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Plastic Sheet Cutting Tool

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  • Heavy duty construction
  • Double-bevel scoring edge
  • Can be used to cut most plastic and thin gauge soft metals
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Product Overview

The plastic sheet cutting knife is designed for use on LEXAN polycarbonate sheets and other plastic materials. It features a double-bevel scoring edge for clean, consistent cuts and a rounded handle that helps fight hand fatigue for comfort and control.
  • Double-bevel scoring edge
  • Rounded handle helps fight hand fatigue
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • For use on Lexan polycarbonate sheets as well as other plastic materials
  • Can also be used on fiberglass, thin-grade copper and aluminum

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Plastic Sheet Cutting Tool
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Blade Length (in.)2 in1.27 in1 in1.2 in
Handle MaterialPlasticPlasticPlasticMetal
Blade MaterialMetalSteelSteelSteel
Blade Width (in.)2.0210.7500
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Blade Length (in.)
2 in
Blade Width (in.)
Handle Length (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
2 in
Product Length (in.)
5 in
Product Width (in.)
2 in


Blade Edge Type
Straight Edge
Blade Material
No Additional Features
Hand Tool Type
Utility Knife
Handle Material
Knife Type
Utility Knife
Lock Type
Number of Pieces
Product Weight (lb.)
.5 lb
Replacement Blade Type
Utility Knife Blades
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

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Questions & Answers


Why aren’t your cutting tools located by the plexiglass you got glass cutting tools next to plexi

Asked by Mike April 5, 2021

I found my plexus cutting tool by the plexi. I guess it depends on the store

Wouldn't a utility knife do the same thing? How is this tool any better for cutting acrylic?

Asked by Nutch February 12, 2021

By design, there is more contact on the plexiglass which leaves a better, deeper and consistent cut. It makes for a cleaner break after scoring it with this knife. Took a bit of practice but now I make good cuts with confidence, easier than with any other type of blade.

Can this tool cut Plexiglass?

Asked by MARTHA October 14, 2020


Can this cut through a 5-gallon bucket lid?

Asked by Adi July 2, 2018


Does it cut acrylic sheet 3.6mm?

Asked by lana December 21, 2017


will this cut a rectangle out of a sheet of polycarbonate? The reviewers describe a score and sna...

Asked by Seymour February 1, 2017

I could cut a triangle using techniques I use for stain glass. You need to work from a corner of the sheet with two straight edges. You then only have one edge to cut and you have the ability to bend it after it is scored as there is nothing but air on the two remaining sides of the triangle. Obviously you can't cut a triangle out of the middle of the sheet, but who would want to waste material like that. Just be sure the two sides of the corner are completely straight and use a carpenters square or similar tool to check for accuracy and to draw the line for your third side. If you have to trim a side that might not be perfectly straight, do it first, then cut your triangle.

circular cutting

Asked by becky September 19, 2015

While I don't think impossible, I think that would be plenty more time consuming and also takes more care in keeping onto the round lines.

