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Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand

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The NANIT Pro Camera and Floor Stand lets you can see and hear baby with stunning 1080p HD video and 2-way audio- no mounting needed. Plus, with sleep tracking, breathing motion monitoring and auto-memory capture included, you'll never miss a thing. The NANIT Pro is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire or Echo Show devices. Includes 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • Sleep trends: get your baby's sleep stats each morning, plus a timelapse highlight reel so you can rewatch their entire night in seconds, get personalized, science-backed sleep guidance from the world's leading pediatric sleep experts, right in your app
  • Breathing: with breathing wear, your NANIT can "see" your baby's chest as they breathe, get real-time alerts if they need you and feel more confident leaving them in the crib for the night
  • Memories: your NANIT camera captures your baby's finest moments automatically right in your app, celebrate fun moments and growth milestones every step of the way and share with loved ones
  • Unbeatable bird's-eye view, 1080p HD night vision and zoom, from anywhere in the world
  • 2-way audio and 24/7 background audio
  • Real-time sound and motion notifications with adjustable sensitivity
  • Temperature and humidity of the nursery
  • Parenting team access, controlled with user permissions
  • Secured with 256-bit encryption and 2-factor verification
  • Safe cable management and additional leg for free-standing
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Product Depth (in.)
23.5 in
Product Height (in.)
65.6 in
Product Width (in.)
10 in


Camera Connection
Wireless Cameras
Camera Product Type
Camera Resolution
Camera Technology
Camera Type
2-Way Audio,Audio Alert/Siren,Audio Recording,Built-in Microphone,Built-in Speaker,Data Encryption,Night Vision,Remote Access,Smartphone Compatible,Zoom
Field of View
130 Degrees
Image Sensor Type
Cables,Mounting Hardware
Night Vision Distance (ft.)
Number of Cameras Included
Pack Size
Power Options
Power Options
Product Weight (lb.)
8 lb
Recording Storage
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Video Signal
Voice Control Hub Required
No Hub Required for Voice Control
Works With
Alexa, Alexa

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

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Welcome to the future!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Is it weird that I actually squealed with excitement when the Nanit HD monitor came in the mail? I was given this baby monitor as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and I felt like I had won the lottery. Where do I even start? We have a four month old daughter who has slept in a bassinet in our room since we brought her home from the hospital. I was so apprehensive about moving her to the crib, but this product made the transition so easy. We were previously using another oxygen monitor and camera separately, so I love that this replaces multiple products and that the app collects multiple types of data. The floor stand means that I don't have to drill into the wall or position the camera on a shelf and figure out how to get the perfect angle so I don't miss anything. The camera was so easy to set up and isn't an eyesore at all. The picture is crystal clear and I love the memory feature that allows you to snap photos of your little one sleeping or playing in the crib. The app was easy to download and set up, as well. The insights and alerts are fully customizable which is great. At first, I was a little frustrated because the monitor kept picking up every movement of her mobile, but you can actually adjust the area where motion is detected so it was an easy fix. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the movement and sound detection, which is helpful in a smaller home with a toddler, a puppy, and a baby. The app will also alert you if the temperature or humidity level falls outside of a desired range. I love going back and reviewing the time lapse videos. This has been especially helpful when I've been away from home at bedtime. It makes me feel like I was there even when I wasn't. I think it's one of my favorite features! Aside from the functions of the camera, the app also offers helpful insight and advice on sleep overall, as well as baby's development from one month to the next. It's like there's a parenting book built in! The camera came with the breathing band and we purchased a 3 pack of additional bands to use at a very reasonable price. It's such a cool feature and I love that it can be used over a sleep sack at night or over clothes at nap time. Knowing that she is breathing well gives so much peace of mind and helps ME sleep like a baby! When we saw the pediatrician for her last well check up, I shared the insights from the app with her and it gave such a comprehensive report on her sleep habits, patterns, and quality. She was wowed by how thorough and comprehensive the app was and loved that I could share the data with her. She actually took down the info on monitor to share with other patients! Overall, I have been so happy with the Nanit HD monitor and will definitely be recommending it to anyone and everyone I know who is having a baby! I don't know how we ever got by without it.
