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3 ft. Toilet Auger

  • Quickly and safely clears toilet obstructions
  • Vinyl guard helps protect the toilet's porcelain
  • Handle for a comfortable and secure grip
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Product Overview

Get the RIDGID 3 ft. Toilet Auger to quickly and safely clear toilet obstructions. This hand-powered auger features a durable, kink-resistant, 1/2 in. compression-wrapped inner core cable and large, ergonomically designed handles for ease of use. The vinyl guard protects the porcelain in the toilet bowl from scratches.
  • Durable, kink-resistant, 1/2 in. compression-wrapped inner core cable
  • Negotiates water-conserving toilets with ease
  • Large, ergonomically designed handles provide a comfortable grip
  • Bulb head
  • Vinyl guard protects porcelain
  • Navigates through the toilet S-bend to clear clogs beyond the initial mouth opening

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3 ft. Toilet Auger
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Cable length (ft.)3.05066
Power SourceHand-CrankManualHand-CrankNot Powered
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Assembled Depth (in.)
1 in
Assembled Height (in.)
40 in
Assembled Width (in.)
6 in
Cable diameter (in.)
Cable length (ft.)
Maximum pipe size cleared (in.)
Minimum pipe size cleared (in.)


Auger Type
Power Source
Powered cable feed
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool
Winding drum

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

Questions & Answers


Do I need to be concerned about the auger getting stuck in the S-trap when I remove the auger?

Asked by NYowner February 7, 2021

Didn't have any issues.

In what ways is this auger better than a basic auger that costs 3x less? I'm willing to buy, but...

Asked by TN4 January 29, 2021

The cheap ones are very flimsy. This auger has worked great for years now.

Is this item returnable ?

Asked by Alexis July 19, 2020

I find that this is a good tool just to have around in case you ever need it! Im storing mine in shed so it is out of the way but close enough when there is a need.

Can you use on shower

Asked by Raymc1 May 19, 2020

No. The ball head is too large to fit in the tub drain basket and snake diameter is too large to make sharp turns in the 1-1/2” drain pipe fittings (would be rough on compression pipe fittings as they are less than schedule 40) you would be better off using a 1/4” diameter snake.

Can this be used on a low-flow urinal?

Asked by Stephanie April 10, 2019


My low-flow toilet used to clog when I used way too much TP. But a couple weeks ago it got much ...

Asked by LarryK February 18, 2019

Something is clogging it up this should take care of it. It will pay for itself the first time you use it and don't have to call a plumber.

I purchased this a few years ago and it's great! I'm sure it saved me lots of plumbing bills. My...

Asked by Lulu November 4, 2018

I wipe the "snake" down with paper towels to prevent rusting (while wearing latex gloves). I'd try a spray of WD40 after it dries off.

Does this product contain materials known to cause cancer and reproductive harm per California proposition 65?

Asked by Fatima June 30, 2018


can you tell me the California proposition 65 information for this product? is it made with mater...

Asked by ModelNo June 30, 2018

No had and unpleasant experience

Does it come with instructions? My daughter in another state has never used one, and her lowflow toilet clogs easily.

Asked by sak9645 March 5, 2018

it is good tool , my house toilet clogs easily. , it is very easy to use, if you don't know how to use , I think you go to youtube watch video , they have many people help to solve your problem

