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Model #Accelera 220 E

58 Gal. Heat Pump Hybrid Electric Water Heater

  • Optimal storage capacity for high-efficiency household use
  • Electronic anode makes it maintenance-free
  • Simple LED interface for easy reading of performance information
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Product Overview

Accelera heat pump water heaters save up to 80% of hot water costs because they extract heat to make hot water from energy in the air. The heat pump draws less energy than a toaster while it is running and making hot water. In warm climates, Accelera can be placed in a garage, where it uses the heat from the outside air; or inside the house, where it helps with air conditioning. In cooler climates, it is typically placed in a basement where it also dehumidifies the air. Our heat pump water heaters have been the largest seller in Germany for 40 years, evidence that our engineering excellence and high-quality manufacturing results in products fulfilling the highest expectations of performance and reliability.
  • Annual savings for hot water for a family of 4 can run as high as $490
  • 240-Volt and with only a single 15 amp circuit breaker
  • ENERGY STAR energy factor is 3.05 and DOE estimated energy usage is best in class 1040 kWh/yr
  • Household size recommendation is 2-3 people, possibly 4
  • Simple LED interface with no complicated modes to set to achieve outstanding savings, provides easy-to-read performance information
  • Meets tier 1 Northern climate specification
  • Federal, state, local, and utility financial incentives that may be available
  • Electronic anode never needs maintenance
  • Optimal storage capacity and a design minimizing booster element usage allows for both high efficiency and low operating cost
  • Engineered for efficiency in a wide range of climates
  • Click here to learn more about Eco Options and Energy Efficiency
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs

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Product Height (in.)
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Tank Valve Size (in.)
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Application Type
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First Hour of Delivery (gallons/hr)
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Maximum Temperature (F)
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Minimum Temperature (F)
Nominal Tank Capacity (gallons)
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Product Weight (lb.)
Rated Tank Capacity (gallons)
Required Volt Connection
240 volt
Tank Lining Material
Tank Warranty
10 Year
Uniform Energy Factor
Water Heater Features
Overheat Protection,Self Cleaning,Temperature Pressure Relief Valve
Water Heater Profile
Wattage (watts)

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
CSA Certified,ETL Certified,UL Certified,cETLus
Labor Warranty
No Warranty
Part Warranty
10 Year

Questions & Answers


How long is the warranty

Asked by Matthew June 6, 2020

Heat Pump Water Heater (the “Heater”) shall be free from defects in the Manufacturer’s materials or workmanship for a period of: 1. (10 Years) from the date of purchase for single family residential installations 2. (1 Year) from the date of purchase for all other installations 3. (Excluded) sacrificial or electronic anode

Why is 'Uniform Energy Factor' listed as '0' ? What is 'Uniform Energy Factor' rating?

Asked by dee August 15, 2019

The Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) is the resulting energy efficiency metric from the new DOE tests that were implemented in 2016. It is supposed to more accurately emulate typical usage patterns, and is always lower than the old metric, Energy Factor, due to these patterns. The UEF for the Accelera 300 E is 3.18, and the UEF for the Accelera 220 E is 2.82. Please email Stiebel Eltron if you would like the testing documentation.

Will this automatically switch over to electric heat when the temperature drops below 40 degrees?

Asked by Dee July 12, 2019

The Accelera does not go into electric backup mode when the temperature drops below 40, as the whole design philosophy of the unit is to avoid relying on the expensive heat from the electric element unless absolutely necessary. The Accelera should not be installed in a space that tends to fall to temperatures this low, unless it is very rare, i.e. 2-3 days per year.

How many decibels of sound they produce while running?

Asked by Matt September 8, 2018

Sound Pressure Level at 3.3 ft/ 1m is 52 dB Sound Power Level 60 dB

I see that Rheem also has a heat pump water heater for half the cost. Is there any difference bet...

Asked by ett September 3, 2018

This is different tech... This is NOT like the water heaters we grew up with... half the cost sounds mostly like the other company taking advantage of this multi-faceted "green" product... It's a heat pump (HVAC) on top of a water heater (plumbing)... You may not be able to install this where your current water heater is, there is additional drainage needed, airflow requirements, and, if you are interested, ducting issues... What you need to do is read ALL printed materials on both and decide if these could even work for you and to what extent... Home Depot dotCom has alot of reading for you to start with... You shouldn't buy one of these blindly, they also have an explosion issue you need to understand... they are 3 to 4 times more expensive than what we are use to, and twice the price of the relatively new tankless models, which come with their own differences from the norm...

Would like to know if this unit is suitable for an off grid installation? Specifically, what watt...

Asked by SaukSolar August 25, 2018

The Accelera E models do not work at ambient temperatures below 42 F. Their ambient temperature operating range is from 42 F to 107 F.

What does Hybrid Electric mean?

Asked by MichaelR June 22, 2018

It works like a refrigerator, which removes heat from the inside of the fridge and transfers it to the room. In the case of the water heater, it removes heat from the room and puts that heat into the water tank. The water heater also has a standard electric heating element, allowing it to function like a standard electric hot water heater.

Is there no drain on this unit? What about T&P relief valve?

Asked by Levi April 25, 2018

The installer needs to provide a boiler drain, but the T&P comes pre-installed. Please see installation manual at the link below.

Not for people that take 2 week vacations, and a question: CAUTION... Hydrogen gas is produced b...

Asked by HFMark April 11, 2018

The Caution was copy /pasted from Page 8 of the installation guide, available above... Glad to hear they make a unit with flanges for ducting... Not many Americans take 2 weeks from home, but quite a few have 2nd homes they visit from time to time... Don't mess with hydrogen...

