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10 in. 120-Volt Tile Saw DC 48 in.

  • Extruded aluminum tables ensure long-lasting use
  • Equipped with foldable legs and wheels offer easy carrying
  • Includes a flexible mobile head for miter cuts
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Product Overview

The Rubi DC-250 1200 is a tile saw with mobile head offering the professional tile Installer maximum functionality and reliability. The DC-250 is ideal for intensive cutting of glazed and stoneware tiles, as well as for cutting porcelain tiles or the occasional cutting of natural stone. The motor assembly, mounted on sliding bearings, of the DC-250 offers maximum precision and cutting quality. Their removable aluminum tables facilitate cleaning and maintenance of DC-250 tile saws, and the folding leg system with built-in wheels facilitates moving and handling of the cutters. Wheels and handle for a more comfortable transport and handling.
  • For wall tiles, floor tiles, porcelain and other materials
  • Head height adjustment allowing to adjust the cutting height
  • Aluminum square, easy to regulate (0 ° to 60 °)
  • Extruded aluminum tables, removable for easy cleaning of the machine
  • Folding legs with built-in wheels for easy carrying
  • Single phase direct drive motor, 1.1 kW (1.5 hp) with thermal protector
  • Water pump refrigation of blade with flow control
  • High structural rigidity in chassis
  • Mobile head on bearings and foldable at 45 ° for miter cuts
  • 10 in. diamond blade included
  • HP: 1,5
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Info & Guides

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Blade size (in.)
Blade Thickness (in.)
Diameter (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
63 in
Product Height (in.)
49 in
Product Width (in.)
23 in
Table Length (in.)
Table Width (in.)


Amperage (amps)
9.2 A
Bench & Stationary Tool Type
Tile Wet Saw
Blade Type
Construction Material
Cord Length (ft.)
Cordless/ Corded
Cuts Through
Deck material
Dust Collection Method
Hose Adaptor with Built-in Port
Horsepower (hp)
1.5 hp
Included Accessories
Maximum Speed (rpm)
Maximum tile cut size diagonal (in.)
Maximum tile cut size rip (in.)
Product Weight (lb.)
132 lb
PT Horsepower (Hp)
Saw Blade Material
Tile Saw Features
Bevel,No Tool Blade Change,Plunge,Water Pump,Water Tray
Tool Type
Wet Tile Saw
Tools Product Type
Power Tool
Voltage (volts)

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
No Certifications or Listings
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

