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3.5 in. x 7 in. White Fiber Non-Rip Paint and Stain Pad and Handle

  • Suitable for painting medium- and small-sized areas
  • Pivoted soft-grip handle provides comfortable control
  • Fits most extension poles with universal threading
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Product Overview

7" Best Paint/Stain Pad w/Comfort grip handle is designed with a short nylon fiber flock for the smoothest application and even coverage with less splatter. This non-reticulated high density closed cell foam pad features a special "non-rip" protective layer to ensure no damage to the pad even when used on very rough surfaces for paint and stain applications. Pads have beveled front and side edges for accurate trimming with a radius leading edge, not bi-directional. The pivoting handle provides an increased range of motion & ergonomic comfort while the handle includes a locking feature to lock handle in place vs. pad base. The threaded handle easily screws onto most extension poles and the easy release pad lock keeps hands clean while removing pad. Package includes the Paint Pad Tool and one non-rip 3.75in x 7in dark grey pad with white flocked fiber.
  • Use for small and medium-size areas for enhanced control and precision
  • Non-reticulated closed cell foam pads now feature a special "non-rip" protective layer to ensure no damage to the pad even when used on very rough surfaces
  • Pivoted handle for comfort and control
  • Beveled front and side edges on pads ensure accurate trimming with a radius leading edge, not bi-directional
  • Faster than a brush
  • Threaded to fit most extension poles
  • Locks for fixed position



Product Depth (in.)
3.25 in
Product Height (in.)
10.325 in
Product Width (in.)
7.12 in


Applicator/Tool Type
Ergonomic Handle
For Use On
For Use With
All Paint Types
Handle Material
Pad/Edger Product Type
Painter Pad
Paint Tool Product Type
Product Weight (lb.)
0.05 lb
Wall Types
All wall types

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
no warranty

Questions & Answers


How do I change pads

Asked by Clark November 11, 2020

The frame has a catch in the middle that securely holds the pad which is changed by depressing the catch and sliding the pad and its backing out of the frame.

Can this attach to an extension pole?

Asked by Ollie April 24, 2020


Can you paint the ceiling, especially the edge where the wall meets the ceiling?

Asked by Solomon March 21, 2020

Solomon, While the product can be used for this purpose, it is not designed for that. There are no guards on the handle to prevent the pad from touching the ceiling so there is a chance paint could get where you do not want. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have more questions: 800-253-7856

Can it be reused with a different paint color

Asked by Vava August 7, 2019

Yes. I have used it on two different colors.

For use for deck semi transparent stain what tray goes with this pad and handle?

Asked by Bob July 28, 2018

Just use a typical paint tray.

How does this do with applying Polyurethane to hardwood floors?

Asked by Keven March 8, 2018

very well

Is this a no dripping paint pad

Asked by Boss January 26, 2017


Is this pad suitable for painting a ceiling?

Asked by shopwise78 October 4, 2016

No. This is pure garbage. Do not buy this.

Can this pad be used to apply Xylene?

Asked by JTA419 June 20, 2016


does this pad adjust to different angle settings? i need to paint some hard to reach 7/12 pitch fascia using an extension pole

Asked by ferd June 14, 2016

Yes. It has multiple settings for pad adjustment.

