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Roofer Joe 21 ft. Twist-N-Lock Telescoping Shovel Roof Rake

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  • Ideal for snow, leaves and other common debris
  • 4.8 lb. lightweight construction
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Product Overview

Defend your home against winter cleanup with Roofer Joe. This handy, easy-to-use roof rake is affordable and can save you money on costly repairs. Roofer Joe is lightweight and weighs only 4.8 lbs. so that you can remove snow, wet leaves and other debris from your roof while you stand safely on the solid ground. It has an oversized poly-blade rake head that measures 6 in. wide and 25 in. long for maximum clearing power. The Twist-N-Lock Telescoping Shovel Roof Rake boasts an innovative twist-n-lock telescoping pole that quickly and easily adjusts from 6.2 ft. to a whopping 21 ft. for even greater overhead reach.
  • Ideal for removing snow, wet leaves and debris from roofs without climbing
  • Twist-n-lock telescoping pole quickly adjusts to 21 ft. for extended reach
  • Ultra lightweight construction (only 4.8 lbs.) for easy handling
  • Oversized poly blade rake head measures 6 in. x 25 in. for maximum clearing

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Understand the limitations - works well
I decided to get this after a lot of snow drifted against some second floor windows above a porch roof and I could not open them to push the snow off below them. A number of reviews fault the bendy poles - to make it a reasonable weight it simply has to use aluminum. And aluminum is bendy but still strong. It's not a steel shovel, it's made to be light enough to get where you need it and then move a reasonable amount of snow each time you pull back. If you have deep snow, you need to manipulate it to pull off a manageable amount each stroke. It works really well when you do respect its limitations. Some of the other reviews unfairly downrate it when using it for something other than it was intended for. For the price I think it's a great tool for when you need it and it completely beats laddering in a snowy and icy environment. Apparently mine was dropped during stocking or shipping - the top pole was jammed down into the next section. I ended up using a vice to hold the end loosely with the twist grip and tugging hard on the next pole and it popped loose. Assembly was easy after that with the included tools (a bonus for those who don't have hex wrenches). As to use, slow and steady wins this race. I found it easy to handle even at full extension. I received it 5 day after a fairly heavy but dry snow) Even with that crust on top it was easy to break it loose with short movements and get the snow underneath. I appreciate the large handle at the bottom - it makes the pulling effort easier than just a plain grip handle. The friction grips (for adjusting the pole) are a fairly slick plastic so gloves will help when adjusting. All in all, I do not expect to have to use this all that often, but it's a tool that when you need it you need it.
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    I am unable to give a review based on the functionality of this product as it was specifically de...
    I am unable to give a review based on the functionality of this product as it was specifically designed, because I purchased it for the telescopic handle. The reason for the 'average' rating is because I got it through the on-line site for an In-Store pickup, and didn't realize the pole was bent about 30° at the rake end until after I got home. NOTE: For those of you who duck & goose hunt, this makes an excellent water retrieval tool when installing a fishing net to the end of it. I simply pulled the end cap off my net, measured for the two retainer buttons, drilled two holes in the handle- and I have an easy break down duck retrieval tool when jump shooting on rivers, etc. See attached photo- this was after applying first coat of paint. (ducks don't typically fly toward shiny objects!)
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    My home is a Colonial, that a huge walnut tree overhangs. I bought his to clean the dormers of tw...
    My home is a Colonial, that a huge walnut tree overhangs. I bought his to clean the dormers of twigs, leaves and snow. I used it in the Fall, on dry leaves, and it worked fine. When I used it this month, to remove a heavy snow ... I assume, since I can not see, it bowed. I can no longer collapse the tubes (see pic), making it difficult to store. It is hard to 'recommend' a Telescoping Shovel, that won't collapse, after normal use. Also, the shovel has a large lip, which based on the poles angle from the ground, makes digging into the snow difficult, if the snow is heavy or has a crust on it.
    Response from Snow Joe + Sun JoeMar 28, 2017
    Dear Home Depot Customer,

    So sorry to hear that you're having an issue with our product. We take each matter very seriously and want to make sure you are happy. At Snow Joe + Sun Joe we stand behind each product we manufacture. Our toll-free number is 866-766-9563 (M-F 9-6EST and Sunday 9-4EST). We promise to do our best to make sure you are satisfied 100%.

