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60-Watt Equivalent A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb Soft White (2700K)

  • Soft white light bulb creates comfortable & relaxing environment
  • Household A19 dimmable LED light bulb used in standard fixtures
  • 60 watt equivalent LED bulb replaces standard incandescent bulbs
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Product Overview

Use the Philips 60W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) Dimmable LED Light Bulb in residential spaces in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, as well as commercial spaces in offices and retail areas. It's great for table and floor lamps, pendant fixtures, and ceiling fixtures. This bulb produces a soft white light similar to an incandescent bulb to give your space a comfortable and relaxing environment. This bulb replaces your current 60-watt incandescent A19 bulb to save you up to $134.75 in energy costs.
  • Brightness: 830 lumens
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $1.32 (based on 3 hours/day, c11/kWh; cost depends on rates and use)
  • Life: 22.8 years (based on 3 hours/day)
  • Light appearance: 2700K (soft white)
  • Energy used: 11 watts (equivalent to a 60 watt standard incandescent light bulb)
  • Lumens per watt: 76
  • Uses 82% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb
  • Ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways in your table and floor lamps, open pendant or ceiling fixtures
  • Doesn't contain mercury
  • Contains Mercury: No
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Actual Color Temperature (K)
Actual Color Temperature (K)
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Bulb Construction
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Bulb Type
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Color Temperature
Soft White
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Wattage (Watts)
Wattage Equivalence
60 Watts

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Yes. Please see the "more information" tab for details.

Questions & Answers


How do I get these bulbs? The website says they can't be delivered or picked up in store. My loca...

Asked by DGP January 5, 2020

This particular bulb has been discontinued for some time, but you can still purchase basic Philips Soft White A19 LEDs on homedepot.com https://www.homedepot.com/p/Philips-60-Watt-Equivalent-A19-Non-Dimmable-Energy-Saving-LED-Light-Bulb-Soft-White-2700K-4-Pack-461129/206774894

Can a 60 watt led substitute safely for a 40 watt standard bulb?

Asked by JV March 11, 2019

Yes - if the fixture is rated to accept 40 watts incandescent bulbs, there won't be any issues with a 60w equivalent LED as they only use around 10 watts


Asked by JEFF June 5, 2014

Don't see why it wouldn't. I have old dimmers that work perfectly with this lamp. I don't think the dimmers I have are designed for this particular lamp. So, one that is CFL/LED should work perfect.

does this bilb work with a standard dimmer switch or do you need a Led type dimmer switch?

Asked by rodney March 9, 2014

I haven't had any problems using this with my older style dimmer switches in my Victorian home. These dimmers are probably 10-20 years old, though I am not 100% sure. I have had trouble with older LED and CFLs that were not on special dimmers. But so far so good with these lamps.

What type of light fixture is recommended for these bulbs?

Asked by CedarP January 28, 2014

You should use an open type fixture, or one with venting. Other than that, it is the standard base.


Asked by JMS1 January 10, 2014

Pricing varies by location and can depends on your state / local energy provider point of sale subsidy or rebate. Often significantly cheaper at your physical Home Depot location.

How even is the lighting?

Asked by Gern January 1, 2014

very even a nice bright even light. I really like them.

Georgia Power is has "Secial Buy LED 2-Pack" promotion with HD. Their ad in today's paper states that they are available at the Ponce store. True?

Asked by Percy300 November 7, 2013

may want to call ponce store to be sure they would know the best right?

Can the dimmable Philips LED bulbs be used for recessed ceiling fixtures?

Asked by hotspot June 11, 2013

Yes, the Home Depot in St. Catharines, Ontario says these can be used in cans with no issues. I explained the issues regarding the use of CFLs in cans and was told that these specific LED bulbs are suitable.