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Great saw. Had an issue with a previous Rubi saw. They took care of it promptly and replaced/upgr...
Great saw. Had an issue with a previous Rubi saw. They took care of it promptly and replaced/upgraded with this one.
by cp
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    I received this tool recently in advance of a planned shower tile renovation, so I have not yet put it through a complete workout. However, based on some trial runs, here are my first impressions. First, it might help to know I am a moderate-to-advanced DIY. Although not a professional tile installer, I have prepped and installed a few thousand square feet of tile surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and floors in many homes, condo’s and apartments owned over the years. My use of tile saws has included manual tile cutters, small and larger wet saws. This professional style wet saw is the largest I have ever used, and the first that does not use a moving tile platform/sled. General Observation – I judge this for what it is, a professional-style wet saw that can accommodate very large dimension tiles, so the fact that it is large and relatively heavy (around 130 lbs) for a “portable” saw, is not detrimental. If you’re taking on a large project, where this saw is likely to remain in the same location for the duration of your project, its physical dimensions/weight should be less of a concern. It does have wheels and the legs fold-up for transport and storage. Moving it around (even on low pile carpet) was not difficult but in most situations, I wouldn’t consider hauling it up even a small flight of stairs without assistance. Once it was set up, I found it easy to slide it into position on the floor. Things I Like: • The body of the saw is all metal, very rigid and supported by cross-bracing underneath the tile bed. Holes in the cross bracing allow water to move freely in the reservoir tub and also minimize splashing from “wave” action (see picture). • The extruded aluminum bed upon which the tiles sit will accommodate some of the largest dimension tiles commonly used (see picture). The tile bed is grooved, and except for large tiles that overlap the bed, the grooved surfaces do an good job of shedding water back into the reservoir for recycling; the grooves also seemed to reduce the “hydroplaning” effect of tiles riding on a pool of water, and I found even the largest surface tiles did not slide around when placed on the bed surface. However, water that falls onto the surface of a large tile that spans outside the saw bed, will end up on the floor – I think that is inevitable. • The motor and saw unit slide (glide may be a better term) effortlessly along a metal rail suspended above the stationery aluminum bed, when the saw handle is pulled. Clean, ball bearing assisted movement assured unimpeded cuts. Having the tile in the stationery position, resulted in accurate cuts, especially on large tile. Compared to other saws, where tile rests on a table/sled that is pushed into a stationery saw, there is no tile movement to interfere with cutting accuracy. And although it is a large unit, I was impressed how well the Rubi saw “glided” along on the suspended metal rail, and how the motor wiring and plumbing tubes which were encapsulated in a flexible plastic tubing and held in place above the work area by guide wires, remained flexible above the unit, and did not interfere with the saw movement or the site line. Unlike other designs, there is no tile tray sled to get gummed up with clay matter. • The cutting height can be set in a fixed position to make a full cut through a full length of tile, or it can be set in a variable position, to allow for plunge cuts by pushing the saw handle downward, or the scoring of a tile by pushing partway down through a tile. I used this feature to score the diagonal cut of a tile before completing a full cut (see picture). When unlocked, a spring mechanism automatically brings the saw back up, to a non-cutting position as the user eases up on the handle. Very easy to operate. • Making miter cuts was straightforward, however I discovered that placing the finished tile surface against the tile bed, resulted in cleaner edges (see picture – top picture shows tile edge produced with finished tile side facing the saw (upward), bottom picture shows tile edge produced with finished tile side facing the table (downward)). Also, it was necessary to move the grooved tile bed over a bit in order to provide sufficient clearance for the blade angle – easily done by lifting the bed and moving it over to the next support rail. • Set-up is not complicated, but be sure the locking wheel knobs are fully loosened BEFORE you try to set up the stand, because trying to loosen a locked leg knob while holding the heavy unit upward is a (dangerous) fete. However, once the legs are fully extended, they click into place nicely, and because they are bowed slightly outward from the unit, once the leg knobs are tightened, it feels very secure on its feet. The 11’ power cord should be sufficient to avoid the need to use extension cords in most cases. • I am 5’8” tall and found the working height to be very comfortable. The table height is about 33” and the saw handle about 51” high. Someone much shorter than me, might possibly have some difficulty reaching forward to grab the handle from behind a very large tile. Conversely, someone much taller than me might not be comfortable leaning down to the table height. To a large degree, this is a matter of personal preference. • The cooling pump unit which fits neatly within a cutout in the corner of the reservoir tub (picture), operated perfectly to send a small fountain of water to the saw blade. Water flow is controlled by a small plastic turn-valve at the outlet. About 8 gallons of water were required to fully submerge the pump inlet in the reservoir tub. • The motor seemed more than adequate to handle the large tiles I cut; however on my very first cut, the silky smooth way the saw slid along the track, lulled me into trying to zip through the tile, and the motor did bog down. I slowed my pull to a moderate pace, and experienced no further problems. • The