    Crystal clear picture and peace of mind
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor
      Peace of mind, peaceful night
      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] As first time parents, there’s a lot of anxiety and fears when it comes to leaving baby unattended during sleeps. So trusting a baby monitor is not one you take lightly or go the cheap route on. We originally had another smart innovative baby monitor system that tracks and monitors baby as he sleeps. But thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this new Nanit baby monitor, I got to try and be able to compare the two. One major feature I enjoyed is the floor stand. This floor stand has an option to reduce to 2 legs which allows the stand to lean flush against the wall as if it were mounted on. I love this the best because no other baby monitor offers this. It’s genius and super innovative. Everything else makes you have to mount to the wall which is a pain if you’re like us and have your baby sleep in the same room as you in the beginning newborn stages while you’re still getting the flow of things figured out. You’ll no doubt move sleeping areas a few times until you figure out what works. Which means you won’t want to have to keep mounting and removing a monitor that many times. It’s also nice because the monitor is attached to the stand so you don’t have to worry about the monitor falling or having to get the correct distance measured out. I also love the look of it. It’s so clean and simple yet instantly looks high-end. The app is really easy to use and has everything to control right at your finger tips (nightlight, breathing monitoring, camera, motion and sound notifications / recordings, etc). A huge pro for us with the app is that it lets you monitor baby’s noise in the background of your phone so that it’s always on even if you’re using other apps. The one thing I wish the app did offer though is a detailed summary page that shows you quick summary reports of the entire 24 hours prior. The report that they show on the app currently is more like a quick bar graph but you can’t click points on it to get further insights like a summary of how many sleeps, etc. displayed in a more detailed summary view. (24 hour summary and a weekly summary) The breathing band is sooo easy to use and place on baby. It tracks pretty accurately and I love how much you can tighten / loosen to fit so many different body types throughout baby’s growing stages. Also the ability to monitor baby’s breathing like that is such an important factor it’s the biggest mind easer! The insights data was a nice addition. It was fun to read through the helpful tips and fun facts. Especially as new parents, I feel like you can never have enough knowledge so it was fun to come across new insights and read about it. It’s so helpful (and also entertaining while you’re passing up time while nursing baby) There’s a built in nightlight too that doesn’t seem as bright at first until you’re actually up in the middle of the nights to check in on baby or pick baby up for middle of the night feeds / diaper changes. Then you really notice how useful and bright it really is! It’s been super helpful because once we get the alert or hear baby crying in the middle of the night, we open the app, turn on the nightlight through it, then go tend to baby. He started to realize that when the nightlight lit up, that we heard him and we’re on our way. It really helped calm him and communicate to him that we heard him until we got there. The other thing I enjoyed was the ability to speak to baby through the monitor. We live in a 2 story house so when we’re downstairs in the kitchen and baby starts to cry, we’re able to open the app and start shushing baby through the monitor as we make our way upstairs to him as if we’re right there next to him. It’s really helpful to ease him. The price point is pretty high for this monitor and the accessories (like the growth tracking sheets) are sold separately (which would be nice if it were all included as part of the same price). That would really be the only reason I wouldn’t buy this on my own if I never got to try it before hand. But once you do get to actually try it, you would easily be convinced why it’s worth it. All of this to say that I absolutely love the Nanit. It really does give us a peace of mind during all of his sleeps throughout the day and night. It’s a must-have on every baby shower registry!
        The best monitor i didn't know i needed
        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] When my first was born we lived in a small one-bedroom apartment where not only did we know immediately when he cried, we could also hear the baby above us and the one across the hall. We went with an audio only monitor for the single reason that sometimes it was hard to differentiate which baby was crying. However, I did buy a wearable device to monitor his breathing, but I ended up returning it without using it for a number of reasons. In the years since then several other new parents have mentioned to me that they wanted their baby to have a breathing monitor for the peace of mind, but didn't like the idea of putting tech on their baby. We just had our second this past fall and we now live in a bigger house and have another kid around to take care of. I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to test out the new Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand with the stellar product testing panel. It turns out it was a life saver. I love so many things about this system it’s hard to know where to begin. I love the floor stand because the idea of mounting the camera to the wall makes me nervous since I’ve had many things fall out of walls in my life. I certainly don’t want the camera falling and landing on baby. The cable protectors are a nice touch to mitigate strangulation risk. The stand was very easy to assemble, though I did make one mistake, but it was not hard to correct. The stand is also much more stable than I would have expected. My toddler thinks everything is a toy, and has run his toy cars along it without it tipping over! My one minor irritation was the shape of the plug. I plug everything through a surge protector, but unlike most devices these days, the Nanit plug blocks two-three plug slots on the power strip. Most devices I own have either moved the bulky piece to the middle of the cord or have oriented the bulk to the side rather than downward. I was able to rearrange a few things to make it work, but it seems like something that could easily be modified to avoid this annoyance. The picture is very clear and there is no lag or interference. Being able to take a picture was a cute touch. I really appreciate being able to add my husband to the account, but also that grandma and any sitters can see too. However, I’m not sure I like the idea that they could just drop in on the camera at any time, maybe there could be a privacy switch? On the other hand, I love that I can drop in on him when I’m working overnight, it helps with the separation. I also really like that I can connect it to my echo show so that I can have the baby pulled up without having to occupy my phone screen. I also like that it doesn’t require its own parent console that you have to remember to charge and adds an extra object to carry around. My phone is always charged and with me! I only used the breathing band a few times, but I love the concept. Having that added peace of mind without having to put any electronic directly on the baby is pure genius. I do think it’s a feature that appeals more to first time parents. I would have paid a lot of money for this with my first. I will recommend it to any parents that ask about vital monitoring. I did have an issue with it. If you don't turn off the breathing monitor in the app when you take the baby out it will randomly alarm later on. This was quite alarming. I thought the milestones were cute, as well as many other extras available in the app. It does seem like they thought of everything. I did think it was a little strange that there was no manual included. It was also a little frustrating having to reset the monitor a few times for various bugs. However, the customer service line was phenomenal. He walked me through several steps to troubleshoot and stayed on the line with me while I tried them. He was also very pleasant.
