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0.69 lb. Organic Indoor/Outdoor Water Soluble Plant Food Solo Packs

  • Convenient, Pre-Measured, Dissolvable Packs for Mess-Free Feeding
  • No Harsh Ingredients
  • All-Purpose- For Indoor and Outdoor Use on Flowers and Plants
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Product Overview

Purely Organic Products, LLC Solo Packs may be used on plants and flowers, indoors and outdoors. Ideal for use on plants throughout the home, including the kitchen. They dissolve easily in water and contain no harmful ingredients.
  • Made from hydrolyzed plant proteins that contain no manure or animal by-products
  • Can be used anywhere around the house or outside
  • No offensive odor or staining dyes
  • Completely new product

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Liquid Fertilizer Type Liquid Plant FertilizerLiquid Plant Fertilizer
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Package Size (lb.)
Product Depth (in.)
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Active Ingredients
Plant Protein Hydrolysate
Compatible Grass Type
All Purpose
Delivery Method
Dry Fertilizer Type
Dry Plant Fertilizer
Water Soluble
Fertilizer Formula
Longevity (weeks)
N-P-K Ratio
Plant Name
African violet,Azalea,Blueberry,Bonsai,Cactus,Camellia,Daffodils,Dogwods,Fern,Forsythia,Gardenia,Geraniums,Hibiscus,Hydrangea,Juniper,Orchid,Palm,Philodendrons,Poinsettias,Rhododendron,Rose,Tulips,Woody Ornamentals
Plant Type
Season Use
Time release
Fast release

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Manufacturer Warranty

Questions & Answers


How often are you supposed to use this product on the same plant?

Asked by Jaye November 23, 2018

For best results, use every 7 to 14 days on all desired plants indoors and out.

How much water is added to each pack?

Asked by Judith January 16, 2016

Up to one gallon.

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Game changing product
I used this product out doors on flower boxes and hydrangeas ..and indoors on house plants and Christmas tree..i love the pre measured packets..and how it mixed in the container smell and flowers looked great.. i noticed this company has a lawn food i am going to try that next.. i love that no byproducts of animal waste or biosolids..
by 36girl
6 people found this helpful
I have plants all over my house and they are so happy and healthy they are practically singing! H...
I have plants all over my house and they are so happy and healthy they are practically singing! Home Depot is my favorite place to shop. It's fun just to look around and see what's new. I also found a gorgeous planter for my new Polka Dot plant, both from HD. Brightens up the whole living room. Keep bringing great things in. : ) Toni
by Redhead
My wife uses these for indoor plants. They seem to...
My wife uses these for indoor plants. They seem to be doing well. I have not used them in the garden yet.
by Nathaniel
These worked great to get nitrogen to my yellowing vegetables and gardenia plants.
Apparently the soil in my raised beds had been taxed from last year's crop. The plants were yellowing and unhealthy. My gardenia was showing signs of chlorosis. I definitely wanted to save the gardenia and see if low nitrogen was the culprit in the vegetable garden. I dissolved these one at a time in a watering can, as directed. The small packs readily dissolved after stirring for half a minute. After the third application, the vegies and the gardenias are looking healthy. No measuring and spilling. The only drawback was cost. They are a bit pricey but if I had had to do it the old fashion way, I may not have done it at all.
by Louis
3 people found this helpful
Convenient & effective
After soil tests showed low nitrogen this nitrogen suppiment greatly improved my garden.
by RichL
3 people found this helpful
Showing 1-5 of 5 reviews