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We installed this stove in our rehabbed bake house, mostly to create a lovely atmosphere for even...
We installed this stove in our rehabbed bake house, mostly to create a lovely atmosphere for evening sits. It's a great unit, especially for this affordable price. The air-wash is effective, the (included) variable-speed blower not too loud even on full tilt, and the stove throws out good heat and a nice even burn when fired up. We could have spent a couple of thousand on a fancier one, but for our purposes, it's perfect.
by Beehugger
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While it was easy to assemble and install, it has been a pain to use. The fire box is way to sma...
While it was easy to assemble and install, it has been a pain to use. The fire box is way to small, you can only put 4 medium pieces of wood in it at a time and it has to be tended every half hour to keep the temperature of the room up. Had I been able to see the size in person, I wouldn't have spent the $800+ for it. The wood shifted and a piece smacked the glass and broke it. It clogs up at the top and you have to take the stove pipe off and vacuum it out or it will constantly smoke up the house as soon as you open the door to load more wood into it. Even with the flu all the way open. It's a shame, my old wood stove was so old and worn out. I was looking forward to getting a new one and having it be more efficient to heat my house this winter. We bought this in october 2017 and haven't even had it a full year.
by JadeC
Response from GHP Group Inc. SupportFeb 9, 2018
Hello JadeC, we're sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with this stove. We are happy to stand behind the quality of its materials and its performance, so if there is anything we can do to assist you with it, we're happy to help! Just reach out by phone at 877-447-4768 or email here:
-GHP Group Customer Support ghpgroupinc
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Absolutely incredible. Despite what I read in other reviews, it lights very easily, especially wi...
Absolutely incredible. Despite what I read in other reviews, it lights very easily, especially with the cigar size "StarterLoggs." When you open the door just a crack, air gets sucked in like it's a blast furnace! Oh, and no smoke smell in the house whatsoever! I've owned this stove for one year. It sits in a 2200 sq ft, new, well insulated home that I built myself. Right now we're in a cold snap. It's 22 degrees outside, and this is our only heat source. (We have heat-pump mini-splits, but they don't work when the temps are below freezing.) The entire house is very comfortable -- and I am very, very impressed. The down sides? I wish the opening were taller because I don't split my logs (so I have to cut the large logs into thin wafers to slip in sideways). And the fan doesn't seem loud at first, but with time the noise is bothersome. I put mine on a switched plug so I can turn it on/off easily. Also, the stove will burn through the night, but in the morning it leaves small embers which will require a couple of minutes to stoke the fire. If you'll simply toss a log in half-way through the night, the big hot coals are ready and waiting for another simple log toss in the morning. The most impressive thing about this stove is the engineering: it doesn't leak smoke, it draws VERY well, the burn rate is easily adjustable, and it pumps out a LOT of heat from just a little firewood! Simply an awesome wood stove! Really, I can't recommend it highly enough.
by Jolly
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Live in northern NY and have had wood stoves for over 30 years (Hearthstone, Tempwood, Jotul, Ash...
Live in northern NY and have had wood stoves for over 30 years (Hearthstone, Tempwood, Jotul, Ashley, etc.). We purchased this stove because it is inexpensive and we felt it would heat our 1200sq ft house I just restored (therefore, low on $$$ so inexpensive stove...). I had to rip out a (terrible) sheet metal fireplace insert so I could install this stove (note the cement backer board behind the stove). The house was built in the 1830's and the contractor before me installed electric heat!?!?!?!, so we needed a wood burner. This is unlike any other wood stove that I have ever owned and operated and takes time to figure out how to run it. First, to light it and get it going you need to have the door stay open for a while. Second, when you close the door the flame is controlled by the with the draft control which has a very limited amount of adjustment and I feel for some folks it might seem to be only "On" or Off". Third, shutting the draft is when the stove takes off and the secondary gas burners kick in. Once that happens the stove produces a good amount for as long as the wood lasts, which isn't very long because the firebox is very small. And in the DVD instructions they tell you to "log cabin" the wood to really get it going but in order to do that you need pieces that are only 11 inches long because the firebox is only 12 inches deep. The specs state that the depth is 22 inches...I have no idea where they get that number from as I have measured it with a tape measure. Bottom line: the stove puts out heat but very definitely does not "Burns up to 8 to 10 hours in 1 fueling" as stated above. If you are an experienced wood burner you will have to go through an adjustment period learning how to run this stove. The stove seems to be well built (ours arrived with a damaged heat shield and I have yet to contact the store and/or manufacturer for dread of 1-800-your call is important to us but you will be on hold forever) and seems a good value for the money. The cold weather isn't here yet so I don't really know what will happen in the dead of winter...if I can come back later and edit this, I will. My overall impression is that this stove was designed by some smart guys with masters degrees in design and engineering, etc. on some fancy computers but not a lot of experience cutting, splitting and burning wood....hey, I may be wrong, but I"m just sayin'!!