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Ruined my flooring project
Waste of money. The pad ripped half way thru the application on a 14x14 room. I bought an additional pad luckily but the damage was done and it left my floors looking terrible. Had to sand to get rid of the uneven and streaky finish it left behind then ended up using a roller instead. Overall waste of money and a lot of time hand scraping and sanding my floors from the damage it left.
by Blah
1 person found this helpful
This tool made painting my deck and fence breeze. I should have used this tool on all of my previ...
This tool made painting my deck and fence breeze. I should have used this tool on all of my previous staining projects.
by ChicoChe
2 people found this helpful
Great product. Spreads paint evenly on surface.
Great product. Spreads paint evenly on surface.
by JJ
Great product for light-duty jobs
This is the second painting pad product from Shur-Line that I've used to paint my deck. The first one was a "deck pad" specifically marketed for decks, while this one is really marketed as an alternative to a paint brush or roller. Unfortunately, the problem with these products is that they are not durable. Within 20 minutes of painting my deck, the front edge started tearing off, and after an hour, the pad would no longer stay on the holder. I'm not the only reviewer to mention this, and I think the problem is as follows: this product should be viewed as an alternative to a paint brush, not a roller. Trying to push it quickly up and down a large area, as you do with a roller, tends to tear the pad and pull it off the holder. On the other hand, I found it to be really good for painting the railings around my deck, as it put down paint smoothly, and holds much more paint than a brush. Basically, it's best for detail work, although it would be even better for that if it were a bit narrower. I could also see this as useful for typical wall painting, because it puts paint down more smoothly than a roller and covers an area so much faster than a brush. Just don't push it too hard on a long extension pole, because it will break. So to sum it up, while this may look like it will be great for painting decks, don't bother using it for that. It actually was great for 20 minutes, helping me cover boards faster than any tool I've tried so far, but it got torn up in the process. This is a light-duty tool, and it really does work better than a brush or roller for detail work, because it puts an even coat down and doesn't splatter.
by Termie
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Falls Apart Quickly!
Chose this paint pad for staining a semi-smooth deck. I was very surprised that it didn't even last 100 square feet! I chose not to buy another one since it was falling apart. My photo shows what it looked like after 45 minutes of applying Thompson Water Seal in red color to a standard floor deck. Not a good product for the price being charged.
by Linda
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Amazing purchase & product for painting
We just purchased a home and are in the midst of painting it. The texture on the walls & ceiling is quite rough making it very difficult to paint straight lines, especially where the wall and ceiling meet together. I decided to try the Shur-Line7-1/2 in. Premium Teflon Painter Pad and it worked like a charm!
by BikerNana4
4 people found this helpful
These make painting a lot easier with great results
For me the hardest part about painting is the cut out on the edges of the walls. These pads made it easy to do a straight line along the edges. Just dip the pad in the paint tray and dab off the excess and run it along the edge. The handle is comfortable and easier than a brush.
by Oceanside
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Excellent painter pad!
I found this Shur-Line painter pad to be much more improved than the ones I have used in the past. A great feature is the spring pivoting handle which makes it so much easier to keep an even pressure on it while gliding along a long surface. (There is also an option to lock the handle in place.) It has a comfortable soft grip. By simply pushing in the tab, the pad slides on and off easily for cleaning or replacing and the teflon coating makes it easy to clean. The paint pad handle has a threaded hole for attaching a pole when needed. When used according to directions, these painter pads perform very well for any painting projects (without the worry of the splattering that brushes and rollers can create). I like that there is a variety of paint pad sizes for different applications. These Shur-Line paint pads are what I reach for first when something needs painting.
by DoubleL
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Great for large flat or rough surfaces
I've been using pad painters for years for outdoor projects. They are unsurpassed for applying solid to semitransparent stains to decks, gazebos, smooth or semi smooth wood siding, or just about any surface. You need a tray to load the pad, and when loaded, they hold a good amount of paint or stain. Handle is threaded so you can attach a pole, which I do when painting a deck so you don't have to bend over (a true back saver). Much faster than a brush for large surface areas. Indoors - I use them to paint doors, as they are ideal for the panel areas and don’t leave brush strokes. You can store them wrapped in plastic and use over the course of several days for large projects. They clean easier than most brushes, and last a decent amount of time. They will paint rough surfaces very well, but rough surfaces take their toll on them, as you can snag the "bristle" felt off the pad. The pad is replaceable (sold in most stores) and easily removed for cleaning. Optional deck pads are tear resistant. Overall, a great tool for painting where a roller just isn’t practical. Economical as well.
by ToolTimeTony
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Great for Quick small jobs
I got this to quickly paint some craft boards for later vinyl application. It certainly serves my purpose. It's not quite as good if we've routed the edges so I had to use a paint brush to touch the edges up. Clean up is a breeze if you use water based paint
by Mamajane1234
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