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Top Brass 3/4 in. x 50 ft. Expanding Garden Hose

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Revolutionary and simple, the Pocket Hose Top Brass Expanding Garden Hose is small enough to fit in your pocket and expands automatically to a giant, full-sized hose. Just turn on the water and watch this mini hose grow to maximum length like magic. Pocket Hose is super lightweight and easy to handle, making it convenient to hang or store anywhere, and it shrinks back to its original mini size as soon as you turn off the water, practically putting itself away. Best of all, its expandable accordion design means it never kinks, twists or tangles like ordinary hoses. Perfect for gardens, terraces, patios and more-just turn on the water and watch the Pocket Hose grow.
  • Brass connectors fit easily with standard outdoor faucets
  • Dura-rib construction for extra durability
  • Lightweight accordion design expands when water is turned on and shrinks when water is off
  • Never kinks or twists like traditional hoses, making it easy to use and store
  • California residents



Fitting Diameter (in.)
Hose Diameter (in.)
Hose Length (ft)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Burst Pressure (psi)
Commercial / Residential
Commercial / Residential
Crush Resistant
Duty Rating
Hose Type
Standard garden
Hot Water Use
Kink Resistant
Lead Free
Product Weight (lb.)
UV Resistant

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June 2017. Purchase a single 50' TOP BRASS Bullet pocket hose from local Home Depot store for $29...
June 2017. Purchase a single 50' TOP BRASS Bullet pocket hose from local Home Depot store for $29.95. Out of the plastic package it appears to be as advertised however you will be negatively surprised during your first use. It's not 50'. It's barely 25'. You can pull on it to stretch it to maybe 30' but it'll fell like stretching an elastic band, (ie fight you all the way). The included brass spray nozzle provided a strong, straight stream of about 30' and a fine pin point stream but rotating the nozzle to the middle settings provided inconsistent results. It's a shame as the components seem to be fairly good quality. This could have been a top rated product.
    Home depot's fault
    Mine burst. I am so surprise that there are already over a hundred bad reviews on this product. The worst one I have ever seen. What really bothers me is that Home Depot still sells it. From now on, I will not buy things from local store. Bad business.
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    Very Disappointed
    I have 2 Top Brass Pocket Hoses....let me revise that...i HAD 2...the newest one i have had since mid April and the oldest one is almost a year old. The new one split and sent water everywhere when my sister in law used it to rinse off some sandy laundry before throwing it in my washer. Love the fact that it is so light and easy...not so happy that the life expectancy is a pot luckt at best. There is no warrantee after 30 days ....they are $30.00 each....so replacing them every few months is not exactly cost effective. Save your money...and Home Depot....do not bother carrying them until they make them a better quality and a longer warrantee than 30 days.
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      This is an impulse purchase - not a wise purchase. Buyer Beware!
      Novelty but it won't hold up. Fittings are strong but in normal use the hose will burst and be irreparable. Ignore the temptation to get this unless you enjoy replacing it in the very short run. Look at the specs - NO manufacturer warranty! Buy a hose that can withstand greater pressure or you will be sorry! (Other hoses do have warranty because they do withstand greater pressure!)
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      broke in 2 weeks
      It sprung a leak in less than 3 weeks. Sorry I got it.
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        Worst Water Hose in EXISTENCE
        If it were not for the warranty, then this product would be the worst hose pipe on the planet. The first pocket hose breached the outer fabric and then busted the plastic inner transport tubing after 3 usages. I received a replacement within 2 weeks and the replacement breached after 2 uses. This product needs further engineering with plenty of research and development. I was informed by customer service to verify that my water pressure was not greater than 80 PSI from the tap. If so, then this is not the hose pipe for me. I think the fabric is not well engineered and the plastic which transports the water is probably good but if the fabric breaches in any way, then the product will fail to perform.
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        waste of money
        I bought this "new" Pocket Hose Top Brass from Home Depot, hoping it would be better than the cheaper version I bought a the county fair. That one failed on the first use. New Top Brass not much better. The "Top Brass" version I bought at Home Depot looked good and actually worked well for about 3 weeks. Then popped a hole so I returned it for an immediate replacement. That replacement worked for about 3 months (I only use it once or twice a week to water patio plants). Then it started popping holes which I patched, and patched, and patched. Now, after one year, it has so many patches and continues to pop new ones so much, I finally gave up and trashed it. Great concept. Great idea, but poorly constructed and doesn't last. The problem is usually with the outside cloth sleeve. When the sleeve gives out (and it does!) the inner tube pops out of the sleeve and breaks. Poor construction and poor choice of materials in design. Don't waste your money.
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        Thought it might be better than the cheapoo version, but NOT
        I have had two of the plastic versions, the first I dropped and broke the fitting and the second exploded. I thought, perhaps, the Top Brass one would be better. I have never left the hose in the sun or under pressure for long periods. After using, I drained it and put it in a bucket and put it in the garage. Today I was washing my bicycle. Finished up drying and lubing the bike. The hose was outside (sunny day, 62 degrees). It was there for about an hour when it exploded. I know it's not a water pressure issue since earlier this year I replaced the pressure regulator. Too bad. I hate regular hoses that get stiff when it cools down and are difficult to maneuver around. I also hate the fact that the hose is about 3 months out of warranty.
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        So disappoint...
        Use it just now. Three times and out it goes... Worked twice spraying around the lawn area. The third try it burst 3 feet of the black strip from the valve. Water start leaking by my front walkway.
        • Pro
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        this product should not be sold
        I purchased 2 of these a month ago. Realizing that they are not as tough as the rubber/vinyl hose, I made sure to lay the hose out before turning the water on and avoided dragging them. This morning the cover split and the inner tube burst. These are useless and Home Depot or any other store should not sell them. Total waste of money!
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