cause the feeder to close the holes. They ate the plastic around the feeding holes and wrecked it. See photos of holes below.
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Not Squirrel Proof
The birds love this feeder but so do the squirrels. Easy to fill and the birds like the perches. But advertised as squirrel proof. It is not! See my Photo Below
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Squirrels are much smarter than this Be Gone Feeder
Within a day a very persistent squirrel was able to feed on here. I have adjusted the springs to no avail and will try the "slinky" method. It is a very durable feeder but somewhat of a pain to clean.
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The best squirrel be gone ever ! love it ...
The best squirrel be gone ever ! love it Now we reduce the seed purchases to half ! ty
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Nice but not completely squirrel proof
Easy to fill. Nice looking, but not quite squirrel proof. But it took them weeks to figure how to spread themselves out so their weight didnt close it, the rascals
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Good for small birds
We’ve had this feeder for about three weeks now. We were having a lot of trouble with squirrels on our old feeder especially from their jumping off and damaging a flowering bush below. This feeder definitely deters squirrels - they’ve given up coming!!However the perches are small so the Cardinals and Blue Jays we used to get have stopped coming. However we do get tons of small beautiful birds.
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Not Squirrel Proof
I’ve had one of these exact feeders in the past with no issues. However, these squirrels at my new apartment are next level. The plastic is not squirrel proof. They ate through the bottom so all the birdseed fell out! Sneaky!
Was this helpful?
Response from Woodstream TeamSeptember 23, 2020
Thank you for sharing your feedback.
Squireel was inside this feeder eating my seed four afters after we put it out!!!
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