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Soft White A19 LED 60-Watt Equivalent Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Wireless Light Bulb (2-Pack)

  • Create a cozy atmosphere with a warm, relaxing soft white color
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts
  • Control your lights wirelessly and remotely with the WiZ app
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Product Overview

Philips Smart Wifi LED, creating a feeling of comfort and well being in the home

Introducing Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED

These smart light bulbs offer beautiful light in familiar bulb shapes. You can choose between bulbs with different white and colored light effects

Control your lighting with the WiZ app

Easy Control with App or Voice

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED is simple to set up and easy to control. Use the app or your favorite voice device to create your desired ambiance

Easy smart lighting for a more convenient everyday life

Smart Lighting for Your Everyday Life

Enjoy your desired ambiance and give your daily routines a boost with presets

Offers all the benefits of the Wiz connected ecosystem

Simple Set Up

Get started by screwing in your new bulb and downloading the WiZ app

Works with your ordinary switch or luminaire

Control Light Throughout Your Home

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED is available as both bulbs and recessed downlights

Dim smoothly in one touch

Create an ambiance that suits the moment

Smart lighting allows you to customize your home's ambiance with smooth dimming

Versatile lighting for every moment of your day

Set the Scene with the WiZ App

Enjoy preset scenes such as Cozy, Fireplace, Party, and Ocean

Control your lights wirelessly

Enabled by Wi-Fi

Works with your home’s existing Wi-Fi Network

Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri

On, Off, and Dimming

Control your lights with the WiZ app or voice devices

Not compatible with Philips Hue

WiZ App

Easy set up and simple to use App

Comfort when you're not home

At Home or Away

Control your lights whether you are at home or away

Convenient everyday life

Timers and Schedules

Light up your daily routines with timers and schedules

Compatible with your favorite voice control device

Voice Control

Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED lighting puts you in complete control of your lighting with smart bulbs that are easy to use, functional, and affordable. We’ve made all your favorite high-quality Philips bulbs smarter, just connect them to your existing Wi-Fi network. Smart Dimming Soft White – create a cozy atmosphere with a warm relaxing soft white color. Control your lights wherever you are using the WiZ app or your favorite compatible voice control device. Product requires a Wi-Fi connection to operate wirelessly. Compatible with WiZ apps and products along with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Shortcuts.
  • Smart dimming soft white light
  • Installation-free dimming
  • At home and away control
  • Home lighting automation: set schedules to suit your lifestyle
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri shortcuts
  • Download the free WiZ app for Android or iPhone to start using your smart lights
  • Not compatible with the Philips Hue app

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Bulb Diameter (In.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Actual Color Temperature (K)
Average Life (hours)
Bulb Construction
Bulb Shape
A Shaped Bulb
Bulb Type
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Color Temperature
Soft White
Light Bulb Base Code
Light Bulb Base Type
Light Bulb Shape Code
Lighting Technology
Lumens (Brightness)
Number of Bulbs Included
Power Options
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Voice Control Hub Required
No Hub Required for Voice Control
Wattage (Watts)
Wattage Equivalence
60 Watts
Works With
Alexa, Google, IFTTT, Siri

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
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Questions & Answers


Can I use this on a regular table lamp

Asked by Geo November 16, 2020

Yes, the A19 is the perfect size for a table lamp. It's a great bulb.

I already have a Phillips Hue hub for other Phillips bulbs, can I connect this bulb to the Hue hub and operate it from my Hue app?

Asked by Lance November 1, 2020

Hi Lance - This bulb is not compatible with the Philips Hue app. This bulb connects directly to your in home WiFi and does not connect to the Hue Bridge.

What is the kelvin range between the warm and cool light?

Asked by ArmyRanger October 28, 2020

The Kelvin range is between 2700K (Soft White) and 5000K (Daylight)

Will this work outdoors beneath a porch?

Asked by Cyn October 25, 2020

Yes, I installed these for the exact same reason and so far they're working fine.

Do I HAVE to download Wiz? How do I use it with Alexa?

Asked by sc October 18, 2020

I had to download Wiz and had to connect my Wiz account with Google Home. From here on was able to use with Google Home. Not sure about Alexa.

Does it work with GoSound smart switch?

Asked by Burgundy October 15, 2020

These Wi-Fi bulbs are not compatible with the GoSund Smart Switch

I don't have wifi at my home so I couldn't pair my phone with the 2 bulbs I bought. Is there a wa...

