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0-25 GPG Electronic Anti Scale Water Conditioner

  • Hard water solution without salt, chemicals or maintenance
  • Eliminates scale from the entire plumbing eco system
  • Holmes Approved Product, Test Report No 1733
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Product Overview

SCALESWEEPER ultimate plumbing and appliance protection eliminates lime scale residue caused by hard water without the use chemicals or salt. The electromagnetic waves generated by the computerized microprocessor stop Calcium and Magnesium molecules from bonding to everything throughout your plumbings ecosystem. SCALESWEEPER treated water prevents the formation corrosive green and white lime scale residue and dissolves pre-existing scale in your home. SCALESWEEPER stops scale buildup and scale corrosion inside all the pipes and valves in your home. When scale accumulates, it clogs and corrodes pipes, xtures and the critical components of your appliances. No more scale on sinks, faucets, toilet bowls, bathtubs, showerheads, glass, tile and windows. In your dishwasher glasses, plates and cutlery sparkle. The washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, water dispensers, humidiers all work much more eciently and require fewer repairs. SCALESWEEPER protects against scale buildup and scale corrosion 24/7 and works on galvanized, copper or PEX (plastic) piping. DYI installation, no plumber required.

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Maximum Pipe Diameter
1 in
Product Depth (in.)
2 in
Product Height (in.)
3.75 in
Product Width (in.)


Amperage (amps)
.09 A
Cord Length (ft.)
Indicator light(s),Maintenance free
Maximum filtered water flow (gallons per min.)
Maximum Grain Capacity (grains)
Minimum number of cable/coil wrappings
Pack Size
Product Weight (lb.)
2.5 lb
Wattage (watts)

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

Questions & Answers


Will this help prevent the white powder in my electric kettle from forming?

Asked by Customer March 8, 2021

If you are asking whether you will continue to see a white powder in your kettle. The answer would be yes. What the Scale Sweeper does, it to prevent the white powdery substance from bonding to your kettle. That substance is calcium and it's in the water all the time. The big problem for most people is that these calcium deposits bond and build up on most any surface. Eventually causing all sorts of damage. Not to mention how unsightly it can be. Your question doesn't make clear whether the white powder washes away easily or if the white stain stays in the kettle. If the white substance is staying, then this will help stop that and it will also help to remove the spotting that you see on glasses and porcelain. Over time, this device will help remove that build up.

I've seen some other products indicate that there is an effective distance before the process beg...

Asked by Rob September 16, 2020

Distance is not an issue. The process is good for 48 to 72 hours before the water returns to its original state. The average home consumes 300 to 400 gallons per day .The reserve in the house is probably 65 gallons which includes a 60 gallon water tank. In short you can sleep well knowing that SCALESWEEPER is on guard for thee.

How much space is needed to install this? I have a very short space where the water pipe enters m...

Asked by LB September 7, 2020

You will need at least one foot of straight pipe. I would recommend eighteen inches minimum. You don't necessarily need to install the unit where the water line enters the house. You could mount it where you water line splits before your water heater. You water line will tee off to your water heater. The cold line will continue on to all your cold line taps. The water heater then sources all your hot water taps. Look for a spot just before the line splits. I would think you would have open access to that pipe.

There's white powder that comes out of the ice maker and on stays on the bottom of the ice bucket...

Asked by Customer August 24, 2020

Well, that is what is supposed to do. The white powder is calcium. If you install one of these units. It will take a little time for you to see the evidence. We noticed less spotting on glasses and faucets. It will take time for the your calcium build up to disappear.

Can this be installed on white PVC plastic pipe?

Asked by Red August 6, 2020

SCALESWEEPER can be installed on PVC, galvanized and copper !

Can you install it on painted copper pipe?

Asked by Russ July 25, 2020

Hi Russ! Thank you for your recent inquiry with The Home Depot. The manufacturer does not specify if the SCALESWEEPER 0-25 GPG Electronic Anti Scale Water Conditioner can be used with a painted copper pipe. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly at 1-800-742-8638 for further assistance. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Water Flow Direction

Asked by BenChestnut June 23, 2020

You want the water to flow from the left to the right on the unit label. The valve that appears on the label in the inlet side. This info is in the installation directions. I was also concerned about this and I did find that info in there. You just need to read it carefully to find it.

