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Men's Large Synthetic Leather Impact Pro Gloves

  • Constructed of leather with PVC reinforcements
  • Gel padding is impact- and vibration-resistant for your comfort
  • Great for yard work, construction jobs, or home projects
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Product Overview

Stanley introduces its solution-the Synthetic Leather Impact Pro Glove. It is made of synthetic leather with PVC Reinforcements to increase hand protection. Moreover, it offers gel padding for impact and vibration resistance as well as a stretch spandex back with TPR finger and knuckle protectors. Feel free to give the give of safety to your team or stock up for your next project.
  • Synthetic leather
  • Stretch spandex back with TPR finger and knuckle protectors
  • Gel padding for impact and vibration resistance
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Machine washable
  • PVC reinforcements
  • California residents

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Glove TypeMulti-PurposeMulti-PurposeMulti-PurposeMulti-Purpose
Glove SizeMediumLargeLargeLarge
Glove MaterialLeatherLeatherLeatherLeather
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Glove FeaturesAnti-Vibration,Knuckle Strap/Protection,Machine Washable,Reinforced Palm/Palm Pad,Spandex/Stretchable backAnti-Vibration,Knuckle Strap/Protection,Machine Washable,Padded,Reinforced Palm/Palm Pad,Spandex/Stretchable backKevlar Stitching,Leather Palm,Reinforced Palm/Palm Pad,Thumb PatchKevlar Stitching,Leather Palm,Reinforced Palm/Palm Pad,Thumb Patch
Pack Size1111
Coating MaterialNot CoatedNot CoatedNot CoatedNot Coated
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ANSI/ISEA Cut Rating
Not Rated
Clothing Product Type
Coating Material
Not Coated
Color Family
Color Family
Glove Features
Anti-Vibration,Knuckle Strap/Protection,Machine Washable,Padded,Reinforced Palm/Palm Pad,Spandex/Stretchable back
Glove Material
Glove Size
Glove Type
Gloves & Mittens Product Type
Outdoor & Work
Heat resistant
Kevlar stitching
Knuckle strap/protection
Leather Palm
Machine Washable
Leather (40%), Spandex (35%), PVC (25%)
Mitten/glove style
Nonslip grip
Pack Size
Reinforced palm/palm pad
Safety cuff
Safety Features
No Safety Features
Thumb Patch

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
No Certifications or Listings
Manufacturer Warranty

Questions & Answers


Can I purchase less than 10?

Asked by Lance May 9, 2020

What NUMBERED glove size is a ‘medium’?

Asked by John June 12, 2018

A medium is a 9 to 91/2.