    Customer Service Team
    Snow Joe + Sun Joe SnowJoeSunJoe
    Got this for my husband about a month ago. We don't have much snow here, but this snow rake is g...
    Got this for my husband about a month ago. We don't have much snow here, but this snow rake is good for getting pine needle and leaves off our roof. Did a great job too. If you have a very steep roof this is a great rake to have.
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    Good balance between size and weight
    While this product seems like a simple concept, I haven't found competing products that do this well, so I consider this a pretty unique product. It's basically a 6" x 25" plastic scraper for snow (or similar things) on a long telescoping pole. The pole has 3 extending sections that allow it to store under 8' in length, but extends out to 21 feet long when fully extended. You really don't realize just how long a 21-foot pole is until you start trying to maneuver something this long. (Most "long" poles I have worked with only go out to 10-14') The scraper end had to be put on when I received this. The instructions were clear, and all needed parts to assemble it were included. Assembly was easy, as it just involves a few screws and nuts. During use you definitely realize that a product like this is a compromise between size and weight. When fully extended to 21 feet over your roof the metal (I believe aluminum) handle definitely has a noticeable bend to it under the weight, but is manageable. I don't think I'd want the extra weight of making it more rigid. Also, while 21' is long to handle, it's not enough for me to fully reach my roof's ridge while standing on the ground. So part of me would like it if this could go longer, but I'm not at all sure I would like or could handle the extra weight needed to get it that long. So I think the current design is a good compromise between size, weight, and maneuverability. I do wish that there were an optional brush attachment to put on the end of this to use for leaves, as where I live I more often need to remove leaves than snow from my roof. The hard plastic isn't great for scraping flat leaves off a roof, and I think some kind of mini-broom or brush at the end would work better. (I realize this was designed for snow, but I'd love to see it a little more versatile.)
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    Roof Saver!
    I have an issue with ice damming on the roof above a converted porch on my home, the room used to be an open porch that was made into a functional room that I now use as my kids play room. Last winter in NJ we got a lot of snow that sat up there, this caused an ice dam about 5 inches thick, that in turn caused a leak on the ceiling. This roof rake should eliminate that issue because as it snows, I can remove it from the roof to prevent the ice dam from forming. I haven't used it snow yet, but I did assemble it and do a dry run on the roof in question to get some leaves off that were stuck up in a corner, not only did it handle that roof with no issues, it reached the peak of the main roof of my two story home without a problem. The construction is solid from what I can see, there is some serious flex in the shaft when fully extended, but that's expected when you have anything extended 20+ feet. Assembly was a breeze just 2 brackets to attach and includes a hex key and wrench so you don't even need to break out your own tools. All in all I'm very happy with this product and look forward to the snow so I can try it out in real conditions.
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    Great reach and well built
    Excellent built quality and quite long! At 21 feet it is longer than the other ones I saw in the stores. Assembly was a breeze. All I had to do was to attach the plastic shovel / rake head to the pole. All necessary tools and hardware were included. The main (first) pole section is 1.25 inches thick. The other three pole sections are a bit narrower than the one they slide out of. All are made out of light aluminum. The entire rake extends to 21 feet including the handle which is 5.5 inches long and is made out of rubber for a good grip. When fully collapsed the roof rake is 6.5 feet long. There isn’t any snow yet (end of November), but I’m sure that it will clear the snow off the roof just fine. It is well built, sturdy and doesn’t seem like it would easily break. The plastic rake head is made out of very strong plastic and should hold up well against the roof. When fully extended the pole does form a curve just based on length and gravity, but all these roof rakes do. It is somewhat difficult to operate at first considering the length, but just a matter of getting used to. I’ve used similar roof rakes before, but this is my first one at my home. Has good reach and well built, overall happy with it so far. Waiting for the snow to give it a real test.
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    No more ice or snow dams
    Living in an area where snow and ice dams can cause not only roof damage but leaks into the inner walls this is a unique idea to help home owners remove excessive snow and scoop out the gutters. Very easy to attach the shovel to the telescoping handle. Tool required are included. Shovel scoop is 3.5 inches deep allowing one to move the snow off the roof and scoop out the gutters. Extra long telescoping handle allows you to reach almost any roof line.
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    Looks like it will be useful = no snow yet!
    Although we haven't yet had snow in order to fully test this roof rake, we did test out the reach and handling, which were both quite good. Assembly should have been simple just 4 screws, but the wholes were not well-aligned, and it took me 45 minutes to get it together. Once together, it seemed solid, so we took it outside to do the reach and handling tests. It's light-weight enough to hold up high, and it stretches well over our one-story roof. I had my wife try it out,a nd she found it easy and comfortable to maneuver.
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    Roofer Joe to the Rescue
    This Roof snow rake is 5 ft longer than most roof rakes which are more expensive. The telescoping handle is very strong and has minimum flexibility making the snow removal much easier. My rake weighed in a 4.12 pounds on my delicate kitchen ingredient scale. Specs state that the weight is 4.8 pounds. Easy to assemble with quality hardware and the handle grip is heavy duty rubber with hand stops which keep the handle from slipping through those winter gloves. Ideal for removing snow, wet leaves and debris from roofs without climbing Twist-n-Lock telescoping pole quickly adjusts to 21 ft for extended reach Ultra-lightweight construction (only 4.8 lbs!) for easy handling Oversized polycarbonate blade rake head measures 6 in. x 25 in. for maximum clearing Technical Data: Blade Material Polycarbonate (PC) blade Handle Material Aluminum Telescopic Handle 6.2 ft to 21 ft (1.9 m to 6.4 m) Clearing Width 25 in. (63.5 cm) Rake Head Height 6 in. (15 cm) Overhead Reach 21 ft (6.4 m) Weight 4.8 lbs (2.2
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