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Osaki Black Faux Leather Reclining Massage Chair

  • Choose from many settings, capabilities
  • Deeply penetrates muscles
  • Helps you stretch effectively
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Auto Leg ExtensionAuto ProgramsBluetooth Speakers
Massage Type
CompressionInfared Heat TherapyKneading


Assembled Depth (in.)
35 in
Assembled Height (in.)
45 in
Assembled Width (in.)
58 in
Seat Width (in.)


Assembly Required
Auto Leg Extension,Auto Programs,Bluetooth Speakers,Foot & Calf Massage,Heated,L-Track,Reclining,Zero Gravity
Massage Type
Compression,Infared Heat Therapy,Kneading,Rolling,Vibration
Faux Leather
Product Weight (lb.)
Upholstery Color
Upholstery Material
Faux Leather

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Warranty

Product Overview

Sit down, choose a setting to get comfortable and get a relaxing massage with the Osaki OS-7200H massage chair. Start off with a body scan to receive a customized massage as it helps you get a great stretch to loosen and elongate your tired muscles. This helps your body and mind feel more refreshed and energetic after using this chair. It is also equipped with quad style rollers and penetrates deeply into your muscle tissue. There is a wide range of settings to meet your massage needs.
  • Computer Body Scan allows the chair to self-adjust to the user's body type
  • Arm, leg, and foot massage features using airbags along the chair arms and foot rest
  • Zero Gravity Recliner position improves spinal decompression and decreases spinal muscle tension
  • 51 air bags are strategically placed to massage the vital areas such as the neck, shoulder, back, arms, hands, calves, feet, and the lumbar area
  • MP3 and iPod connection with built-in compact speakers mounted in the shoulder massagers for crisp and clear sound
  • Outer shoulder massage compress and squeeze along the shoulders and back of neck to loosens neck tension and compliments the roller massage
  • Hip and pelvis massage implements two sets of airbags to massage the thighs and hips

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Upholstery MaterialFaux LeatherFaux LeatherFaux LeatherFaux Leather
MaterialFaux LeatherFaux LeatherFaux LeatherFaux Leather
Assembled Height (in.)34 in45 in40 in48.5 in
Assembly RequiredYesYesYesYes
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Questions & Answers


is it heated

Asked by anna April 8, 2021

what is the weight and height capacity

Asked by Selenya April 3, 2021

I am 5" short. One of the comment here says chair not good for short people. Is this an accurate.

Asked by Short November 23, 2020

yes, the leg scanner seems to stop functioning.

Does this model has all the massage points as the previous model 4000LS. Such as, down to the bac...

Asked by Tony October 16, 2020

Does it has Bluetooth

Asked by Abha September 20, 2020

No it doesn't have.

How do you disable the annoying beeping from the control panel?

Asked by zeus2ez July 1, 2020

i would like to buy one of these chairs.. but am afraid i wont fit.. .. is there a big man version

Asked by jr February 4, 2020

Don't buy if you below 5.5 feet

I am 6' 1" will I fit into this chair?

Asked by Brian December 13, 2019

Yes my husband is 6’3” and he fits.

What is the size of the seat? My husband is 300 pounds will he fit??

Asked by Dp December 12, 2019

It will be a little tight, I am about 260 and I fit with a little room left. I think you will be fine.

So the rollers do not go under and to the bottom part of thighs ?

Asked by lindathirteen September 16, 2019

No. But air bags are in this area.

