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4-Channel 1080p 1TB Surveillance System and 4 HD Cameras with 100 ft. Night Vision

  • Motion detection maximizes the available storage space on the DVR
  • Includes (4) 60 ft. BNC cables and a built-in 1TB hard drive
  • Remote monitor anywhere, anytime using a tablet or smartphone
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Product Overview

Protect your 1-2 bedroom home or small retail location with an HD surveillance camera system from Q-SEE, including a 4-Channel HD DVR, 41,080p cameras, and a pre-installed 1TB Purple Surveillance Storage drive from Western Digital. View cameras and recordings anytime right from your Smartphone, tablet, or computer with Q-SEE's remote connection feature and always know your property is safe. These HD cameras are weather-resistant and perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and the metal housing and 3-axis mount protect against tampering and vandalism. Built-in LED's allow you to see up to 100 ft. in complete darkness, delivering protection and peace of mind-day or night. Smart System features allow you to receive specialized alerts with snapshots directly on your Smartphone. Easily view live video feeds or review motion tagged recordings through a tablet or phone. Protect what matters the most, let Q-SEE make your life easier by providing you with a smart security system advantage.
  • 4-Channel 1,080p DVR
  • Four 1,080p bullet cameras (1,920 x 1,080 resolution)
  • Night vision delivers up to 100 ft. visibility in the dark
  • 3.6 mm camera lens produces 70° wide field of view
  • IP66 weather-resistant rating for indoor or outdoor use
  • Remote view from your phone or tablet or computer
  • 1TB hard drive pre-installed
  • Compatible with Q-SEE BNC HD series QTH products
  • Includes 60 ft. BNC cables for each camera
  • Smart security system makes it easy to view video with tagged motion detected and view live alerts on your Smartphone

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Cable Length (ft.)
Screen Size (In.)


Cable Connection
Camera Connection
Wired Cameras
Camera Resolution
1080 TVL
Camera Technology
Camera Type
3-Axis Adjustable Camera,Accepts Additional Cameras,Day/Night Mode,Motion Activated,Night Vision,Programmable,Recordable,Visual Alert
Field of View
60 Degrees
Hard Drive Size
1TB - 1.9TB
Hub Required
No hub connection available
Image Sensor Type
Cables,Cameras,Ethernet Cable,Mounting Hardware,Power Cord,Receiver
Maximum Record Time (hrs)
Night Vision Distance (ft.)
Number of Cameras Included
Number of Channels
4 Channel
Power Connection
Power Options
Power Options
Recording Resolution
Recording Storage
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Storage Capacity
Video Signal
Voice Control Hub Required
No Voice Control
Works With
Proprietary App

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
2-Year Warranty

Questions & Answers


Is this a NVR or a DVR system?

Asked by kenny February 8, 2021

Can we purchase the DVR only ?

Asked by Louie January 5, 2021

Thank you for your recent inquiry with The Home Depot. We do not carry the DVR for the Q-SEE 16-Channel 1080p 2TB Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance DVR System with (6) HD Dome Cameras and (4) HD Bullet Cameras by itself. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Are you able to connect them to a different outlet or do they have to be in the same and also connect to the router

Asked by Jos3 September 5, 2020

I need only outdoor cameras. Are all cameras, the 2 bullets and 4 dome cameras for outdoor use?

Asked by Debra June 29, 2020

The bullet cameras are great, not happy with dome cameras. They do not seal. Never received the It’s standard warranty.

Is there a monthly fee ?

Asked by moe May 24, 2020

What are the dimensions of the DVR?

Asked by jbrtha12 May 18, 2020


Does it hve a plug in for a hdmi coed so I can plug it into a computer monitor and view live feed?

Asked by Jg February 18, 2020

Yes, it has a plugin for an HDMI cord.


Asked by Tommy1968 February 6, 2020

The cameras connect to the system box with the included cables. The cable provides power to the camera and signal to the box. If a longer cable is needed, you can easily add additional cable. I did not need to add any cable as the included cables are good length. The box plugs into power and Ethernet from your router. I was able to get everything set up in a few hours which included crawling in the attic to run the cable to the soffit.

is this for outdoor use also (waterproof, sun, dust etc) or just for indoors

Asked by mysel January 29, 2020

This is also for outdoor use.

