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3-1/2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer

  • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment
  • Includes: Swivel quick connect (installed), oil, and wrench
  • Free parts and service for life with registration
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Product Overview

RIDGID introduces the 3-1/2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer. This nailer is compatible with 4d - 16d common bulk nails 1-1/2 in. - 3-1/2 in. long. It has a magnetic guide for precise fastener placement and a tool-free micro adjustable depth-of-drive to give you accurate depth while protecting your work surface. It is ideal where space prevents hammer swings or the use of bulkier tools and for positive placement applications. It operates at 50 psi -120 psi air pressure and has enough power to drive a 3-1/2 in. nail into solid wood. This tool is compact and features an optimal weight, 2.9 lbs. aluminum body with a zinc top cap for smooth drives. The adjustable hand strap and new and innovative Hex Grip texture will give you a comfortable and secure grip in every application. All of these features are backed by RIDGID's industry leading Lifetime Service Agreement. That means Free Parts, Free Service, For Life. Included with the Palm Nailer are a swivel quick connect, oil, wrench, and an operator's manual.
  • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment-sets nails to desired depth and stops driving when desired depth is met to protect work surface
  • Size palm nailer-drives nail up to 2X faster and with less vibration than mini palm nailers
  • Aluminum main housing with zinc top cap-provides durability and optimal weight for reducing fatigue while driving nails without vibration
  • Self-cleaning inlet filter-keeps debris out and extends tool life
  • Hex grip micro texture-enhanced micro-texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort
  • Nail channel magnet-holds nail securely for accurate fastener placement
  • Left or right hand adjustable hand strap-reduces user fatigue and can be adjusted for left or right hand operation
  • Swivel quick connect-allows hose to hang with gravity and improves tool balance
  • Lifetime Service Agreement with registration
  • Includes: (1) R350PNF 3-1/2 full size palm nailer, a swivel quick connect, oil for tool maintenance, a wrench, and an operator’s manual
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Power TypeAirAir Cordless Electric
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Minimum Fastener Size1 in1-1/2 in 4 in
Maximum Fastener Size3-1/2 in3-1/2 in 16 in
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Air Tool Type
Air Nailer
Compressor/Air Tool Features
Fastener Depth Control
Cordless/ Corded
Loading type
Maximum Fastener Size
3-1/2 in
Minimum Fastener Size
1-1/2 in
Minimum Recommended Air Delivery SCFM @ 90PSI
Minimum Recommended Operating Pressure (psi)
Nail Gauge
NA / Other
Nailgun Angle
Power Type
Tools Product Type
Air Tool

Questions & Answers


Can this be used to drive nails out

Asked by Christopher January 18, 2021

I'm sure you could. I imagine it would get tedious after a few though. If you are driving out many, from say, reclaimed pallets, astro pneumatics makes a nail driver that is actually made to do just that.

Does this model feature 360 degree swivel?

Asked by Peter December 16, 2020

Yes, the air connection swivels 360 degrees. Works great.

Could this be used as a roofing/siding nailer?

Asked by Mike November 29, 2020

Hello Mike, Thanks for your question on the RIDGID 3-1/2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer R350PNF can be used for framing, siding and roof sheathing. Thanks for asking! - Eve

Can the palm nailer be used with finishing nails?

Asked by torrance October 28, 2020

Hi Torrance, I apologize for the delay in response. Thank you for your interest in the RIDGID 3-1/2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer. Per technical, this nailer is compatible with 4d - 16d common bulk nails 1-1/2 in. - 3-1/2 in. long with a 1/8" diameter nailhead. Thanks for asking and let us know if we can assist you in the future! - Eve

I just got the palm nailer. Will it work for finish nails?

Asked by Deany September 25, 2020

Be Careful about using with Finish nails - I have a current problem where the head of the finish nail has gotten wedged between the piston and is stuck. The piston is designed for use with larger head framing nails.

How does the drive depth work on this? I see the markings for the various nail depths but I do n...

Asked by GML September 18, 2020

Begin testing the depth of drive by driving a test nail into the same type of workpiece material used for the actual job. Drive a test nail with the air pressure set at 50-55 psi. Raise or lower the air pressure to find the lowest setting that will perform the job with consistent results. It may be possible to achieve the desired depth with air pressure adjustments alone. If finer adjustments are needed, use the depth-of-drive adjustment on the tool. To use the Depth of Drive Adjustment: Disconnect the tool from the air supply. Turn the depth selector left or right to change the driving depth. Reconnect the tool to the air supply. Drive a test nail after each adjustment until the desired depth is set. Thanks for asking! - Eve

Will this work with a pancake compressor

Asked by NewtoAirTools August 2, 2020

Yes. I use my nailer with the (150 psi)Porter Cable pancake compressor. It works well, from Tico to 16d

Can it nail through a concrete basement floor

Asked by Ladylisa May 19, 2020

Correction: It's a .27 caliber cartridge, not a .25 caliber cartridge.

How are nails feed thru system - nail capacity or is it necessary to purchase an accessory

Asked by WH May 13, 2020

One nail at a time.

i need to toe nail 2x6 rafters into glue lam beams. The sheeting is in place. The spaceing will ...