          A app alerts!!
          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have started using this Nanit floor camera and cell phone app with my second baby and I can now attest that it’s probably the best one on the market and from a usually bargain shopper, it’s worth the money! With my first, I was convinced I needed a physical monitor because I wouldn’t have an app pulled up in my phone at all times, so that’s what we bought. I’ve since realized after using the Nanit though that I don’t actually need the separate monitor at all. I never looked at it every moment, and when I want to, I can just as easily pull up the app. The alerts have been one of my favorite features. There’s no delay and they are super accurate at night. With the windows open during the day, shadows of clouds or trees blowing in the wind do sometimes trigger an alert, but I’m fine with that because it just means the motion detector is sensitive. I haven’t seen false alerts at night. I love the sleek aesthetic of the camera and the fact that it’s not an eye sore in the nursery! The camera quality that comes through on the app is great as well. The floor camera doesn’t have a chord that hangs behind the crib a baby can reach... which is such an important safety feature I wouldn’t have thought pre having a heart attack to find baby tangled in it with my last monitor! Thank you so much to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me this monitor to test pre launch!! It is such an awesome product and I will recommend it to my pregnant friends.
            Versatile Baby Monitor
            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was so happy to be a part of testing this baby monitor through the stellar parent panel. I really liked the fact that you could either wall mount the camera or use it on the stand! That’s my most absolute favorite part so far. It was very easy to put together and only took me about 5 minutes. The stand is also adjustable too so it works great in small spaces! The cool thing about not mounting it to the wall is that it can be moved from place to place and mobility in a baby monitor of this kind is such a good feature. The app allows you to view in both portrait or landscape which is awesome. It’s super easy to understand, and everything you want is right at your fingertips. You can snap pictures of your baby at the tap of a button and share with family members. There is an option to add more than one family member to view the camera footage. You can even add more than one camera and personalize them with your children’s names. You can even personalize access to who will be viewing such as (mom, dad, grandma, etc) There is a nightlight feature, along with new breathing and growth features. There is also a sound machine built in but honestly I did not care for this feature and there’s only one sound I would use and it’s not as easy to find. You have to tap on the video viewing area to make it full screen and then the music note pops up to select the sounds. I think it’s only two out of the 4 nature sounds that I like which is the white nose and waves I think. I honestly think this can be removed or updated to add your own music through Bluetooth or something else. One of the best in app features is that you can actually turn off the camera altogether. And there is also night-mode which allows the camera to stay on screen all night (no auto lock) and auto dims after 30 seconds. The breathing band works great for older babies who have outgrown sleeping sacks and swaddles. It wraps around your baby underneath their arms and uses a unique pattern read by the Nanit camera to measure the breaths per minute. This is brilliant but I will add that you have to make sure that the band is the right size for your baby or you run the risk of setting off the non breathing alarm. This is something I experienced and I had to size up to a large from the small and then I didn’t have that issue anymore. So if your baby is at a higher weight percentile I would just go for the large band automatically. The alarm did scare me even though they make you do a test run but it’s something about the way that it was not wrapped properly due to the small fit. I think they could use a different sound or feature to let you know about the fit vs using one alarm that literally scared the bejesus out of me. It wasn’t even late at night it was around 8pm and I had just put my baby to sleep. She was not disturbed by the sound but I literally freaked out thinking my baby wasn’t breathing. So future notes for this camera maybe an update can fix or just make sure to get the largest band which can fit any baby at any size. Now for the insights I love love loveeee this feature and wish it came as part of the purchase package... I think anyone would be willing to pay more to have this feature included vs paying monthly for this when we’ve already paid top dollar for this lovely camera. Maybe storage can be something extra to pay for but like overnight insights would be the best. Maybe not everyone wants to save the footage etc. so daily or overnight insights could also be something to look into or add through an update or include it all together and bump up the price. What I really enjoyed about the insights data were the suggestions so for example my baby is 4 months and it mentioned that around this time would be good to allow my baby to self soothe and put them down in the crib after feeding and rocking them for a shot period of time. Great suggestions and I can’t wait to see more as my baby grows. Overall I really loved the use of the stand/wall mount option and the adjustability in terms of moving the camera up down or side to side. The stand is adjustable in terms of the connecting tubes that house the cord so you can either screw all of them together to run along a long wall or leave only one and fold up the rest. I like using the stand for now because I will eventually move the camera to the other room when the time is right. This allows portability from place to place also! Another one of my favorite features is the nightlight it is not too bright nor too dim. The turn off camera feature which is also a plus! Very happy about that. Wishing that the insights were part of the package purchase or at least some kind of daily recap for those who don’t want to purchase insights. Thank you to stellar product testing panel for allowing me to test this lovely system!