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Achilles Point
These gloves boast spandex for stretching and fit of larger hands. TPR protector (soft rubber) waffles over the knuckles and fingers and extra Lycra (smaller waffle rubber) over the fingers for extra protection. They also sport a reinforced palm area and a gell padding at the palm as well as a loop at the bottom for hanging. I found that the TRP protector did not cover the index finger knuckle as well due to the uniform template used to cut out the protection material leaving an Achilles point for your index finger knuckle vulnerable to getting busted. The material used to reinforced the fingers should last longer than my last pair of gloves (see photo) which just wore completely off. The stitching was inconsistent on the gell palms were the equivalent of double fabric indicating more quality control is needed.
by cb88
As fashionable as they are comfortable
These gloves are simply terrific. I usually go for the bargain burlap gloves, as they get the job done. Although cheap, they are too loose, the seams and materials are uncomfortable, they get crusty and hard to use, and they just look terrible. These gloves from Stanley have none of those problems! They fit well, and have a nice elastic/Velcro snap to stay snug. They feel very nice on the inside, the stitching is excellent, and the fingers are easy to move. The thick rubber padding on the outside protects all the right areas, without decreasing mobility. The fabric is breathable and water resistant. And to top it all off, they look great! I use these for tasks such as using power tools (blowers, saws, etc) and operating the lawnmower. They are comfortable enough that i have even taken to using them when i ride my motorcycle. It's a win! Highly recommended.
by Steve
Really like these
These gloves fit comfortably and offer pretty good protection. Fitment is on par with other "large" gloves I've used in the past, maybe just a tad on the snug side. The rubber padding provides good impact protection for your knuckles and top of the fingers. While I have yet to sustain any blunt impacts while wearing them, I have no reason to doubt that the roughly 1/8" thick rubber padding will lesson the blow. The fingertips, part of the palm, and the span between the thumb and index finger have a textured surface to aid with grip. The palm supposedly has gel padding, but it is extremely thin. The gloves feel pretty well made. My only issue with them is that the left index finger is misshapen (manufacturing defect), so it fits a little tight at the tip.
by Erick
Stanley Men's Large Synthetic Leather Impact Pro Gloves
How much is it worth to protect your hands while working? At only $20, these gloves make that decision much easier. I wish I'd had them when I built my shed, remodeled the garage, or laid the retaining wall bricks. They are very comfortable, and offer superior protection to the back of the fingers and knuckles (which I'm ALWAYS scraping). They are advertised as having gel-padding on the palm area, but I honestly don't feel it – it's more like a double layer of the cotton-like cloth there so there isn't as much vibration-resistance as I'd like. Because of all the synthetic leather and plastic protection, they will make hands sweat in warm/hot weather but I don't notice it working indoors. The velcro wrist closure keeps the gloves securely on the hands, but there is a small loop at the wrist on each glove which has no identifiable purpose. They have double stitching on all the exterior seams and single stitching on the inside, which may reduce durability. They are made in Pakistan. I think these are outstanding for heavy construction or demolition work, or when lifting wood, stone, brick, etc., and I highly recommend them for that purpose.
by Starmapper
Not a bad pair
I was looking for a new pair of lightweight work gloves and these fit the bill nicely. My hand size is right smack in the middle of being a Medium and a Large at 9 1/4". Stanley says these are a size Large and for my hands that statement is probably a little bit off. They are a little snug fitting for me but I think over time the material and stitching will likely stretch a bit. The back sides of the gloves are covered in a tacky rubber hexagonal pattern. It looks kind of funky and I guess this is what Stanley meant by "TPR finger and knuckle protectors" but to be honest I don't think this is going to protect you from much more than an abrasion. It might help keep the gloves from wearing out on the back side if they are constantly rubbing up against something. Stanley uses the description "impact resistance" but that is a bit of a stretch. The palms of the gloves are covered in a synthetic leather and it seems to be sufficient enough. It seems they added some extra reinforcement to the fingertips and thumb area since these spots are what will take the most abuse. The wrist has a velcro strap to help keep them on securely. Sizing them as a Large is a little off in my opinion but they should stretch a bit with time. Overall, these are a very comfortable glove but I don't see or feel anything about them that sets them truly apart from the competition.
Keeping hands safe!
Excellent quality gloves. I used these gloves to cut sheet metal and not a scratch on them on my hands and working with sharp metal I am confident these will cold up to any job. They fit perfectly, I got the large size. There is some unique synthetic leather that makes up the bulk of the gloves with PVC texture on the back of the gloves. Great buy for the price. Also, I ran them through the washer and hung to dry, came out clean and in like new condition!
by HappyCustomerHere
Good work gloves with extra protection for knuckles.
These work gloves are a good investment to help protect your knuckles from minor impact, abrasion and laceration type injuries while working with hand tools, and working on machinery, etc.. Each glove has a flexible synthetic rubber material applied over the knuckles and on the top of the fingers on the outside of each glove to provide a protective barrier to help protect knuckles and fingers when knuckles accidentally come into contact with a hard surface or a surface with sharp edges following a hand tool slipping unexpectedly. These gloves fit snugly and comfortably and have an adjustable hook latch closure on the wrist cuff of each glove to help keep dirt and debris from getting inside the wrist cuff of the gloves while wearing them.
by DIY03038
Comfortable Protection
I FINALLY have some gloves that protect my knuckles! I am constantly rapping my knuckles on machinery, and I use a lot of band-aids. These gloves have a raised rubber pad on each finger to protect the knuckles. The gloves are form-fitting, not loose, and very comfortable. I normally wear a Large size glove, size 9 1/2, and these are very slightly on the tight side. If you wear a size 10, get the Xtra Large.
by mophead
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Another great Stanley product to protect your hands. Thanks to the cushion on the outside of the ...
Another great Stanley product to protect your hands. Thanks to the cushion on the outside of the gloves,on the fingers and knuckle area which will help to reduce injuries. Also the cushion on the palm of the hand to help with vibration. Ret
by ret
Coming apart quickly
Coming apart quickly
by Shmu
Showing 1-10 of 28 reviews