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Squirrel Stumper Squirrel Resistant Metal Wild Bird Feeder - 3 lb. Capacity

  • A unique bird feeder for any backyard or front porch
  • Holds up to 3 lbs. of seed and features 8 feeding ports
  • Durable metal cage prevents squirrels from invading
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Product Details

we love birds, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Bird Feeding is Our Passion

Bird feeding isn’t just our specialty - it’s our lifestyle. All of our products stem from our commitment to creating a bird-feeding experience that is fun & fulfilling.

feed birds not squirrels, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Feed Birds, Not Squirrels

We offer a variety of squirrel-resistant features to ensure your seed is reserved for the birds, not the squirrels.

multiple ports, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Room for Plenty of Birds

With less competition from squirrels, and lots of ports on offer, our feeders will accommodate many birds at once.

weight-activated perches, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Weight-activated Perches

When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the ports close off under their weight.

metal feeder accents, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Metal Accents

Our squirrel-resistant feeders feature metals details like cages, port covers, and lids to provide extra defense against squirrels.

secure lid, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Secure Lid

For additional squirrel resistance our feeders boast benefits like sure-lock or twist-lock lids.

large seed capacity, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Large Seed Capacity

With plenty of seed in the reservoir, and nor squirrels to steal it, your hungry birds are sure to be well fed.

seed guide, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Seed Guide

Every bird species has their own seed preferences. Fill your feeders based on the type of bird you want to attract.

cardinals, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These non-migratory birds are a favorite of many bird lovers. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed and mixed seed.

chickadees, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These adorable birds love to feast on black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, peanuts, and mealworms.

finches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


There are many varieties of finches. These beauties enjoy eating mixed seed and Nyjer / thistle.

nuthatches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


For nuthatches, the larger the food, the better. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, and peanuts.

titmice, squirrel resistant seed feeders


In the summer, titmice mainly feed on insects. But they also enjoy seeds, particularly mixes that include seeds, nuts, and berries.

The Perky-Pet Squirrel Stumper Bird Feeder offers a variety of convenient features in one charming package. First, there's the twist-lock lid, which not only removes for easy filling, but also locks in place so sneaky squirrels can't easily open the feeder and steal seed from the top. This feeder also boasts a wire metal cage that creates a barrier around the seed reservoir making it harder for squirrels to gain access to the ports. Plus, the sturdy metal is designed to resist squirrel damage and chewing, as well as resist. In addition to its squirrel-resistant features, the Squirrel Stumper is also a favorite of birds. The whopping eight feeding ports spaced evenly around the feeder provide plenty of room for multiple birds to dine at the same time. And with the 3 lb capacity, you won't have to worry about all those birds emptying your feeder too quickly during peak feeding times. When you do start to run low, the clear seed compartment makes it easy to monitor seed levels, so you know when it's time to clean and refill.

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Questions & Answers

Q:Will this feeder keep squirrels out,???
by|May 11, 2021
10 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  yes I love it

by|Sep 29, 2022
    1 found this answer helpful

    A:  no; The only thing that keeps squirrels out is me standing nearby.

    by|Mar 9, 2023
      2 found this answer helpful

      A:  Nope

      by|Jul 17, 2021

        A:  This feeder has squirrel-deterring features and is effective at keeping them away from the birdseed.

        by|Sep 29, 2022
          1 found this answer helpful

          A:  The feeder is NOT squirrel proof.

          by|May 12, 2021

          A:  Yes it kept the squirrel out and he was upset. Would buy this feeder again.

          by|Sep 29, 2022
          1 found this answer helpful

          A:  In my experience it does not keep the squirrels from getting to the seed, BUT, it does keep them from chewing up the plastic and destroying the bird feeder. Sometimes you gotta compromise with nature

          by|Mar 9, 2023
            4 found this answer helpful

            A:  NO! I have had the feeder up since July 4th, its almost empty and only saw 1 bird. Squirrels are ALL over it

            by|Mar 15, 2022
              1 found this answer helpful

              A:  Squirrels hang on scrape food out then eats it from the floor

              by|Jul 17, 2022
                1 found this answer helpful

                A:  yes

                by|Sep 29, 2022
                  2 found this answer helpful
                  Q:can i get parts
                  by|Nov 18, 2020
                  5 Answers
                  Answer This Question

                  A:  Replacement parts are not available for this feeder, please contact us directly at 855-737-5973 for assistance with our 1-year replacement policy.

                  by|Nov 19, 2020

                    A:  It is not worth the money squirrels still eat out of it

                    by|Jan 9, 2021

                      A:  I have tried to get parts for this style of bird feeder, but have not been able to find them. Squirrels are the chief enemy. They gnaw the feeder, and they even gnaw the rope holding the feeder. I had one case where a squirrel gnawed the rope, the feeder dropped, and the plastic parts cracked and broke. Could not find another plastic insert.

                      by|Nov 19, 2020

                      A:  No

                      by|Mar 18, 2021

                        A:  For part information contact Perky-Pet.

                        by|May 12, 2021
                        Q:Only, one or two birds have eaten from this. It does not seem they can land and feed very disappointing
                        by|May 26, 2020
                        5 Answers
                        Answer This Question

                        A:  I have a similar bird feeder and the birds all cling to the wire enclose while eating. It may be the type of food. I use feed with a mixture the includes corn and numerous other foods. It could also be where it is hung. It should be out in the open and hung in a way that squirrels can't get into it. The squirrels get enough from the food that birds scatter on the ground below. Also, if this is your first feeder, give the birds a little time to find it. Some weeks I fill my feeder every 5-7 days while at other times it may last for over 2 weeks.

