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15 oz. Aerosol Flying Insect Killer (12/Carton)

Includes 12 units ($8.25 /unit)
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Product Details

Provides fast knockdown of insects, simply by spraying directly. Kills a variety of insects including flies, mosquitoes, gnats, hornets, Asian lady beetles, moths, fruit flies, boxelder bugs, wasps and yellow jackets. Spray leaves no lingering chemical odor and is safe for indoor or outdoor use. Physical Form: Aerosol. Application: Indoor. Outdoor. Pest Type: Mosquitoes. Small Flying Moths. Gnats. Wasps. Fleas. Roaches. Water Bugs. Silverfish. Crickets. Ants. Spiders. Centipedes. Sow Bugs. Carpet Beetles. Capacity (Volume): 15 oz.
  • Extremely fast knockdown
  • Effectively kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats, hornets, Asian lady beetles, moths, fruit flies, boxelder bugs, wasps and yellow jackets
  • Provides residual control around doors and windows
  • No lingering chemical odor
  • For indoor and outdoor use
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Disappointed and not a little surprised
My family has used Raid at least since the 60s, and we loved it. I haven't used it for a while but recent monsoon rains have brought out zillions of flies and other undesirable flying critters. When I first sprayed a swarm of flies, nothing happened. I was genuinely shocked, it was as if I was firing blanks. This is so different from my past experiences (using Raid) where a short blast would cause the pests to drop as fast as gravity could pull them down. Anyone else have such a frustrating experience besides me? I really need to get these flies and demon mosquitoes out, out, out. Can one can of Raid be defective? It's honestly a shock to me that this won't kill flies or mosquitoes for me - nothing happens to them!
Response from raidpwrApr 21, 2022
I'm really sorry to hear this! Our team would like to chat more so we can best assist you! Please give us a call at 1-800-558-5252 (Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM CT) and provide reference number 020620942A. - Hanna, SC Johnson Consumer Care
    Works Perfectly to kill Flies!!!
    I live in the South and in the Summer Months, flies are the WORST! Especially Gnats! I recently had a problem with flies inside almost every room in My house. My Father was leaving the front door wide open, and sitting right outside on the front porch. He was experiencing health issues that caused him to feel very cold in 90 degree weather! His health is now on the mend, but the amount of flies that decided to move in during this time was ridiculous. I literally had flies in every room of My house except for My Dads ( maybe the flies wanted to Thank him in some way) room. At first I tried using my ol trusty Fly Swatter. That was just silly because there were far too many for a simple Fly Swatter. I purchased Raid Flying Insect, and wow what a huge difference it made in just 24 hours! I went on the Raid website, raidkillsbugs.com, and watched a video on how to use the product safely. I've always been very cautious when using insecticides. I followed the very easy directions, and was pleasantly surprised on how well the spray actually smelled! It is actually a pleasant smell called "Outfoor Fresh Scent" obviously It's not a Fragrance Room Spray, but it doesn't make you gag or sick while spraying or leave a lingering odor. I've been sweeping up so many dead flies from just the first initial use! I've sprayed a few flies outside as well, and they just drop immediately! I'm so happy with this product, and will definitely be using it to combat the mosquitoes in My backyard, in the afternoons! I Love the fact that this product kills mosquitoes, and I'm definitely going to see what other insects it may kill too! I also really like that this Raid Flying Insect Spray is safe for Indoor and Outdoor. Thank you Raid!!! I definitely recommend this Spray!
      • Recommended
      Killer spray
      Living in Northern Minnesota, Mosquitoes are darn near the size of bats. This spray seems to be the only thing that kills them up at the lake. The smell is intense though.
        Amazing for around the barn
        The flying insect killer worked great with the horse flies around my barn and house, as I live on five and a half acres and own a horse and three pigs so horse flies house flies biting flies, ect. They all resign in my home
          Kills on contact
          Really works and works well. I live out in the country so flying stinging insects are a huge problem. This product does the trick!
            I use this out on my patio
            I use the spray on the patio when company is coming to help keep insects away. It doesn't keep them all away for long but it does work
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              • Verified Purchase
              • Verified Purchase
              Good bye bugs!
              A must have for wasps and other similar flying insects! It has great reaching power for high up problems. This is a must have for summer!
                Showing 1-10 of 141 reviews

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