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3 in. x 60 in. Drain Water Heat Recovery Unit

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  • For use with 3 in. drain pipe
  • Efficiently pre-heats incoming cold water for convenience
  • Helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1 ton per year
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Product Overview

At 20-30% of home energy consumption, water heating is typically the 2nd highest energy demand. The Power-Pipe can dramatically cut water heating costs and reduce total home energy consumption by 5-10%. It works by using outgoing warm drain water to pre-heat incoming cold fresh water so your water heater doesn't have to work as hard. The Power-Pipe will typically pay for itself in as little as 2 years, and may qualify for Government or Utility grants. The Power-Pipe's performance has been tested in accordance with the CSA B55.1 standard and independently verified by Intertek. The Power-Pipe is safe for drinking water, requires no maintenance, has no moving parts, increases effective hot water capacity, extends water heater life, and can be used with any type of standard plumbing system and comes with a 10 year warranty. Furthermore, Power-Pipe technology is proven, practical, affordable, and in use in many thousands of homes. A Power-Pipe will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1 ton/year per household in the average family of four.
  • Lowest cost and shortest payback on your money amongst water heating saving technologies
  • The R3-60 will save up To 35% on your water heating costs and is easy to install by any plumber and most do-it-yourselfers
  • All residential (R-series) units include matching drain connectors and connect easily to a 3/4 in. fresh water line
  • For 3 in. drain pipe and requires a vertical drain pipe length between fittings of 63 in.
  • NOTE: According to CSA testing with the R3-60, performance is proportional to rated efficiency
  • Reduce your home's greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1 ton per year
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Can extend the life of your water heater
  • No noticeable loss in water pressure
  • Easily installed in most homes

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3 in. x 60 in. Drain Water Heat Recovery Unit



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Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
All residential (R-series) Power-Pipe® units carry a 10-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Units will be repaired or replaced under this warranty. Please call toll free, 1-877-606-5559 for complete warranty details.

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Loving it so far! Time will tell on savings...
I don't normally do online reviews but felt compelled for this product, due to most people not being aware of what a DWHR is and the positive results I've had so far. Looking to save some money on utilities I toyed with the idea of an on-demand water heater. However seeing that a Power-Pipe saves almost as much on water heating costs but for a quarter the price, I decided to try this instead. Based on my calculations, with a 30% reduction in water heating costs, this unit would pay for itself in about three years (due in part to the Home Energy rebate plus the 15% home reno tax credit available in 2009). First off, the company, Renewability Energy Inc, was extremely helpful with the couple of emails I sent to the company for advice being answered promptly with a good explanation. Ordering through HD Online was straightforward and it arrived in only a few days. From there, the installation is relatively straightforward. It took me about 5 hours but note that I did extra plumbing in order to install bypass valves and I am an extremely novice plumber. Someone with experience plumbing could do the installation in probably less than 2 hours. Once installed, the effect was immediate. Temperature readings using a laser gauge indicate that the unit is preheating my incoming water supply by about 10 degrees Celsius. I have the unit plumbed to divert ALL incoming cold water for my house through the unit, not just the water going to the water heater. This is recommended by the company and the rationale is that not only is the water going to your heater prewarmed (aka "heat water less") but the water going to the cold side of your shower fixture is also prewarmed (aka "heat less water"). I immediately noticed not needing to turn the shower to near the same high a level as I used to in order to obtain the desired shower temperature. Since installation, I've been able to lower the thermostat on my water heater by several notches and I still don't need to turn the shower temp as far to "hot" as I used to! Some people have expressed concern about water pressure loss throughout the house after installation of a Power-Pipe. Note that since my installation, I have not noticed any loss of pressure whatsoever. Of course time will tell how much money I actually save but for now I'm completely happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it.
by TBayChris
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    very noticeable difference
    No more running out of hot water in this house! The difference is immediately noticeable on your first shower. My shower faucet lever is nowhere near the "H" anymore when showering which tells me I am demanding a lot less hot water from my water tank. Note: I installed as per the recommended method of warming all of the cold water supply, not just that feeding the water heater. Installation was pretty easy. No instructions included but they are on the Power Pipe website. I needed to solder on 3/4" copper-to-pex fittings and would suggest doing so prior to installation to make life a little easier.. only basic plumbing skills are required so a DIY installation took me under an hour.
    by mork
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      be careful
      Because of the way drain lines are tied together this pipe recovers heat from all drain sources. I found the next day after a particularly spicy Mexican dinner the heat recovery caused my water heat safety valve to pop off and flooded my basement. When we eat at that restaurant now, we let it sit in the bowl and cool before flushing.
      by ChicoSuave
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        Powerpipe heat recovery
        This is the second home I have installed a power pipe in. While it will reduce energy usage, it has additional benefits as well. It will make your hot water last longer, like having a large tank, which definitely helps when you have three teenagers at home. Your hot water tank will also not have to work as hard, which should also increase the life of your tank, providing you also replace the anode every few years.
        by JohnD
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        huge energy savings
        This made a big difference on our electric bill, saving about 60% on what we spend heating water. It also allows us to move to a smaller on-demand unit as we didn't need as much storage capacity.
        by Eric
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          I have been in the plumbing business for 45 years and I cannot see the payback in just a few ye...
          I have been in the plumbing business for 45 years and I cannot see the payback in just a few years. Sooooo you must be draining your sink while you are drawing hot water ? The pre heating of the supply water to the water heater would be minimal. I cannot see this even paying for itself before it springs a leak.
          by LT
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            Works great. I found it Easy to install. My girls...
            Works great. I found it Easy to install. My girls can now take a shower as long as they want and the water heater will actually keep up and has even shut off after 15-20 of them being in the shower!! Best part of all no more running out of hot water after their long and I mean long showers!
            by Coalkeepsthelightson
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            not the first
            Check out GFX technology. They were the first and their prices are significantly lower.
            by BobJ
            • Pro
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            power pipe efectivness
            ok i am writing this review to let people know that i got a paper in the mail saying that my gas company would pay for a thing called a power pipe. I spent $ 113 dollars on this thing and that apparently was only part of the cost of this thing as the gas company pays for most of it. I just want people to know that the government has incentives for a tankless water heater and i think that i wasted my money putting in this Power pipe especially when i also got a tankless. It does not live up to the hype it was given and i personally think it was a big waste of my hard earned money.
            by powerpipereview
              not as seamless as it seems......but pretty good.
              I bought the 60" version after quite a bit of research. My plumber warned me that there would be pressure drop, but I cited the website that it was "Nominal". Caution: the installed length does not include the coupling, or any fittings for other pipes to be attached. Additionally, most plumbers have never seen this, so don't necessarily understand. so, after discovering that we didn't have room for the fittings, I exchanged for a 48" (Home Depot was terrific with this, and refunded the shipping too). the 48" fit like a charm where the old stack was. Installation cost will be higher than that referenced on the product website. Works terrific. it's a bit longer to set the temperature for the first shower of the day, but I am no longer scared to be the last of 4 in our house. I would normally be out of water, but am now able to have a full shower. Incredible. As a caution however, we have noticed significant pressure drop throughout the house where there was none before. When we installed, we were sure to include a bypass valve just in case of this, and it has allowed me to test with the system "on line" as well as off. like I said, significant pressure drop. However, we will install a water pressure booster and see what the results are then. Keep you posted. overall, a good product.
              by dmdm
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