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Model #GXHA-160 EDPZ NG

Galaxy Natural Gas Steam Boiler with 160,000 BTU Input 98,000 BTU Output Intermittent Electronic Ignition

  • Features low water cut-off function for safety
  • Reduces incidence of water in mains for quieter operation
  • Compact design ideal for narrow spaces
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Product Overview

Slant/Fin's Galaxy is a hot water boiler heating system which is one of America's most trusted gas boilers. Installed in tens of thousands of homes, Galaxy is the choice of experienced heating professionals everywhere. For homeowners, it's the wise choice for long-term efficiency and reliability.
  • Extended jacket conceals controls, wires and gas valve
  • Assembled with only durable metal push nipples
  • Low profile GXHA steam models fit in locations with reduced overhead clearance
  • 25 year limited lifetime warranty
  • Net Ratings AHRI Steam square feet: 408
  • California residents

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Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) (%)
Capacity (gallons)
Color Family
Energy Consumption (kWh/year)
Fuel Gauge
Fuel Type
Natural Gas
Heat rating (BTU/hour)
Heating Product Type
Heating Technology Type
Ignition Type
Interrupted Spark
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Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
CSA Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
25 Years - Limited

Questions & Answers


Would this work on a one pipe steam system

Asked by Multitrade October 18, 2020

This boiler could be used on either a one or two pipe steam system. That is assuming it is the correct boiler for the system and that it is piped correct.

I have a 3 family house will this boiler work

Asked by eddie November 13, 2019

There is no universal consistent relationship between square footage of floor space or how many living units and how much heating capacity you need to install. When it is suggested there is, the formulas typically end up oversizing the product in the vast majority of cases which greatly decreases the efficiency and longevity of the equipment. As I am sure you can envision the same structure if located in Alaska is going to need a lot more capacity than it would if located in Florida. The proper way to size heating is to do a heat loss calculation. There are many free programs on line that will do this for you. Basically you enter room sizes, window sizes, construction type, geographic location, etc. and the program will calculate how much heat the structure will lose on the coldest hour of the coldest day of the typical year. Sometimes if the current system is working properly I will base my choice on the information on the rating plate of the current boiler or I will look at the currently installed distribution capacity and work backwards. For example my home has 100’ of copper fin tube baseboard. I know that the brand and style that I have puts out 580 BTU’s per foot. So when buying a new boiler I knew to purchase one that had an output of 58,000 (100 x 580 = 58000) in order to take full advantage of my installed distribution capacity. If you would like to talk about you specific home please feel free to give me a call. Chris 978 651 3301

I had this steam boiler installed. My 2nd floor radiators work as expected, but the first floor b...

Asked by Mike January 10, 2019

Issue Fixed. First of all, thanks for the answer and explanation Chris. The issue turned out to be that the HVAC technician piped all pipes (hot water, cold water, and returning line; all into/from the same pipe in the boiler on one side; so the water that was going into the baseboards wasn't hot enough. The technician later took the hot water directly from the boiler and ran that to the circulater (pump). This way, now there is one hot line coming out; and all cooler lines of water coming into the boiler. This fixed the issue of not getting heat from baseboards.

Does this boiler have an auto feed system for the water or will it need to be filled manually?

Asked by NYRican331 December 6, 2018

This boiler like every residential steam boiler I can think of does NOT come with an automatic feed. Typically the automatic feed preferred by the plumber or the electrician is installed separately and wired to the boiler. If it is not installed you would need to put the water in manually. Makers of automatic feeds would be companies like Hydro Level and Macdonald Miller. I have found every contractor has one they are familiar with and prefer so I strongly suggest you ask what they want before you buy it. Now keep in mind a properly installed and maintained steam system should only need make up water once every six or eight weeks. You don’t want to lose water as the makeup water is oxygen barring and that is what destroys the boiler. So if you find yourself putting water in more often, find the leak and fix it.

is this a steam boiler or water boiler? im told i need a steam boiler

Asked by steamb August 25, 2018

This is a residential steam boiler. As there are less and less people that still understand steam, me being one of them, give me a call if you have further question. Chris 978 651 3301

Does this brand come in a gas steam boiler with 150 BTU?

Asked by Marco June 11, 2018

I assume you mean 150,000 BTU's. Given Slant Fin's casting design, One section larger would be 170K BTU's and one smaller would be 125K BTU's. So they do not have a this boiler with an input of 150K BTU's . Please keep in mind that with steam, BTU's is not the most significant number. You want to make sure you have enough volume of steam to fill the entire system, so make sure you look for a boiler with the appropriate square footage of steam. As steam is somewhat of a forgotten art and I do have experience with it you can give me a call if you have follow up questions. And always remember the difference between a working steam system and one that is troublesome is not the boiler, It is almost always the installation. Chris 978 651 3301

how do I install this boiler?

Asked by patrick March 9, 2018

You have a qualified licensed plumber and gas fitter install it in accordance with the installation instructions. Keep in mind that with a steam system the near boiler piping is actually part of the boiler and must be piped with the piping configuration for that boiler. If not the boiler will not run correctly. With steam you can not just cut the steam pipes of the old boiler and slide the new one in. Again the near boiler piping must be done in the specific configuration for that boiler. If not steam will come in contact with returning condensate causing problems.

How many temperature steam( degrees) are in output? ? 

Asked by HomeDepotCustomer January 28, 2018

I am sorry but I am not sure I understand the question. Steam is formed at 212 F or 100 C. The only way for steam to be hotter than that is if it is under pressure. Residential steam boilers are designed to build little to no pressure so 212 F would be the temperature.This boiler has an input of 160000 BTU's and an output of 98000 BTU's and that would be in the form of 408 Square feet of steam. With steam you not only want the proper heating value in BTU's but also the proper volume of steam so that you have enough to fill all the radiators. As there are no new steam systems being installed I would assume you are replacing and existing boiler. Thus I would start by looking at the current boilers rating plate and speaking to the qualified professional who will be installing it. For a steam system to operate properly the piping configuration near the boiler must be piped in the fashion that is specific to that model.

can the low water cut off and sight glass be mounted on the left side of the boiler ?

Asked by john January 2, 2018

Sorry it can not. The casting is set up for those two items to be where they are. There are not tapping on the other side of the boiler to accomidate them. My experience tells me if you need those two items on the other side you are most likely replacing a Burnham Independence boiler. As I know it is the mirror image of this one. The Home Depot can get you that as well if you need it. Feel free to give me a call. Chris 978 651 3301

do you have installers you could recommend for this?

Asked by coldinPA December 15, 2017

I am sorry, I can answer technical questions about boilers and steam but do not have information about The Home Depots installation programs. I would suggest you call your local store or speak to the install coordinator to see if steam boiler installation is available in your area.

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Yes, it worked perfectly!...
Yes, it worked perfectly!
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Thanks ...
by Alim
working very well i could desire better....
working very well i could desire better.
by Wadesworth
Very efficient gas steam boiler. I am very happy so far. Easy installation.
Very efficient gas steam boiler. I am very happy so far. Easy installation.
by Oscar
5 Star Review
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Nice boiler and come with all you need to make...
Nice boiler and come with all you need to make it work
by Raul
3 Star Review
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by Toshiba
I have problem wand they pick up to my house
I have problem wand they pick up to my house
by Isis
I have had this installed a short time but it is working well. Two down points are the amount of ...
I have had this installed a short time but it is working well. Two down points are the amount of smoke that is generated after turning on the unit for the first time (per Slant/Fin this is normal for upto 30 minutes). Also, you need to fill the water every fee days so it does not cut off due to a low water level.
by Private
Showing 1-10 of 12 reviews