Asked by carpenter May 12, 2020

Yes, no problem at all. that is exactly the reason I purchased it

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After watching some YouTube vids on deck building did I learn about the mini palm nailer. Faced ...
After watching some YouTube vids on deck building did I learn about the mini palm nailer. Faced with building my first deck I tried to learn as much as I could about tools and techniques. I had some worries over having to hammer in nails in tight quarters. When I saw this I had to get one. Of all that's out there this one brand stood out as the mid range price offering and had great reviews. I can't imagine not having this tool! What a fast and easy way to attach 3.5 inch nails with rapid ease! And no bent nails either. I highly recommend this RIGID palm nailer to anyone who builds decks or framing. What a great little tool!! Easy to maintain and use. JUST MAKE SURE you load the nail with the pneumatic hammer shaft facing away from you and never palm hold the nail as you load it. Load it like holding a cigarette, two/three fingers. The unit starts hammering as soon as you exert slight pressure on the nail inside the hammer shaft. Just follow common sense and safety guidelines in the booklet. You will love this tool.
by ltp
This is a good palm held nail driver. It is made nicely and the cost is a plus. I used this to pu...
This is a good palm held nail driver. It is made nicely and the cost is a plus. I used this to put up pickets on a fence. The palm nailer was ready to use right out the box. It does come with lube as well. It does have several different settings for how far you want the nail to be driven. Once you determine the setting you want to use and air pressure, this makes driving nails so much easier and saves time significantly. Occasionally some nails turned, but I had a hammer handy and pulled them out and kept going with the palm nailer. I was very impressed with this palm nailer and definitely see myself using it in the future for DIY jobs.
by Ace
I loooove this tool, it made constructing a deck much...
I loooove this tool, it made constructing a deck much simpler. The sound is fun, it's light and super easy to use! Driving nails is simple in awkward places a regular hammer won't cut it.
by HandymanHeather
Dont forget to register within 90 days or else you will have a paper weight.
My RIGID Palm Nailer R350PNF worked good until it broke. If you forget to register within 90 days you get to pay an exorbitant price for their repair parts. The cheap $1 broken stem in the picture now cost $25.31. Having a cascade effect the cheap broken stem then destroyed the $51.51 Cylinder. Considering a new Palm Nailer cost $59.98 it now becomes a paper weight.
1 person found this helpful
WORKS great... another well-thought OVER / tool made by Ridgid... it is a lot faster other nailer...
WORKS great... another well-thought OVER / tool made by Ridgid... it is a lot faster other nailer the brands
by bigbob
1 person found this helpful
Few instructions came with the palm nailer and they were not very helpful. Fortunately, I had wat...
Few instructions came with the palm nailer and they were not very helpful. Fortunately, I had watched an online video before I made my purchase and had some idea of how it might be used. I was able to figure it out, but it did not seem to work well until I raised the air pressure to over 100 psi. Then it drove a 3-1/2 inch twisted nail into pressure treated wood quite easily. I was pleased to find that there was almost no vibration in my hand, the tool was easy to manipulate, and the nail could be placed accurately. It is also convenient to be able to use an appropriate nail for the job--in this case galvanized--and still be able to drive a large number of nails quickly and accurately. I had trouble getting the nail head to end up flush until I figured out that this is adjustable by twisting a black dial just above the driver. With the proper setting, I was able to drive the nails flush consistently. I was building the base for a small shed and after making a quick job of the frame for the floor, tried to use this tool to nail down the plywood floor. I used 1-1/2" ring shank nails, but these had a tendency to bend while being driven, perhaps because the head is relatively small. I got frustrated and just drove them in with a hammer instead. So maybe this is not a good tool for every nailing application, but it is small, versatile and affordable and I am very happy to carry it with me when I am undertaking a project. I also like the fact that it will fit into small areas where swinging a hammer would be difficult or impossible. It also seems very safe as it will not fire a nail unless it is in contact and some pressure is applied to the tip. It's probably safer than my hammer, which has "got" me a few times over the years.
by Brad
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I removed a wall at a hair salon that had a cold air return in it and there was 3 joist spaces wi...
I removed a wall at a hair salon that had a cold air return in it and there was 3 joist spaces with no floor that I had to repair. There was no way I could have added support for the new subfloor without taking the entire cold air return apart in basement which was no easy feat because of drain and waterlines, but I was able to easily reach the palm nailer into cold air return through the holes cut in floor and add nailers to install subfloor. Saved me easily a half days work! Tool paid for itself just in this first job! Highly highly recommend this tool!! Great for tight spaces and awkward positions
by Dean
2 people found this helpful
Love it.
I love this palm nailer. It is definitely built well. Performs as expected. I did get oil on my hand coming from somewhere inside the tool. Not sure if its normal. It comes with a bottle of oil and an allen wrench which tells me oil is part of its maintenence but hoping to find out if it is normal for it to get on my hand during use.
by Ethan
Very Solid and works well but very loud.
First thing I want to note is how loud this unit is. Please make sure you wear hearing protection. Now that I'm done with my public service announcement, what a well built tool. This is fairly heavy for its size but it does exactly what it is suppose to and will drive nails with no effort on your part. It is small enough to drive nails in pretty tight places where a hammer wouldn't fit. Keep in mind it is only to be used with larger head nails. I was playing with it and had a large finish nail and I managed to jam it so make sure you are using the recommend 6d nails and it works.
12 people found this helpful
Simple to use, efficient and effective
This nailer is handy for getting larger nails into tight spaces where a framing nailer will not fit, or for mid-sized projects that brads are not right for. It can be used right or left handed. The male coupler is attached and it's ready to use right out of the box. The drive depth can be adjusted to set the nail as deep as required, although selecting the depth setting is not very clear based on the markings on the tool. It took some experimentation to figure out. There are two magnets in the driver to hold the nail, which do the job. Setting the nail properly and driving it straight into the work surface takes some practice. I had several in the beginning that went in at a terrible angle, got bent or went in somewhere I did not want them to. This improved with use. I tried all sorts of nails in the beginning to get used to it. Finish nails are not appropriate; you are better off with a brad nailer. I was able to fit roofing nails in the driver for use, and found such larger head nails to be best suited for the tool (such as common nails
by jswobe
9 people found this helpful
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