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Excellent LED Bulb
I decided to slowly start replacing as many bulbs as possible in my home with LED bulbs. There are a number of brands to choose from but personally I like the look of these Philips bulbs over the other brands. The life expectancy of LED bulbs is based on lab testing. The packaging states that these bulbs should last about 22.8 years based on 3 hours of use per day. I'll be happy with half of that so here is to hoping. As for the lights themselves, they are heavier than regular bulbs so keep that in mind if you are putting multiples in one fixture. The light looks the same as incandescent bulbs. I can't comment on the dimming since none of the dimmers I have are made for LED bulbs. I'm looking forward to seeing how significant of a saving I will get on my energy bill once I replace enough bulbs.
by astonman
nice average lamp with dimming!
I used this bulb over my kitchen sink, I really wanted a brighter bulb, but I wanted to try this in a spot where I use the dimming feature. No humming that I noticed. I like the shape of the bulb, and I like the color, not that crazy white light that makes everything distorted in color. I am happy with this bulb and would buy this again!!
by Diannajh
Pretty good
This is a pretty good LED bulb. I compared it to a 60 watt incandescent bulb and the brightness is very comparable. The color temperature is similar although this Phillips unit is just a tiny bit more blue/green. It is still very good and I would say better than a CFL I checked the color spectrum with a blank CDROM and it is smooth like an incandescent whereas a CFL is spiky. I measured it with a kill-a-watt meter and it stabilizes at 12w after warming up. The power factor is good at 0.86 compared to 0.60 of a CFL (1.0 is ideal) The coating on top to help distribute light evenly slightly affects the color temperature so the light is slightly warmer off the top (with the socket down) but it is unnoticeable in a fixture. Speaking of light distribution. Doing a side by side test, it is indistinguishable from a incandescent for evenness of light. Far better than I expected from the shape It is heavy. I didn't measure it but it is much heavier than an incandescent. Startup time to full brightness is very fast. I would say no slower than a comparable incandescent. Unlike CFLs which take atleast 500mS just to start and then over a minute to reach full brightness. Audio wise, it is quiet. I have to put my ear against it to hear buzzing and it is quieter than most CFLs The heatsink does get pretty hot although not quite as hot as an incandescent (I measured 80c after 3 hours) Checked for flicker with a solar cell and a scope and there was virtually no notable flicker. Less flicker than an incandescent or CFL. I checked RFI radiation and you can only hear interference if you bring an AM or shortwave radio antenna within 2 feet or hold the base with the electronics. It seems pretty clean overall. I have yet to test dimming but I am fairly sure it does not redshift like an incandescent. That may be good or bad depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Life span is TBD. All and all it is a good performer. Low power usage,good light quality and next to no flicker (Which is good for those with flicker sensitivity) Wattage is a little higher than stated but it still achieves 70 lumens/watt (note I cannot measure light output but it is equal to a 60 watt 840 lumen bulb atleast) I would suggest this to anyone looking to try LEDs. They have come a long way and prices are coming down. I wouldn't hesitate to replace most of the bulbs in the house with this if it were not so expensive.
by sakt
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Fantastic bulb, great color, no hum, with dimming!
A far superior offering to any CFL and matching traditional incandescent bulbs for light quality . . . this bulb checks every desirable box: 1. It's dimmable! 2. 2700K color! 3. Great light output of 830+ lumens! 4. Fits in every fixture I've tried (great form factor)! 5. Has nice light diffusion (not overly directional like many LED bulbs). Update: After getting my first one for review, over six months ago, it's still going strong with zero hum and no loss of output or quality. Our experience was so positive I ordered six more! I highly recommend this bulb.
by Wester
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LED Dimmable Light Bulb 60w!!! Great Stuff
The actual light omitting from the bulb is nice. Warm and soft nothing tense about this bulb at all. Philips LED Energy Star Dimmable 60w 11w is great I am very impressed.
by paulawill2
we were shopping for a new kitchen light and purchased an LED fixture thru homedepot and were so impressed with the lights we began switching out the entire house to them. I had seen a report of a failure with the CFL bulbs that deeply concerned me and I am very glad I did. While changing out the bulbs I found not one but three cfl bulbs that had burnt on the top where the glass meets the plastic bodies . What brand they were I ve no clue. However LED bubs do not use the wattage cfl bulbs to so the risk of fire is greatly reduced but they also provide far superior lumens so your not missing the brightness of the bulbs .An LED is completely sealed in plastic so nothing to break burn out ect so over all they will last not weeks or month but YEARS before replacement . we've all had that bulb we replaced last month and are doing it again that isn't the case with LED super so glad the technology has finally stepped up
