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28 in. Jobsite Gargantuan Giant Dust Pan

  • High capacity to tackle big messes
  • Sturdy pan holds up to 40 lbs.
  • Hang hold for easy storage
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Product Overview

The Quickie Jobsite Gargantuan is a high capacity debris collector unlike other dust pans. You can tackle your mess with ease; simply sweep debris directly into the pan, no need for additional broom or an extra hand. The Gargantuan accepts 18 in. and 24 in. push-brooms and the underside of the pan has non-skid feet to keep it in place while you sweep the debris directly into the pan. Lateral grips for 2 handed lifting or you can use the center grip for lighter loads. The Gargantuan is for serious clean ups.
  • Pan width is 25 in.
  • Pan holds up to 40 lbs.
  • Hang hold for easy storage
  • Sturdy ribbed construction for strength
  • High polished finish for easy clean-up

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This is the perfect implement for those times when you're doing a two-man job singlehandedly, or ...
This is the perfect implement for those times when you're doing a two-man job singlehandedly, or just want to make tough job easier. Just drop it on the ground and sweep your leaves, or whatever, into this particularly handy invention. Great for outdoor jobs when you're on your own and have lots of stuff to clean up. Wish I'd had one of these years ago. No - it's not perfect - but pretty close to it. Unless you're a fan of multiple trips to the garbage bin, this is what you want/need.
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    Quickie Jobsite Gargantuan Giant Debris Collector
    It made more cleaning up quicker It was a very heavy duty sturdy, holding up to 40lbs and the 25 inch width got the job done quickly. The rubber lips on the edge stayed on the bottom to keep it in place.not to sliding away on the flat surface. Just perfect to use wide broom to sweep lots of dirts from outside, inside like garage floor, shed floors. I liked that bright yellow color that was easy to find it. It had top opening to hang it up on the wall.
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    Great great product. Reduces time and increases efficiency
    This massive (but light weight) "dust pan" lives up to its name. It allows you to sweep a large amount of debris at once thereby reducing the number of trips to the trash can....and fewer times bending over to pick it up. Your job gets done more quickly and you save time. You can sweep straight into it with a large push broom with or without holding the collector in place. If you make quick sweeping "jabs" it will leave less of the small dirt particles behind. You can also stand behind it to anchor it with your foot and "pull" debris into it with the broom. Minor negative is that when full its weight is off-center from the single middle handle, potentially allowing you to dump its contents if you're not careful; or you can lift by its two side handles to avoid that. It is now my go to tool for cleanup.
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    Great for demolition projects
    This is an oversized dust pan. There is really no better way to explain its functionality. However, it easily accepts wide push brooms, which is a far cry from your average kitchen dust pan that barely accepts the broom to which it comes attached. It’s bright yellow – super easy to find in your garage or shop. I for one am prone to leaving the dust pan in the location where I used it last. Since most dust pans are a very indistinct and average color after a few months of use I tend to lose track of where I put it. Your average dustpan is also made of flimsy plastic – before you know it, its side are broken, the edge is bent, and you can't sweep anything into it. This dust p-sorry- ‘Debris Collector’ won’t get lost because it's huge (and you'll need to make room for it) and yellow. The sides won’t break when you step on them, because you’ll trip over them first. And, thanks to its large size and sturdy rubber lip, it makes great contact with the floor, ensuring all the debris you’re collecting isn’t being pushed underneath. I have found that I had to sometimes ‘persuade’ the lip of the Collector down to the floor with the tip of my shoe. I think, again a large size issue, that the floor of the Collector gets bent out of shape or warped. The persuasion technique actually works super well. So well I was surprised. I was also surprised when I put my foot in the Collector and there was still enough room for the broom to push in the debris. My complaints about the Debris Collector, are about the center handle. The edges are sharp likely due to the molding manufacturing process which puts the seams under the handle. It's sharp to the point that the first time I grabbed it, I scratched up my finger pretty good. The handle large enough to accommodate large hands though, so one just needs to keep their hand centered on the handle and all is good. Or wear gloves. Alternatively, I’m going to sand out the edges and make them less likely to draw blood. Oh, and it’s too large to fit into my garbage bins, which is a little annoying. I would recommend this for demolition projects--have you ever had to sweep up chunks of drywall off the floor? This would be perfect for that.