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While this wood stove is efficient and holds heat, the product itself is not very good quality. H...
While this wood stove is efficient and holds heat, the product itself is not very good quality. Having to re-order 3 times because the first 2 were damaged with scratched and missing paint, we finally got one that was not in disrepair, HOWEVER, after getting it set up and burning for no more than 3 hours, the paint on the top started to bubble and flake and has now been rubbed off and is pretty unattractive. Very poor quality, but efficient.
by Yes
Response from GHP Group Inc. SupportOct 26, 2016

We are sorry to hear this. Our customer Service Team will be happy to assist you. Please call us Monday through Friday 8:30am-4:30pm CST at 877-447-4768-GHP Group Customer Service Team ghpgroupinc
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Good Value
I was skeptical when I took it out of the box. I felt the fire box was a little on the small side, but when damped down it holds a fire quite well. I'm heating 2300 sq. ft. and the far reaches of the home are comfortable. I should note that the house is "earth insulated". That is, it is completely under ground save one east facing wall. Very little heat generated is lost as is with conventionally constructed homes. My only complaint is that it doesn't draw quite enough air when first building a fire. I remedy this by leaving the door cracked slightly open for a few moments and the damper open until the larger wood is fully involved. The manufacturer says a chimney damper is not required but I installed one anyway. I can shut it down with a full box and wake up to enough coals to get it going again without starting from paper and kindling. The blower is adequate if not impressive. Six weeks has saved me about $75 in natural gas, almost 25% of my cost to purchase and install. I should note that I cut my own wood rather than purchase it so my energy savings is probably much more than someone buying their wood.
by Danl
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Great stove at a greater price
I researched wood stoves for quite awhile going to several local stove shops, searching the internet and even craigslist. I found this one on the Home depot website and another home improvement store. The other stores price was lower but home depot matched it and I didn't have to drive farther to the other store. I couldn't find any other comparable USA made stove for under a thousand dollars. I installed it myself with no problems. It seems very well built and weighs over 300 lbs. It has been keeping my 1500 sf house above 70 deg with no problem, it even got up to 80 several times and I had to open up the windows to cool it back down. I stoke it at night then damp it down before bed and when I get up there are still coals to help start it up the next day. My only complaints are the damper is a little sticky and the fan is noisy. The fan isn't really necessary though since the radiant heat seems to warm up the whole house just fine. I added a heat thermometer to make sure I am in the burn zone to reduce creosote and to make sure I don't over-fire it. Also a teapot on top with water to keep moisture levels in the house up. No more high propane bills using the furnace so it should pay for itself in 1 or 2 winters since I can cut my firewood for free. I plan on purchasing an electric splitter at Home Depot later to make that task easier. All in all I am very happy with my purchase, thank you Home Depot!
by Buxndux
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Perfect size for our 1,600 Square Ft home. Amazed how...
Perfect size for our 1,600 Square Ft home. Amazed how sufficient the run time is on a single log. How much heat it produces! Everyone person who’s seen this stove absolutely loves it! Only downside is the opening is not that tall so you need to make sure your logs are less then 6 inches radius.
by PLA2
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
A quieter fan would be nice.
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this used from an estate sale and I'm not sure how much it was used. The fan is a bit to noisy for me. It sounds like a hair dryer on low setting. The stove came with a brick to cover the hole for the ash tray but it didn't have a ring attached to it so I can lift it. The two other small bricks that complete that space where missing. Can I order all three parts and how
by Suda
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