by falcon802
Bright looks great in hanging light fixture
Bright looks great in hanging light fixture . We had CFL's in these hanging light fixture over the bar in the kitchen. The CFL's did not throw out enough light and were not to appealing to the eye when off. These new LED bulbs did the trick brighter and fashion looking when not in use looks great in hanging light fixture. Also dimmable as the others were not.
by bc95
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LED w/No Buzz, Good Look, 2700k, and is dimmable!
I've been looking for this bulb for the past few years. My goal was an LED 60w comparable light bulb that still looked like a light bulb (not some alien monstrosity), was at 2700K (same color as incandescent), is dimmable, and does not buzz. Buzzing - This LED 60w bulb is the quietest of the A19 variety, barely can hear a buzz whether full on or dimmed and I have great hearing. Color - Good 2700K color, dims down to a bright white color which is typical among all LED bulbs. Look - Has a clean look and isn't too big or bulky. I have down sconces and I don't want the bulb hanging outside of the sconce. Dimmable - I am not using the recommended light switch, just using a Lutron 3-way standard paddle switch and it works great. I tried other recommended switches and saw no difference. Dims LED lights down to about 20%, so not as much as incandescent, but to have no buzz and dim this low, I'm a happy camper.
by MadHatter
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LED, 60 watt, warm white bulb.
Philips A19 LED, 60watt rated output light bulb. (822592) from Home Depot. This product was received through the Home Depot SEEDs program. Initial impressions, The bulb is heavy as compared to similar bulbs. It weighs ~ 4.6 oz, is 2.4” in diameter, and 4.3” long. A similar CFL bulb weighed ~ 2.4 oz. The body portion is an aluminum heat sink for the LEDs and internal power supply circuits. The general construction quality looks well made. I measured the power consumed, and the power factor of bulb. It consumed ~13 watts, and exhibited a power factor of 0.97. I did not have a way to measure the light output other than a subjective comparison to a CCL bulb of similar size and construction. The light output of these units is quite good, in fact they produced more light than my CFL comparison bulb. The bulb is rated for a color temp of 2700K, or a “warm-white” very similar to a standard incandescent bulb color. This bulb produces a warmer color, far less of a “bright white” than the 5000K models I have used. This color is probably more suitable for in home locations, than the 5000K color temp version. The bulb size is a good fit for most lighting fixtures. I install the bulb in several fixtures to evaluate it. Other than the additional weight, this bulb should make for a good replacement for CCL or incandescent bulbs. The bulb produces full output at turn-on, unlike CFLs that only produce a low level at turn-on and have to warm up to reach full output. The vendor says they can be used with dimmers. I tried the bulb with a “stepped” dimmer lamp, that would not work with CFL bulbs, and the LED bulb worked fine. I did not measure the bulb temperature in operation. The fixture that they are used in can effect their operating temperature. LED bulbs may have problems operating in totally sealed, small globe style fixtures, where air flow is restricted. In my use I have not noted any temperature problems with open fixtures. I also tried this bulb in a movable arm desk lamp, it worked ok in my lamp, but due to the additional weight of the bulb it may be too heavy to be used in some flexible arm fixtures. I have read that some model LED bulbs can cause RFI interference with home electronics. So far I have not noted any RFI problems. I have wireless phones and a wireless network installed, have not noted any problems since installing the bulb. They are not cheap, but they should provide several years of use, and far lower power consumption than incandescents (~78% less power). As to reliability, time will tell. I would expect them to be better than similar CFL bulbs. The package states this bulb has a six year warranty. For applications where the bulb would be hard to access or change, and reliability are prime concerns this should be a good device.
by BobC
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Superior 60W replacement
I have been researching LED bulbs for over a year. This bulb uses 18% of the electricity of an incandescent 60 W bulb, and produces very comparable light and brightness. The shape of this LED bulb is also excellent, and allows it to be used almost anywhere a traditional incandescent would fit. I like the visual appearance of the bulb--rather like a spotlight--and the light output is very even to my eye. I have had several Philips LED bulbs for over a year and I have had zero issues. This new opaque glass version, which uses 1.5 watts less and puts out 30 lumens more light, is a nice improvement over the previous model, which worked great but was cosmetically unpleasant. See attached pictures for side-by-side comparison -- Philips LED bulb is on left side, 60 Watt Soft White incandescent on right. I think you will find this is a superior light bulb, and in my opinion, more attractive than the CREE bulb--much like the difference between a Lamborghini and a Kia.
by LEDConnoisseur
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