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Customer Reviews

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    out of 84 reviews
  • 94% recommend this product
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Osaki Titan OS-7200H Massage Recliner Chair
Oh, how fun it is to just melt away to a moment of self-pampering. Even more so when you don't have to leave the house to do it. These chairs recently went on a major clearance somewhere (I can't mention here obviously, to respect the rules) and we had a big story about it. Naturally, with a sale so big, we had to take part in it ourselves. So we get the approval to buy into one of these Osaki Titan OS-7200H chairs so that we had it in one of the areas we most frequently find ourselves taking breaks. I do have to say that it has been a hit since it was set up. This part of the process we had to aim for a "worse case scenario" to see how complicated it could be for someone. So a single member of our team took it upon himself, to build it by himself. Thankfully, there aren't too many parts. The challenge is that there is plenty of weight. They had help carrying the boxes to the location of setup, but they were on their own from there. It took about an hour for a single person to drag all the pieces around (the setup space) and put it together. With two or three people, you'll likely have this assembled in probably 20-30 minutes (this includes arguing about the instructions). However, for a single person, it takes a bit longer (be one with your human pretzelness!). Once everything was set up and then plugged into the wall, it took only a few moments to familiarize ourselves with the controls. There are a lot of functions that this chair delivers, so there are a lot of buttons to get acquainted with. From that point forward, the chair has been in motion during business hours.....nearly constantly. The reason I mentioned arguing over the instructions, the instructions are just "ok". Enough to get you along if you have a brain in that head of yours. If you have a problem with instructions in general (let's say yo and Ikea don't get along too well), then you might have a problem with these as they aren't 100% explanatory. I'd say about 60%. Again, enough to get you through the process if you have a head on your shoulders. It mentions things like optional nylon spacers within the parts. Thankfully, these were never needed as there were none provided in any of the packagings (for one small example). The quality of the chair is the big one. No point in spending money on a massage chair if it doesn't perform all that well. In this case, it performs pretty darn well. As I said, it's getting a lot of use here. I'll break down the various sections and performance... Head (above neck), nothing. There is nothing there, but how many chairs offer anything for the head? I sure haven't found one. So ask a loved one or a random stranger to massage your scalp while you're using the chair if this is important. Seriously though, I only mentioned this part out of humor. Neck, decent. It uses airbags to create pressure points around the backside of your neck (back and rear corners of the neck). Just enough to give a good amount of life to your head and through the weight of it, apply nice pressure. This, of course, can be adjusted by what padding/pillow configuration you prefer. Back, amazing. If you just want a little kneading and nothing special, or you want to go to town with a deep massage experience, this thing will give you a small pat, or leave you walking away feeling bruised. It all depends on what intensity settings you choose. It automatically scans your back to adjust to your height and make sure you get the best massage too. Sides, pretty decent. The sides feature pressure through airbags, and it compresses you like a vice. Well, depending on the settings you choose for the airbags throughout the chair. You could barely notice it, or get a nice squeeze that adds to everything else. Butt, it's ok. This area isn't going to blow your mind but there is something there at least. It doesn't prod, knead or dig into your cheeks, but it does feature airbags that can lift you on one side and then the other. This adds stretching to everything else going on and does feel good. The closest you get to a massage though are the rollers on your back that make it down to your tail bone. Shoulders, mixed. The shoulders don't really get a massage, however, we haven't really taken the pillow off and cranked up the intensity to see if we can find other ways to pull it off. It seems most of the attention is on your back, then your shoulders feature a light focus, and the neck gets the rest (with those airbags). You do get hit from the sides though with the airbags that help compress you inward. This could have various effects depending on intensity. Most of us like it. A nice should massage would be nice though. So we'll be sure to update if we find anything different there. Arms/Hands, meh. If you want every individual finger focused on, this won't be the answer. It features airbags in the arm sections that either focuses on your arms or hands at various points depending on everything else going on in the chair. It feels more than airbags though so there might be round presses in there that press down on you a little to add to the feeling. Again, depending on the position of the chair, your arms may not be all the way in, so these will hit you in various areas each time. The compression is nice but nothing to write home about. Legs, not bad. Again, compression via airbags, but it feels really good. The leg section auto-adjusts to your height, so make sure you assist it in its process so that it gets it right each time. Then you will feel good. These feel best when you increase the airbag intensity so that can get a better grip. Feet, mixed opinions. There are