Is this heat pump able to continuously heat and circulate 2000 gallons of salt water for an aquar...

Asked by Aquarist February 9, 2018

That water heater is not made for that purpose, maybe it can be altered to do that but you should ask Stiebel Eltron USA.

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I've had this water heater running about one month and have very mixed feelings about it. Would ...
I've had this water heater running about one month and have very mixed feelings about it. Would I recommend it? Right now, I am leaning toward no. Although it was more expensive than others like it, I chose this unit to mostly replace (supplement) my propane indirect boiler because, 1) it is more cost effective (especially with my solar panels) per Btu than propane in my area, 2) it could run in heat pump only mode making it more efficient, and 3) it can switch to a lower set temp during peak electric time of use. By keeping it inline with my indirect boiler, it can provide 100% of my standby/recirculation loss and most of my consumption needs while still maintaining a high performing yet efficient DHW system. This product is extremely well built but the design needs improvement. Even though the manufacturer insists on professional installation, there was nothing about it that I found difficult as a moderately capable homeowner. The instructions are a bit confusing and overly complicated with an extreme amount of information that is poorly presented. However, read through them carefully and highlight the important details before you begin the installation. Be sure to install a 120f thermostatic control valve on the output. This cannot be stressed enough as the temperature often rises 8-10 degrees over the set point before it shuts off. Combined with the insistence from the manufacturer to keep set points over 126f to prevent legionella bacteria, this makes the leaving water scalding hot. It also falls 6-8 degrees below the setpoint making the swing in temps much greater than propane or standard electric heaters. PROS: Very efficient when using heat pump only mode. Extremely quiet operation. Good capacity for a two person household using only heat pump. Built like a tank with quality materials and workmanship. Has multiple AC inputs and thermostat switching for time of use support (requires user supplied switch or relay device). CONS: Price is much higher than the competition especially considering the what is not included. No required thermostatic control valve on output. There are user programmable controls on the front panel but no remote control available making it useless for some hard to access installations. A WiFi remote control is becoming standard on everything and some competitors already have it. Access to some programming controls also require partial disassembly of the unit to reach them. Water input and output ports are on the side while most all other water heaters are on top making it more difficult to retrofit. Having them on the back of the tank requires some real plumbing creativity when installing in a closet or other tight situation. Furthermore, they are in a vertical line (see picture) requiring even more elbows which adds pipe noise and reduces water pressure. Instructions indicate that some leakage (more like a lot) from the Temp/Pressure valve is normal under operation which I have never seen happen in over 50 years with dozens of other models.
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Response from Stiebel Eltron SupportDecember 13, 2019
Thank you for the feedback, we always appreciate hearing from customers about any issues they may have. We will share your insights with the design team in Germany. We continually make improvements to our products and customer feedback is always a help. The issue with the unit needing partial disassembly for some of the menu options, for instance, has been eliminated with a firmware release. However, your temperature & pressure relief valve should not leak under normal operation. The T&P is designed for a maximum pressure of 100 psi, so we strongly recommend that a 70 psi pressure reducing valve, and a 5 gallon potable water expansion tank (with 70 psi pre-pressure) be installed unless the Accelera is installed on a well water system. JGMasterSTELogin
Absolutely amazing water heater!
We installed the Accelera 220E in July 2020. Was a bit worried about the estimated recovery times going from a traditional electric resistance hot water heater to this, because we could not fit the 300E into our basement in New England. Following the install guide to the letter for components was a DIY project was a bit to learn, but well worth it. Having the thermostatic mixing valve combined with setting the tank to 140 degrees has given us roughly 89 gallons of usable water @ 104 degrees at the tap when mixed with 59 degree water (according to the panel on the unit). We have had 3 people take showers back to back without an issue AFTER running the dishwasher. I can also take a hot tub level hot shower for 15 minutes without having to keep turning the handle, it just STAYS hot. Such an improvement over what I have experienced before. The de-humidification of our basement is noticeable. If it were more than my wife and I and we used more hot water it would probably eliminate any need for a separate dehumidifier, but now I only have to run it once a week for a couple of hours to help out versus leaving it on all the time. The crew at Steibel Eltron in Hadley, MA were awesome.
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Response from Stiebel Eltron SupportSeptember 24, 2020
Thank you for your great review! Happy to hear it is working out so well for you! Enjoy!!!!! JGMasterSTELogin
Energy efficient. Qualified for PECO rebate. The heat pump technology should save many dollars in...
Energy efficient. Qualified for PECO rebate. The heat pump technology should save many dollars in energy costs over its lifetime. I was worried that it would be too loud, but it is not. At 58 gallons it has a little more capacity without going to an 80 monster for our 3 person one bath home.
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Awesome product! Working just as advertised. I was actually surprised...
Awesome product! Working just as advertised. I was actually surprised by the rapid recovery rate at the 125F setting that I am currently using. Recommended!
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Great water heater. Has worked flawlessly for the past 8 months. I just had my first experience...
Great water heater. Has worked flawlessly for the past 8 months. I just had my first experience with there customer service regarding an advanced feature. I have been referred to an engineer and I'm sure the issue will be resolved soon. My power bills have seen a seen a 20-30% decrease when compared month to month with my old resistive water heater. The 220e is installed in my garage and I was initially concerned with its performance once it had to operate in <50f environment. It has taken it like a champ and run times do not seen to be exaggerated. I do plan on installing an off grid solar system and I beleive the reduced electrical consumption will pay dividends sizing my system.
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This unit constantly freezes up and the manufacturer knows it but still sells them...
This unit constantly freezes up and the manufacturer knows it but still sells them...
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this was good
this was good
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