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Made-To-Fit Slide-Out Shelf 6 in. to 36 in. Wide Full-Extension with Soft Close Choice of Wood Front

  • Review measuring guide located below in Product Overview section
  • Click Measurements Submission Form in step 2 below to begin order
  • Fully assembled for quick and easy installation
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Product Overview

Organize your existing cabinets with this made-to-fit Slide-A-Shelf organizer. A custom fit assures you minimum wasted space and convenient access to all the items you store. These heavy-duty shelves will help you get and stay organized for life. Imagine no more getting on your hands and knees to reach the items you store throughout your home. The process is quick and easy and these slide-outs are perfect for cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, garage or any storage area in your home or office. We will make your size to maximize the useable space in your existing cabinets. You simply provide the width and depth of your cabinet opening using the electronic measurement input form wizard referenced below. Click on the More Info tab above for detailed Measuring Instructions and helpful product information. Get your order started now by clicking the link provided below.
  • STEP 1 - Click the Measuring Guide banner below for pictorial instructions and tips on measuring your cabinet openings for a perfect fit

    Slide-a-Shelf Measuring Guide

  • STEP 2 - Once you have your cabinet opening measurements click the Order Wizard banner below here to begin the order process

    Slide-a-Shelf Home Depot Order Wizard

  • Step 3 - after completing the order wizard and submitting your measurements, you will be routed back to this item order page on HomeDepot.com, simply add to cart the quantity of each item you are ordering, checkout and pay to complete your order
  • Available for cabinet openings 6 in. to 36 in. wide and 16-3/4 in. to 24 in. deep
  • Assembly and installation in minutes to the cabinet base/floor or existing full shelf with hardware provided
  • Full extension soft-close model
  • Heavy-duty steel rails rated for 100 lbs. (including weight of the shelf)
  • Durable easy clean laminate base featuring tall 4 in. tapered poly birch sides that wrap-around and are secured with rabbeted joints
  • Choose a solid wood front to complement your cabinets or decor, ready-to-finish front choices: oak, maple and poplar, also clear polyurethaned, pre-finished front available in: birch
  • Follow instructions and measure carefully as slide-outs cannot be returned and we are not liable for incorrect measurements, but in the event you make a measurement error, call customer service toll-free at 877-677-5433 for assistance
  • All dimensions listed as specifications below are for a typical unit, your custom dimensions will be different and supersede those listed



Minimum Cabinet Opening (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
23.5 in
Product Height (in.)
4 in
Product Width (in.)
20 in


Color Family
Light Brown Wood
Removable Shelves
No Additional Items Included
Kitchen Product Type
Pull-Out Organizers
Recommended Use
Inside Cabinet

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year Limited

Questions & Answers


Can these be side mounted without a shelf?

Asked by Jawman78 May 29, 2021

I think it would be possible but not with hardware included in the box. I think if you got some decent L brackets you could make it work.

Have a pantry w/5 fixed particle-board shelves (including pantry bottom) which are 11.75" to 14" ...

Asked by Dino May 28, 2021

Great questions Dino...strong insight :-) First, please be sure to read our detailed Measuring Guide on HomeDepot.com. Two separate shelves on one existing full fixed shelf is possible (typically one behind each door if the cabinet has two doors that come together in the middle). To measure for this, take the clear width of the opening (not the wall-to-wall measurement)...subtract 1/2 inch and then divide by 2. This is the width measurement you would provide us during the order process. When installing, the right rail of the left slide-out shelf and the left rail of the right slide-out shelf will butt together in the center of the opening. If the fixed shelves that you will secure our slide-out shelves to are strong and secure, having two smaller units side-by-side should be fine. Typically, with a smaller slide-out shelf you will rarely store enough items to maximize the weight capacity/rating of our slide-out or rail system. We have had customers install our made-to-fit slide-out shelves on top shelves of tall pantry cabinets and cabinets above refrigerators...again as long as the cabinet base and/or full fixed shelf you mount to is strong and stable, you should be fine. If you need a step stool to reach a level now, you will still likely need one even when the slide-out shelf is fully-extended. Enjoy!

Will these shelves work in a kitchen pantry ?

Asked by GlennMac May 27, 2021

Absolutely-that’s what I got them for. My pantry is deep and I couldn’t get to the back - these shelves were perfect so I can get full usage and see everything.

Dont see where i put my sizes in at ???

Asked by Sage May 16, 2021

You have to click on the link provided and go to an outside website first, put your dimensions in that site, then it will re-direct you to Home Depot's page to pay.

How many inches between the mounting surface and the bottom of the shelf?

Asked by Petepd May 10, 2021

.25 of an inch.

how deep is this shelf?

Asked by brian April 11, 2021

They can be from 16 3/4" to 24" deep

How tall is the hardware?

Asked by PasserBy March 30, 2021

Lays flat on existing shelf

What is the height of the drawer?

Asked by Michael March 21, 2021

From the floor of the cabinet to the top fo the front is about 2", 4" in the back. Precise dimensions are listed on the Slide-a-Shelf web site. The rails space the shelf approximately 1/4" off the bottom of the cabinet.

I have cabinets with doors that open outward and have a piece of wood in the middle of the openin...

Asked by Crusso March 14, 2021

you would need to purchase two slide a shelfs.

I need a 26” wide by 22” kitchen cabinet drawer with slide -out hardware. I have the drawer front...

Asked by Bz March 1, 2021

Love my shelf! Makes life easier when getting out my pots!

