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ONE+ 18V Cordless Battery Pole Lopper (Tool-Only)

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  • 1 1/4" Cut Capacity for Easy Branch Removal
  • Battery and Charger Not Included
  • Over 260 ONE+ Tools- All Work With Any RYOBI ONE+ 18V Battery
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Product Overview

Tackle those hard to reach cutting areas with the RYOBI 18V Cordless Pole Lopper which replaces manual pruning with just the pull of a trigger. The telescoping pole extends up to 9' for extended reach, and the 5-position pivoting head allows for cutting at all angles. The bypass blades give clean, complete cuts up to 1 ¼" in diameter. For user convenience, there is a branch hook for easy branch removal along with a soft grip handle for added comfort. The RYOBI 18V Cordless Pole Lopper is compatible with all RYOBI 18V ONE+ batteries. This tool is backed by a 3-year warranty. Battery and charger not included.
  • Telescoping pole extends up to 9' for extended reach
  • Replaces manual pruning with just the pull of a trigger
  • 5-position pivoting head for cutting at all angles
  • 1-1/4" cut capacity
  • Bypass blades for clean, complete cuts
  • Branch hook for easy branch removal
  • Soft grip handle for comfort
  • Compatible with all RYOBI 18V ONE+ batteries
  • 3-year tool warranty
  • Battery and charger not included