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    Next best thing to a bulldozer
    It is hard to be enthusiastic about a dustpan unless you have seen this one- it is gigantic. This is no mere dustpan, it really is a debris collector, and that is just what my shop (and my house) needs. My projects seem to create huge volumes of waste. Whether it is tearing out old tiles, cutting drywall, wood working or machining metal, everything produces mess and this is a serious cleanup tool that almost makes the cleaning fun. The flexible lip hardly lets anything escape when you are in bulldozer mode, and anything remaining is guaranteed to be small enough not to get stuck in the shop vac. The only downside is that you will spend time crawling around on the floor. I plan to make an angled handle to fix that issue.
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    I swooped in, swept up, and swooped out!
    I wish I would have gotten one of these years ago. What a pain on the work site to try to use a standard broom or push broom with a left over piece of cardboard or a tiny dust pan to get things cleaned up. This device is totally huge. It is wider than my push broom with a rubber pick up strip which seals against the floor. It has tall sides and back to hold the whole load the first time. There's a central handle which balances the load and it also has side handles so you don't have to worry about the whole mess tipping and spilling so you have to sweep all over again. Take a look at the pics and you will see that on the job site where we first used it there was debris to be disposed of before the next job could start. I simply gathered the debris in a single pile, swept it into the giant yellow pan and we were ready to start the next job.
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    For Big Clean UPs
    This is a HUGE item. Excellent for quick clean up of large amounts of debris. No need for a separate brush, just sweep with the push broom right into the pan. the bottom of the pan has rubber feet to keep it from sliding, eliminating the need for a second person to hold the pan. The only negative was the light arch of the leading edge of the pan, which created a small gap between the rubber "lip" and the floor, resulting in a small amount of dirt passing under the pan, requiring a second "sweep" while applying a slight downward pressure to the pan to close the gap. Some care needs to be taken to prevent damage to the flexible rubber lip (you'll want to have a place to hang this up, not just toss it in with all the brooms and buckets).
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    Not very good
    You can see the size difference of this tool compared to a typical shop/garage dust pan in the attached picture. It is substantial. With that said, as an avid wood worker, I thought this was a great idea as it would expedite cleaning up the sawdust mess I love making. Unfortunately, it is so bowed that it's almost worthless. See the pictures. Even with pressing down on the handle did not lay the edge of this tool flat against my concrete floor. Using my foot gently was a solution, but I don't see that leaving any room for the saw dust. Clearly a disappointment from a company from which I own several products and enjoy them all.
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    Wow, that's big!
    When I first saw the Gargantuan, I thought it was too big. However in use it worked well. It works because I was able to use a push broom and sweep all the debris in, where normally I might have switched to a fox tail broom but not with the Gargantuan, it took it all in. Nothing was missed when sweeping the garage floor. The pan stayed in place and I was able to pick it up by the center handle. On a larger load the two side handles would handle the job. Storage was easy too as I hung it up on a 10 penny nail which I drove into a wall stud. The design is such that it hugged the stud and was easy to place or remove it by the center handle.
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    Best giant dust and debris collector ever!!!
    Finally a dust and floor scraps collector that only needs 1 person to use!! The Jobsite Gargantuan Giant Debris Collector does just that, it can fit a push broom inside it with room to spare. The person who designed this had wood workers in mind when this was invented, so leave the snow shovels for snow and buy one of these Debris Collectors. It has the shop owners in mind because you can use it with one person instead of two, one to sweep and the other on the shovel. For safety and ease of use it has 3 handles molded into it, one in the center for light stuff, and a handle at the ends for heavier loads. This debris collector also has a hole for hanging on a hook for easy storage. In all of my 50 years of being in different workshops I have NEVER seen a BETTER DESIGNED PRODUCT and I would HIGHLY Recommend this QUICKIE JOBSITE GARGANTUAN GIANT DEBRIS COLLECTOR to any one. And yes it is a Quickie broom in the picture.
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