Made-To-Fit Slide-Out Shelf 6 in. to 36 in. Wide Full-Extension with Soft Close Choice of Wood Front - page 2

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The shelfs appear to be decent quality and the ordering process was ok, once I switched to a comp...
The shelfs appear to be decent quality and the ordering process was ok, once I switched to a computer. The button to enter the ordering portal does not show up on mobile browsers. It took about ten days for the shelfs to be delivered and they appear solid and sturdy out of the box. The instructions were well written and the installation template worked well. the main issue I had is that after getting the first unit installed I could not get it to slide freely. I adjusted and readjusted the left rail but it would not slide freely. After removing the shelf from the rails I found that the left rear screw had been installed at an angle and the head was sitting too high and binding on the rail. I removed the screw and reinstalled flush, then it slid with out issue. What I found next surprised me, the second shelf had the exact same issue on the same screw. So this is a production issue and not an isolated incident.
by BobM
3 Layer Sliding Sleves
Ordered 3 custon size shelves. Delivery was quicker than anticipated and installation was quick and easy. Very impressed with the detailed instuctions and the quality of the drawers/shelves. Would purchase more if needed
by KellyS
Well constructed and relatively easy to install though I had a little trouble getting one of the ...
Well constructed and relatively easy to install though I had a little trouble getting one of the rail mounts straight since I had to lay on my stomach to access the shelf where I was putting it. Once straight, worked great. Of course that is why I installed this unit in the first place so I would be able to access my stuff without getting down onto the floor. The other one I installed a little higher up went much better.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Custom Made for a Great Value. Real Wood.
Ordered a couple of slide outs (two is the minimum order) and was extremely pleased with the fit and quality of the product, the pictorial installation instructions, the inclusion of a nice square template for easier installation and excellent packaging that protects the product from most transportation damage. We already had a lower slide out but the upper half-shelf was just not efficient and hard to reach so I went searching high and low for a replacement that would be similar to the look and materials of the existing cabinets and fortunately found these. What a gem, built in the U.S.A. to your specs by a small business that cares about the details. Great product and fit. HIGHLY recommended. I did need to install a full shelf in the upper as these do need a "deck" to secure to. I subtracted an 1/8" on the clearance just in case but I did not have to, the order came in perfect for the opening and to what I ordered. If anything can be improved, I'd have selected a bit more "beef" on the rear screw set-up that holds the back "L" brackets just do to weight concerns and pull-out possibilities. That would be more of a precaution and safety margin, we did not experience any failures yet but still have twenty years to go! I ordered the "soft close" slides which I really like and are ten bucks more per shelf. The regular slides are shown under another item number that looks identical so know which item number you want prior to ordering so you get what you desire. You order on the manufacturers website and pay in the Home Depot website so be aware.
by Tinkertoy
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We ordered four of these custom fit shelves for our kitchen. Every one had to be a different widt...
We ordered four of these custom fit shelves for our kitchen. Every one had to be a different width. Measured using the measuring guide. The shelves for the lower locations had to leave room for the hinges. They came cut to the correct width. And each shelf came with its own wooden template, which makes it easy to accurately install the slides. Followed the instructions, and it worked out great!
by OldCoder
Very nice and good value
Online measuring how-to instruction very helpful. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and understandability of it. We measured - shelves fit perfectly. Lots of cussing from husband when putting in - but now that he's done one cabinet - he's willing to do more! Only gave it 4 stars for 2 reasons. One, if putting draw on a center (not bottom of cabinet) shelf - you really need to get some "L" brackets to attach to your original shelf. Otherwise when you pull shelf - back of shelf comes up and all items can crash to floor. They do warn you of this in the install instructions when your product arrives - but it would have been really nice if you included a couple in the hardware for the shelf. I mean really, what was the cost - and additional 1$ in hardware? Second, front of draw is unfinished wood. Very smooth and comfortable to touch but no gloss or seal on it. I guess I can stain it myself - but more work - this was a bit of a disappointment - I thought it had a finish on it. All that being said - I will still order more as they worked very well and they are much more economical then having a custom installation. I would recommend these!
by dlibby
1 person found this helpful
Fit perfectly and were easy to install. Love the soft close. Makes it easy to find bowls and pa...
Fit perfectly and were easy to install. Love the soft close. Makes it easy to find bowls and pans that were in the back and never used before.
by chefmez
3 people found this helpful
Super happy with this drawer for my bottom cabinet where I had all the mixers, juicer, food proce...
Super happy with this drawer for my bottom cabinet where I had all the mixers, juicer, food processor and blender, etc. Before, I would actually not make something that required one of those machines because it was too difficult to get in and out of there. Now it is SO easy. I have it really loaded up, and it feels like it will handle the weight just fine. I was unsure about whether or not the manufacturer had received my measurements, so I called and they were very kind and helpful.
by Liana
3 people found this helpful
Excellent quality and instructions!
These "Slide-A-Shelves" are fantastic! We got so tired of bending over to find things on our lower shelves. I considered building this, but these were just a little more than the materials would have cost, and they are way better than I could have built. The construction is great, and the finish is without flaw. They provide very (VERY) complete instructions with lots of photos illustrating the installation. They also provide a template to help locate the slides on your shelves. They look great, and I am so glad to have gotten them in. We will be ordering three more for our other shelves, and will be considering them for other cabinets.
by BobG999999
1 person found this helpful
Perfect solution for your kitchen cabinets, you'll wifey will thank you, and you'll enjoy not kne...
Perfect solution for your kitchen cabinets, you'll wifey will thank you, and you'll enjoy not kneeling and having to reach in. As long as you follow the instructions for taking the correct measurements, installing will be a breeze for the basic DIYer. Although a bit pricey, it is much cheaper than the alternative -designing your cabinets thru a swedish vendor! :-]# ...so waiting to pay-off first two sets to order another.
by Oreofudge
2 people found this helpful
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