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Portable Car Lift 7,000 lbs. Capacity

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  • 7,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Portable System- Set up in less than 60 seconds
  • Lock in height at mid-level or full height
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Product Details

QuickJack 7000TL is the only portable truck lift capable of getting trucks and SUV tires completely off the ground. With the addition of the optional Light Truck & SUV Adapters, the 7000TL has an incredible 27" lifting height. 7000TL is the highly-anticipated sequel to the most popular automotive tool to ever hit the home garage or auto repair shop. With the ability to lift an extra 3 inches, 7000TL portable car lift provides more room to tackle every repair and maintenance task on vehicles, trucks, and SUVs weighing up to 7,000 lbs. Through superior engineering and design, we've been able to produce an extra 3-inches of lifting height without sacrificing the overall dimensions that has made QuickJack a must-have in your garage. 7000TL still has an impressive 3.5" lowered height, 70.75" overall length, and 12.5" overall width.
  • Plugs into 110-Volt AC wall outlet power to operate
  • From stow to go in less than 60-seconds
  • Remote pendant control features a 13 ft. cord
  • Dual-locking positions mid level and full rise
  • QUICKJACK is designed to lift an entire vehicle with both frames by engaging the OEM recommended lifting points
  • Strong 14-Gauge welded steel frames
  • Low-profile jack frames fit under most race cars
  • Recommended that you always use QUICKJACK on a flat surface, anything greater than a 3° slope is not considered safe
  • Long as QUICKJACK's mechanical safety locks are engaged, vehicles can be raised and stored indefinitely
  • Extended, cantilevered rubber block trays provide increased rubber block reach
  • Portable power unit features a remote push-button control for simple operation
  • Steel mounted urethane wheels provide effortless rolling of jack frames on floor
  • Power unit features a built-in hydraulic flow divider for precise equalized lifting
  • Includes an 8-piece set of adjustable and stackable rubber lift blocks to support cars at precise locations for increased stability and safety
  • Detailed installation, maintenance and safety instructions accompany each QUICKJACK system
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinders eliminate the need for screw mechanisms
  • Includes: 2 ea. jack frame assemblies, 2 ea. 150 in. hydraulic hoses, 2 ea. 14 in. aux. hoses, 2 ea. quick-mount handles, 4 ea. 1.5 in. x 3 in. x 4 in. rubber lifting blocks, 4 ea. x 3 x 4 in. rubber lifting blocks, 1 mini hydraulic power unit with pendant control

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Questions & Answers

Q:If I want to use the quickjack to store a car for a long period, does it need to be powered the whole time? Does the compressor need to be hooked up and plugged in to operate? Or can the car be lifted and the quickjack locked in the raised position?
by|Feb 27, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  can lift it up to a locking position then de-power unit, remove the cables.

by|May 7, 2023
    Q:How much does one side of the lift weigh for the 5000 and 7000
    by|Dec 14, 2022
    1 Answer
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    A:  frames are heavy enoughthat you don?t want to buy it if you have back problems

    by|May 11, 2023
      Q:Trying to find out the difference between 7000TL vs 7000SLX
      by|Dec 2, 2022
      3 Answers
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      A:  According to the website the new TL lifts 3 inches higher

      by|Dec 4, 2022

        A:  The new TL models lift 3 inches higher, and the minimum distance between lifting points for the new TL models is 37inches, which is much better because the SLX models were too short even for a mid-sized SUV like a 2012 MDX. The  31.5 inches minimum distance in the SLX model was ok for small vehicles like a Honda Civic, but the extension kit was necessary to be able to properly hit the lift points on the Acura MDX. The new TL models should not have this problem. 

        by|Mar 23, 2023
          1 found this answer helpful

          A:  According to Quick Jack documentation the 7000SLX will lift to 37" the 7000TL will lift to 31.5", otherwise they are comparable. I have had a 7000TL for several years and it has worked very well.

          by|Dec 7, 2022
            Q:Can I order the 7000TLX model, the X is a longer version for larger vehicles?
            by|Nov 18, 2022
            0 Answer
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            Frame piston spewed a high pressure leak
            new out of the box, had problem with one frame not lowering at all. added 90 lbs to see if would help. after several ups and downs the frame appeared to be getting better but still very slow to lower. started noticing fluid collecting on floor near where bleed valve is located but valve was shut tight. raised the frame to top level and then noted several pin stream leaks form very quickly at bottom of piston.
              Quick jacks
              Works great, get the wall hanger to save space
              • Verified Purchase
              Leaking right out of the box
              Was told about this jack from a friend who also warned me about all the troubles he had before getting replacement parts for it. Followed the setup instructions step by step. When it came time to bleed the system, the quick connectors at the pump leaked like crazy at the connectors. The screw in to the pump and hose were fine. But from the actual “no leak” connectors it leaked about a quart of hydraulic fluid during the bleeding portion of the setup. Anytime I hit the up button it would pour out
                Customer Service is EXCELLENT
                I am extremely happy with the jacks I got. They are excellent quality and work very well. It comes with everything you need except hydraulic fluid. There are even eight rubber lifting blocks included. One mine arrived. The short hydraulic hose was leaking at the fitting. I called customer service a quick jack and they immediately overnighted one to me. Now that is service. I'm very very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to friends and family.
                  Gearhead's dream!
                  I have used this lift on classics, trucks and sedans so far and it did quite well. The Quickjack is faster, easier to use, and safer than the old floor jack and jack stand method. I added metal rollers to make it easier to position under the cars. If you like to do your own car repairs and maintenance, but don’t want to fork out lots of money for a full size lift, this is the way to go. I went ahead and purchased the SUV lift adapter and although a little pricey, it was worth it.
                    • Recommended
                    Easy set up I had my car on the lift in about a hour once I got home.
                    This lift is exactly what I needed. I can lift my car fast and easy and once it is on the safety locks it can be store indefinitely. Very stable.
                    • Verified Purchase
                    • Recommended
                    1 found this review helpful
                    I wish I had bought this years ago. This would of made my life easier on past work. Plenty of space underneath
                    • Verified Purchase
                    1 found this review helpful
                    Best item to have its a must for your garage
                    its a must have im able to do my oil changes and brakes and any thing else under the car with out having to use a floor jack
                    • Verified Purchase
                    • Recommended
                    Best Auto Lift for the DIY’er. Best Christmas Gift Ever.
                    Used the online QuickJack YouTube video to follow assembly instruction and op check. Once assembled and op-checked, it was a breeze to operate. Definitely replaced all my floor jacks and was low profile enough for my Saturn Sky Roadster to drive over.
                    • Verified Purchase
                    • Recommended
                    Quick 7000 SLX
                    Assembled per video on Quickjack site, no issues. I bought 2 pairs of the Quickjack hangers, one for the jacks, one for the extensions. Also bought a 4x8 sheet of good plywood, screwed to studs in corner of my garage and mounted everything.
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                      Showing 1-10 of 346 reviews

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