blade that comes with the saw seems adequate, but I don’t think quite as good as the premium diamond blades that are available for sale separately. I will probably switch to one of those for my project. • The saw comes with one single fixed tile guide, and one adjustable tile guide, sufficient to buttress against a tile. The adjustable guide is affixed to the table bed and moves to allow the user to orientate tile for a few angle cuts. Both guides require the user to manually hold the tile in place against the guide, as a cut is made. For the price of the unit, I would have expected that a small jig/clamp might be included to help stabilize he workpiece during a cut, as are typically found included with many professional wood cutting miter saws. • Cleanup was pretty easy considering it is a large machine with a lot of surface area. The grooved tray beds lift off the supporting rails, and can be taken outside or to a sink and quickly cleaned off with a spray of water. The reservoir will get nasty/dirty as you will expect with a tile wet saw, but since it holds a large volume of water (at least 8 gal) it will not require as many water changes as a smaller counterpart. Clay sludge washed off quickly with a garden hose, and emptied through a hole in the bottom of the reservoir tub. A quick wipe with a rag finished the clean-up. Running clean water through the pump is also recommended. Things I Don’t Like: • Getting the saw up on its legs is a chore. Perhaps I haven’t yet figured out the proper technique, but even when picking up the side of the saw that is opposite the (heavy) motor, it must be held with one hand while the legs are folded out with your other hand. Perhaps there is a better technique that I haven’t yet discovered. Things that Concern Me: • Although the miter is very easy to set, the miter gauge itself is not completely accurate. Of course this machine is not designed for laboratory precision, but the setting was off by over 1 degree (see picture), as measured using a digital gauge (I recalibrated my gauge to set the table plane to zero to compensate for an uneven floor). • The on-off switch is easy to reach, but the saw will run for a good 25 seconds after it is turned off. Not the hazard it could be, if this were other than a tile saw, but it’s still puzzling why it takes so long to come to a complete stop. • The reservoir is constructed of metal, and although it is painted – metal and water don’t usually cohabitate well. At some point, with standing water in the tub, I would expect rust to appear. For a machine of this caliber, I would have anticipated a coated liner of some sort (polymer tub?) to insulate the metal from water contact. Most of the smaller wet tile saws that I’ve used or have seen, have a plastic reservoir tub (hmmm?). • The 2-year warranty is stated briefly in 4 short sentences, and is loaded with exclusions, including “normal” wear and tear, improper use and overloading. So the value of the warranty is . . . questionable? Fortunately, the Home Depot generous 90-day return policy will probably fix most problems that are obvious at the outset. Bottom Line – My initial reaction is that this is a great product. Although I’ve used it only briefly at this point, the material composition and fabrication of this product make it obvious, that it is constructed and designed to operate as a high-grade professional machine. You are not likely to purchase a saw like this unless you’re a professional tradesman or a serious DIY who is passionate about doing really good tile work; if you are, this saw should accommodate almost anything you can throw at it, and do it very well. The few concerns I’ve voiced are minor, and unlikely to interfere with getting superior performance from this product. I would recommend the Rubi to anyone who seeks quality results.
    by jayp
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    Wish it could be better
    Defect and not able to cut the 48” tile straight, it shift to the right when it gets to the end of the tile and we end up using manual tile cutter to finish the job
    by Jay W
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    Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
    Rating provided by a verified purchaser
    by HomeDepotCustomer
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    Worth every dollar...
    Worth every dollar
    by HomeDepotCustomer
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    The saw showed up unusable, and it wasn’t due to...
    The saw showed up unusable, and it wasn’t due to rough handling by the courier. The box and exterior packaging looked great. Very poor quality control was my assessment, definitely wouldn’t recommend. Home Depot took back with no problems.
    by Prairie
    Response from RubiExpertMay 3, 2019
    Dear Customer, thank you for taking the time to post your rating on Rubi products. It is unfortunate that your product arrived damaged. We are glad that Home Depot took care of you and your purchase. The Rubi DC250 is a very capable product and hopefully you were able to get another unit in new shape.
    As always, feel free to contact customers service at 305-715-9892 or by email at rubitools.usa@rubi.com so that we can help resolve any issues and answer any questions that you may have regarding your purchase. You can also find our tips on our Rubi YouTube video channel for extra guidance.
    Thank you for your purchase and have a great day! Rubi
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    5 Star Review
    Rating provided by a verified purchaser
    by HomeDepotCustomer
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    5 Star Review
    Rating provided by a verified purchaser
    by HomeDepotCustomer
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    5 Star Review
    Rating provided by a verified purchaser
    by Alexander
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    The saw set up and use was very easy.it has a very smooth draw when cutting and the water feed is...
    The saw set up and use was very easy.it has a very smooth draw when cutting and the water feed is more than enough.
    by HomeDepotCustomer
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