Can I buy two more cameras to add to my existing unit

Asked by Daly January 9, 2020

If you already have 4 cameras installed you can’t add any more because it’s a 4 channel.

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This works great to replace my old broken DVR and the new 1080p cameras actually work on my old w...
This works great to replace my old broken DVR and the new 1080p cameras actually work on my old wiring.
by Mick222
Easy to install. Picture is amazing. Setup after installation was easy. We use this for our busin...
Easy to install. Picture is amazing. Setup after installation was easy. We use this for our business and then purchased this same system for our home.
by Shyla
Simple to install, works great and perfect picture during the day. Night time I'd say you can onl...
Simple to install, works great and perfect picture during the day. Night time I'd say you can only see clearly up to 10-15ft, but overall way better than the previous DVR's we've had. Highly recommended if your looking for a great 1080p 4 channel DVR that can be viewed remotely on PC or cell phone.
by it3pro
Supreme picture quality ---- Very good night picture
Installation of the system was cumbersome. I struggled for a while trying to enter the default username and password. The installation instructions brag about being streamlined, but the instructions did not match the system in the box. Pictures provided by the camera are terrific. I have several other less expensive cameras and the picture quality from the Q-SEE system is much better. NO SOUND from these cameras. Keep in mind....each camera needs to be connected directly to the home base (DVR). It is not a wireless system. Also, The home base needs to be connected to the directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable. I think if I had it all to do over again, I would get a wireless system.
by AverageDude
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Great security system QT-598 for the price Great lines of resolution .Night vision good .Very hap...
Great security system QT-598 for the price Great lines of resolution .Night vision good .Very happy with them system. Wired to my 50 inch TV. This is my second Q-See system .Had systems for 4 years. There is nothing I dislike about the system.
by JakeHenderson
Update: Q-See just dropped a beta of their remote viewing software for the Mac. It looks and work...
Update: Q-See just dropped a beta of their remote viewing software for the Mac. It looks and works pretty much the same as the Windows program.
by tilepainter
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industrial strength
This is review is a continuation of my previous reviews of Q-See surveillance products. I started out with a smaller system of 4 cameras on an 8 channel 1TB DVR. That system, while not perfect, was very useful and interesting. So when I got the chance, I upgraded it to this top-of-the-line model. While the smaller system is very much home grade, this one is commercial grade. The DVR is enormous, with room and cabling inside for a total of 8 hard drives, plus two more externally. The case is about 18" x 18", and comes with rack-mounting brackets. The DVR also has the loudest cooling fan I have ever encountered. You cannot install this unit anywhere in your house where noise is an issue, nor can you put it inside a sealed cabinet, as it draws over 100 watts and will overheat. I have it in an unused room for now. With that roaring fan, it really belongs in a server room, not a home. I added six more cameras to my original four, swapping in dome cameras for bullets where they are not out of reach. The included cables are 60 foot, not 100 foot as advertised. 100 foot cables are available at Home Depot for about $15. When I finally got the new DVR up and running, I had an immediate realization about the smaller one, which I had suspected all along. It is underpowered - it simply does not have the processing power to handle 4 cameras, let alone 8; two would be more realistic if you expect it to record. That is the reason for its frequent crashes and disk corruptions. Also, it could not truly fast-forward on a remote connection, it just kind-of staggered. This bigger unit has no such problems, it runs very smoothly through everything. Of course, with only 10 of the 32 channels in use, I would not expect it to be working hard. Surprisingly, or maybe not, both units run the exact same Linux-based operating system, so there was nothing new to learn. The bigger unit simply has more channels. You will need to supply some sort of monitor, and make accommodations for a serious bundle of wires: every camera, the power supplies, network, etc. The DVR software is entirely mouse-driven, and there is no real manual or help. Just poke at it until you figure it out. Actually, that's the best way anyway. With this unit, a good-quality mouse was supplied, as well as a TV-style remote control. Note that after the initial setup, everything can be done by remote, so access to the DVR is much less necessary, and you could even dispense with the dedicated monitor. Some of the things you can set up include: live and recorded image quality, continuous recording schedules, motion