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Soft White A19 LED 60W Equivalent Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Wireless Light Bulb (1-Pack)

  • Create a cozy atmosphere with a warm, relaxing soft white color
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts
  • Control your lights wirelessly and remotely with the WiZ app
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About This Product

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED lighting puts you in complete control of your lighting with smart bulbs that are easy to use, functional, and affordable. We've made all your favorite high-quality Philips bulbs smarter, just connect them to your existing Wi-Fi network. Smart Dimming Soft White - create a cozy atmosphere with a warm relaxing soft white color. Control your lights wherever you are using the WiZ app or your favorite compatible voice control device. Product requires a WiFi connection to operate wirelessly. Compatible with WiZ apps and products along with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Shortcuts


  • Smart Dimming Soft White Light
  • Installation-free dimming
  • At home and away control
  • Home lighting automation: set schedules to suit your lifestyle.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts
  • Download the free WiZ app for Android or iPhone to start using your smart lights
  • Not compatible with the Philips Hue app
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Product Information

Internet # 310289020

Model # 555474

Store SKU # 1004547920

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Bulb Diameter (In.)


Product Height (in.)

5.71 in


Actual Color Temperature (K)


Average Life (hours)


Bulb Color


Bulb Construction


Bulb Finish


Bulb Shape

Type A

Bulb Type

General Purpose

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Color Temperature

Soft White



Control Type


Damp/Wet Rating

Damp Rated

Dimmable Capability



Not Applicable



Light Bulb Base Code


Light Bulb Base Type


Light Bulb Features

Energy Saving

Light Bulb Setup


Light Bulb Shape Code


Lighting Technology


Lumens (Brightness)


Max. Operating Temperature (F)

113 °F

Number of Bulbs Included


Power Options


Remote Access

Remote Access

Requires Hub?

No Hub Required



Smart Home

Smart Home Enabled

Smart Home Protocol


Voice Control Hub Required

No Hub Required for Voice Control

Volt (v)


Wattage (watts)


Wattage Equivalence

60 Watt

Works With

Alexa, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google, Google Assistant, Proprietary App, Samsung SmartThings, Siri

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

UL Listed

Manufacturer Warranty

See Packaging

Questions & Answers

Q:Does this bulb work with the hue bridge?
by|Jan 27, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  No - Philips Smart bulbs are powered by the WiZ app and connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network. They are not compatible with the Hue app or Hue Bridge

by|Jan 29, 2024
    Q:Do they come in Clear?
    by|Jan 16, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Yes - please see https://www.homedepot.com/p/Philips-60-Watt-Equivalent-A19-Smart-Wi-Fi-LED-Vintage-Edison-Tuneable-White-Light-Bulb-Powered-by-WiZ-with-Bluetooth-1-Pack-567164/316147062

    by|Jan 18, 2024
      Q:If there are multiple bulbs for one switch, am I able to control each bulb individually?
      by|Dec 14, 2022
      2 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Yes - using the WiZ app you can configure your bulbs however you see fit! Control them individually or group them however you would like

      by|Dec 14, 2022

        A:  Yes. I have them in my ceiling fan (3 of them for the one switch) I am able to easily control each bulb individually 

        by|Dec 17, 2022
          Q:Can I get multiple of these and control them easily?
          by|Nov 27, 2022
          1 Answer
          Answer This Question

          A:  Yes - you can connect multiple bulbs to the same "room" using the WiZ app in order to control them simultaneously

