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Color and Tunable White A19 LED 60W Equivalent Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Wireless Light Bulb

  • Create the perfect mood in your room with millions of colors
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts
  • Control your lights wirelessly and remotely with the WiZ app
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Product Overview

Philips Smart Wifi LED, creating a feeling of comfort and well being in the home

Introducing Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED

These smart light bulbs offer beautiful light in familiar bulb shapes. You can choose between bulbs with different white and colored light effects

Control your lighting with the WiZ app

Easy Control with App or Voice

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED is simple to set up and easy to control. Use the app or your favorite voice device to create your desired ambiance

Easy smart lighting for a more convenient everyday life

Smart Lighting for Your Everyday Life

Enjoy your desired ambiance and give your daily routines a boost with presets

Offers all the benefits of the Wiz connected ecosystem

Simple Set Up

Get started by screwing in your new bulb and downloading the WiZ app.

Works with your ordinary switch or luminaire

Control Light Throughout Your Home

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED is available as both bulbs and recessed downlights

Dim smoothly in one touch

Create an ambiance that suits the moment

Smart lighting allows you to customize your home's ambiance with smooth dimming

Versatile lighting for every moment of your day

Set the Scene with the WiZ App

Enjoy preset scenes such as Cozy, Fireplace, Party, and Ocean

Control your lights wirelessly

Enabled by Wi-Fi

Works with your home’s existing Wi-Fi Network

Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri

On, Off, and Dimming

Control your lights with the WiZ app or voice devices

Dim to smooth in one touch

Warm to cool light

From relaxing warm white light to energizing cool daylight, adjust your light for your daily activities

Live life colorfully

Millions of Colors

Make any room glow in your favorite color

Convenient everyday life

Timers and Schedules

Light up your daily routines with timers and schedules

Compatible with your favorite voice control device

Voice Control

Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED lighting puts you in complete control of your lighting with smart bulbs that are easy to use, functional, and affordable. We’ve made all your favorite high-quality Philips bulbs smarter, just connect them to your existing Wi-Fi network. Smart Color and White Light - Live life colorfully. Dynamic light modes make any room glow in your favorite color. Control your lights wherever you are using the WiZ app or your favorite compatible voice control device. Product requires a WiFi connection to operate wirelessly. Compatible with WiZ apps and products along with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Shortcuts
  • Smart Full Color Light
  • Scene Setting
  • At home and away control
  • Home lighting automation: set schedules to suit your lifestyle.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts
  • Download the free WiZ app for Android or iPhone to start using your smart lights
  • Not compatible with the Philips Hue app

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Bulb Construction
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A Shaped Bulb
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Remote Access
Remote Access
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No Hub Required
Smart Home
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Voice Control Hub Required
No Hub Required for Voice Control
Wattage (Watts)
Wattage Equivalence
60 Watts
Works With
Alexa, Google, IFTTT, Siri

Warranty / Certifications

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Questions & Answers


Besides it's appearance, cost, and 10 lumens of brightness, what's the difference between this an...

Asked by Chris October 20, 2020

Hi Chris - the IZ0126081 an older model. There is no functionality difference between IZ0126081 and this Philips WiZ model

Do I HAVE to download Wiz? How do I use it with Alexa?

Asked by sc October 18, 2020

The WiZ app is required to pair the bulbs to the router, get it connected to Wi-Fi (and the WiZ cloud) and then you can establish connection with Alexa via the integrations menu within the WiZ app.

Does it work with GoSound smart switch?

Asked by Burgundy October 15, 2020

These Wi-Fi bulbs are not compatible with the GoSund Smart Switch

Once I download the WiZ app and then add the skill to Alexa and complete the integration can I un...

Asked by JNStev October 13, 2020

You would be able to remove the WiZ app once you have set the Alexa Skill integration. Our recommendation, however, is to maintain the WiZ app on your phone. If you ever need to change any settings for the bulb, such as moving to a new room, that will need to be completed via the WiZ app.

Where is the mac address for the bulb? I am having trouble setting it up with my spectrum communi...

Asked by Drew October 4, 2020

The mac address was on the device status page of my wireless router, sorting the list by newest connections. The mac addresses were in the range A8:BB:50:xx:xx:xx (A8:BB:50 is WiZ oui).

Can the bulb be turned off and on via a normal wall switch in addition to wireless operation.

Asked by Cholo September 21, 2020

Yes - you can always turn the power off with a wall switch. If power to the fixture is off, however, the bulb will not be controllable from the WiZ app and features such as remote operation or scheduling will not be available if the bulb is not powered on.

Why do these light bulbs not work every morning for nearly the past 6 months?

Asked by Tom September 18, 2020

Hi Tom - its hard to figure out what might be happening here with limited information to go off of. I would suggest reaching out to our support line at 1-800-555-0050 and we will do our best to assist.

Is there a way to program ON at Sunset and OFF at Sunrise? I can not find these settings in the ...

Asked by Joegl September 10, 2020

Sunrise and Sunset timers are currently not available within the WiZ app. You could still achieve this functionality by using the IFTTT app, however. You would need need to program an applet within IFTTT using a service such as weather underground to program the lights to go on at sunrise and off at sunset

Do these bulbs need to be hooked up to a switch or can you just put constant power to the fixture?