recording schedules and areas, users, and much more. There are numerous options for alarms - recording, snapshots, email, etc. Recordings can be searched by time and played back at high speed. There is really an awful lot to figure out, you will spend quite a while learning it all. If there was a manual, it would be an inch thick, and I wouldn't read it. As before, the cameras are terrific. The picture is like watching HD TV, and the night vision is surprising. Motion detection is very good during the day, much less so at night, when the useful range drops to maybe 10 yards. Point-and-zoom cameras are also supported, although I don't have one. The fixed cameras have a very wide field of view, which is nice, but can make setting them up in tight spaces very fussy. In particular, make sure that there is nothing close by that will reflect the night-time IR, as the glare will effectively blind the camera. What seems to be ok during the day can turn out to be unusable at night, and I had to take down and re-install several cameras before I worked out all the problems. To improve the night vision, you could add extra IR illuminators, something I may experiment with someday. Remote monitoring is where the system really shines. There are several Android apps to choose from, based on the size of your device. I imagine it is the same for IOS. On a Mac, you have only a Safari browser plugin, but it works. On Windows, the same plugin works in IE, and there is also a native application. Unfortunately, the latest version of that program (3.4) does not work, but I had an older copy that does. I informed Q-See of this, hopefully it will be fixed by the time anyone reads this review. There is no Linux support. Q-See offers free ddns service through their own servers. If installing the remote app on a phone, unless you have an unlimited data plan, make sure you restrict it from using cellular data ( only Wifi ) or it will quickly burn out your data plan behind your back !!! This feature is not built in to the app, but it should be. You can use NetGuard on Android to do this. In general, Q-See's software, while functional, lacks a degree of polish. For example, there are numerous typos in message boxes, some of them comical, that smack of overseas programmers. There are also numerous little quirks and inconsistencies that you will discover as you teach yourself how to use everything. But overall, it does what you need it to do. Physical installation of a system like this is a lot of work. Hundreds of feet of cabling must be run in difficult locations, and the best camera locations are going to require a ladder to reach. I cut out some sections of soffet and replaced them with removable pieces. That makes fishing the cables and installing the cameras much easier. Inside the (walk-in) attic, I used pipe hangers as cable guides to secure everything out of the way. The cables all collect at one point in the attic, and pass through a 2" hole into a closet. The cameras themselves are weather-proof, but still need to be installed in protected locations, and everything else must be indoors. I don't have any real crime problem, it is just nice to be able to monitor around the house. The night vision has recorded just about every large land mammal in New Jersey except a bear, and I can do without them. They also caught the mailman repeatedly jumping and damaging the front hedge, prompting me to put up a barrier. Holly grows too slow for that kind of abuse. YouTube is full of surveillance videos of deliveryman hi-jinx. It's nice to know what is going on around the house when you're not there. Finally, the system records all visitors and deliveries, so I can see if there is a box left at the front door. There is also no reason you couldn't install cameras inside the house, in the 'public' rooms, and watching entry doors. They could be scheduled to be on only when you are away. I have one watching the garage at present, replacing a separate camera that was in there. It's nice to have everything integrated. Baby and dog monitoring are a few more uses, microphones can be added. Just for fun, I even put a camera on the bird feeder. Turns out, it is the Blue Jays that steal all the peanuts, not the squirrels!
by nickname
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This is a great system and great cameras. Great HD cameras and I plan to buy more cameras and add...
This is a great system and great cameras. Great HD cameras and I plan to buy more cameras and add to the system.
by hurricaneharris
Product shipped, arrived at store, and received by me all as planned. Accounted for all parts and...