          by|Nov 28, 2022
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            These bulbs worked flawlessly at first, so well I went back to purchase double what I initially bought. I enjoyed the wiz app and the many features and colors of the light for many purposes. Then mid-march happened, and my lighting dream turned into my lighting nightmare. The bulbs started flickering off then soft white then the color goes back to normal. Now keep in mind I bought 6 of these things, they're all doing it. Now its not flashing bulbs-n-harmony either, they're all doing this every few minutes. Resetting them doesn't work, updating the app doesn't work, I feel like I bought "trick bulbs". I knew there had to be a catch to the affordable price. I seriously would only recommend these bulbs if you want to simulate if your house was haunted or to mess with your enemies.
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              Great for an inexpensive color tunable bulb
              This bulb is great value for the price. It has specific pre-programmed color changing settings and can be tuned to the color of your choice. I have 5 of these installed with some grouped into one profile. For example I have a ceiling fan with 2 bulbs installed and have grouped them so both play the same color profile when commanded. I have had no success with the auto setup feature in the app for any of the bulbs and have had to perform the manual setup for each bulb. Not that big of a deal since manual setup takes less than 5 min to run through. The wiz app has some nice settings like vacation mode and sleep and wake modes where the light will turn on or off automatically to the specified program. My daughters room has the wake up setting on and the bulb turns on a dim orange/red and slowly changes to a bright morning sun color to help her wake up. Overall I am very satisfied with the bulbs and will likely purchase more in the near future.
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                Technical set up and then they might work.
                To connect these lights you must have a 2.4GHz wireless band. If you dont then you have to configure your router. All of which is a pain because the hybrid 2.4/5GHz setting doesnt work. Then it seem a crap shoot as to whether the lights will listen to your commands. I put 2 in my bedroom and one works perfectly, the other wont change color or shut off from the app. I suggest trying a different smart light unless you're technically inclined and on a budget.
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                  After installing the whiz app I was able to easily control the light with both my ghoul and my Am...
                  After installing the whiz app I was able to easily control the light with both my ghoul and my Amazon devices. It’s great to be able to turn the lights on and off From my chair
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                  Great for the money.
                  Setup was pretty easy for me. Because of the way my router is set up I did have to set up each bulb individually but they only took a couple minutes each and then I was able to easily pair them into groups like bathroom, living Room and bedroom. Once I finished that it wasn't very hard to find the Wiz skill on Alexa and finish the setup for Voice control. I'm new to Alexa and smart home devices but I'm decent with electronics so I was happy with the ease of setting up everything. I have read and watched a lot of reviews of the more expensive bulbs and for me being brighter or maybe having a little more vivid colors wasn't worth the extra 20 to $40 per bulb that the top end ones cost so I'm very happy for what I paid, under $10 a bulb.
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                    I have got smart plugs to turn on and off my lamps via Google Home for awhile. It was the cheapes...
                    I have got smart plugs to turn on and off my lamps via Google Home for awhile. It was the cheapest solutions I could find back when I was getting into the home automation. I have to say that this bulb has been a game changer to me. First of, this light bulb can dim from either the app or from Google Home voice command. The app matters the most in my opinion. It looks clean and easy to use. The setup was pretty simple as well; just follow the instruction in the app for a minute or two and I was good to go. The light is really bright as well. I have 4 bulbs install in my 500 sqf room and the room is like a day time.
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                    This Philips 60-Watt Equivalent A19 WiZ Connected Dimmable Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Light Bulb in ...
                    This Philips 60-Watt Equivalent A19 WiZ Connected Dimmable Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Light Bulb in Soft White is the Wi-Fi bulb I’ve been looking for. The WiZ app is easy to use, has many features and apparently the team is adding new features all the time. What really makes this the perfect WI-FI bulb for me is the great soft white light. I miss the warmth of incandescent. Finally I have found the best of both worlds. The beautiful warm light with the modern dimmable, wi-fi enables on/off from your phone capabilities all in one. Yeah!
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                    These are great smart LED lightbulbs to replace fixtures that aren't on a dimmer. I used them in ...
                    These are great smart LED lightbulbs to replace fixtures that aren't on a dimmer. I used them in a few lamps in my bedroom that were previously controlled by a wi-fi plug-in dimmer which worked great but I found it inconvient to always have to use my phone to turn on the light or reach down behind furniture. With these types of lights I can eaily turn on the lights from the lamp knob if I have to. I had a little bit of a hard time getting them into a couple of lamps because they were slightly taller than the bulbs they replaced. They work with the Wiz app and not Hue. They don't need a Hub to operate but they do need a wifi internet connection. You can even set favorite modes so that when you turn on the light manually you get a preset mode or click switch on and off to get a second mode to come on so you get some variability in the lighting even without a phone or remote nearby. Other bulbs that work with the Wiz app can change not only their light level but also their color. These are only soft white. The lights themselves put out a nice warm white light that looks very much like traditional incandescent soft white bulbs. It replaces a 60w incandescent but only uses 8.8 watts when fully illuminated. Dimmed to it's lowest setting it only uses about a watt. With the light off it still draws some power because it's wi-fi connected and needs to respond to requests. It's less than a watt from what I can measure. For me at my current electricity rates that's less than 10 cents a month per bulb which is pretty insignificant and well worth the convenience. The bulbs come on quickly and dim smoothly from the app, on a dimmer switch they behave erratically and should not be used on a dimmer. No sound or hum can be heard from the bulbs. No HUB is required but it will work with Alexa, Google Assistant, Conrad Connect, SmartThings, Enki, ImperiHome, AliGenie and it has pretty good IFTTT support. I'm using it with Google Assistant for voice commands from my phone and IFTTT to trigger lights based on events from other devices in my home and it works well. I would have liked it more if it also supported Wink since I have Wink Hub but the IFTTT integration makes up for that. You can create Scenes and Scedules with multiple devices. You can set the fade-in and fade-out time of each bulb. The time can be over 300 seconds, I got tired of scrolling to see how far it goes. There's even a neat rythm feature that works along with your circadian rythm which I really like and wish these were bulbs that could change color just for that feature. Depending on the time of day, when you turn on the light the brightness and color temperature will correspond to the time of day. In the morning the light will be brighter and bluer and in the evening it will be dimmer and warmer. There's also a wake-up light and night light feature. You can customize a rythm for each room with a given wakeup and sleep time. Some aspects of the app take some getting used to. I'm still struggling with things. It took me a while to figure out how to select all the lights in a room to turn them on or off at the same time. The only way is to click the room icon. There's no way to select multiple lights as far as I can tell.
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                    I receive these Wi-Fi connected bulbs with the hope of being able to actually turn off the light...
                    I receive these Wi-Fi connected bulbs with the hope of being able to actually turn off the lights about having to have one of those clappers. The app for the bulbs available through the play store and through the iOS Apple store. Bobs have a nice color to them there at 2700 K. As for the longevity only time will tell. Overall great product from Phillips
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                    Phillips wiz lights
                    Don’t buy Phillips wiz lights they are horrible and the app don’t work .Buy Phillips hue lights instead
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