Customer Reviews

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Worked well for .250 (1/4”) Plexiglass
To anyone saying this doesnt work - you are probably using it wrong. You apply heavy pressure and drag the knife toward you to score the plastic, and you make many scores before attempting to break the plastic along the score line. This might seem counter-intuitive because what appears (to the untrained eye) to be the “blade” does not really touch the plastic. The knife just touches the plastic at one little point. See photo. The knife makes long strings of plastic as it cuts. I was cutting .250 acrylic sheet and this worked very well. Also make sure you are scoring all the way to the very edge of your plastic. Start your break from each end first, then work your way toward the middle.
by DonT
2 people found this helpful
Bought this to cut 0.093 optix plastic sheet. Ran the line several times. Dulled the blade. Broke the plastic not even close to a straight line. Guess I will be using my circular saw instead. Do not waste your time with this. It is straight garbage.
by Ben
3 people found this helpful
It cuts ok. Seems to be the main debate is whether or not it cuts "at all." It does for regular p...
It cuts ok. Seems to be the main debate is whether or not it cuts "at all." It does for regular plastic. I only used it on a standard plastic storage bin / tub (Sterilite brand), to make a few crawl spaces for a hamster "cage," on both the base part and the lid (which seems a little harder material). The lines came out sloppy, partially because I rushed it a bit, so if you want a higher level result then you are going to have to set all that up yourself. I'm wondering if those who said this thing is dull maybe got a bad version of it (??) Mine is moderately sharp, but I might think having some kind of simple sharpening stone handy would come in good if you are planning to do a LOT.
by cutfewtimes
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I read some of the other reviews claiming this tool is worthless, however, I can not agree with t...
I read some of the other reviews claiming this tool is worthless, however, I can not agree with that. I purchased this tool about two months ago to be able to cut my plexiglass sheets without the table saw. This tool works just as advertised. To get the most out of this tool, it requires several light passes. You have to hold the tool at the proper angle in or for it to cut correctly. You will know this by the sound and the fact that you can see it cutting the sheet. I take about 6-7 passes and then snap the piece at the score line using the edge of my table saw. The more passes the more you ensure a clean cut. It's important to cut the plastic sheeting prior so that you don't remove it from the piece you won't be using. For that I simply use a razor to cut the sheeting at approximately the location of the score. I highly recommend trying this tool. For the price you can't go wrong.
by DwellerProductions
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It didn't work well.
It had a mind of its own. It often went off-course, away from the straight edge, even though I clamped the straight edge at both ends and pressed the cutter to the straight edge while scoring. I got wavy, way out-of-line edges. I tried carefully to remove the worst edges and failed (see photos), but none of this would've happened if the tool was well-made. I followed the directions meticulously. The material I was "cutting" was OPTIX acrylic sheet (http://www.homedepot.com/p/OPTIX-24-in-x-48-in-x-093-in-Acrylic-Sheet-MC-13/202038048), which seems to be a good product.
by Drummy
14 people found this helpful
Absolutely perfect.
I was kind of skeptical after reading all of these reviews but I gave it a shot. Not only is this a sturdy product, but it worked absolutely perfect. It's not the tool that isn't working, it's the user. I bet you all of these people that rated this product are scoring like they would with a razor knife. To have this work properly you need to place the knife on the plastic/lexan/acrylic and draw the knife towards you. It will make a rough scratchy sound as you draw it towards yourself. As you are pulling it towards you should see curly strings of plastic being removed. Repeat this 5-10 times making sure you are going edge to edge. Once finished with your passes place the line you just scored onto the edge of a table or bench and apply gentle pressure until it snaps. It should snap right on your line. I just made 48" cuts and they turned out perfect.
by DecalsByAaron
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The product worked as it was advertised. I reviewed the video on the product page that showed how...
The product worked as it was advertised. I reviewed the video on the product page that showed how to use the tool. I'd never cut an Acrylic Sheet before so the video showed me just what to do and I was able to cut the sheet with this tool to the exact dimensions that I needed.
by majenks2015
It took forever to get a Grove in the plexiglass
It took forever to get a Grove in the plexiglass
by Lex
This DOES work and it works well. How To GUIDE
If used properly, this tool works as it should. Look at the pictures posted by DonT to see where the point of contact on the tool is and more tips. You need a pair of C-Clamps and a piece of wood (I used 1.5"x.75") the length of your plastic. Draw a line where you need to cut. C-Clamp the wood at the edge of the line, and use the wood as a guide to use the cutter in a straight line down the acrylic. Push down HARD as you pull across. You need to score MULTIPLE TIMES, the more you scrape, the higher the chance of a clean cut. Once you've done 5-10 passes, line the acrylic where it has been scored RIGHT PAST the edge of a sharp 90° table. Clamp the wood onto the acrylic right before the edge of the table. Bend the plastic at the outer edges and it should snap cleanly across.
by PlexCut9000
1 person found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 163 reviews