Product shipped, arrived at store, and received by me all as planned. Accounted for all parts and temporarily connected in my home office. Everything checked out. Tested night vision by turning off lights in room, it changed instantly. Install took about 6 hours(I'm 57 , 290lbs). Crawling the attic took the longest. I have vinyl siding installed at build so I was able to open it up and find solid wood to mount cameras and also connect wires and toss spool up into attic to find later.NOTE: Use electrical tape on red(power) connectors or when you pull on the wire it will come loose at the camera and you will have to go back to the beginning. Located place on interior wall(exterior walls have insulation, you will never get the wire down the wall cavity)close to TV and DVR location. I picked an interior wall area/cavity that had a cable box mounted in it. I then determined which side of the stud the box is mounted to,I am an experienced "wall knocker", you may want to use a studfinder. Once that was determined went back to the attic and find the top plate for that wall and locate the wire/cable that goes to the box below. Orientation of the existing wire/cable and the direction of the cavity(left or right of the wire/cable) is important to make sure the new 1' hole is drilled in the correct cavity. Push all the wires into the hole and push 10-15 feet of the wire down into the hole/cavity. I used a multitool(vibrating cutter) to cut the outline on the sheetrock of the face of the new receptacle box. Cut out the area between the wire push through holes in the new receptacle box either in the top or bottom(if you have pulled enough of the wires into the cavity to allow them to hang a few feet below the hole cut in sheetrock it will be easier to pull them up through hole cut in box than to pull through the top, trust me) this will give you an opening big enough to get several wires with connectors into box. Mounted the box(with the wires pulled through far enough to reach the DVR(give yourself a few extra feet so you can move the DVR if necessary). Connected everything, powered everything up. Check camera views and notate which need to be adjusted, adjust and check view and it's all done. View is very clear and night vision is very clear. Cameras emit a red light at lens at night. Wife says she wished the cameras were white and low profile and no visible light at night so as not to be seen/noticed by would be thieves. My reply is "these are a deterrent as well as a backup". If they are visible the thieves are less likely to target and if they do I have them on video.
by Mike
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Serious surveillance system with easy installation but poor customer support and software
This kit provides all the parts needed to set up an extensive surveillance system. 12 cameras, a DVR, computer mouse, power supplies and wiring. All seemed to be well engineered and designed. The instructional material included a sheet that seemed to apply to a different product, instructions to register for support and a link to a website to get information. I dutifully registered and explored the poorly designed website that had downloads for many different systems but was unable to find anything for this system. However looking at the parts it was obvious how they should be connected, there was no room for error. I connected up two cameras and hooked the DVR to a computer monitor (not included) and plugged the mouse into the DVR and connected the DVR to my router and applied power. The monitor immediately showed the views from the cameras and displayed a dialog to set up the time and a new user name and password. The problem was that before I could do anything I had to sign in. The default username was ADMIN, but I still needed an initial password. It was not written on the unit, as it often is for routers. I tried 'password' as the password- it was rejected. The website did not have the information. I contacted customer support via live chat and was put on a waiting list and given a reasonable time estimate and watched myself move up the queue. An hour later, it was my turn, but instead of getting the answer I was informed that my query had been cancelled. I tried again with the same result. Web searching quickly revealed that the default password was 123456, maybe I should have guessed that. Then I was able to proceed, setup the device and download an app for my phone. To be fair to the company, I subsequently found that the password was on the sheet that I had for another product. Controlling the system with a mouse worked flawlessly, the image quality is good, though the user interface is awkward. The phone app was well designed, making it much easier to zoom in on a past event, except that there seems to be no explanation on how to do it- you have to figure it out for yourself. There are some problems. The phone view always lagged by at least a minute and frequently froze for long periods. So the 'remote viewing' feature is largely useless. I can guess why it didn't work for me. Living in a rural area, we have an upload speed of 500 kbs and a download speed 10 times faster. In a city where both speeds could be much faster, others may have satisfactory results. However I know that with better software design this system should work much better, as I have a another surveillance camera with built in memory that is able to produce usable remote imaging by adapting the image quality and frame rate to accommodate lower bandwidth connections. Despite poor customer service, documentation and software, this system will be a useful addition to my home surveillance system and with improved software and support it will be a first class product.
by EricG
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