              Nanit Pro w/ Floor stand review
              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Pros: -I love being able to see my LO night summary report. The video is pretty cool to watch and the statistics along with LO's report is helpful too. -The image quality is excellent! Both day and night -time vision -The ability to be able to zoom in and out to any size is a really nice feature other camera monitors do not have. Cons: -My most unfavorable part of the Nanit, is it doesn't come with a separate monitor screen. If you do NOT have a device to be able to download the Nanit app, this product is not useable. You MUST have a device to be able to download the app in order to check on your LO. -I don't like how it drains my battery life on my device -The floor stand is very flimsy. Sturdy metal piping for the top half but the bottom is made from cheap PVC pipe. As I was installing the camera/stand, the PVC part of the stand kept disconnecting. -The breathing monitor band run extremely small. Order a size up! If you have a larger LO, you won't be able to utilize the breathing monitoring system features for long which is a bummer. -The Breathing band sleep sacks are fashionable. However, they don't come in a thicker material for those LO's that are colder. They are perfect for the warmer LOs! -Having a baby monitor based on WIFI, is an uneasy feature for me as it leaves hacking into my info/home wide open. People LOVE it or HATE it. I happen to not care for the WIFI feature. -Have I mentioned how it doesn't come with a separate device to view the app????? They totally missed the ball on this one!!! The app is fun to have on your phone or other device to check in on your LO, BUT, it would be nice to have a main monitor to carry around or have for the everyday use. -It's pretty pricey considering you have to use an app AND pay monthly/annually for subscription to utilize the features of the breathing band. Overall, I really wish the Nanit Pro had a main device for the monitor system as supposed to relying solely on an app. This is my main issue for this product! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this baby monitor to review!
                Throughly impressed.
                [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am a mama to 6 kids aged 12 years to 12 months. I've been through what seems like every monitor imaginable. I was given the opportunity to test this Nanit Video Monitor out thanks to the Stellar Reviews testing panel. First of all, Wow. Just Wow. I'm honestly blown away. The App for starters is amazing. It doesn't skip a beat. The set up was very easy for both the app and camera itself. What really blew me away was the insights and memories! It hyper lapses baby's entire day. I got to see just how poorly our babe was sleeping. And also see how poorly I was also sleeping, not that I needed reminding. But it was an absolute eye opener that maybe it was time to sleep train. He was 11 months old and only sleeping 1.5 hours at a time. The breathing band is seriously neat. We ended up purchasing the sleepsack through nanit to use with the monitor. Knowing he is safe is our #1 priority. It will alert us if anything is awry, and let's us know when he is moving and so on. The camera can also be customized to only sense the crib area for movement. And a massive plus, the audio will stay on in the background on your phone even when you close out your screen. There is just so much that I can't even describe them all. My only wish for this monitor is that it came with a separate hand held parent unit so I didn't have to have my phone with me everywhere. My advice? GET THIS ONE!
                  BEST. MONITOR. EVER.
                  [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This monitor has it all. Clear picture? Check. Breathing detection? Check. Top notch app? Definitely check. This monitor comes with a floor stand, which I love! We’re in the process of moving and not having to anchor it to the wall at our temporary home is an awesome bonus. I also like the safety of fewer cords exposed. The app is absolutely incredible. Not only can I turn it on from my phone, it sends clear notifications and has a strong alert for any instance that baby may not be breathing. While I really like the idea of the breathing band, our daughter sleeps in a sleep sack currently and we’ve followed the instructions to not use the band with the extra layer. I’m excited to transition our baby out of the sleep sack and make more use of this awesome feature! The insights that the app provides not only gives a great summary of baby’s sleep, but also fun memories to look back on! The photo quality is unmatched in the market today. Overall I’m really impressed with this monitor and will be highly recommending it to all of our family and friends. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving us the opportunity to test this monitor.
                    Top quality monitor!
                    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor
                      Showing 1-10 of 73 reviews