                        by|Mar 9, 2023
                        1 found this answer helpful

                        A:  Birds are creatures of habit and can take some time to adjust to a new feeder. If you have any other established feeders in your yard, you may want to remove them temporarily to help the birds adjust a little faster.

                        by|May 30, 2020

                          A:  It takes a while for birds to get use to a new feeder. This is not a squirrel proof feeder.

                          by|Oct 31, 2021
                          1 found this answer helpful

                          A:  mine have bird around all day

                          by|May 25, 2021

                            A:  I found at first the birds didn't seem to be landing on mine either. But they figured it out and love this feeder.

                            by|Jun 5, 2020
                            Q:How did you ever design a feeder that attracts squirrels SO well??
                            by|May 20, 2020
                            5 Answers
                            Answer This Question

                            A:  I gotta laugh . I have squirrels hand right on and keep on eating!

                            by|Jun 4, 2021

                              A:  You are responding to the Home Depot site. You should direct your comments to Perky-Pet.

                              by|Mar 12, 2023
                              1 found this answer helpful

                              A:  I have yet to find a bird feeder that squirrels can't get into. Sometimes it takes them a day or two, but, they always figure it out. No matter where I've placed this feeder, they will jump 3 feet to attached themselves to it and suck up every seed- while hanging upside down!! Try to put up a long bar, between trees or something else and get some PVC pipe that has a larger diameter and place a piece on each side, if the squirrels can't jump that far, they will try to traverse the bar and get spun off, I've seen others take a 2 liter pop bottle, cut off the ends and use that- thread the bar through the bottles. Good luck!!

                              by|Jul 28, 2022
                              2 found this answer helpful

                              A:  The squirrels do love it, there's no denying that. I think no matter what feeder you go with, the squirrels will find a way to get the seeds

                              by|Jun 5, 2020

                              A:  We are sorry to hear about this! You might want to try relocating the feeder away from launching points, or adding some cayenne pepper to the seed to help deter the squirrels. If you are still not satisfied with the feeder, please keep in mind that it is covered by a 30 day return policy.

                              by|Dec 15, 2022
                                2 found this answer helpful
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                                It is very difficult to open the top of the...
                                It is very difficult to open the top of the feeder to refill. Definitely not squirrel proof as I am now watching a squirrel hang upside down on the feeder eating seed while also tossing seed down to the other squirrel underneath the feeder. Makes for an entertaining view, though.
                                • Verified Purchase
                                Ninjas Squirrel
                                Highly trained Ninjas squrrels have attacked my feeder. Unfortunately Squirrel guard on feeder didn't stand a chance.
                                  Definitely not squirrel proof
                                  I bought this because squirrels were eating all my bird food. Now I have 3 more!!! Definitely not squirrel proof
                                    Definitely not squirrel proof....
                                    Definitely not squirrel proof.
                                    • Verified Purchase
                                    Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
                                    Unfortunately, this unit does not slow the squirrels down at all. They laugh at me!!
                                    Response from Woodstream TeamMay 20, 2022
                                    We're sorry to hear this! Try and hang your feeder at least twelve feet from any tree trunk or limb and at least four feet up from the ground. This will prevent squirrels from either jumping from the tree or up from the ground onto the feeder. The feeder is covered under a 30-day return policy. Please give us a call at 855-737-5973 for assistance.
                                    • Verified Purchase
                                    Bird's head got stuck in frame
                                    This appears to be a nice, high quality bird feeder. HOWEVER, a small bird in our backyard got it's head stuck in the wire frame while reaching for the hole in the plastic tube where the bird seed is. Luckily I saw this happen. I had to take the bird feeder down, and ultimately after about 10 min of work I was able to move the plastic tube just enough to let up on the bird's neck and it flew away. Very scary! Very disappointed in this bird feeder and will be throwing it away.
                                      Squirrels love it
                                      Squirrels love it see the picture. Wouldn't recommend.
                                      Response from Woodstream TeamMar 31, 2022
                                      Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear about this recent experience with this feeder. It is covered under a 30 day return policy and has a one year replacement policy. Reach out to us at 1-855-737-5973 for assistance.
                                        Does not stop squirrels
                                        As a feeder, it does the job. It does NOT stop squirrels from eating the seeds.
                                        Response from Woodstream TeamMar 3, 2022
                                        I am sorry to hear of the results! Baffles can be used above or below feeders not considered “squirrel resistant”. In addition, keep in mind squirrels can JUMP! Ideal placement would be at least 12 feet away from any type of launch pad (tree, fence…) and at least 4 feet off the ground.
                                          Kills Birds! Don’t purchase!
                                          Please see this picture and advocate for these feeders to be recalled.
                                            Bird, Squirrel and Chipmunk Feeder
                                            This is a great feeder! Holds lots of seed and the birds love it - so do the squirrels and chipmunks. It is not squirrel or chipmunk proof! Fortunately, I enjoy watching them along with the birds.
                                            Response from Woodstream TeamOct 7, 2021
                                            We appreciate your feeder and are sorry to hear the critters are getting a free meal! Try hanging feeders at least 4 ft off the ground to deter furry thieves. Please give us a call at 855-737-5973 with any questions!
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