Will only one scalesweeper be needed on a 3700 sq ft home?

Asked by ritgonza June 12, 2020

The device does have an effective range under 40 feet. My house is a five level split of about 3600 sq. ft. I have seen improvements in the kitchen and all bathrooms. The furthest being the Master Bath which is on the top level. I look at it this way. Each level is about 10 feet. A split level breaks levels in half. Each being a half flight of stairs. So our upper level is about 2.5 stories tall. That is under 30 feet from the water source. It appear to be working fine. I think you need to also consider water consumption. How many gallons are you using each day. If you have a large family with multiple users. Do you have more then one water heater. Usually, a water heater is sourced by the cold water line. It then splits to source the water heater and the cold water tap. If that is the case as many large homes have either one large water heater or may have two smaller ones. I would put a unit before each water heater. This is where you will see the most damage from calcium build up. It builds up inside the water heater and eventually plugs it up. Then you may need to consider a second unit. I would try one unit first at the point you water line enters the house and see what happens. It will take a few weeks to notice visually. At one hundred dollars. It's a good bet. Other units are far more expensive. Besides, just look at the endorsement. If Holmes says it's good, then it's good. This guy is awesome. His endorsement made this decision easy.

Can I connect the Scalesweeper onto a braided stainless steel connector that connecting the water...

Asked by Mat June 10, 2020

no, a smooth 12 inches of pipe would offer the best performance ......if possible install the sweeper at the cold water entry

is this come in battery operated?

Asked by Gregg June 3, 2020

No it does not .....

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Skeptic Proven Wrong
I was very skeptical about this product, but for the price and relatively easy installation, I gave it a shot. Existing scale started to soften and breakdown over time. It doesn’t disappear on its own, but some light scrubbing helps the scale chip away. Sediment and scale in the pipes loosened up and clogged up the kitchen faucet aerator (easy fix). So, this thing amazingly works as advertised! One of the warnings is if you have high iron content in your water, it won’t work for you. Luckily, that isn’t a problem here. Before you buy, download the manual, and look up your municipality’s water report to check. Included images are of the kitchen faucet with about 5 years of scale built up - Day 1, 1 Week, 5 Weeks.
by packrateric
3 people found this helpful
Easy to install and working well.
Easy to install and working well.
by Ike
6 people found this helpful
I bought Scalesweeper because it's rated to 25 ggp and I wanted something to help deal with hard ...
I bought Scalesweeper because it's rated to 25 ggp and I wanted something to help deal with hard (12-17 ggp avg) Phoenix water. I cleaned the scale build up off my fixtures and after a couple weeks with the Scalesweeper hooked up I haven't seen any major new scale build up. It's important to note that this device will not give you the same results as a salt-based softener. Rather Scalesweeper conditions your water so that mineral build up doesn't adhere to faucets and fixtures as easily. A device that 'shocks' the hardness out of water seems like voodoo, but if you read up on the science behind this, it actually does make sense. Installation is straightforward. Take your time creating the coils, and make sure you wrap the wires just as the manual tells you to. This is critical to getting the correct magnetic field established. The unit itself attaches with zip ties, and mine came with two extra ties just in case.
by JayRich
13 people found this helpful
Definitely does something. Feels so much better in the shower. Dishes come out sparkling clean.
Definitely does something. Feels so much better in the shower. Dishes come out sparkling clean.
by Nomoneyroger
5 people found this helpful
by Josh
5 people found this helpful
It’s very easy to install. Just follow directions implicitly. It does work on our system. Only a ...
It’s very easy to install. Just follow directions implicitly. It does work on our system. Only a few weeks and we noticed considerably less mineral deposits on our fixtures. Hopefully it will mean less scaling in our tankless water heater.
by GreatAuk
Don't know if it works.
I don't know if it is working or not. The shower does seem to have a little more pressure or flow so it may have cleaned some of the mineral deposits out of the shower head. The light keeps flashing so it s working.
by Stan W
I moved to a new house with very hard well...
I moved to a new house with very hard well water. While this didn’t make the water as soft as a water softener would have, it worked well enough to comfortably use the well water again! Scale has diminished, and the water pressure is drastically increased.
by Shamu
Hard to tell if it does anything
Haven't noticed any difference yet. We will give it a few more weeks.
by Natasha
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 78 reviews