  • California residents

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Great product.
I have fruit trees and a lacebark elm that was looking poorly with dead limbs hanging on it but it's too big for me to climb up with a saw. These power trimmers did a marvelous job and I could reach pretty far up without a ladder. It telescopes out about 12 feet. It is easy to hold and isn't overly heavy and the should strap that comes with it helps balance the weight there is. The battery that came with it also works on my drill/driver so now I have extra battery I can use for that as well. Using a battery op lopper makes the work so much faster and easier on my arms and hands. Really pleased with this item.
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Amazing tool for trimming shrubs and trees!
We're big fans of Ryobi's rechargable battery series of tools at our house. We use them indoors and out. My husband was thoroughly impressed when he tried this one out! The tool even came with a battery pack included. The blade/cutter assembly is very solid and cut branches that were at least 2" across easily. It doesn't require grip strength and gradually squeezes/cuts through the limbs smoothly. It is very easy to start and to run and is light enough that a small woman can run it easily (me!). This has a nice reach for upper branches too, which is a bonus. Highly recommend this one for trimming shrubs and trees around the yard quickly.
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Pretty Nice
This tool measures 63 inches long without the attachment and fully retracted. With the attachment and still fully retracted it is 78". That should help with storage. I used this to limb up a red maple tree out front. I was able to cut through limbs up to about 1 inch thick. Anything more and it would take multiple passes. The 1.5 A/h battery held up well. I recharged it in the middle so I could rest but didn't really need to do so. After 30 minutes of cutting, it only went down to 3 bars out of 4. I didn't extend the arm fully except to try to reach the top of the tree from a 2nd floor balcony. Of course, increasing the lever arm that much made it difficult to handle, and the tree was still too far away. Plan on using this from the ground or a ladder, and pointing more vertically rather than horizontally. It was surprising how heavy such a light tool felt when extended. However, this is a God send to an arthritic middle-aged man. That much is certain.
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This extendable lopper is a great addition to my tree maintenance tool collection
The Ryobi P2560 pole lopper kit extends from 76 inches to 107 inches which will cover my semi-dwarf fruit orchard as well as lower branches on landscape trees. It takes just under two seconds to make a cut and fits branches up to 1 1/4 inches. The 2 Ah battery hasn't used up even one charge bar after four trees. The built in branch hook helps pull out loose branches. It uses bypass blades to avoid crushing branches that could invite disease or pests. I've been pruning Pin Oak as well as Mulberry with good results, no hand fatigue, and this has been a great addition to my tree maintenance tools. We also use the 36 inch fixed length lopper model P4363 and the hand pruner model P2504.
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So easy to use
I needed to trim some walnut branches overhanging my garden and this Ryobi Pole Lopper was the perfect tool for the job. Expanding from 6’ 4” to just under 9 feet, it allows me to reach up into the tree to quickly lop branches up to 1” (dry wood) or 1.25” (green wood.) The head pivots, locking into 5 preset positions to get just the right angle for the cut. In addition to the branches up in the tree, I found this lopper ideal for reaching through my evergreens to cut out garbage trees that always seem to start up in the protected area. Assembly of the unit consisted of screwing on the cutting head, attaching the strap, and inserting the battery, a total of 3 minutes. The pole is extended by flipping open the lock, setting the proper length, and snapping the lock back in place. A removable plastic sheath protects the cutting blade and the only maintenance required is oily the blade. The action is easy to use with a finger trigger and thumb safety switch. I have used mine for about 40 minutes with plenty of juice left in the 2-amp hour battery. The unit is well constructed of quality materials, and I am looking forward to many years of use from this lopper.
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The ONE+ 18V Pole Lopper with 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger is a functional garden tool for pruning high branches up to 1 1/4" in diameter. It has two significant special features: one, the pole length may be easily adjusted to 9 ft. , and two, the pivoting head may be adjusted to one of five positions to obtain a better angle for cutting. The first one has been useful but I have not found a need yet for the second. The lopper comes with a shoulder harness which may be useful in some situations and for carrying but I have found it too constraining in most pruning situations. The shoulder strap has a quick release feature which I actually got to work but then it is not so quick to get it back together (the red thingy at the controller end). Since I have the basic RYOBI power lopper which is my favorite gardening tool because of its incredible capability and its ease of use, I was expecting this pole lopper to be an extension of the basic lopper. It is not. The pole lopper has a completely different design. The main drawback of this pole lopper is that the lockout is behind the trigger (see the photo) which is just the opposite of that on the basic lopper. The lockout being behind the trigger makes it difficult to pull the trigger, and hence, makes it difficult to use. Second, when you want to cut a high branch, since the center of gravity of the lopper is so far from where it is being held, it is easier to rest the hook on the top of the branch you want to cut. But in doing that, the trigger mechanism is upside down - not convenient for pulling the trigger. So although this pole pruner will get the job done, it is not as easy to use or as much fun to use as the basic lopper. It is supposed to come with a branch hook but my unit was missing that component. It is made in China with additional processing in Viet Nam. It comes with a battery, charger, and 3-year limited warranty.
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Not always a clean cut but works well overall
First the not-so-great: I'm not getting a "clean, complete cut" on every branch. Occasionally I squeeze the trigger and the targeted branch drops but isn't completely cut off. The solution is to not move the lopper blade and then squeeze the trigger a second time. This second cut has been completing the cut (YMMV). Also, I find that the balance of the tool is top-heavy; I can't seem to get comfortable with the lopper when it's fully extended, even using the included shoulder strap. This may just be me, not so much the tool, but I've found it difficult to place the blade exactly where I want it due to the balance of the tool. This may just be that I'm unfamiliar with the tool and require more practice with it. Now the great: Assembly was a breeze; the shoulder strap easily attaches and is fully adjustable. The head unit (where the blades and drive are installed) simply plugs in and is secured by a threaded knob which is large and easily tightened. Extending the pole couldn't be simpler - there's a lock in the pole (see photo) that pulls open, the pole can be extended or retracted, and then the lock pushes closed to secure everything. The cutting head can be angled to target branches that are somewhat inaccessible to a straight cut. The handle has a nice, soft grip. The lopper is compatible with the One+ Ryobi battery system which is great for me because I have a number of Ryobi batteries on hand. There's also a vinyl (plastic?) sheath for protecting the blade when not in use. A leather sheath might be better for longevity. The tool comes with a 2 a/h battery, a charger, and a 3-year Ryobi warranty. You'll want to read the manual for safety recommendations and tips on maintenance.
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Nice tool
Good tool to have around. Easy to use. It is a little on the heavy side but comes with a shoulder strap that attaches at two points and makes using it much easier. Extends to about 9 feet, so for a 6 foot person has a working height of up to about 12 feet, adequate for most jobs around ones property. Angle adjustments, and length adjustments are easy to make. Operating trigger has a safety lockout, so takes a little coordination to activate the cutting head. The cutting head does indeed cut small limbs up to 1.25" diameter if soft wood, but if hard wood maybe a little less, like around an inch or so. I wish the cutting head was a bypass style, but the blade is so sharp it has thus far worked for me no problem.
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RYOBI ONE+ 18V Pole Lopper with 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger MODEL # P2506VNM
The RYOBI ONE+ 18V Pole Lopper with 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger MODEL # P2506VNM is a nice addition to my collection of outdoor power equipment. It’s a telescoping pole lopper that extends up to 9 ft. with a 5-position pivoting head for cutting at angles. The only assembly is attaching the Lopper Head. The 2.0 Ah Battery comes with a minimum charge and requires a full charge prior to using the Lopper. I would highly recommend reading the operators manual, especially the Lopper Safety Warnings before you get started. I really like this battery-operated tool vs. my manual pruner. Ryobi supports this product with a 3-year limited warranty.
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