Asked by George October 14, 2020

You will need to have wifi in the place the bulbs raise, as they need to stay in the network to work. I have found that if I turn the bulb switch like crazy a whole bunch of times, the bulb starts cycling through the settings for the lights, so you may be able to find a setting you like my switching the light on and off repeatedly rapidly, but I did find that one I passed one I couldn't go back for a long time of turning the light on and off. I hope this helps.

Once I download the WiZ app and then add the skill to Alexa and complete the integration can I un...

Asked by JNStev October 13, 2020

You would be able to remove the WiZ app once you have set the Alexa Skill integration. Our recommendation, however, is to maintain the WiZ app on your phone. If you ever need to change any settings for the bulb, such as moving to a new room, that will need to be completed via the WiZ app.

do these lights work with hues disco app?

Asked by ray October 11, 2020

No. The WIZ app must be used. The WiZ app will then communicate with your home WiFi network then with Google Home, Alexa or IFTTT

Can the bulb be turned off and on via a normal wall switch in addition to wireless operation.

Asked by Cholo September 21, 2020

Yes - you can always turn the power off with a wall switch. If power to the fixture is off, however, the bulb will not be controllable from the WiZ app and features such as remote operation or scheduling will not be available if the bulb is not powered on.

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Love these bulbs, but they're a little pricey
Love these bulbs, but they're a little pricey
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Bad connectivity
Great when they work but constantly loose signal to WiFi even when in the same room as the router. Constantly having to unplug/reset them
Was this helpful?
Not worth it . Can not get to connect . Definitely not easy if you can’t do what the process simply says and it doesn’t connect . I like the idea of it wish it worked and didn’t waste my time
Was this helpful?
I love these bulbs!!!
I have one in every light fixture in the house. When I am in the office working on paper work i have it set to focus.. love the themes wiz offers in the app. Party mode is great with every light in the house changing color!!! Very inexpensive novolty for your home!!! 5 stars from me!!
Was this helpful?
Love these bulbs. Everyone who comes to my house want them for their home. Looking to purchase m...
Love these bulbs. Everyone who comes to my house want them for their home. Looking to purchase more as gifts. I have a color smart bulb in every light fixture. Keep in mind, this bulb does not work with enclosed light fixtures. There company Feit that offers smart bulbs for enclosed fixtures. Check out Home depot website for all your options. *** These bulbs are a must have for your every mood.***
Was this helpful?
Easy to connect to Echo. Great price. Great color choices. I love them!
Easy to connect to Echo. Great price. Great color choices. I love them!
Was this helpful?
These bulbs worked flawlessly at first, so well I went back to purchase double what I initially bought. I enjoyed the wiz app and the many features and colors of the light for many purposes. Then mid-march happened, and my lighting dream turned into my lighting nightmare. The bulbs started flickering off then soft white then the color goes back to normal. Now keep in mind I bought 6 of these things, they're all doing it. Now its not flashing bulbs-n-harmony either, they're all doing this every few minutes. Resetting them doesn't work, updating the app doesn't work, I feel like I bought "trick bulbs". I knew there had to be a catch to the affordable price. I seriously would only recommend these bulbs if you want to simulate if your house was haunted or to mess with your enemies.
Was this helpful?
Great for an inexpensive color tunable bulb
This bulb is great value for the price. It has specific pre-programmed color changing settings and can be tuned to the color of your choice. I have 5 of these installed with some grouped into one profile. For example I have a ceiling fan with 2 bulbs installed and have grouped them so both play the same color profile when commanded. I have had no success with the auto setup feature in the app for any of the bulbs and have had to perform the manual setup for each bulb. Not that big of a deal since manual setup takes less than 5 min to run through. The wiz app has some nice settings like vacation mode and sleep and wake modes where the light will turn on or off automatically to the specified program. My daughters room has the wake up setting on and the bulb turns on a dim orange/red and slowly changes to a bright morning sun color to help her wake up. Overall I am very satisfied with the bulbs and will likely purchase more in the near future.
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Technical set up and then they might work.
To connect these lights you must have a 2.4GHz wireless band. If you dont then you have to configure your router. All of which is a pain because the hybrid 2.4/5GHz setting doesnt work. Then it seem a crap shoot as to whether the lights will listen to your commands. I put 2 in my bedroom and one works perfectly, the other wont change color or shut off from the app. I suggest trying a different smart light unless you're technically inclined and on a budget.
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Excellent quality, easy to setup and so practical on daily use.
Excellent quality, easy to setup and so practical on daily use.
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