Asked by Morleiii September 5, 2020

These Philips Wi-Fi bulbs should be used in a fixture with a standard on/off switch (they are not compatible with traditional dimmer switches). You can always use the wall switch to turn the bulb on/off like a standard bulb, but if the power to the fixture is off you will be unable to control the bulbs via the WiZ app or compatible voice platform. As long as power to the fixture is on you can turn the bulbs on/off with the WiZ app/voice control and take advantage of the other benefits of smart lighting.

I want more than one but it looks like I should buy them one at a time. Why is one of them 13$ but 2 of them is 30$

Asked by LVDIY September 4, 2020

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I recently replaced every single lightbulb in my apartment with the Philips WiZ color bulbs and I LOVE THEM. I feel like a lot of people don’t know about them but I wish it was more popular, because they work beautifully and the price point CANNOT be beat. They deserve to be more widely used and known. I never cared for color-changing lights, but when the pandemic hit, I had just moved in with a friend who had them in his living room. He installed them in fall of 2019, and they still work great. I couldn’t believe how much I loved them. I downloaded the app where he added me as a guest, and they were so much fun to change up. Some of the preset color schemes are kind of useless or repetitive (like Forest, Jungle, and Mojoto - all three are essentially green) but some of them are pretty great (notably Sunset, Deep Sea, and Romance (poorly named, it’s just a nice light color scheme). I loved being able to have bright lights when working or cleaning, dim blue for watching TV, and sometimes even red because why not. I moved into a new apartment a month ago and told him I’d miss the lights, but that I don’t have that kind of money (because I know Hue bulbs are $50 a bulb, which REQUIRES the use of a $100 hub). He explained they weren’t Philips Hue lights but Philips WIZ, and that they were super affordable and I was THRILLED. I got 8 (yes EIGHT) color changing light bulbs, and 2 soft white edison-type globe bulbs ALL for under $140. I think the WiZ app is fantastic, and they respond INSTANTLY. I’ve read elsewhere that not having a hub means they respond faster, so maybe that’s why. I love the Wiz light bulbs so much that I even bought 2 not-so-affordable (for me) light strips from a different warehouse-type store which were $50 each. Not thrilled about that price but HOLY CRAP I love the light strips even more. I initially got one for a hallway that has no light, and the other for under the counter, but now I want them everywhere. One light strip produces SO MUCH LIGHT it’s amazing, almost too much - so I guess they aren’t overpriced. It’s just a bit of sticker shock compared to $12.97 for a full color range A19 bulb. Lastly, I’ll add that I’m using them with my crappy Spectrum modem that combines 2.4
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economical HUE alternative
Got this to use up a HD store credit. I am glad I did. It works very similar to the more expensive Philips HUE bulbs that require the hub. These bulbs are WIZ protocal (Philips purchased the WIZ firm) and need no hub; only install the app on a smart phone and control them with that. If you also have Alexa smart speakers link the WIZ skill to the Alexa app and control them also with voice commands (you need to name each bulb or create groups to place more than one bulb into a named group to control more than one at once) The light goes from very white light to soft white and millions of shades of colors and brightness levels. And they only use 9 watts for the 800 lumens when the bright white mode or the soft white mode.
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must buy
Excellent choice over the pricey smart lights from other brands .... setup was just few clicks and done, turn your house into a disco
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Works as described. love the color combinations possible, and the fact that these bulbs are much ...
Quality :
Value :
Works as described. love the color combinations possible, and the fact that these bulbs are much cheaper than philips hue. Love the tunable white options, I could go all the way from a warm white to bright daylight. The fact that they do not need a hue bridge is great, although that may be a dealbreaker for someone already invested in thee Hue ecosystem. I like that on turning off and on the hardware electric switch, the bulbs remember their previous brightness and color. The Wiz app works nicely with the bulbs to set colors and brightness. Unfortunate there is no hardware dimmer / remote switch like the one's for philips hue. But if you do not have to regularly change the brightness / color settings, the iOS app works perfectly fine.
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Great Bulbs, Awesome Price
As someone who has quite a few of the Phillips Hue lights throughout my house I was really excited to try out this more affordable smart bulb by Phillips. The colors and scenes are awesome. They work with Alexa (I can’t say how the integration goes for the other units like Google). I can control the lights from the app anywhere in the house which is nice especially if I forgot to turn a light off before bed. I will say that I do wish they were all on the same app as the Hue so I wouldn’t have to switch so much to get lights on and turned to colors I want. The most annoying thing about these bulbs is it takes a hot minute for them to become active on the app in order to turn them on and change them up through the app. This is probably because of the communication lag between the bulbs and the WiFi and the WiFi and the app. The Hue show up almost immediately for use but makes a minute. Once they are available they are great. For the price, it’s a great way to get some smart colorful lighting in your house.
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This bulb is very easy to setup with your home system and has a variety of themes to choose from....
This bulb is very easy to setup with your home system and has a variety of themes to choose from. The only down side is that Google and Siri don't know those themes so you have to use the app. That being said, they can be very bright and work well as night lights. The away/vacation feature turns the lights on and off (you need multiple lights) around the house as if you were home.
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Easy to set up and use ... Connected easily to my Google home network after setup.
Easy to set up and use ... Connected easily to my Google home network after setup.
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Nice bulbs but a little to high
Nice bulbs but a little to high
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Love these bulbs, but they're a little pricey
Love these bulbs, but they're a little pricey
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It works as expected.
It works as expected.
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