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Greatest thing since sliced bread
This is a great snake for toilets, and seems very well built. We have had to plunge our toilet for years, and it always worked. After 4 hours last night and 4 blistered hands I needed a different plan. (Yes my wife plunged too. Our rule is you plug it, you plunge it). After lookig at what was available at HD, I realized I needed to search on 'Toilet Auger,' and not just 'Snake.' My first impulse was to buy a drill powered snake (Urr, as Tim the Tool Man Taylor would have grunted) until I saw the reviews that said you can break your bowl with them. Hence "Toilet Auger.' Of the brands listed, this one had the best, one-sided distribution of love/hate reviews so I bought it. I didn't watch videos since I've done some plumbing, and didn't really need too, once I figured out the combinations of motions needed: Going in - push til it resist, rotate and push, push. Coming back out - pull til it resists, rotate/pull, pull. It helped to pull the whole unit out a little sometimes when it got stuck coming out, and then slide the handle/tube unit back into the hole over the snake. Don't pull it out too far though so you don't scratch your porcelain. Please also note that turning it one way is more helpful for making the snake go in and out. I don't remember which, but it depends on the way the snake is wound. Try it one way or the other as you push it in or out. The reviews here were very helpful, and I picked up 2 important pieces of information. Slide the snake all the way into the tube/handle piece before putting it into the bowl so you don't scratch the bowl. When you buy it the snake is extended, and I can see how you can miss this important piece of info. It took me a minute after I took it out of the packaging to see what they were talking about, and the light went on in my head. The other advice was to get the 3 foot unit. A reviewer talked about the problem they had working a 6 foot unit, which is when the other light went on, because the 6 footer is so tall. Looking at my toilet and based on my experience, I couldn't get down into the waste pipe anyway, even if I had a 6 foot unit. If the clog is below the toilet in the waste pipe you should take the toilet off first anyway, and then you'll have a straight shot. Hopefully you won't need to do that, but if you do, you should be able to eliminate the toilet as the source of the problem with the 3 foot unit before having to disassemble your toilet. Here's a caution. I also bought a new-style plunger with a nice T-handle, which I hoped would work better than my old one. Unfortunately it worked too well! The seal with hole in the bowl was tight which forced waste water into the toilet tank and sucked water back out of the tank into the bowl! I don't like that! I don't think it will contaminate my supply line, but be careful...
by Duffer07
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The auger is easy to use , comes with directions too. I think it needs a nice black bag with a b...
The auger is easy to use , comes with directions too. I think it needs a nice black bag with a bucket inside so when you do unclog a toilet with human debris inside of it you are not carring it across a beautiful million dollar foyer at a hotel or living area.
by Mikie
My toilet was not flushing so I pulled up a YouTube video for help. The plumber in the video sugg...
My toilet was not flushing so I pulled up a YouTube video for help. The plumber in the video suggested the toilet auger and showed how to properly use it to unstop a toilet. I purchased the auger and came home to try it out. I read the instructions that came with it and using the tips from the video I began to attempt to unclog the toilet. I was successful my first attempt and pulled out a toothbrush!! I am so happy and Thankful for this product saving me from a plumber bill! Great product!
by QueenofKnow
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I have two teenage boys. This thing is awesome! I have used other snakes including ones that hook...
I have two teenage boys. This thing is awesome! I have used other snakes including ones that hook up to my power drill. If you have toilet “blockage” this is the tool for you. I have a blocked toilet for two weeks and couldn’t get it unclogged. Tried everything. Even had friends come over and try. I bought this thing, and after 5 minutes,.... FLUSH!
by Stv222
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Fished out a pencil on the third try
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again." Fished out "Exhibit A" on the third try. And it was great seeing another Prius driver appreciating the hybrid parking at our Home Depot!
by Ecopragmatist
This thing is awesome!
I found this tool in a storage shed on the property of my home when I bought it. Little did I know at the time that there would soon be a use for it and probably the reason the previous home owner had it to begin with. Thanks for leaving this amazing tool behind for me to use. I recently had issues with what seemed like a clogged toilet that was also leaking beneath the toilet at the floor seal (wax ring). While using a plunger to no avail I remembered this cool looking auger tool in my shed. After just a brief bit of web research I realized what it was and immediately retrieved it. Almost as soon as I started using the K6 I hit an obstruction. After much work and a good bit of time I was finally able to penetrate the line beneath the toilet with the full length of the auger but then while trying to extract it I found that it was stuck on something. I immediately started applying much more force all the while continuing to turn the handle. After a good 15-20 minutes I felt something give and was finally able to extract it from the toilet. Much to my surprise out came a very large tangled clump of roots that was approximately 18" long and nearly the thickness of the inside diameter if the the sewer line at one end. I'm amazed that this toilet was even partially working at times with this huge mass of roots in the line. What I'm even more amazed at is how well the K6 did at extracting this thing without doing anything to my toilet. I would highly recommend this very well thought out and extremely well constructed tool to anyone regardless of the price. Very well worth the money and now that I know how easy it made the task at hand for me I would probably pay twice that much for it knowing all well that it can take whatever you put it through. My K6 auger now has a new home in the front of my workshop mounted on the wall like a trophy waiting for the next time I need rescuing from the nasty sewer line root monster. Thanks for an awesome tool! Regards, Don
by galippd
Great Product
After a contemplating calling a plumber after our toilet would barely flush, we opted to try this product. It's simple, and did NOT scratch our toilet. Within 3 minutes of using this toilet Auger, it cleared the toilet, and we were able to get a full-powered flush!
by NewDIYer
4 people found this helpful
Easy to use. Need a stiff brush to clean after use.
Easy to use. Need a stiff brush to clean after use.
by Meme
Good to keep around as an option before calling the...
Good to keep around as an option before calling the plumber
by A8R
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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