airbags on the sides and rollers on the bottom of your feet, but we have not been able to get the rollers to do anything amazing. Maybe we are missing a setting, but the airbags seem to do most of the work. Maybe because when you are laid back in the chair, you don't have enough weight coming down on your feet. It feels good, but a nice deep massage to the bottom of the feet, while everything else is going, would be nice. So, add everything together. There are various modes to choose from. You can go for relaxation, muscle relief and more. The intensity selection really does make a difference in your experience each time, and as I said, you could walk away feeling a little crisp and refreshed, or sore as a deep tissue massage (back area mostly). You can really feel good from sitting in this chair. The zero-gravity mode (although it never really feels like zero gravity in these chairs as you can feel the weight of your body pressing down--duh) is nice, and it allows the weight of your body to balance out across all the areas, giving the best focus on the back if you need it. I mean, walk away sore, best focus. For anything else, the LEDs on the side are a gimmick to us. They don't have any pleasing value unless you are a gamer that likes LEDs on everything they own (in which case, that's fine). This is the same for any chair. The speakers are just "ok", but nothing amazing. They are mostly mid-highs and highs with a focus on highs. No mids or lows to give it any warmth with. So, maybe prop some better speakers by the chair, or maybe you might be able to rip these out and replace them with something else if you're brave enough (might not change anything depending on how they are being fed anyway). Of course, you are sure to lose your warranty if you tried that. This does not feel like any of the cheaper massage chairs. This feels like the massage chair you just spent good money on. It won't give you the impression of an $8,500-$30,000 chair from Bodyfriend or anything, but it will give you the impression that it is trying its best to come close (in case you have experience with some of the crazy nice chairs out there). Side Notes: They claim you get a free extra massage tool if you leave a review on Home Depot. Well, it took us a long time for the review to work on this site. It wouldn't allow it to submit (refreshing the page without an error everyone time). We reached out to everyone about it and heard nothing back. Nothing in the mail, nothing. So despite spending all this money, I wouldn't count on anything from them (which doesn't set a good tone for their customer service in general, so hopefully the two arent related).
by PocNetworkTech
10 people found this helpful
Pain Relif Godsend
I suffer from MS and have a Physically demanding job. I bought this chair So I could manage my pain and inflammation...I couldn’t be happier. My pain levels have really become manageable. This for me was an extravagant purchase but I would make it again without regret. My whole family enjoys this chair for both relaxation and therapy.
by sara
2 people found this helpful
Great massage and value!
Easy to assemble, very well made. Gives a wonderful massage from head to feet. We love it and highly recommend this chair. If you want a well made massage chair that hits all the areas this is the one for you. It is a nice addition as is a good looking piece of furniture as well. This chair is well worth your money. We have had it less that a week but love it so far!
by Joe
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I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Titan massage chair. I have been wanting one of thes...
I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Titan massage chair. I have been wanting one of these chairs for many years, and after looking around, this massage chair has the best features for the best value. It actually has more options than I anticipated, and I would recommend it to anyone.
by Psek
1 person found this helpful
Got this on sale and was very happy with the purchase. Has a variety of features and wasn’t hard ...
Got this on sale and was very happy with the purchase. Has a variety of features and wasn’t hard to assemble. Fairly quiet during operation. Leather is attractive. Would like rollers on the legs and feet, but that’s my only complaint. The full air setting is unique and provides firm squeeze, including arms and legs. For what I paid at 30% off I feel like a got quite a steal! Would recommend without hesitation!
by AprilM
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Fantastic massage chair
Assembly was easy we where enjoying our chair in about 20 minutes after we received delivery. The quality of the chair is better than expected. Being able to customize the massage is great. I highly recommend this chair.
by Ron
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It was heavy to put together. We didnt get a...
It was heavy to put together. We didnt get a warranty book. But we love it.
by Wayne
Great massage chair! I feel so relaxed and refreshed every time I use it. The specific functions ...
Great massage chair! I feel so relaxed and refreshed every time I use it. The specific functions like point massage and anti gravity is useful. It would be better, if I can adjust air strength of a specific spot (e.g. calves). Overall it’s a very great buy.
by Lin
3 people found this helpful
Easy to assemble but yet to fully get the best...
Easy to assemble but yet to fully get the best output massage
by Montee
Take a little bit getting used to. I had a...
Take a little bit getting used to. I had a previous model and this one has one setting that will do a number on your back. I also don't care for the flashing LED on start. Won't let mt wife sleep if I'm using it after she goes to bed. Would have been best to opt to turn it on instead of off.
Showing 1-10 of 84 reviews